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Kangen Water

In this section we are going to continue talking about water. Why it is important? Because drinking water should be good in various aspects. Informational influence, posed by FSCs is one and an important side of a question. But one shall remember that drinking water should be clean (from chlorine, and so on) it is another aspect. And the third aspect is drinking water PH and ORP. At that it would be nice to drink water which is good in all three aspects. And if one gives a good thought to the matter, it is clear that these three water quality aspects are independent. For example carbon filter gives chemically and physically clean water, but neither improves ORP nor gives information content (nowadays we can say that informational cleaning is required!). Reverse osmosis filters give clean water but worsen ORP, it becomes even more positive! FSCs are good when it comes to change water information, but they have no power to influence ORP and PH characteristics. There is a good solution:

Conjoint FSC use with Enagic water ionizers

Conjoint use of Functional State Correctors with Enagic water ionizers (Kangen Water) gives powerful synergetic effect. Alkaline Kangen water (with negative ORP) has many health benefits, see pictures below, but at the same time, electrolysis process destroys fine water molecules order in water associates. At Kangen presentations they mention water structuring, but I am afraid they either do not understand the matter properly or simply misuse the word.

The fact is that Kangen ionizers are really improving such important water characteristics as PH and ORP, due to energy they take from electric socket, but at the same time, they violate water structure. And Functional State Correctors allow to restore water structure after electrolysis treatment. Not just simply restore, but to introduce specific information into water in accordance with the action of each specific corrector, that is we are able to prepare water for some specific use. For example, we have FSC no. 10 for restoration of joints, or we have Beauty Factor and An Apple of Youth that could be used for structuring Beauty water. We like to structure our water of exclusive plates, that carry polarization of water from some lakes Danilovo Lake, The Lurking Lake or The Golden Sand - the last one is a spring in Mongolian sands.

We decided to order Enagic K8 not being at any presentation, not ever tasting the Kangen water, mainly because S. V. Koltsov spoke highly about water with negative ORP, and we accepted theoretical information. The first tasting of Kangen water was an interesting experience would it meet our expectations? We paid some two hundred thousand rubles in advance for something we did not tested! It appeared it does! Tastes great, the machine is worth every Ruble! Unable to part with this structured alkaline water. Take a bottle with me when going out of home.

So by structuring Kangen water we improve two independent characteristics of water: PH and ORP on one hand, and Structuring (introducing good information content into water) on the other hand. These two technologies cannot substitute one another, FSCs, being a diffraction lattice - a hologram, has no internal power source able to saturate water with additional free electrons. And any electrolysis treatment spoils water structure. You may read about water structure inFSC Manual book in chapter 2 What is a Functional State Corrector and what it does? Water associate is a fragile and delicate formation. So conjoint use of Kangen and FSC technologies leads to synergetic effect. Note that water with negative ORP assimilates quicker by the body, information of structured water will work right from the mouth cavity. All body cells are thirsty for water with negative ORP and they will also receive beneficial information due to structuring.

K8 is exactly the tipe of ionizer we installed at our kitchen, write at e-mail and we will help you to purchase one. 

We are structuring our water after ionizing.  Obligatory. At the foto below with  FSC "Healing", you see that freshly ionized water contains tiny bubbles

Our own experience with Kangen K8 Ionizer

Water feels as more soft, or even very soft at higher PH settings. Despite 8 years of FSC use, we started to drink more water (structured) after we installed our Cangen ionizer. Granddaughters are drinking more eagerly, even cats drink more (structured at Flora and Fauna FCS). We experienced a period of additional cleaning, had externalization.

After Koltsov I was most interested in ORP values, I bought a portable ORP meter, my tap water appeared to be + 220 mV.

When I set my K8 at making water with PH 9.5 freshly ionized water had ORP 320 mV (negative!) then I measured ORP every hour. Negative ORP lasted for 7 hours, that is it became zero 7 hours later. 8 hours later water acquired already some positive ORP, which was + 20 mV. I noticed that the mere act of measurement results in partial dissipation of negative ORP. In case I did not measure ORP every hour, it dissipated to zero in 16 hours.

When I set my K8 at making water with PH 11.5 freshly ionized water had ORP 600 mV This setting is not for drinking, but it shows potential of the device. I did not used electrolyzes enchancer.

Water with PH 7.0 had positive ORP of + 180 mV a bit lower than tap water

Water with PH 8.5 had negative ORP of - 150 mV. Which is absolutely good, taking into account some dissipation of negative ORP with time. Our body needs water with ORP -70 - 100 mV in order not to spend additional energy on its assimilation. More negative water will give some additional energy. I think that in our everyday city life by drinking slightly more negative water we compensate the impact of water we have to drink during a course of the day. 

January 27-th 2018 me and my upper partner Ian Ramon hosted on-line event on Business opportunity with the Enagic  products.

We had an amazing meeting online and the business opportunity was really captivating to all who participated....

because everyone attending stayed for the FULL meeting!

     I HAVE GREAT NEWS  we have recorded 90% of the meeting.

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