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Salvator basic information

“The law of total informational interaction is the basis of the Universe existence” – academician V. I. Vernadskiy.

“Thinking person is a measure of everything” – academician V. I. Vernadskiy.

“There is no other reality, except the one, which is in ourselves” - German Gesse.

“Life is a specific cosmic organized form of matter, the struggle between entropy and evolution being essential moment of it, with supporting negentropy state on the basis of incessant self-renewal, exchange and circulation of matter, energy and information” – G. A. Yugay.


Entropy and entropic programs at the levels of information and human consciousness.

Human brain is the whole universe. If we would be able to unleash its potential, provided by evolution, the human capabilities will become unlimited. Liberation of a human being from entropic programs, which are transferred to the human body and consciousness from the environment and outer world, should became a first step in this direction.

At the physical level entropy is an index of disorder, random nature of the physical system structure.

At the informational level entropy is a measure of internal disorder of the informational system. Physically entropy is transferred to us from the outer world, begets informational entropy and forms specific programs of chaos in systems and recourses in the human organism, in his consciousness, deeds, decisions and so on. In Salvator we call these programs entropy programs.

Entropy rises at chaotic increase of distribution of informational recourses and decreases at their collating. At that, it was established that a colossal loss of information (up to 80 %) is taking place in the process of communication of the human being with the outer world. And information, received from other people, objects and phenomenon of outer world along with energy, in most cases pose destructive influence, especially in technocratic society.

That’s why there is a need to neutralize negative results of such influences – entropy programs with the help of specific methods and practices. For ages, numerous spiritual practices both in the East and in the West strived for this goal. But the state of internal freedom always was a property of chosen people, who devoted entire life to these practices, going by the road of struggles, sacrifices and taming of the human nature.

Due to the Salvator you will be able to do the first step to internal harmony, equilibrium and perfection in more effective way, constantly supporting the achieved effect without asperities.

At that, during the entire history of mankind, all psycho-physical traditions were cultivated in close interaction of the spiritual practices with means of correction of the human organism state, along with food and natural medicines, which provided powers for development and restoration. All these methods could have being practiced separately, but only in combination they gave most effective results.

And, following ancient traditions we are creating new technologies and products, which reveal highest effectiveness in their synergy. Due to the interaction of technologies of Functional State Correctors, Salvator, Marbax (rapana hydrolyzate – cell nourishment) and Protetion (Peptide complex on the glutathione basis with negative oxidation-reduction potential), a human being receives new physical abilities, new quality of reflexes, regeneration, of protective and reproductive functions, life stability, energy and “quick thinking”, which stimulates correct decisions.

Due to the Salvator project human consciousness, unfettered from entropy, converts colossal energy of incessant struggle of a human being against outer world and genetic heritage into sunny energy of creation! Probably for the first time in the history of mankind, Salvator project is a bridge between physical phenomenon and neuron-semantic algorithm (instruction) that relives a human being from negative consequences of this phenomenon.

So, Salvator project optimizes integration and interaction between human consciousness with his biology system and outer world.

Entropy and entropy programs at the biology level of human being

Human organism is an open controllable thermodynamic system, which constantly interacts with outer world and helio-geo-physical components of Earth and Universe.

Energy torrents are constantly entering into human organism. They come to us with food, oxygen, heat and so on. This energy comes from the recourses of our planet. Earth in her turn is also an open thermodynamic system.

Any process in nature, accepting and returning energy, always carries in itself both creation and destruction. The task of every object in nature is to save and use wholesome energy and transfer “destructive program” to another objects through interaction.

And our planet, along with food and energy transfers to us entropy (the drive for chaotic disconcerting processes). Obviously, this process not only ensures vital activity, but also causes a complex of retaliatory reactions of the human organism, initiating protective reactions of the organism, enchanting physiology, stimulating individual development and evolution of the species.

At that, with the development of civilization, which poses anthropogenic influence at nature, natural protective and adaptive functions of the organism are reduced considerably, and entropy programs, received by a human being acquire more and more destructive character. Under influence of ecology, psychology and physiology stresses, the mode of life, nourishment structure and social environment, the violation of the organization of human biology system is taking place.

Every day thousands of entropy programs from the outer environment pose their influence at the human being, causing internal entropy, which destroys vital activities, and gives birth to the chain of unfortunate events. One bright example: scientist proved the dependence of global factors of world financial crisis from physiology and psychology state of brokers at the New York Stock Exchange.

This example shows the interconnection between entropy events and influence of destructive programs not only at the organism, but through it at the life circumstances and socium. They pose chaotic and destructive influence at physiology, vital functions, which define the life quality. Everyday organism has to spend lots of energy in order to oppose these processes and sometimes it is unsuccessful.

The higher is the singularity of the environment and the living mode, the higher is entropy received by the organism. The more resources organism spends, distracting them from important vital processes, the quicker it ages, the longer and seriously are his illnesses.

This phenomenon is a part of the planetary energy-informational process, in which biosphere and human beings are taking place. Entropy is transferred to Earth from the outer space, and from the Earth through the biosphere to the human beings. In his turn, while transforming and using the received energy, human being transfers entropy to the outer environment.

At that, modern civilization gives birth to new destructive programs and informational viruses connected with singularity, creating entropy of the new quality, changing the ecology and environment, the quality of recourses and conditions of their use.

In the conditions of techno-sphere, created by himself, human being turned into Homo machinalis. At that, from one side being a carrier of mems – units of cultural information that could be passed over, at the same time human being started to create technocratic cultures, which do not blend with environment. Huge difference between creative potential of modern individual and technocratic way of the realization of this potential put modern man into dependence from machines and devices.

The devices which once helped men to survive and spread over the planet, acquire knowledge, demand for their existence more and more non-renewable recourses of the planet. It forces humankind to transform environment, and while doing so to destroy natural habitat of the planet. This way modern men are losing connection with biosphere, exhausting adaptive and evolution potential.

As a result of modern way of life, man is turning into self-contained system, violating his informational, energetic and material exchange with environment, starts to get recourses of different quality. Under such conditions destructive entropy programs remain inside the human being, giving birth to processes which destroy his health and life, turning it into vicious circle of negative causes and consequences.

How to find a way out of this situation….

In order to find an answer to this question we should remember how our central nervous system developed in the process of the evolution. Organisms, which realized the need of data storage, transmitted by the organs of sense, acquired better chances of survival and giving birth to posterity.

Men rise this property acquired by evolution at a new level. Even slightest deviation of human DNA from the DNA of primates allowed us to develop a language for communication, which became an organ of human body, implemented into our brain by evolution. This organ aided alternative exchange of information, which differed from a slow process of DNA coding through random deviations in procreation. The acquired effect speeded the evolution up.

Nowadays human brain is one of the most complex objects in the Universe, representing a unique processor, which initiates all processes in the human body. At that, human brain contains 1026 elements.

By the opinion of Russian academician Vernadskiy, noosphere – the united informational space, formed by thinking and creative activities of human beings, rests upon the singularity of human consciousness. Under this form of singularity – complication, we understand positive globally-integrative state of consciousness, able to perceive maximum of available information. The unity and interconnection of matter and energy in the Universe with corresponding processes of transformation lays in the basis of this singularity.

This way, using creative abilities of our consciousness, the properties of brain, we are able to acquire ability to transform outer programs and circumstances, leveling up their negative impact not only at ourselves but also at the environment. Salvator technology will help us to achieve that.

With the Salvator project we are opening for you a parallel universe of free possibilities…

Salvator basic concept.

Salvator uses scientific data in the sphere of evolutionary physiology, cognitive psychology, molecular biology, biosemiotics, linguistics, molecular genetics of the brain development, education and even astrophysics.

Evolutionary physiology studies the ways of the animal organism and human brain development. This discipline gives us an understanding of the fact, that biology evolution is a continuous process of searching the ways and instructions of the organism functioning. This process forms the memory of the biosphere, the content of the biosphere memory directs the evolution process. In its turn the biosphere memory comprises the structure plans of the organisms, which appeared during the entire biology evolution process.

They are an important element of the biosphere memory and contain all accumulated survival and accommodation experience. Some geological bands, relict sea solutions and albuminous structures of ancient organisms, which survived millions of years of the evolution (for example some sea mollusks), serve as outer carriers of this memory.

Scientists, headed by Boris Koch from Alfred Wegner Institute for Polar and Marine research, with the help of ultra-precise mass spectrometer proved the existence of the “Memory of the Ocean”. They established that water of the World Ocean “keeps” the information about living creatures, that lived in it. The phenomenon is explained by the fact that Ocean has chemical memory, preserving information about organisms, which were in it, in the form of single chemical molecules.

Our DNA fragments are the carriers of bio-sphere memory, which carry the instructions controlling the processes of using the genetic information, coding specific proteins which ensure formation and functioning of the organism.

Using the terms of evolution physiology, in Salvator we approach the deepest aspects of functional control and information transfer in the live systems – the meta instructions of self-preservation, to which all the other rules of living system functioning (as a living system that interacts with the outer world) are submitted.

In the physical aspect Salvator adopts foundations of functional biology organization of the defense, adaptation and survival of the ancient forms of life by extracting their quantum-mechanical analogs from genetic memory of a person and from bio-sphere memory, and transferring them into cognitive consciousness imageries.

Any complex system could be depicted in the form of interaction of three hierarchic levels:

1. The level of matter or material structure – a carrier of energy and information, or the level of the phenomenon;

2. The level of energy or the law, the carrier of which is the field, where energy transfers into matter and back;

3. The idea level, non material information, as a projection of other levels at the level of ideas, is a carrier of this level.

The phenomenon of human consciousness poses the opportunity of building a construction in a rational sphere, where bio-physical reality of this or that phenomenon is absent. The history of psycho-physical traditions of mankind demonstrates the ability of influencing of these constructions at the material world and its phenomenon.

Timothy Francis Leary, distinguished American researcher of human consciousness stated: “We are our nerve systems. When eastern philosophers say “I”, usually they mean nervous system, the body is a means of transportation. Nervous system is a driver”

Human organism as a complex living system that includes sub-atomic, atomic and molecular levels, which forms sub-systems by the law of analogies, and they are connected by controllability from upside to the bottom. Central nervous system accomplishes energy-informational exchange by vertical and horizon in order to support equilibrium in the system and preserve its organization. At that, the entire organism leans at his own material structures and recourses, coming with food, water, air and so on.

It is known that energy informational and material exchange of the human organism is subjected to definite rhythms, which unite a human being with the outer world. Human blood is created from the sea water, that’s why rhythm of blood and rhythm of the ocean coincide with each other. At the same time ocean rhythm coincides with the rhythms of the Universe. So the blood rhythm and the rhythm of human heart coincides with rhythm of the Universe. In the ideal case this synchronization of rhythms gives birth to harmony, health and well-being.

From the Salvator project ideal viewpoint the ideal triad is: Ocean - Human being – Universe. This triad poses highest opportunities for realization of evolution potentials of a human being, his physical and creative abilities. But human consciousness, under singularity and entropy influences, falls out of these rhythms. Blood and organism tissues, subjected to poisonous chemical and organic influences, also fall out of their rhythms and their energy-informational properties are subjected to distortions.

And human being remains at the level of another triad, which is more restricted, it is: Sky-Human being-Earth. «Marbax» helps organism to get rid of unhealthy substances, restore violations, provides good nourishment, and «teaches» to perceive only right substances. Salvator saves from entropy programs and synchronizes the rhythms of human consciousness signals with the blood rhythms, Ocean and Universe rhythms, and genetic memory archives.

Salvator wakes up ancient archetypes of human consciousness, which are related with the Sea, with energy of all ancient Oceans of our Planet and stretches them until the Universe images. Analogies built up for human consciousness by Salvator, return individual in the process of his own evolution, to the great triad: Ocean - Human being – Universe, to the new quality in his personal development and overcoming internal and external problems.

Many prominent scientists of our time could have joined Salvator fundamental ideas.

Max Planck, the father of the quantum mechanics, wrote in his « Investigations on the Physical theory»: «All ideas, we formulate under the influence of the outer world, merely mirror our own perception. Are we able to become really non-dependent from our own consciousness? Did not all so called laws of nature are merely rules suitable for us, created by our perception?»

Erwin Shrodinger, the 1933 Nobel Prize Laureate «for discovery of new productive forms of atomic theory» said: «Consciousness is the thing that allowed the World to materialize, World consists of elements of consciousness».

David Chalmers, Professor of Philosophy and director of the Center for Consciousness at Australian National University stated: « Consciousness is not suspended somewhere outside the physical world as some kind of addition, it is situated in the very center of it»

Imants Baruss - Professor of Psychology at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, who studied consciousness, brought some examples which put at doubt materialistic interpretation of the reality: quantum events are not defined and limited, time is no longer linear, because consequence may precede the cause, particles change their position depending on observer presence.

William Tiller, scientist from the American Academy of Science Development, Professor of materials in Stanford University opened a new kind of matter in the empty space between fundamental charged particles, which form atoms and molecules. This mater is invisible for us and is not detectable with our measurement instruments. He discovered that human intension is able to influence this matter, in result it comes into contact with substances we are able to observe and measure.

Henry Stapp, Professor in particle physics at the University of California, Berkeley, who worked under supervision of some founders of quantum mechanics, wrote in his report, called: «Compatibility of modern physical theory with the survival of the personality» considers «physical effects of consciousness». This phenomenon is connected with the fact, that scientists influence quantum systems when they choose what property to study. Similarly the observer may fix chosen brain activity.

Basic concepts and constituents of Salvator

Salvator is a cognitive-intellectual model of entropy programs absorption with multilevel system of optimization of human being key vital processes both in his internal and external spheres of time and space.

Salvator consists of Syntactic Protocol and Material Object.

Salvator material object is an artefact, designated for development of human consciousness cognitive functions by means of visual interaction and tactile contact under the influence of linguistic settings, which form specific conventional implicatures mediated through texts – Protocols.

One of the material (structural) constituents of the material Salvator object is a special medium – Pontic monimolimnion founded only in Black sea abyss – it is a layer saturated with sulphureted hydrogen, started form depths of 150-200 meters.

It serves as a medium for specific treatment of metal – alloy of cuprum and tin, which is used for the material part of Salvator object, at that sulphide surface layer forms. That ensures optimum energy conductivity of the Salvator object when contacting your skin and correct transfer of pulses and sensations, which are connected with the realization of knowledge (images) to your body receptors.

Relief of the Salvator material object edge serves the same aim. It is designed in the way that stimulates mechano-receptors of your palms at physical contact. The technology of submersion of the Salvator material part into Black sea depth to the edge of the sulphureted hydrogen layer initiates processes which make every Salvator object a unique one, summoned to be your individual artefact.


In its turn, the material chosen for the Salvator making has deep symbolic meaning – from the ancient times the alloy of cuprum and tin embodies strength, power and firmness. Ancient Greek god Gefest hammered Talos giant, the keeper of Krete from it.

Bronze, which consists of cuprum – feminine element, and tin- masculine element were used in ancient cleaning magic. In ancient Rome they cut pontiff's hair only with the bronze knife, cult ministers shaved themselves with bronze blades, Etruscans outlined the borders of new settlements with the bronze plough. It was considered that bronze cult objects possess protecting powers.


In ancient esoteric traditions fish take part in the creation of the World or serve as a support for the Earth. That's why the fish symbol is a powerful creative symbol, generated by human consciousness.

Fish's scale, which wraparound the absorbing zone of the Salvator object, personifies the fish symbol, known form the ancient cult practices. From ancient times fish was associated with Teachers, world Saviors, primogenitors, wisdom. The fish symbol is connected with Hindu Vishna, Chaldaic Oannes, Greek Gooddess of love and fertility Aphrodite, god Poseidon, Babylon god Ea, and Christ. In early Christianity the Trinity was symbolized by three fishes.

Fish symbolism is closely connected with the water element symbol, the origin of all entity, the source of life and with secret knowledge.

Bronze fish's scale, was both material and symbolic protection of Pome legions and Russian knights, their guardian, the Salvator.

All these practices and images are «recorded» in our DNA memory, and also in the bio-sphere memory, framed by creative and intellectual activities of mankind.

We unite already produced Salvator objects with primordial sea element, giving originality to every specimen, and returning human consciousness to intratelluric massive of knowledge, acquired through millions years of biological evolution.

The dried blood of the Tetis ocean and Space matter are content of the internal part of the Salvator material object.

The principle of the highest brain functions research contains paradox rule: «do not ask what is inside your head, ask where is your head in». Salvator tunes individual at an optimum survival in the physical world, building horizon connections between the notional meanings of phenomenon, depicted in the human speech, and real phenomenon of the physical world, which are bringing destructive negative consequences. Similar to astrophysical term, this horizon connections are called «the horizon of events». With the help of Salvator, the user consciously and creatively forms his own horizon of events, first at the level of introduction with stimulative text - Syntactic Protocol. In such a way user «plugs into» the Salvator.

Then this horizon of events realizes already in automatic mode at the non-consciousness level of analysis of situations in contact with the material object which personifies Salvator.

Salvator gives possibility to control health and outer world through activation of knowledge-images, connected with ancient defense archetypes, stored in the archives of nerve and genetic human memory and in the memory of environment (by Vernadskiy) in the user's consciousness. It becomes possible in Salvator technology because human being is a quant of intellectual system of the Universe. Quantum theory depictures the World as non-separable, integral and interconnected. The father of Russian physiology I. M. Sechenov also did not separate Man and World.

That is why Salvator is a combination of traditions of the information use with physical and biological nature of human being through the agent - Salvator object, composed from natural components, which translates the memory of environment into a form which is accessible for individual.

In the Salvator technology human consciousness is used as an active field for building mind-images, which are connected with properties of material objects. That is why materials, used for Salvator object manufacturing, have accented symbolic character. Similar to the cosmic entropy process which allows a planet to deform nearby satellite, turning tidal power into hear, Salvator allows a human being to get rid of destructive entropy at all levels of body and consciousness organization, actively changing his life and surrounding world.

Salvator uses properties of human consciousness, which allow integration with the images of environment.

For millions of years live matter transforms our planet with bio-geo-chemical energy and form the memory of environment with which human being is closely connected. The memory of the environment is unlimited informational resource, caring instructions of defense, development and increasing the potential of living creatures.

At that, plugging into this unlimited resource, Salvator helps consciousness, which is a property of highly organized matter, to form informational characteristics of natural objects for achieving his goals. Previously this properties were used in sacral practices, in magic in ritual practices. And the most widespread natural object was the sea salt. From ancient times salt was used in magic practices as a medium, absorptive negative energy and neutralizing negative influences aimed at a human being.

Sea salt, forming for millions of years from the bio-sphere elements became a symbol of atomic evolution of live matter on our Planet. At that, the sea salt, extracted nowadays, is constantly subjected to outer influences, constantly changes its composition and informational properties, or extracted in already dry crystalized form, or even obtained in a chemical process. Such salt looses its contact with water element and bereaves its composition, ionic bonds,

Relict sea salt, extracted from the richest, not touched by civilization ancient ocean Tetis is used for filling up of the internal reservoir of the Salvator material object. Water is extracted from 1000 meters deep underground lakes. Extraction is carried out in ecologically clean recreational zone, «Sea Whirl» technology and special preliminary treatment of the relict water are used for obtaining sea salt crystals.

As long as bio-sphere formation, including origin of life on Earth, is a result of cosmic powers influence, Salvator combined these forces with the sea salt crystals, by subjecting relict sea water to solarization – prolonged exposure to the Sunny energy in special reservoirs under the brightest Sun at the Russian territory – at the Anapa sea coast.

Ander passing through «Sea Whirl» treatment at 16 000 rounds per minute and natural long-time solarisation, relict sea water turns into saturated crystal structures – «the dry blood of the Tetis ocean». With the help of this unique compound and «tuning» of your consciousness, Salvator turns into real «time machine», irretrievably caring out everything that disturbs you and ruins your life, well-being and health into depths of the age of Reptiles.

Salvator uses this ancient archetype as an important element of its technology. At that in order to achieve ideal synchronization of the human consciousness rhythms, generating harmony, health and well-being through the triad: Ocean – Human being – Universe, Salvator implemented into its internal construct the symbol of the Cosmic Space – meteor space duct, derived from all known types of meteorites, visited our planet.

In its turn entire internal construct is placed into the most mysterious substance in our Universe – into vacuum. For our consciousness vacuum is an image of total absorption, and at the same time it protects internal construct of the Salvator object from possible outer distortions, tuning it solely at the contact with your consciousness.

Due to the especial technology of cognitive-individual determination of consciousness, which is realized through strategies of perception of symbol information and thinking activities, with the help of these mighty images of the Salvator object internal construct, your consciousness will carry out entropy into depths of ancient epochs. This special Salvator technology acts in presence of material objects and states of environment, awaking ancient archetypes of human consciousness, connected with bio-sphere activities.

Salvator Syntactic Protocol

«Not a single problem could be solved at a level of consciousness, at which it was created» Albert Einstein.

Be attentive! If you are reading this text, then you already entering into Salvator. And in order to become its user, you should concentrate and read the whole text of the Syntactic Protocol. It is not an ordinary text. In process of reading text will become more and more complicated and gradually it will grip your attention. Read it till the end, let it into your consciousness and then Syntactic Protocol will introduce you into Salvator State,

Salvator technology

Salvator is an instrument for incessant deliverance of individual from destructive entropy programs.

Therefore, Salvator defines radically new rehabilitation concept through molecular biology of the brain, which is responsible for memory and image-like thinking. In Dynamic this system lays upon central nervous system regulatory functions, and on the reduction of cellular processes under their influence.

It is planned to achieve biology reactivation with the absent limit due to the use of these factors. Reactivation is restoration of viability of cells, organs or organisms, correction of «the wrong» genetic programs, as well as negative social and material conditions and circumstances that are concomitant to the individual vital activities. In Salvator they are called «Stories».

Salvator material object is a physical object produced from special alloy, contacting with user's body and consciousness. In the process of Salvator technology realization, user will exercise «the drop» of entropy programs, which are initiated by organism or coming from the outside, at the giving object through Syntactic Protocol.

3 factors are involved in the Salvator technology.

1. Positive neuro-linguistic tuning of the central nervous system through fundamental properties of language, as a natural object, implemented into our brain by evolution. It implies specific methods of instruction text (or so called Syntactic Protocol) composing, awakening images in the consciousness, which stimulate the body memory and optimize perception of the noosphere memory by the individual.

2. Salvator material object is non-renewable resource, providing dynamics of absorption of the entropy programs. Entropy is considered as a measure of disorder in the system, in conditions of absence of exact knowledge about it precise state.

3. Specially proceeded relict sea water of ancient Tetis ocean is used as a renewable resource. This resource provides brain with necessary ions and micro-elements, amplifies its bio-electrical potential, and contains potassium chloride – compound that aids deducing of excessive water from the organism and preventing hypertension and appearance of edemas.

In dynamics, at the central nervous system physiology level, Salvator rests upon neurophysiology, epistemology, cognitive psychology, cognitive linguistics, quantum physics, system-genesis, psycho-genesis and language structures.

In Salvator, entropy programs and their «stories» end up in real time in the code singularity system, created by user's consciousness through verbal-semantic construct. After initialization of the Salvator Syntactic Protocol, the given function is fullfield in the «automatic» mode, at the «unnoticeable» level of user's sub-consciousness.

Salvator material object principle of operation

Salvator material object has figuratively unlimited resource of absorption. This property is the only function of the object, at that it is necessary and sufficient for restoration and leveling of all vital balances of the human being. Therefore, object does not poses feedback with the user. More to it, the control of the object is fullfield directly by the user's central nervous system.

«Simply get to know about it and use it». This object fulfils only two functions – concentrates your attention on itself and swallows up destructive programs, being connected with renewable resource – relict sea water of the ancient Tetis ocean. Being a stimulator of deliverance from destructive programs, this object interacts with your brain at level of organization of structural forms of thinking.

Salvator action does not depend upon your profession, education, competence and intellect, but it does not work without you. It is individual and activates only with you, when you fulfill all instructions and initiated Syntactic Protocol, take it in your hands and pay your attention on it. Object unites two universal forms of the world cognition – faith and science.

At that, it involves both peripheral nervous system regulatory functions and cognitive brain functions. Powerful stream of faith through cognitive brain functions, based at real interaction of human consciousness with the surrounding world, provides particular fixing of attention, turning Salvator object into your ally. The belief in the laws of the world, nature, surrounding reality, in deep synthesis with human consciousness provides powerful constantly working process of deliverance from negative informational and energy torrents. It is a new dimension, new standards and solutions of the evolutionary «Marbax» doctrine. It is a new system of rehabilitation and regulation of vital processes through molecular brain biology, responsible for memory and nervous activity. More to it, the change of activity of nervous cells genome properties as a result of disposal from entropy programs, will invariably lead to genome properties activation in all cells, when the phase of acquiring of the new information will be over. At that all DNA and RNA in the organism became expressed, For example, body learns to be healthy through consciousness which is free from negative programs. Brain, freed from stressful loads, realizes more effective differentiation of cells, providing onco-genesis prophylaxis. Similar, stimulus for creation of universal cascades of biological events, which influence vast zones of the genome, are coming to realization through albuminous complexes, freed from negative information. That leads to complete renewal pf your organism and your internal Universe.

Salvator action mechanisms


Salvator action mechanisms, First function, archetypes

Albert Einstein said: «It is necessary to change thinking in order to change the world». At that, one of the main Salvator principles is: «thinking is a process, consciousness is a state, it is necessary to change a state in order to change a process».

Salvator action is based at the imitation of global planetary and cosmic processes in human consciousness.

From ancient times humanity tended to look beyond the horizon of events and anticipate own achievements. Human imagination created images of goods and phenomenon, and the history of creative engineering turned magic carpet into comfortable airplane, magic mirror into TV, legendary Nautilus into atomic submarine.

Fairy-tale dreams, which seemed unrealizable, embodied into reality with the power of creative thinking, which grew from generation to generation. Time has come to turn the creative consciousness itself into instrument of human will and progress, by connecting it with colossal history of biologic evolution and fundamental resources of the Ocean, Universe, noo-sphere.

To fulfill the boldest dream in the human history – to create a magic wand. Similar to everything that were pre-empted and created by humanity later, artefact would not even inherit a name of its fairytale preimage. Everything will be more complicated and deeper.

In common understanding Salvator combined the properties of magic wand and Aladdin lamp, into which ancient gods put non-controllable spirits, which violated lives of humans by interference with their incontrollable powers.

And we know from mythological tradition that both magic wands and Aladdin lamp were controlled with the help of special spells – putting it at scientific language, with speech constructs, with the help of these speech constructs fairytale artefacts acquired their wonderful properties and realized their magic powers. And as a rule these spells were connected with the forces of nature, Earth and Water elements, Heavenly forces.

In this rituals individual-creator acted as an active user, connecting the triad Sky-Human being – Earth, manifesting his will, transforming surrounding world and submitting its natural powers. It is possible to state that these historic and mythological preimages pre-empted Salvator.

In translation from Latin Salvator means Savior, and for our project another symbolism is also significant, it was a name of doctor, the creator of legendary Ihtiander – a man who was able to live underwater. This character was created by Alexander Belyaev in his novel «Amphibian Man», this character embodied another dearest dream. For Salvator this character embodies the addressing of the humanity to the memory of the Ocean, kept in structures of our body and consciousness.

Salvator changes the mythology of human consciousness, creating new archetypes for it.

In due time Karl Gustav Jung stated that individual is motivated by forces and images, hidden in the depths of his sub-consciousness. According to Swiss researcher these forces and images have deep roots in the history of the evolution and provide an explanation for the endeavor for creation and physical harmony, inherent to entire humanity.

Jung called these forces and images «Archetypes», and reckoned that archetypes carry in themselves properties of entire mankind as some unit.

But Salvator went further. Salvator extends the term «Archetype» to the events of Planetary and Cosmic caliber, as well as at the origination of life itself in the medium of ancient oceans. Salvator turns individual to images of global planetary and cosmic events, borrowing in these events the qualities of power and absolute perfection of functions.

Salvator also turns human being to colossal experience of numerous ways of energy interchange with the environment, and to the struggle of myriads of living creatures, preceded human beings in the evolutionary development of the biosphere, against entropy (chaos). This experience is extracted from the memory of environment and genetic memory of human being by means of Syntactic Protocol and user's contact with the Salvator material object.

In Salvator unconscious forces and images are converted into knowledge and images, caring powerful pulses of the Ocean, Bio-sphere and Cosmic phenomenon. These knowledge and images unite the processes of cognitive, creative human consciousness into connect: Ocean – Individual – Universe, extracting individual from the restricted preimage: Sky-Individual –Earth, bringing out human being at a new orbit of his abilities.

Salvator action mechanisms, Second function, knowledge - images

Perception of the reality and imagination are the main channels by which individual interacts with the memory of the environment. Remember that most powerful ancient psychophysical practices, which uncovered colossal resources and abilities of the human organism, were fulfilled in the form of contemplation of images of Nature and mental reunion with its elements.

People endure themselves with the powers of these elements and the creatures that live in them – fish, dragons, birds, snakes and achieved highest physical forms and really mystic possibilities in adaptation to the coming events, giving birth to great cultural traditions as Yoga, Taiji, Arkanas and so on.

It was first intuitive attempts of humans to join the memory of the environment, and they formed a vast layer of sacral knowledge, rituals and practices. At that these practices had long term character, were connected with immense efforts, asperities risk and were accessible to few.

Salvator technology connects human brain cognitive functions with an object, that materializes potential possibilities of the memory of environment at 5 levels of your individual consciousness, awaking:

- Perception of energy interactions among molecular structures inside the cell. Individual realizes himself as a highest form of evolutionary programs, put into DNA;

- Perception of energy interactions inside nervous plexuses that control organs and systems. Body becomes controllable by an individual in terms of transferring of ideal information about organs functions and constitution from DNA memory;

- Perception of energy interactions inside endocrine system and nervous chains, connected with organs of perception. Human being starts to pick up myriads of signals and vibrations from planetary system oscillation, correctly orienting in the surrounding world and situations generated by it;

- Perception of energy interactions inside endocrine systems and brain zones, which form conditioned responses. Individual starts to make good his reflex complexes, more clearly perceives and evaluates reality and more effectively reacts at changes;

- Perception of energy interactions inside endocrine system and central nervous system zones, responsible for affectation and emotions. Individual becomes resistive to stress and adequate in personal emotional aspect.

Possibly, in case Salvator appeared several years ago, would be able to prevent in major degree World financial crisis, delivering brokers from chaotic reactions and destructive solutions, which ruined financial marked in an hour.

Salvator realizes eternal idea of humanity about escaping from chaos and destruction in the effort to harmony and perfection.

Through your consciousness Salvator realizes the principle of harmony and organization of the bio-sphere. Delivering you from entropy, Salvator will help to organize everything in your life with precision and harmony that we see in the gracious movement of heavenly bodies, in the atomic systems and in distribution of energy in nature.


Watching ocean smooth surface, you become inspired by the thought about unlimited power and depth. Stretching these thought into past epochs, which formed life at the planet Earth, you realize great connection with the bio-sphere, constantly changing and recording experience of milliards of its spices in geo-sphere, hydro-sphere and so on.

As V. I. Vernadskiy put it: «Epochs of life development: proterozoic, paleozoic, mesozoic, cainozoe depict not only forms of life on Earth, but also her geological chronicle, her planetary fate.

Similar to aromatic influence of «Marbax», activating your receptors for awakening of archives of olfactory memory and internal receptors of the organism, Salvator technology of building knowledge-images activates your consciousness for perception of images of bio-sphere memory and for translation of these images and associations for forming signals, awakening deep mechanisms of your genetic memory.

Salvator allows you to decipher and use these data files at the level of the central nervous system. In Salvator it is done by automatic concentration of consciousness due to the Syntactic Protocol and Salvator material object without special practices and additional psychic and energetic loads. On the contrary, Salvator releases your energy and consciousness. This way hidden in ourselves bio-survival potentials are activated, and programs of individual tuning for deliverance of entropy and solution of user's internal and external problems are realized.

Salvator technology of building of knowledge-images implies your knowledge about how and from what materials the Salvator material object is manufactured. This knowledge-image is a part of the Syntactic Protocol, and the Salvator material object manufacturing process makes Salvator the world only symbiosis of science, art, and philosophy, which poses really majestic properties, artefact of optimization of your individual reality and individual evolution of your consciousness.

So far as our memory is integral, despite its multi-level character, the apparatus of our impressions and conceptions may start into action this or that level, including the activity of some specialized neurons.

Human Being

Salvator action mechanisms, Third function, biology action

Biological aspect or part of the Salvator process: in the moment of the Salvator initialization (turning on), through centripetal nervous fibers nervous cells receive powerful afferent impulsation, which causes quantitative activation of RNA and albuminous synthesis.

Simultaneous use of BIOIMPULS-JET-PUL, which aids bio-electric brain activity, promotes this process. At that bio-impulses amplification processes are carried out in the energy pool mode, created by specific concentration of the relict sea water and hydrosulphuric energetics, giving phenomenal biology activity to the Black sea biocenosis. Transfer of human consciousness and organism into state of «superposition», that is close to the boundaries of evolutionary possibilities, is taking place.

For example, transfer into superposition allows your body and consciousness to pose influence at hippocamp (gyrus of cerebrum situated at the base of temporal lobe). Hippocamp is a storeroom of memory, and at the same time an original biological automate for registration of mistakes. And his correct tuning through Salvator will ensure taking correct live decisions with adequate «inclusion» into the situation.

Specific frequency of electric activity is characteristic for hippocamp, and rhythm of this activity is transferred to other central nervous system formations, being a rhythm of attention, the initial phase of the formation of conditioned reflex at chaotic programs, for taking correct decisions. Under Salvator this rhythm turns into rhythm of reinforced attention.

Our genetic and nerve memory keeps information about this effect in its structures. Awakening them by means of knowledge – image, built by Salvator, by means of our consciousness we transmit this energy effect at the entire organism and events, taking place in our habitat, initiating discharge and unlimited absorption of entropy (chaotic) programs by Salvator.

Salvator action mechanisms, Fourth function, Salvator and human physiology

Physical Salvator action is based at the interaction of language, human consciousness, especially created physical object Salvator and biology structures of the body. Salvator acts by the scheme: Eye – text – brain – object – body – environment. Salvator helps human consciousness to increase probability of realization of positive merits of the personality. Along with increased quality of conscious processes of internal playing of actions, which creates positive scenario of life events. This way Salvator brings user’s consciousness to superposition of states, and his life circumstances to superposition of possibilities.

As it was said, Salvator was created at the junction of several sciences – molecular biology and genetics, cell biology, biology of development and neuro-biology, which analyze communications, meanings and senses in live systems. Formation of the Syntactic Protocol, knowledge – images and symbols of the Salvator material object is based on the research of sign systems of different levels, which are inherent to human organism, molecular-biology (genetic code), intracellular (signal peptides), intercellular (mediators, immune interactions), intra-organismic level (hormones, conditioned reflex reactions), inter- organismic (pheromones, attractants).

Information-symbolic processes are considered in Salvator as a specific fundamental feature of live systems. At human beings this feature is reinforced by language, speech, as phenomenal ways of information transfer and by cognitive brain functions, able to create imitation models, helping to form different phenomenon in reality and control events.

This abilities were lost in considerable degree with the development of technocratic civilization, but their nervous and genetic memory was saved, Salvator will help to restore and use this abilities.

Salvator is a cultural phenomenon at the junction of knowledge about structures, functioning and evolutions of complex systems, sign processes, evolutionary and physic-chemical biology. Salvator creates knowledge – images, cognitive imitational models of consciousness, which widen human possibilities and protective functions.

Modern molecular biology compares the behavior of cells in the organism with social processes and endows separate organs, particularly blood, with signs of intelligence. Possessing such abilities, under specific conditions cells form informational medium, able to operate with data, stored in the genome from the memory of environment, for building necessary models of the behavior of the individual.

For example, men created the armour (antique, knightly, cirassier) long before paleontology knowledge, imitating defensive coverings of ancient animals (arthropods, placodermi, land reptiles), sub-consciously using images from deep biosphere memory.

In its turn Salvator forms these models of «armour-clad» defense already at the levels of creative consciousness of an individual, mode of life, and organism energetics. At that, Salvator turns to the internal «design department» of human biosystem and to logical structures and regularities, existing in it: genetic DNA programs and primary albuminous structures resemble texts, biogenic molecules resemble letters, albumen structures and forms of organs resemble cultural artefacts, and living cells in the organism are similar to human society.


Knowledge – image of absorption of entropy programs. Salvator intellectual model of absorption.

Just appearing, human conscious acted objectively and inseparably with surrounding world. Even most daring abstractions, bourn by human consciousness, were built at the laws of the world, its phenomenon and objects. Applicable functional image required for the Salvator technology, an image of unlimited and unconditional absorption. This image came into Salvator from the faraway Space.

Black hole is cosmic object, which gravitational attraction is so high, that even objects that move with the light speed unable to leave its surface. Black hole as a natural phenomenon were chosen for creation of the intellectual model of the active absorbing area of the Salvator material object.

And understanding of the functional properties of this phenomenon is necessary for successful mastering if this Protocol. Black hole is an area of the Universe, from which it is not possible to escape, everything that falls into the Black hole through the horizon of events, comes to the end of times in singularity. Singularity is a wide idea.

In Salvator it is high or constantly increasing density of existing or probable events, stuffing or complicating your life, giving birth to uncertainty and chaos. In the example with the Black Hole it is extraordinary density of matter, providing colossal gravity field, that changes space-time parameters, from which not a single object or particle is able to escape, no matter what energy it might poses.

Concentration of the attention at the Salvator material object is created due to this Protocol. It forms in your consciousness extreme density of personal events images – extreme singularity, similar to the edge of the horizon of the events of the Black Hole in the space of the Universe.

Through the image of horizon of the events, formed due to this protocol, consciousness drops off entropy (destructive) programs at the Salvator material object as into some trap, similar to the Black Hole. By doing so your consciousness as if strips destructive programs of time, needed for their realization, zeroing their spacious, energetic and informational parameters through the Salvator object.

They (destructive programs) as if «spend» themselves in this object. It is closed circle, a trap for destructive programs at the informational, energetic and physical levels, because, as we know, consciousness is able to change everything in case it is tuned correctly. May be for the first in the history of the Universe, a trap is created, that is able to cut short on you the transfer and interchange of negative events, creating conditions at which time and energy for them became equal to zero and destructive programs are extinguished with release of tremendous energy.

For that it is only necessary to understand and to believe. Entropy (destructive) programs spend themselves in the Salvator object. And due to the created intellectual analog model of the Black Hole, Salvator has unlimited absorption resource.

And we do not return them into outer world. We use the fact, that strategy control of the Universe is based at the continuous process of system support at all stages of her living cycle.

Speaking in images we are borrowing from the Universe, forming powerful vital potential in material conditions, but do not fear inflation, because this debt would not be paid till the end of the Universe existence.

Salvator technology belongs not to realism, but to instrumentalism, because it CREATES NEW REALITY !

Salvator technology of knowledge- image formation. Quantum fields of consciousness.

All objects and phenomenon in nature interact with each other , receive and absorb energy, and give out and communicate to each other entropy (destructive) programs.

By means of forming cognitive brain functions, complex lingual forms of communication, ability of building analogous images, and free will (which is non-dependent from conditions, predefined by nature) manifestations individual sub-consciously becomes operator of the events at the psychogenesis level. Therein lies true evolution of human consciousness, as subtle and highly organized instrument of survival. Due to this instrument, today individual becomes able to use possibilities of quantum systems with unlimited number of degrees of freedom, including quantum fields of consciousness.

Built upon fundamental scientific theories, Salvator not much takes the function to change the world. To give a weapon, extracted from the very depth of your consciousness into your hands, and embody it in your individual Salvator object, which is vested ability to absorb entropy programs, received by you (instead of transmitting them to other objects in the environment) due to unique technology of joining of consciousness with the object at quantum and intellectual levels. To absorb forever and irretrievably, realizing the principle “For the common good” in the highest possible sense. Probably we will have a possibility to be the first in the Universe, who are able to do so.

In 1970-s Soviet mechanician, matematitian and cybernitist, academician V. V. Chavchanidze discovered the phenomenon of informational transfer, which acquired a name of Transfer of Informational Action. Scientist regarded people’s consciousness as a kind of informational matter, which is subjected to scientific description on the basis of the quantum theory. Consciousnesses of people interact at the field level. Mankind, uniting individual consciousnesses, creates global energy-informational being – Noosphere, which poses influence at evolutionary development process.

Nowadays in USA 34 projects are devoted to the research in the field of quantum transfer of the information, 21 universities take part in the investigations, 2 multipurpose laboratories and 3 closed government agencies. At that, foundations of this scientific school were laid in the Soviet Union.

Ability of a human being, which is a part of the Noosphere, to transfer information at large distances was discovered by researches. Further investigations of this phenomenon confirmed the possibility to pose influence at a human being non dependant of the distance, in case operator has in his disposal so called quantum copy – photograph, negative, portrait, personal item. Researches came to conclusion, that since human being is a biology object, then the information transfer includes entire biosphere.

Designing Salvator we decided to move by contradiction – if it is possible to influence at a human being through material object, connected with him, then it is possible to vest the same individual with properties of operator, effecting transfer of information, image of the object or a phenomenon at the specially prepared object, which is prepared in accordance with specific scenario and with taking into account of the biosphere memory. It was the only idea of the project, directly connected with quantum physics, starting from this point Salvator project stepped ahead of all existing methods and technologies.

Thesis about overall unity is one of the fundamental discoveries of modern physics, according to this concept we consider entire world as a single whole at sub-atomic level.

In his time Albert Einstein said: “Human being is a part of the whole, which we call the universe”

This universal thought of the great scientist is mirrored in the quantum theory, according to which human nature stretches through space and time. Human being is a quant of the intellectual system of the Universe, with interconnected processes and algorithms of the evolutionary development. So quantum theory depicts the world as united, integral and interconnected. The “father of Russian physiology” I. M. Sechenov also never separated an individual from the surrounding environment. Prominent Soviet physiologist, the founder of the theory of the functional systems, academician P. K. Anohin, defined the study of the organism as a whole among primary tasks of modern natural science.

Salvator action pass

Based at these scientific world views, Salvator considers the world and human being as whole functional systems, which are similar to each other, able to mutual mirroring of properties and similarity. That is under influence of the human being world forms specific properties of the bio-sphere, hydro-sphere and geo-sphere. And human being, by imitating natural processes and using the laws of nature, evolves in his technologies, changing life and environment.

Everything in the world is connected by functions, structures, energies and processes. And this unity is confirmed by the phenomenon of the EPR paradox (Paradox of Einstein, Podolskiy, Rosen; mental experiment consisting in indirect measurement of the parameters of the micro-object, without posing direct influence at the object, aiming to obtain more information about the object state, than is given by quantum mechanics, in order to show incompleteness of traditional quantum mechanics approach) or by the phenomenon of quantum scalenet, non-classical concept of time and space, according to which all matter and all particles remain coherent from the moment of the Universe formation. And this coherence is the essence of the total interconnection, being universal property of space and matter. That is why Austrian theoretical physicist Ervin Schrodinger, one of the creators of the quantum mechanics, defined space as a construction, creating for our mind an illusion of isolation of the word of objects, existing in it.

It means that in the analogous thought process it is possible to make many phenomenon similar and use their properties. For example, in order to get rid of something bad – item or phenomenon, it is possible «to throw out» the quantum image of the entropy (destructive) program into the Black hole, or more correctly into its intellectual analogous form. As it is known, nothing returns from the Black Hole.

Since all phenomenon and items are connected by scalenet of matter and space, then an action committed by you will make similar phenomenon in Salvator and in the surrounding world. And really existing negative process, item or phenomenon, appeared as a result of negative programs action, will start to change and disappear. But most important is that after of the initiation of this Syntactic Protocol, you will be able to get rid from destructive programs, that enter into your organism and life with food, stresses, traumas, circumstances in the prophylaxis mode. So you would not allow the realization of these negative programs as pre-histories of negative events or their transfer into outer environment. Uniqueness of the Salvator project consists in this property.

Thus we defined the possibility of the feedback and of influence of the individual at the material object, by transferring on it of quantum copies of the entropy programs in the form of the intellectual analogous model. We understood that it is possible to do, by creation and activation of specific Syntactic Protocols, which influence positively at the brain cognitive functions and syntactic speech structures, speech is considered as full value organ of the human central nervous system. Now let's define the essence of the technology and how everything goes on.

From the viewpoint of modern physics and central nervous system physiology, human brain is neuro-quantum computer. Its main feature, connected with thinking is an ability to create integral indivisible images, depicting the content of our thinking processes. In the Salvator project they got more concrete definition, corresponding with their function – intellectual analogous models. This phenomenon defines characteristics of brain structure and functioning. Theory of Hameroff-Penrose, based in this phenomenon, aided deep research into neuro-physical processes in consciousness.

With a knowledge of the text of this Protocol, we will get in our consciousness algorithms of positive tuning, permitting to set in motion our cognitive functions. Starting from this moment, non-dependently from our age and education, in unfavorable situation we will think with wide quantum analogies. Our brain will acquire the ability to operate with conditions and concepts, devoid of values, but preserving fundamental functions, which in its turn will predetermine the possibility of transfer of essential characteristics of unfavorable phenomenon at the object, at which our attention is fixed, and this object is Salvator.

At that our consciousness will be able to model, in connection with the Salvator object, quantum analog of ability of matter to curve space-time inside itself in such degree, that curved area will appear isolated from the rest of the universe. We will place analogous image of the destructive program or unpleasant event into this very area. In this modeled process destructive program or unpleasant event looses large volume of information and so that disappearing in the conditions, created by Salvator.

In other words, technology allows to create quantum imitation, intellectual analog of the Black Hole phenomena, at the graphically marked dark zone of active absorption on the Salvator material object, and mentally transfer on it entropy (destructive) program. As it is known, nothing is able to break away from the Black Hole. So, speaking in images, everything that fell into Salvator, you consciousness will leave in the past for forever.

Plastic arts, material, form, weight, design, symbolyzm and lexical expression also aid this process, simultaneously turning on your image- symbolic- and emotional models of consciousness.

So, in accordance with the Salvator technology, you would not have to think how to do this. The given Protocol and Salvator will do everything for you. You only have to feel… At that, on your side, it is only required to understand the importance of tactile, visual and psychological contact with Salvator by means of even short term remembering – that will be enough. Taking into account Salvator design and physical parameters, to do so will be a pleasure. Every Salvator is unique, so only you can use it, never giving to any other person.

Salvator will bring your life to order, will lead you to taking optimum decisions both in private life and in the business sphere, to refusal from bad habits and excess leading to illnesses, normalize key organism functions, restore right life pattern and appearance, will make you more calm and concentrated. And extinction of the transfer of entropy programs into outer world will interrupt the vicious circle of chaos exchange and return and uncertainty in your «little universe». Salvator will give you harmony and sense of security – everything you really worthy of!

Salvator – is Your Universe

By the way, I stumbled upon some interesting photos in the web:

Stone disk was discovered at coal production place at 40 meters depth in Belovskiy district near Kemerovo city. Disk diameter is 1.2 meters, weight approx. 200 kilos. Previously mammoth tusks were discovered at 25 meter depth. that indicates the disc is more ancient artifact than mammoth.

Chineese disks - another archeology finding:


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