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FSC no.3 Women's endocrine system restoration and harmonization

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Цена: 119.00 €

Aids normalization of women's periphery endocrine system and restoration of the hormonal balance;

Stimulates burning out of the excessive subcutaneous and internal fat due to the harmonization of the endocrine system performance;

Restores metabolism, aids body volume decrease;

Hinders development of pre-tumorous and tumorous processes at women;

Normalizes watery-salt exchange, deduces excessive liquid, decreases cellulite;

Normalizes the state of the intestines microflora and women's sexual sphere;

Provides prophylaxis and help in curation of a wide spectrum gynecology issues;

Stabilizes condition in critical days, climax;

At men decreases aggression, connected with the excessive testosterone level.

Functional State correctors of the Blue Series is an analogue of a classical homeopathy, just a different package. Center Region lecturers recommend to atart with a basic set of FSCs no. 1, 2, 5. on top of this one may add any other FSCs in accordance with specific accents one wants to make.
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