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Shevchenko Oleg Yurievitch. Speech at the Center Region event, November 28-th 2014

Drawing analogies with literature heroes, the closest personage would be baron von Munchhausen from well known literary work, who once told in his fantastic stories, that he managed to pull himself out of the swamp for pigtail and along with his horse. Remember such episode? Generally speaking, Salvator technology is based on the development of cognitive creative abilities, the range of creative abilities of human consciousness. Technology, which is responsible for regulation of internal organism processes, along with processes that are taking place in the world that surrounds the Salvator user, for regulation of processes, phenomenon and your attitude towards them.

I want to say that I cannot call myself the only creator of this product, this technology, as long as I am one of participants. Lets say I am the one who took the liberty to compile, collect the approved elements the Salvator technology consists of. Elements which were time-tested, with a high volume of research in different fields of science, first of all in the fields of neuron-physiology, linguistics, social psychology, human brain and central nervous system physiology, evolutionary physiology of human brain and consciousness. Some data from nuclear, quantum and astro physics are also integrated.

It is because Salvator is a product which refers to everything our consciousness is related with, and to everything with which the images that are contained inside our consciousness are related, and we often even do not suspect about the existence of these images. More than 20 years of research were devoted to this subject, they started long ago, particularly with works of scientists whom I knew in person. It is Stanislav Alekssevitch Suhih, nowadays he is a distinguished professor of Kuban State University, head of the social psychology and linguistics department, he is a well known linguist, specialist in German studies, specialist in specific traditions, specific aspects of research which were conducted during Great Patriotic War, and prewar research, conducted by different structures including Ahnenerbe. Research jobs were followed by our and American scientists, the investigations had historic inclination: they investigated symbols, the influence of images at the human consciousness, but in general we moved further on. As far as applied research were directed at helping human consciousness to develop a technology of human body control, including all hierarchical biology structures of the body, and to develop human consciousness to such degree that it would be able to structure surrounding reality, some efforts were applied in branches of medicine, connected with human brain. Vast research conducted in our country and in other countries gave interesting results. For a long time we did not use them as a basis for some technologies, and I dared to take courage to initiate this process. I invited my former colleagues, with whom we worked in this field, to join and to create such a product.

What is Salvator? Salvator is a new possibility, new direction of development of cognitive functions of human consciousness, tuning of the human consciousness, thin tuning of consciousness, human brain physiology, organism physiology, by means of using symbols, text messages, physical sensations, linguistic influences in order to awake in consciousness the mind-images which are responsible for defense, for adaptation of human organism to the environmental conditions. And the main task, which was set while developing Salvator project is to remove negative or destructive programs of reality interpretation out of the human consciousness it is the main Salvator function.

It is necessary to note that human brain is a unique processor, it is possible to say that is one of the most complex objects in the Universe, in average it consists of 1026 different elements, which are working in such a mode, that according to the new quantum theory postulates, it stretches in space and time. In essence, human being is a quant indivisible particle of the intellectual system of the Universe. And interacting with the Universe, interacting with planetary and cosmic events, it has a property to mirror these events in itself, similar to the fact that Universe mirrors human consciousness, that is it is mutual process. Salvator actively uses this property.

And at constant contact of the human being with the outer world, at interactions between people, at influencing of outer environmental conditions at the human being, such moments as ecology, stresses, everyday worries which normally arise at every individual, entropy influence at a human being is taking place, it is inevitable influence. Entropy is nothing else than a measure of disorder or chaotic character of this or that system. It does not matter if it is information system, energy system or physiology system in any case it is a measure of disorder or chaos, which generally has destructive character. In biology evolution entropy by itself is a stimulus for evolutionary signs development and evolutionary possibilities for the development of a given species. Because life is nothing else than constant endevour of the organism to neg-entropy, that is to the state that is inverse in relation to entropy to the state of orderliness, stability and balance of energy, physical and biology processes. Every living creature strives for it, especially human being strives for it. And under conditions of modern civilization, under continuous influence of such factors as ecology, worries, stress we encounter with singularity with continuous complication of the technology conditions of our life, entropy burden leads to inadequate interpretations of this or that events. And according to this subsequent events are built in a wrong way. Both biology events, that are taking place inside our organism, and the events that mirror us in everyday life, that is our own stories. Why it happens so? Every second our brain, being a unique processor, works out 40 variants, 40 scenarios of events, that could happen to him. Every second! And every second the only correct scenario should be chosen from this 40, the scenario that will define subsequent decisions, the actions of the individual, his adequate or non- adequate reaction at this or that event or phenomenon of the outer world. That is negative, destructive interpretation of reality consists in that individual starts to form his opinion (evaluation) about this or that phenomena inadequately, being under influence of entropy programs (events).

I am going to bring very simple examples, for youd be able to understand it better. A woman who suffered allergy at kerosene for many years. She suffered from allergy attack every time she walked by the street at which kerosene shop was situated, kerosene smell disturbed her. Many years later the kerosene shop was removed from this street, but attacks continued. She suffered from attacks exactly at the same place, where the shop was situated. Or a man who slipped on the ice, and got some trauma, is afraid to walk on ice, because he is afraid to get similar trauma. That is he interprets the reality in such a way, that he would get into the same situation, and even plays back the same scenario. That is giving way to these destructive programs of the reality interpretation we fall under outer influence, under outer influence formula, which forms inside ourselves wrong landscape of events. That is wrong chain of consequent events, which will lead to unfavorable effects.

If we turn to global examples, then please: medics and sociologists found out that in major degree the world financial crisis was the result of neurasthenia, many brokers on the stock exchange were suffering. It was a result of their physical condition at a moment the decisions were taken. Which generally speaking should have prevent the onset of financial problems. It turned out opposite way. That is their physical condition did not allow them to interpret reality in adequate way and take correct decision. So it is only natural that their interpretations acquired destructive character for the whole society. There are a number of similar examples.

Generally speaking, we set a task to eliminate these destructive interpretations. The result should be the following, and it is already shown by research that were conducted, first: human consciousness boundaries and possibilities, including interpretation of the surrounding reality, became wider. Second, destructive programs of the reality interpretation, which lead to unfavorable consequences both for human organism and the circumstances that follow his life, became neutralized. More to it, electro-physiologies abilities of human brain are intensified. The processes of biology life of a human become regulated, especially the processes which are connected with the central nervous system. Our organism has extraordinary complex hierarchy. It is central nervous system which is the computer that is responsible for all this hierarchy, it is able to regulate (to tune) all processes in such a way, that they go for renewal, for energy stability, for protective functions. Un essence it is reboot of the whole organism, what we would call rejuvenation at practice. All these results will be achieved.

If we are going to speak about some specific parameters, then the blood formula would change, blood pressure would change, blood circulation will be improved, cardio-respiratory functions of a human organism will be improved. All physiology and metabolic processes will be reinforced and in improved quality. In the sphere of outer life of an individual, at the level of life circumstances, Salvator influences at taking good and quick decisions. As I already mentioned, it forms landscapes of attention.

We can bring many examples of landscapes of attention. For example, daily TV horoscopes are landscapes of attention. It is very primitive level, I bring it as an analogy. Or, lets admit, exchange quotation reports, action quotation reports and so on. All these are landscapes of attention, which some way or another, influence human consciousness when taking some decisions. Note that this influences are posed at us from the outside. We are given some specific directives. Generally speaking we are living under influence of foreign directives, which pose additional load at our consciousness and again lead to negative interpretations of reality.

And Salvator creates these landscapes of attention from inside of an individual. Generally speaking, Salvator is you yourself. It is what allows you, by turning to your own internal recourses, to the colossal internal possibilities, to pull your self out for pigtail, in most critical situations, as baron von Munchhausen did, and with a horse.

In the symbolic projection it is development of semantic processes of consciousness. In the symbolic projection Salvator creates in your consciousness powerful knowledge-images it is a Salvator term. Knowledge-images that help you, First of all they turn you to the connect Ocean Individual Universe. Earlier, in all ancient psycho-physic practices human being existed in the connect Earth Individual Sky. This triad always existed in eastern practices, in Chinese traditional medicine. Salvator brings us to images of Ocean Individual Universe. That is to the connect, that widens the sphere of your consciousness. And, generally speaking, it gives you abilities and possibilities to posses a property of mirroring any phenomenon in the Universe, which is known to mankind, interpreting it in your consciousness.

They ask me: How could that be? All people are different! Salvator technology by itself consists of syntactic protocol, that is the text message by which your consciousness is initiated and starts to contact the artifact Salvator object. This an object which has specific symbolism, produced by specific technology, and tuned at absorption of destructive interpretations of reality, that is those interpretations which are born in your consciousness even at involuntary level, it makes you free from all these. Relieving you from these destructive programs by means of activation of your consciousness, your interpretive creative consciousness, creative range, and images that are put into Salvator, it allows you to release enormous energy.

As I already said, about 80 % of information becomes lost at interaction of a human beings with each other, with the outer world, with Cosmic, Planetary events, with everyday life events. Colossal energy is spent at compensation of these loses. And now imagine, that due to Salvator technology these energy starts to released. That is it becomes to release and transform into positive origin, which starts to influence the entire organism in a positive way. First of all giving birth to a vast cascade of biology events, connected with the interaction of aluminous structures, which start to organize different way. That is sell itself, at the level of micro organic structures, acquires ability to organize aluminous structures in a correct way, due to the energy release and receiving new correct information, at that specific processes that influence genome properties are initiated. And due to it, a release of a colossal volume of information is taking place, it is the information about those processes that took place during the entire process of biology evolution, which was kept in the genome. That is different modes of defense, preserving energy, counteraction to some other events all this was hidden in a number of living creatures, which preceded us in biology evolution, and genome memory keeps them all.

I will bring a simple example. It was shown by the research works that different kinds of armours - medieval cuirasses, being made of metal, generally imitated squama and skin structure of animals which could not be known to people in those times, because paleontology developed much later along with knowledge about anatomy and constitution of those animals. These knowledge were extracted from the genome memory and interpreted through the existing technology of defense armour production. It is only one little example of could happen. As a matter of fact we have at our disposal a possibility and technology, which helps us to release colossal resources of information, directed at defense and restoration of our organism.

Of course, all these processes would go for the renewal of the organism, for restoration of its structures. Another important factor is that an ability of a human being to structure surrounding reality was confirmed. It is possible due to the properties of human consciousness and central nervous system to structure reality. And I think nobody in this hall doubts our abilities to structure reality not only due to our active physical deeds, but also we are able to model reality due to our psycho-physical interpretations with subsequent translation through symbolic images, language structures, through perception, and then projecting specific scenarios, revealing events in the surrounding world. This phenomenon is already confirmed. Another Salvator function is optimization of this process, taking into account individual features of user.

They ask me: people are different, and algorithms remain the same? And images are the same, how could that be? I will tell you, I will bring an analogy with an icon and a prayer. It is very distant analogy, but nevertheless. When a man comes for prayer, he takes an icon or stands in front of it and reads specific text. At that different people come to the same icons for their different needs and use the same ritual, the same practice. The same is with the Salvator. The same images and algorithms allow people of different specialties, different ages, different genders and characters to acquire exactly what they need, and what corresponds to their aims and tasks without contradiction with the outer world, that is very important. Probably this technology is similar to Greek democracy, when people go in their own mode but all in the same direction. That is a harmony of the society. That is a harmony of mutual relationship of a human being with the outer world. Transforming yourself with the help of the Salvator technology, transforming your own individuality, you acquire immense possibilities of your consciousness widening, possibilities of controlling your body, controlling your life circumstances. And along with all these you are getting possibility not to contradict to the outer world and surrounding people with your deeds and events your are building. It is very important moment.

It should be noted, because they asked me such a question, that in any case Salvator would not harm a human being. It is not a means of zombiing. Zombiing is founded on the rhythm principle, and Salvator is built on the principle of meaning. Meaning of the human consciousness, meaning of ideas, images. And they ask a question: Can it harm a human being? the probability of doing harm is less than if someone in sound mind will cut his own head of. As far as I know no one ever did it. No harm could be done with this technology, it is its uniqueness. Today many phrases were said about creating unique technologies by the Center Region Company, which were not previously known to the world. Here is one of them.

Similar to Jules Verne hero Captain Nemo, who assembled his Nautilus at a remote island from different parts ordered around the world, and nobody knew what he was doing, our Salvator product was constructed from separate well tested parts and fragments. I think that with this technology users will have a possibility to open absolutely new dimensions of consciousness, new thinking, and radically change their attitude in relation to the outer world control, to acquire immense possibilities and recourses, which, I hope, will push us at new evolution heights.

I want to stress another moment: that Salvator does not contradict to any technology, that exist in this Company. It is very important moment. Generally speaking all the rest of Center Region products are targeted at the human being from the outside. And Salvator is a product, which, I repeat, is you yourself. It is a key, a start button, starting signal for development of such possibilities, which are put inside yourself, about which you do not even suspect. I want to bring one example: even in extreme situations, using this technology we managed to bring people out of a stupor. A man was in the state of stupor for 4 years, not responding to anything, and we managed to bring him out. So you can imagine what a perspective of further development this technology has.

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