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Landscapes of attention, 2 phases of the Salvator use.

Material by Shevchenko Oleg Yurievitch

Human consciousness consists of two layers: reflective-contemplative, which includes meaning and sense, and existential-active layer, which consists of sensitive substance of images and biodynamic substance of actions. In accordance with this, Salvator implies two phases of using: functional and everyday.

In the functional phase of the Salvator use it leans on Syntactic Protocols, through which initialization and forming of algorithms of interaction of human being with the Salvator artefact is taking place. Protocols are characterized by informational content, formal linguistic constructions, semantic constructions, algorithms, and symbolic images. The functional phase of the Salvator use creates imperatives of consciousness, allowing user to reach the state of superposition in relation both to different phenomenon of the outer world and destructive processes in the user's organism, which were induced by outer influences.

In the everyday phase of the Salvator use different methods and recommendations are applied for the domestic implementation of already activated Salvator artifact. That is, mechanism of creation of the reality, which meets the users needs and interests, turns on in the second phase of the Salvator use. It is possible to say that in the everyday implementation phase Salvator exhibits abilities to meet users individual needs.

As it was mentioned above, the everyday phase of the Salvator use is connected with daily activities of the user, and it leans on the sensitive substance of images and biodynamic substance of actions.

Biodynamic substance of actions is a generalized name for different characteristics of live motion and subjected action. It is a material, from which expedient motions are built.

The sensitive substance of images is characterized by different categories (space, motion, shape, color), which create any image gives reality to the consciousness picture of the world, that opens before a user. Due to the sensitive content of the consciousness, user perceives the world both as a landscape and the object of action. That is why in Salvator the sensitive substance of images directly participates in the formation of landscapes of attention.

Forming algorithms of creative consciousness in functional and everyday phases, Salvator turns users activities into a highest form of skilled action. Similar to Chineese kung fu, which really means everything that is done in perfection in every sphere of activities culinary, fighting, driving and so on.

Everyday or applied Salvator functions come to realization already after the starting of the first syntactic protocol. This mechanism of reality creation integrates Salvator into everyday life, constantly developing its useful connection with the user.

In the process of the interaction with the outer world, individual looses up to 80 percent of information. This fact noticeably decreases the creative potential of the human being and possibilities of its realization. For example, remember how the quality of dishes decreases if you are cooking in the troubled atmosphere, when your folks constantly divert your attention with odd requests and questions. Everything in this world depends on individuals creative abilities, starting from cooking borsch and ending with classical painting masterpieces. At that, as history shows, under certain circumstances this sings became equally valued.

Any significant everyday activities could be carried out after a short time concentration of attention at the Salvator artifact, which is situated in your hand, and subsequent placing of the artifact in close proximity from your landscape of attention the space in which you fulfill your activities. For example, it could be your working or cooking table, a place close to a stove plate, easel, sewing-machine, cradle, kitchen garden, stirring wheel of a ship.

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