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Mobile Phone Irradiation Protector

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Цена: 45.00 €

A protective stickers with an informational element (like the ones used in FSCs) for mobile phones, Wi-Fi transmitters. Should be glued close to the antenna area. Has double sided 3M scotch on its rear surface. Protective action ensured by superposition of biology friendly information, which is recorded at the active element,  at the outgoing RF signal. physiology action of this protector shows itself in absence of blood  erythrocytes adhesion into characteristic columns. Blood preserves its fluidity. Classical cosmoenergy channels for consciousness widening are used as information content for the protective element.

Protector for the mobile phone – a tiny FSC with serious functions.

Mobile phone users often have complaints at headaches, vertigo and nausea, vision and hearing deterioration, skin irritation. According to scientist mobile phones cause blood pressure rise and prolonged use may lead to serious violations in kidneys and cardiovascular system. Brain cells are the ones, that are suggested to the electromagnetic irradiation influence when we are using mobile phones. It may lead to memory deterioration, weakening in concentration, high irritability and fatiguability.

Protector for the mobile phone:

- Protects organism from harmful influence of electromagnetic irradiation;

- Aids bio-field restoration;

- Corrects functional state of the organism;

- Counteracts various energy-informational influences;

- Harmonizes surrounding space

Protector for the mobile phone contains a set of cosmoenergy channels for widening of consciousness. The set of themes, selected for this devices, aimed at the first place at elimination of the erythrocytes aggregation effect, ensuring their normal functioning when using the phone.

Protector should be used not only for the mobile phones, it is practical to use protectors at any devise, that irradiates radio-frequency signals. For example, at cordless phone, including the base unit, video baby-guard, routers and WI-FI devices.

Functional State correctors of the Blue Series is an analogue of a classical homeopathy, just a different package. Center Region lecturers recommend to atart with a basic set of FSCs no. 1, 2, 5. on top of this one may add any other FSCs in accordance with specific accents one wants to make.
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