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Salvator Second Syntactic Protocol


Human consciousness carries enormous quantity of notions, that form subjective images, influencing orienting reactions (that define our orientation in the World), motivations and activities. Part of these notions correspond to the natural state of a human being in his interaction with the nature of things (phenomenon of this World). Other part is introduced into human consciousness artificially and form false desires and motivations, coming into contradiction with human nature and causing dependence from artificially created conditions. In SALVATOR the orbital protocol The Notional Frontier serves as a defense from such kind of influences.

Orbital protocol The Notional Frontier is solely Yours personal program, which is situated at an individual orbit of your consciousness, because it is connected with phenomenal (unique) construction of Your personality and Your consciousness.

It was created in the SALVATOR project on a basis of research of outer environment influence at the state of human consciousness.

The Notional Frontier protocol is functionally connected with the Starting SALVATOR Protocol The Black Star at the levels of Oceanic and Cosmic consciousness, that are forming at user, widening individual space and time for a human being.


The order of use

- Attentively and without harry read THE ENTIRE protocol in a calm atmosphere;

- Concentrate at the Salvator Pelta Image for 5-7 minutes and try to memorize this image.

- Place Protocol in such a place, which You consider most important and suitable for yourself.

- It is possible to take Protocol with you on any trip, without limitations.

- It is recommended to reread the Protocol attentively once in a month.

Your Name, Surname, Fathers name


The Notional Frontier Protocol

- Forms an image of global defense and influences at higher cortical level of the nervous system our personality in social and biology aspects.

- Protects personality of the individual from unauthorized social influences, psychic poisoning in the process of energy-informational exchange, and human organism from violations, connected with distorted notional sequences of biology processes and events, that take place in it.

- Liquidates consequences of these influences and violations, returning human being into a state of psycho emotional, energetic and physiology stability.

- Protects and restores the vital basis of a human being. Directs human being to achievement of possibilities and potentials of physical and intellectual development, predetermined by evolution.

Turns on notional mechanism of suppression of anti-notional motives and inclinations of a human being to bad habits, gastronomic and alcohol indulgences, use of narcotic substances and so on.


- Focuses human consciousness at building of landscapes of attention, defining true, and not the imaginary sense of every event, phenomena and object, in an integral picture of reality, created by user.

- Helps individual to build correct notional sequences, that turn into bio-dynamic tissue of reality a live tissue woven from images and actions, that form our internal and external reality in all its diversity.

- Provides minimization of notional, informational vagueness of a human being, preventing dismemberment of the initial integral plan or image in the process of taking a decision.

- Aids managing of the notions of biochemical processes, that take place in a human organism. The Notion Frontier protocol follows correct notional sequences of human body structures, that embedded into us by nature and evolution.


What is the most great? The Common Sense Periander of Corinth one of the seven sages of Ancient Greece.

Information part of the Salvator The Notional Frontier Protocol

Syntactic Salvator Protocols are divided at two categories:

- Functional Syntactic Protocols reflect properties of objects and phenomenon of nature, they carry universal functional knowledge-images and instructions algorithms which are connected with them.

- Orbital Syntactic Protocols reflect properties of objects and phenomenon of human culture. These protocols are more rare, they are connected only with unique notional construction of the personality. They come to realization through archaic (ancient) notional connections, based on elements of material culture or mythologemes. Specific image, that corresponds with the protocol theme, are key influencing factors in Orbital Syntactic Protocols.

The Notional Frontier protocol realizes its action at the level of notional constructions of personality. It protects human personality from unauthorized social influences, and human body from distorted notional sequences of biology events and processes.


Salvator Pelta

For The Notional Frontier Orbital Syntactic Protocol we created an image of global defense Salvator Pelta. Graphic form of the Salvator Pelta was constructed from a big number of archetypes and elements of cultural legacy of different epochs symbols of defense, and connected with the Salvator Artifact, its image was included into integral construction. By this The Notional Frontier protocol is connected with The Black Star protocol, preserving succession of protective images in absorption of the negative programs. Stylized representation of the sea element a shell was included into the Salvator Pelta, from ancient times in all world cultures it embodies the idea of defense and giving birth to new.

Similar to the Salvator Artifact, the image of the Salvator Pelta interacts with brain at a level of ancient continual (uninterrupted) type of the thinking process. Pelta was integrated for visual perception that leads to initiation of a powerful flux of nervous energy, due to specific influence of the image symbols at the eye retina.

The Salvator Pelta image itself, after reading of this protocol, turns on a defense system in the users consciousness. Then this defense system works in continuous streaming mode.


Pelta History

The ancient shield of a specific form Pelta was taken as a basis of the image. Ancient infantry elite in the Antigonides army used it. Antigonides (277-166 B. C.) were ancestors of Alexander the Great. They send most wealthy people into these elite troops. Warriors, who carried pelts, remained the best fighters of their time till the ages of sixty, and being armed only with few short spears they were shock troops of the Macedonian army. Thats why image of pelta embodies secure protection, courage, firmness and high skill. Pelta signs and symbols decorate numerous European Palaces, playing a pole of notional defense. Starting from XVII century Russian tsar dynasties often used pelta image both in everyday life and in architecture. Salvator pelta was created from a number of separate elements and classical stiles, that connect human consciousness with images and notional constructions in nature and centuries-old culture.

The sense of the defense process by itself is embedded into human being by nature. By putting it into realization and acquiring belief in yourself and your own powers, we would be able to turn anything into a source of our internal energy. Patch of light behind the Salvator Pelta symbolizes your notional essence that is covered with this shield, and you can really count at this notional essence.


Posession Modul in SALVATOR

Similar to the Salvator Artifact, The Notional Frontier protocol, creates for its user a special possession module, that is inherent in the Salvator technology. This possession module connects existential possession, which is necessary for fulfillment of needs of an individual, and directed at his rationally conditioned striving for self-preservation, with the the module of the nucleus of human consciousness, which contains specific consequences, which widen functional abilities of a human being. In this sense The Notional Frontier protocol, is an analogue of a multi-core processor for a human consciousness. It continuesly carries out the transfer of notions in a process of internal communication the internal dialogue.

Thats why Salvator possession module does not come into contradiction with the human existence, but on the contrary, widens its possibilities.


To the attention of user

In accordance with formation and action of the Salvator possession module, individual use of The Notional Frontier protocol, has great importance. It is orbital protocol, connected with your personality, and it is important for you to have your own copy of the protocol, similar to personal identity documents. Thats why in the beginning of each protocol there is a special place, where you can sign your Name, Surname, Fathers name, in order to claim your possession of this protocol.

For individual use The Notional Frontier protocol could be situated at your working table, at the wall in the premises or working cabinet. Others people attention to the protocol and its image will pose only positive influence at your inter-personal or business relations.

The Notional Frontier protocol, same as the Salvator artifact, is related only with rational sphere of human activities. Thats why it is not able to substitute symbols of faith for believers. Salvater creators deeply respect religious beliefs of users, and do not create products that include symbols of world religions, using only images of nature and classical material culture.


Information in Salvator

It is non-material form of movement, created by brain in the form of information (intelligence), reflecting facts of the material world and containing concrete sense, realized through the exchange of signals and personal interpretations of the participants of this exchange.

The exchange of information takes place at all levels of living objects organization:

- Biochemical;

- Psycho-physical;

- Psycho-dynamical;

- Socially-psychological.

The purpose of the information exchange is transfer of notions it contains, for controlling of vital or automated processes.

In the collective human consciousness receiving, storage, transmitting and transformation of the information are realized in cybernetics the art of controlling.


Cybernetics describes human being as a complex biology system, based on the interaction of three levels:

1) The material level a carrier of an energy and information, that form a human being as a natural phenomena;

2) The energy level, or the level of the law, field is a carrier of this level, in which energy transforms into matter and vice versa;

3) The level of manifestation of the idea or the notion, non material information is a carrier of this level, this information reflects other levels properties in the sphere of human consciousness.

Notion is the essence of the phenomena, that defines the existence of this phenomena and its place in the integral picture of reality.

Consciousness is sphere that unites phenomenon of internal and external worlds in all their diversity and mutual interaction into an integral notional field. Human being builds notional sequences in this notional field.


Biodynamic tissue.

Internal and external reality

Carrying it all into effect together with the Salvator, human being exercises function of building of Landscapes of Attention (see The Black Star protocol), in close connection of consciousness with the physical reality of the surrounding world. By moving focus of attention from one notion of phenomena or event to another one, human being builds up notional sequences, that create biodynamical tissue of life the live tissue from images and actions, that form inner and outer realities.

In the process of interaction of the human being with the surrounding world, notions are looking for each other in the sphere of his consciousness and build up into the mosaic of his biodynamic tissue and individual picture of the world. Thats why a discrepancy in an only one notion, may give a start to a distorted notional sequence, and lead to a distortion of the entire picture of the world.

Equations of actions and events, that does not acquire a notion, lead to chaotic processes and cascades of destructive events.



Internal reality in Salvator is a work and state of our organism. This reality starts with albumen synthesis. It is also based on notional sequences, defining properties, quality and speed of building of new albumens and cells, that replace old and damaged ones. The entire potential of growth and organism renovation is embed into these notional sequences.

Violation of these notional sequences, due to the influence of incorrect nutrition, bad habits, stresses, poor ecology, harmful irradiations leads to appearance of chronic diseases and tumors.



The notion of the Knowledge-Image of the black holes or collapsars in the starting protocol The Black Star transforms into a notion of an individual relation towards difficulties and problems, which is realized with the help of notional sequences of their nullification, that leads to a new beginning and renovation.


The first Grecian Horse

Along with known biology processes, the most hidden ageing and death phenomenon mechanism is human being inclination to self destruction. Which is realized in wars, aggression, bad habits, intemperance, disposition towards taking risks. It is an evolution Grecian Horse, which is hidden and integrated by nature into notional constructions of sub-consciousness. At that, highest notion of life preservation also exists in human nature, it comes to realization through the structure and qualities of personality at the level of implicit (internal) analysis of reality, reactions and deeds.

This highest notion comes to realization through human culture, moral principles, faith, intellectual activities. The notional mechanism of this Grecian Horse suppression is imbedded into resources of cognitive consciousness and SALVATOR technology. Coming to realization through The Notional Frontier protocol, this mechanism will allow users SALVATOR to stop the pendulum of the entropy, which stirs up deep sub-consciousness influence of anti-notional motives and aspirations of a human being to bad habits, intemperance in foods and alcohol, drugs and so on.


Information exchange

and cognitive consciousness change-over

True expediency and freedom of motions and actions is only possible when internal form of live motion is transformed into words, as far as language is a carrier of thoughts and images. In this case human being existence connects with meaning of his actions.

Speech carries on signals, which assure exchange of information. And exchange of information always changes-over cognitive-informational system of a human being. In case this change-over corresponds to notions, then human personality remains integral and independent. If not it collides in his consciousness contradictive ideas, beliefs, values or emotional reactions.


Second Grecian Horse

Non-sanctioned social influences

Mythologemes (mythology archetypes) which are used in the practice of the information exchange, act through ancient notional connections and create conditions, that are needed for human understanding. They have an important property of transformation into theories, slogans, commercials, notions and life values. At that, in industrial society this mythologeme quality is actively exploited with the aim of non-sanctioned social influences and influencing at the human consciousness for implanting ideas, political manipulations, submission, motivation for purchasing of goods, for establishing a feeling of trust aiming deception, and so on. In case of incorrect use mythologemes are turning into destructive programs of reality interpretation entropy programs. Similar to the same Grecian Horse they transform into mems units of the cultural information. In the forms of slogans, promises, advertising, sextant sermons, and other pieces of information these programs destroy notional construction of human personality, drugging human being into dependences and uncertainties.


Consequently these programs bend the mirror of cognitive consciousness, distorting images of internal and external worlds, violate notional sequences of future events scenarios. Similar to viruses or oncology processes in the organism, these psychic infections in the energy-informational exchange distort programs of consciousness, and change bio-dynamic tissue of live motion and action, that form individual reality of a human being.

Entropy in nature is intelligent and aids evolution.

Entropy in human being is not intelligent and depends on necessity, deprived of boundaries, and builds up distorted notional consequences, that deteriorate the quality of life and drug human being into dependence from outer phenomenon, outside will and unfavorable circumstances, that is into the state of de-coherence. The excessive influence of anthropogenic factors at the human being through food technologies could be an example.


Undeserved confidence

How do these memes act?

Example pizza

The level of faith to the commercial advertising concerning this or that product, increases the human biology system level of faith to the ingredients, that are coming into organism with this product. That results in deteriorated attention of organism food receptors in relation to harmful substances that are coming into the organism. In case product contains these harmful substances, this faith improves their transportation into every cell, letting them poison organism without difficulty. Things are happening this way every time, when under influence of non-sanctioned social influences in the form of unprincipled advertising, consciousness and biology system fail to react at the danger, that is contained in the product.

In this way notional form of the organism defense becomes violated. It gives way to the entropy influence. Later this influence consolidate its grip with the help of components that are contained in the product, which are targeting at developing a habit of the product consumption. This non-sanctioned social influence has hidden form, that's why it is very dangerous.

Example medicines

Non-proportional use of medicines, which is recommended by manufacturers and careless medics, also breaks up a notion and cell organelles defense predestination.


They create effects at which cells stop to transmit to the organism their signals that they are in need of help and in need of help and resources that will help to accomplish this help. Thou essentially organism is designed in such a way that in the first place it directs necessary resources to the diseased or damaged cells. In case of non-proportional use of medicines, with the aim to eliminate outer symptoms, this notional sequence became violated, and a new entropy type sequence is build, that leads to medication dependence, that is actively exploited by some pharmaceutics companies.

Creating specific algorithms, The Notional Frontier protocol will teach you to identify this danger and exclude from your life processes and substances that poison your consciousness and your body.

The defense of notions allows you to rely on yourself, come to agreement with your organism and your biology system, even in cases when you temporary have to use medicines.

But the main result, that will be achieved with The Notional Frontier protocol is restoration and defense of your personality and your consciousness.

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