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Salvator First Syntactic Protocol

Thus is my translation of a brochure that comes with Salvator


Human being is a part of the whole, which we call Universe, a part which is restricted in time and Space. He perceives himself, his own thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest of the world, that is a kind of optical illusion.

This illusion became our prison, which restricts us by the world of our own wishes and attachment to a restricted circle of people that are close to us. Our task is to escape from this prison, widening the sphere of our own involvement up to every living being, to the entire world in all its grace. No one is able to perform this task till its end, but the very efforts of achievement are the part of escape and basis for internal sureness.

Albert Einstein


Salvator First Syntactic Protocol

The Black Star


Salvator in translation from late-Latin means The Savior.

It is a new way of development of creative (cognitive) abilities of a human brain, thin tuning of human organism and consciousness, with the help of a new technology of information presentation and perception.

It is a new concept of sanitation through brain molecular biology, which is responsible for memory and picturesque thinking.

Salvator helps you to restore health, to correct genome programs and improve material conditions of your life.

Salvator is both an object and the way of attention concentration, aiming multi-level regulation of user's personal experiences and organism states.

Salvator creates associations, connected with text, pictures, form and physical sensations. Mechanisms of these associations are realized at the level of your internal consciousness, in the form of symbolic presentations of outer world phenomenon, and your organism at all levels of its systems interaction: molecular, energetic, plastic, organic and signal.


The format of symbolic presentations includes descriptions of symbols of sea-medium and cosmic space, which are defined by this protocol, and depicted in images, applied at the Salvator artifact surface. In constructive sphere of human consciousness these symbols are united into semantic triad:

Ocean Human being Universe

Salvator informational strategy is nonviolence at the human thoughts. In Salvator every uses realizes himself with the help of universal algorithms and symbols in his own way, in accordance with his nature.

Salvator consists of text messages - Syntactic Protocols and a physical object, which is called Salvator Artifact.


Salvator Artifact.

Is a produce, designated for the concentration of the attention, it consists of metal Case and a Core filler.

Metal Case is made in the form of domed disk with raised work images in the form of the rings at the upper part. Images contain symbols of nature elements and phenomenon: Michell's Black Star, Ocean, Human consciousness and Universe. Domed disk form is borrowed from C. G. Jung's heavenly signs, which characterize the connection of Collective unconscious with heavenly space and Universe. Metal Case contains internal cavity, occupied with a core.

Salvator Artifact internal Core content is modeled in accordance with the typological classification of the elements of the World. Core content is a specific message to a human consciousness. It is a Construction that includes:

-relict sea salt of the ancient Tetis ocean;

- meteor dust;

- resins of relict origin;

-pontic monimolimnion components unique physical medium - sulphuretted hydrogen layer at the Black sea depth.


Interaction of your consciousness with Salvator through the Syntactic Protocol:

- Realizes central nervous system positive tuning through fundamental properties of language, as a natural object, embedded into our brain by evolution;

- Relives human consciousness from destructive programs of the reality interpretation, generated by uncertainty (entropy);

- Through brain functions, which are relieved from destructive programs, Salvator teaches the body to be healthy: brain effectively identifies cells characteristics, providing prophylaxis of oncology diseases, and protein complexes, which are free from negative information, positively influence vast genome zones, stimulating biology events, which completely renew your organism;

- Forms images in the consciousness, which stimulate the memory of the body and optimize the perception by a human being of planetary and cosmic scale phenomenon as well as defense and survival experience of the biosphere;

- Widens the boundaries of human consciousness in interpretation of world picture, phenomenon and objects connected with vital activities.

- develops in the user's consciousness the mechanism of anticipatory reality formation, responsible for taking correct decisions and choosing optimum scenarios of events;

- With the help of subsidiary remedies enhances brain electro-physiology activity.


Syntactic Protocol The Black Star

Salvator plan of the Universe and the doctrine of the human consciousness evolutionary development.

Human being is an indivisible part of the intellectual system of the Universe, his nature extends through space and time.

Human brain is the only known object in the Universe, able to reflect natural phenomenon and their properties on the basis of fundamental principle of universal unity. Using this unique property of human consciousness, Salvator helps you to create your reality.

Michell's Black Star is a cosmic object, that possesses colossal power of gravity, even light is unable to outdo it. In the process of evolution it transforms into a black hole, that absorbs all mater around it through the horizon of events.

With the help of The Black Star Protocol Salvator creates in your consciousness a reflected image of the black hole, transforming it into syntactic structures and Salvator material artifact symbols, with the aim of absorption of destructive programs of reality interpretation by this image. Destructive programs of reality interpretation are generated by uncertainty (entropy) and distort your consciousness and reality created by you.


Knolwdge Image

Black Star on a palm

Uniting science, faith and art in words and images,

Salvator turns your thoughts into feelings, relieving life from destruction.

Presented property of reflection is able to change the entire world around.

And chaos of our fears and doubts distorts the spirit of perfection in ourselves.

Transforming in the symbols of the signs, which carry knowledge and power to the world, Salvator vests you with the power of Giants, drawing it from the depths of the Universe.

From all events, known to humanity, to which our reason threw bridges, there is no anything more powerful than gravity of super-dense masses of Black Stars.

Not letting out into space even light, they generate the Horizon of Events, in which all objects and events disappear without a trace in the closed world.

In the center of Artefact, which lays on your palm now, on its dark zone Salvator created absorption factor, as a symbol of Black Stars.

In the reflected Internal Universe, with the power of your consciousness, Salvator uses the nature of the dark zone for absorption of destructive programs of illnesses, stresses, life problems, imperfections. Sending them into a heart of Black Star, where in the image of super powerful gravity, chaotic programs spend themselves.

Reliving human consciousness from the burden of chaotic processes, Salvator will return to it the creative power in reasonable interpretation of problems.

Sending the chaos of doubts into the darkness, we acquire the light of new decisions!


After reading the previous part of the text, take Salvator Artifact in hand and concentrate your attention at its central dark area at the black circle in its center. Relax for a minute or two. During this time Salvator will create algorhythms which are necessary for your consciousness tunings. Starting from this moment Salvator starts its uninterruptedly work, relieving your consciousness from destructive programs of reality interpretation.


Knolwdge Image

Ocean Human being Universe

Salvator creates new knowledge Images for human consciousness, borrowing them from cosmic and planetary events.

Salvator turns human being to a colossal experience of energy interchange with the outer environment and struggle against entropy (chaos) and evolution of life at our planet. This experience is kept in the genetic memory of the human being.

Salvator knowledge Images unite processes of cognitive (creative) consciousness into semantic triad Ocean Human being Universe, leading out an individual at a new orbit of his possibilities.

So, Salvator optimizes interaction of human consciousness with his biology system and outer world.


Perceiving the world again through Salvator we create harmony and a measure from the images of cosmic events, movement of stars and ocean streams, atomic structures and nature of the matter.

Salvator turns individual to the images of cosmic events and ancient oceans forms of existence, transferring him power and defense in ability to acquire unity with live nature properties.

Blood inside us is in united rhythm with the World, it is scooped from the Ocean Bowl, it echoes the breathing of the Universe, that sawed the possibility of Life into the Ocean. Consciousness in unity with blood, in alliance with Ocean and Universe, creates its own world, while mastering the fate.

In order to find your own world in the turn-over of life, to keep the stability of balances in the processes of incessant interchange, Salvator turns us to the experiences of worlds that are kept in the depths of our heritage.

All the rules of our living organism in us are subjected to the Memory of environment. Its instructions are enclosed in genome, uniting the memory of life into a sole experience of self-preservation. Salvator returns them a form that is comprehensible for an individual. Through images and sensation Salvator unites human consciousness with his biology system, amplifying the multitude of signals in order to control the Internal Universe and interact with the Outer World.


After reading the previous part of the text, take Salvator Artifact in hand and concentrate your attention at its surface as a whole. Relax for a minute or two. During this time Salvator will create algorhythms which are necessary for your consciousness tunings. Starting from this moment Salvator starts to synchronize Your consciousness with Your biology system and the outer world.


Knolwdge Image

Landscapes of attention. Mechanism of Anticipatory Reality Formation

Brain initiates all processes in the human body.

It depicts unity and interconnection of matter and energy in the Universe with the processes of their transformation.

Brain properties and creative abilities of our consciousness are able to transform outer programs and conditions, influencing not only our body, but also the outer environment. That's why in extreme situation individual is able to commit great deeds.

Salvator helps to use brain and creative consciousness abilities in a wide and constructive spectrum, clearly and correctly forming our decisions that create the reality which is an optimum for us.


Wayfarer, climbing at the mounting step by step, drives hooks with a steel hummer. Similarly our consciousness, using Salvator, drives hooks into the rocks of existence. Up and forward, winning back your own nature, You are moving to your own peak, forgetting that you thought about stopping still.

We should cultivate our garden by ourselves. Then, the picture of our life, which is inherent only to ourselves, with properties of our aims and wishes, we build into the picture of the world, forming landscapes of individual events. When we become aware of Salvator through the text, we are creating the reality of our own lives in the mechanisms of future events, which take the lead over the reality in everything.

Defining our interests, we clearly depict the picture of the world in crystal waters of our consciousness. And we will put into effect the future forms of our lives, bypassing the chain of dangerous circumstances and vanity of actions imposed by the world to us.

Reliving your mind from distortions, Salvator will create for you the optimum scenario of events whenever you have to make a decision.

When Salvator, as if being your court painter, will build for you a picture of landscape, and will help you to make right orders in it about what surrounds you today and also about what will come into your life tomorrow, you will admire the flourishing garden, that lives inside you from the day of birth, along with a garden that surrounds you.

Salvator will free your thoughts, restoring wonderful spiritual calamity. A garden will blossom in the landscape of your life, along with the skill of mastering your fate.


After reading the previous part of the text, take Salvator Artifact in hand and concentrate your attention on it as whole: at its form, weight, your knowledge about its internal content, raised work images on its surface. Try and relax for a minute or two and come in contact with it, trust your thoughts and feelings to it, as if a close friend. During this time Salvator will create algorhythms which are necessary for your consciousness tunings, plugging into your thinking process.

Salvator creates automatic format of cause and-effect relations, tuning your consciousness and physical body at transition of positive scenario of future events form the phase of the symbolic development directly into the surrounding physical world. Starting from this moment Salvator serves you not only at direct contact with it, but also non-dependent from your and its location. Nevertheless, short time daily contact and concentration of attention at the Salvator artifact is recommended. Due to the Salvator artifact form and material, which are tuned at optimum sensations, this contact will restore your spiritual balance and constantly develop the quality of your interaction with Salvator. It is also recommended to reread syntactic protocol from time to time, you consciousness will remind you of it.


Like an antique candelabrum, Salvator becomes for you a deep symbol of history, esthetics, hope and connection of the human being with elements. Along with that Salvator comes into your life as a modern means of interaction of an individual with the world, which united eternal values of spiritual culture and arts with the achievements of science.

When there is no electricity, the candelabrum will light a way in the darkness, after all it does not need any hookups besides the candles, lit by You. And so, in aspiration for closing your true nature or getting close to another person, we turn off electricity and light up candles...

In order to activate your Salvator You should read the Syntactic protocol that is above

It is one (united) protocol. That consists of three parts. You should seat in a calm surrounding, no music, no distraction of attention, say your folks not to disturb you. The main protocol parts, that are for activation are given with centered text. They are on pages VII, XI, XIV. In the booklet this pages are printed with light letters on dark background. After each main part there are small instructions you should concentrate at this or that part of the Salvator artifact. Read main part then follow the instructions, the same with the other two parts.

If you will have a desire you may reread the protocol, redo the activation procedure, read part of the text anything.

My English translation fails to preserve the original rhythmic of the text, If you want to hear it in Russian write to me and I will send you audio with my reading the Protocol. For example first time do the process while reading English text, then redo the activation listening to my audio.

I wish you great results! 

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