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Shevchenko Oleg Yurievitch, April 3-rd, 2015, internet conference.

I want to bring you one example, before we will switch at the main topic of our conference, which is Salvator action mechanism.

Among a number of movies, devoted to this theme I want to mention The Dark Zone. It was released several years ago, and it was popular. The movie was devoted to a young man - a writer, who could procure, due to specific circumstances, a kind of narcotic pills, that pose specific influence at abilities of thinking process and human consciousness. Due to these pills he could commit incredible things, practically at the age of human abilities, he was able to defend himself from a crowd of criminals, he was able to stand against mafia clan, he could commit a series of actions, which an ordinary human being would not be able to do in his ordinary life. At that, he was not a super-human, neither he possessed any super-powers or super-abilities, he did all these due to the action the pill posed at his consciousness, widening it, widening abilities of interpreting of surrounding phenomenon. What is so interesting about this movie? It illustrates the fact, that initially we are possessing powerful and serious complex of super-abilities that is from the point of view of our normal ordinary consciousness. In fact, it is normal abilities, which could be unfold through the recourses of our consciousness, which are able to change our lives. Ourselves from inside, and our lives surrounding circumstances, surrounding deeds and problems. Why? Because it is laid down in our genome. We, people, conducting conscious way of living, possessing an ability to take conscious steps, connected with thinking functions, we have an ability to extract this information, algorithms from our genome archives and realize them. We have this ability to extract them in case outer medium does not create conditions which lead us to de-coherence, that is, to dependence from the outer medium. On the background of the dependence from the outer medium we suffer from the excessive entropy pressing, which creates unordered chaotic programs of the reality interpretation, and unordered chaotic programs which prevent realization of our own algorithms, which were given to us by evolution. What is most interesting here is that these algorithms, these archives of abilities carry on not only information about abilities of human beings, they also carry on information about biology spices which preceded us during entire biology evolution. We are able to pull out and use these abilities. That's why in definite extreme situations a man who could not swim or dive, is able to dive and stay underwater for considerable time, due to releasing of this specific algorithm. Or remember the example with chain armour, that I dwelled? Do you remember that in middle ages military equipment included chain armour, which exactly imitated the scales of relict fish, being most effective form of defense from tooth in paleolith or age of reptiles, and in resent times it served as defense from swords and `spears. Where did they extracted it from ? There were no paleontology and there were no paleontologists, where could they receive such knowledge from? Knowledge was extracted from the genome memory, under conditions of necessity of defense. Now we will discuss it in details.

Let's start from the very beginning. We all have brain. Our brain performs two main functions: first function is organization of equilibrium of bio-chemical reactions and processes inside our organism, including co-tuning of all organism systems between each other. It is important moment. The second function is control over the adaptation of the organism to the surrounding medium, this function includes 4 steps: detection, identification, modification and optimization. That is, we see that our brain performs internal and external functions.

I will repeat once again: internal function consists in regulation of balances of biochemical reactions and optimization of the interactions of organs between each other. The second function is organization of the organism adaptation to the outer environment conditions. The later includes 4 actions: detection, identification, modification and optimization. Having in wind, what I told your before, you see that these 4 actions define our life quality, because adaptation quality is the quality of life of an individual. Not depending on whether he adapts to the magnetic influences of outer environment, to the thermal or some other energy changes and so on, or he adapts to the stressful influences, connected with his activities or family problems, personal relations, it is not important. Brain equally performs both functions, it is responsible both for internal and external.

You understand, that performing both functions, brain works with streams of information. Our thinking is responsible for receiving, handling and transmission of the information. Our memory is responsible for the storage of the information that is received and refined. So it is possible to draw a technical analogy between our brain and computer. Differing from our brain, computer do not have agile alive neuron network, which gives colossal preference. Due to existence of this agile alive neuron network, human being acquired ability to create integral indivisible images. Due to this ability human brain is a biology neuron-quantum computer. It is clear why neuron I already told about it. Quantum because quant is indivisible integral system. When we say neuron-quantum computer we refer brain and consciousness activities to the categories of phenomenon which are conjugated with sub-atomic processes. Here we perceive quant as a whole indivisible particle.

I want you to pay attention at one very interesting detail. For example, now I am communicating with you through notebook a technical computer, it is able to perform a number of operations. By the way, our brain have an ability to proceed almost unlimited volumes of information, performing any operations with it. And so, computer also performs a great number of operations, refining this information (being restricted within the borders of its operational system), but technical computer has no way of knowing where it stands, in what room it is situated, who is communicating through it with other people. For example, my computer does not know a thing about these moments. May be someone has such a computer, but I doubt. That is, computer is restricted with abilities of consciousness. This way we gently closed to the category of consciousness.

I also want to mention, that similar to the computer, human brain can do mistakes in the process of the information refinement. Sometimes these mistakes could be costly, I dwelled to you an example with Ney-York stock exchange and broker's mistakes which lead to financial crisis. In any case human brain can do mistakes, and only consciousness is able to correct them. It is the consciousness, which stays on guard of our thinking process like three-headed Cerberus. Thinking is a process, and consciousness is a state in which this process is actually taking place. Why three-headed Cerberus? Because there are consciousness, sub-consciousness and cognitive creative consciousness or super-consciousness as it is often called. On one hand it is this three-headed Cerberus who stands on guard of your thinking process. On the other hand, our consciousness is completely responsible for our energetics, energy potential and our brain equilibrium. And the third function of consciousness, may be it is most important for the human being, because it is present only at human beings, human consciousness is responsible for searching for resources. That is why in Salvator cognitive consciousness is moved forward, it is connected with building of landscapes of attention, we will talk about them later.

As I already mentioned, consciousness is connected with properties of thinking function, it controls energy balance in brain and at human beings it is designated for search of resources. Let's consider what is consciousness. Consciousness is your I, the carrier of which is your genome. Here we are starting to discuss the biology nature of consciousness. Why am I accenting your attention at this moment? In order to show once again, that there is nothing extraordinary and unusual in Salvator, no far-fetched functions and super-cosmic powers, everything is strictly rational and based on the biology nature of consciousness, as it is. So I repeat once again, that your genome is a carrier of your consciousness. Consciousness is your I, so when I say: Salvator is you yourself, I am absolutely no paltering in front of you. Yes, Salvator is a specific diapason of your consciousness, which helps your consciousness to extract specific algorithms. And your consciousness is your yourself, because it is included into totality of the hereditary material, which is included in every cell of your individual organism.

In what way our consciousness becomes apparent? Your consciousness becomes apparent in the process of transferring of the genome information, in the processes of cells division and albumens synthesis. They conducted experiments on growing two week human embryos form human genetic material in one of serious Moscow institutes. On two week stage of development human embryo is absolutely genetically clear, that is there is no realization of the individual genetic material. It starts after two weeks. That is, it is possible to say that human consciousness starts to form directly from formation of central nervous system structure, starting from the third week of embryo development. This process, started in mother's womb, continues to be initiated during the whole lifetime. It is initiated with signals from outer world objects and phenomenon and with signals from your brain, which are nothing else than neuron models of outer world objects and phenomenon, including neuron models which we are using in the Salvator protocols in order to form specific knowledge-images at you. Knowledge-images that allow to extract needed algorithms and realize them in order to accomplish specific tasks in accordance with the Salvator functionality. That is, it is possible to say that genome creates brain in accordance with its matrix and puts into it algorithms, which are translated through consciousness. Naturally our health and well-being depend on realization of these algorithms. It is entropy processes, being excessive measure of physical, chemical, informational, energetic influence, that lead to violation of these algorithms, to violation of our ability of using these algorithms. Consequently they lead to results that are absolutely not needed, that is they lead to illnesses, deterioration of the organism functions, early aging, heavy pregnancy which comes to unwanted end both for mother and fetus. They lead to numerous misfortunes in businesses and life, the list could be continued, to the non-rational decisions and deeds, to incomplete development of your initiatives, to depressions and tendency to bad habits, to passive way of living. That is to everything that turns individual into de-coherent system, depending on outer circumstances, completely falling under their influence, and not realizing its internal program. Salvator was created in order to solve this problems, delivering your consciousness from entropy, turn it into stable, integral, integrated with your biology system, able to transform your life effectively. This is its task. In order to realize this task Salvator has two instruments: Images and language. Both are human, that is inherent to human being as a live creature, as highly organized biology spices, which possesses abilities of thinking and consciousness functions building. In the context of realization of images and language forms of communication and values, which are forming in our neuron models of reality, Salvator helps us to build specific focus of attention, which you will we able to move along the model of the world, your model of the world, your individual universe, building images of what is going on in present and in future in real time mode. It is very important moment, so I repeat once again: Salvator helps you to build specific focus of attention, which you are able to move along your model of the world, building images of what is going on in present and future in real time mode.

This focus of attention foresees a number of events, scenarios of events. Multitude of your decisions, which you take in these scenarios. You remember, every second individual have to choose one decision from forty suppositional scenarios of events. All our life depends on this choice. Well, may be not our whole life, but our life in this episode. The picture of our individual world, our individual universe is build from these mosaic. That's why Salvator slogan Controlled universe is actual in relation to your individual universe in which you are living, you and your folks.

In the context of realization of this focus of attention concept, Salvator turns you and fixes your attention at the correct choice with the smallest state of disorder or entropy, and smallest functional dependence between time and your intentions. Initially Salvator turns you to the decisions , which are not conjugated with maximum or average energy losses. It turns your consciousness to taking decisions which are most optimal and rational for a given situation. By the way, this Salvator feature may acquire collective-mass character. Recently I was told about very interesting case our people flew from Moscow to Rostov city, they failed to land at Rostov, it was critical side wind, and they landed in Minvody. What was the most interesting, they said: we reacted absolutely calmly at the flight conditions, and they were dangerous enough, even children reacted calmly no one cried, though we flew in turbulence. In the end they put us for the night in a very good hotel, in good conditions, and next day we sailed home safely.

Thus, we are coming to a very important conclusion: Salvator program generates the phenomenon and resources of human consciousness. Salvator artifact turns energy of your consciousness into constructive course of reality building. In what way? The following way: it is your personal item, which in the course of use acquires for you growing and growing personal value, informational value, it is a carrier of a symbolic information, which under the influence of the Syntactic protocol, these or that Syntactic protocol, through the functional properties of this Syntactic protocol laid in the linguistic structures, allows to realize Salvator technology, by means of extraction and use of the algorithms of your consciousness. The ones, that are responsible for your adaptation and bio-integral consciousness. The ones, that are responsible for picturesque thinking and for functions of expanding of the diapason of your consciousness at the level of functional-image-like thinking, that is exactly what we are doing in The Black Star syntactic protocol.

To the point, we are accumulating a lot of experience of The Mitchels Black Star protocol use. Many people say that pains people have, many people say directly that they turn their physical pain into dust and send it into the Salvator center. And pain subsides and do not returns, it is effective.

Building of the landscapes of attention is closely connected with that focus of attention, which Salvators forms in your consciousness, it is what I told you just now.

As I understand, there is some misunderstanding connecting the number of protocols. I do not know how many protocols there will be, we are in the process of creation, there will be many protocols. I want to say that there will be also so called orbital protocols it is a serious thing which will help you both to retain abilities which were gained in result of realization of functional protocols, and they will accomplish your defense from very serious processes, about which we will talk later. Again I run ahead. I do not want to run ahead, I want that we gain clear understanding of Salvator and its functions, and with the mechanism of its influence on the human organism. On the other hand I want that you clearly understand The Black Star protocol. It is not three protocols, it consists of three parts and implies accomplishment of three actions with the Salvator artifact. It is one protocol, which includes two functions: neutralization of negative programs of reality interpretation with your consciousness, and the second function is building of landscapes of attention. This protocol carries two functions.

I also want to remind you that Salvator artifact implies its use in two phases. First phase is connected with the protocol initialization. The second phase is closely connected with its everyday use. A separate brochure on everyday Salvator use will be released soon. There will be a lot of examples in it, which were taken out of practice of people who are using Salvator now. There will be many recommendations concerning health and achievement of some results in everyday life and effectiveness of deeds, you commit in this life.

Now lets switch to questions.

Here Natalia is writing: Oleg Yurievitch, many thanks for the Salvator, I am using it for three weeks, today my wish was fulfilled.

Question: If FSC is a device of medical destination, how the Salvator Is described in documents?

Answer: In accordance with documents Salvator is a technology, soon these documents will be available at the Company site.

Salvator is a medical technology, which is connected with the organism adaptation to the outer conditions. In the context of Salvator we do not separate artifact and protocol, which is realized through it. In accordance with certificate and technical conditions the artifact is an object of medical destination, which possess property of concentration of users attention on it, with reaching some positive and significant results for the user that is if to put it short. In the patent documentation it is put more generally, I will read it in order to prevent other interpretations what is Salvator: Salvator is a means and method of concentration of attention with the aim of multi-level psycho-somatic and psycho-physiology self-regulation of personal feelings and organism state of the user. Concentrates users attention on itself by means of visual and tactile contact under the influence of linguistic directives, based on semantic components, mediated through text messages protocols. Initiates at user the mechanisms of verbal associations, connected with texts, and non-verbal associations connected with image, form and physical sensations. Given mechanisms of associations are realized at the level of users consciousness in the format of symbolic ideas, which includes the phenomenon of the surrounding world and users organism biology system at all levels of molecular, energetic, plastic, organic, and symbolic interaction.

Question: Oleg Yurievitch, tell please shell we reread only protocol text or the entire book?

Answer: You may periodically reread the entire book, if you have desire to remember or refresh something. In accordance with your desire and possibility. If you have in mind only your functional abilities you reread only protocol. Do not go through the hassle, do not make ritual out of it, you should not give excessive ritualization to the Salvator. People said that our dear Alexander Efimovitch (Company lecturer) read the protocol aloud at some lecture or internet-conference nothing horrible! You see, the sense of the Salvator artifact initialization through the first protocol consists in intimacy of your action with this protocol. If some one read a protocol before this moment there is nothing horrible in it. It is important that you, when you took a decision to purchase Salvator and realize the act of its initialization, you should be in calm surrounding and in immediate contact with it through the protocol. It is your intimate process, connected with formation of your module of possession of this item. It is very important moment, because it is the module of possession that works, it gives birth to initial value of this product for you. Later on this value starts to grow in the informational sphere, growing higher and higher.

Question: Does not work to start up Salvator, what could be the reason?

Answer: Sit back, you already started it. Sometimes there is a period of silence, when adaptation of the system of your consciousness with this object is taking place. It is necessary. It will start working pretty soon, believe me. You simply have to wait a little and do not worry if it starts or not. It is already working in the individual diapason that is needed for you.

Question: Tell please, why are you so sure, that decisions taken at the Salvator use are true?

Answer: I am sure because they completely correspond with your internal system, laid in the structures of your genome. They completely correspond with your individual characteristics. Only you can realize an optimum action, that takes into account your interests, no one will do it instead of you. You can realize them only within the borders of definite conditions, when your consciousness is placed into some specific field, when it becomes clean and cleared from excessive influences, which surrounding medium poses on it. When you stay face to face with your individual system and understand yourself in a best possible way, and realizing your intentions and taking your own decisions, you realize them in a diapason that is optimum for you, because they in major degree correspond with algorithms and programs which are your individual I, your heritage which is kept in your genome. Of course, no one will do it instead of you.

By the way, I want to pay your attention at the dualism of the concept Being determines consciousness, it is painfully known from Marxism-Leninism. When we imagine such a model of interaction with outer living conditions, socium and individual, who possess his own individual consciousness and genome characteristics which come to realization through this consciousness, we are talking exactly about de-coherence. That is when being determines consciousness, being outer conditions start to dominate over ourselves, and they start to create for us such circumstances, which take place outside. Why this thesis was put forward? Because it is very good formula of de-coherence of personality in respect of taking control over socium. From the political point of view, from the point of view of (taking) control over socium, this formula in highest degree realizes possibilities of outer influences through directives. No matter how this directives are mediated: through objects, outer world phenomenon, some messages, through information addressed to human consciousness, and consequently to consciousness of the masses to be controlled.

But when we pronounce this formula in reversed order, when we are saying that Consciousness determines being, and Salvator stands exactly at this position, we have in mind that clear human consciousness, delivered from entropy and de-coherence, defines the state of interaction with the outer environment at the level of those directives and aims, which correspond to this individual person, individual status, your individual system of life, your system of views and values, which in their turn are defined by your genome. In such a case individual person really could be called free not only in the choice of decision, but also free un realization of his reality structure, in building reality structure through the landscapes of attention. What is, properly speaking is realized in Salvator.

Question: White dots appeared at the black surface in the Salvator center, is it normal?

Answer: With full responsibility I declare: every Salvator artifact is a handmade item. First of all hand work implies the formation of the Salvator core, which has heterogeneous natural consistence. That is, it consists of natural polymer, from ancient wood resin amber, it contains salt crystals, exactly real crystals from ancient Tetis ocean, it contains meteor substance, monimolimnion components. So it is not a homogenious structure, may be the white dots that appeared are the salt crystals. Nothing horrible, do not pay any attention at it, it is absolutely normal and natural. In no way it influences Salvator functionality. So may be it is even good, that you are seeing that the core is a heterogeneous structure, that consists of natural components, no one is cheating you.

I also want to stress another important moment. Ive read some materials in the web what are they writing. Salvator does not irradiate anything. On the other hand (their writings) are the realization of their personal views on how it is working and how to interact with this object, in their individual system of values, in their individual system of the world. You know, I want to stress it once again, if Salvator to be compared with some device, I would rather say that it is an instrument in the first hand. Instrument that possess some specific properties, a moment ago Ive read a scientific formulation. As if you are climbing up in order to achieve some life purposes, you need a hummer. In this case it is your mountain hummer, which helps you to climb up the cliffs. If you are going by some road in life, having an aim to reach something, it is your crozier. Often it is impossible to complete a journey without a crozier. It is your crozier, that helps you to drive away snakes, to ward off wolves, or enemies that could attack you. On the other hand you are passing through some problem places, go through problems which often resemble a swamp, and it is like a pole, which will help you to grope your way in order to prevent wrong step and not to be pulled up into the bog. Or it is a pole you can use in order to help those who miss stepped to a close man. In case of defense it is your shield, and a reliable one, for defense from outer influences. I let you to treat Salvator artifact in such a way, I insist on it. It is really serious thing. It is not a thing that irradiates something, I am saying it once again. We are opening a new era of semantic technologies, it is something different, and we will discuss it and we will expose it freely. New research will be conducted and new possibilities will appear in the context of the Salvator project.

By the way, I read discussions at different forums, concerning the Salvator core. They asked if it was sensible to put all that components into the Salvator core: salt, amber, meteor dust, monimolimnion. It was sensible to form this complex core, to take pains to form it. I will tell you, you should read a book, and you will understand that Salvator symbolism is defined by a number of factors, including psycho-physical, historic and cultural factors. For example, when I am saying that we appeal to the triad Ocean Human Being Universe, we appeal to very deep concepts. Alone with the image of the Ocean, which was the cradle for life on our planet, to which we appeal as to a powerful force that supports our resources and abilities, aids development of our consciousness, we simultaneously appeal to the resources and structures of our blood, which is closely connected with our memory, our genome, memory of environment, and connected with ocean, you should remember about it from Marbax. That is when appealing to the Ocean, we appeal to the resources of our blood. Appealing to Space, we appeal to the resources of our brain, which is biology computer with tremendous abilities. Our brain abilities are quantum indivisible part of united consciousness of the universe, working in unison with the intellectual system of the universe. So the Salvator symbolism has a very very deep meaning.

We already spoke about Salvator core components. Resin personifies wood and simultaneously transformation of biology processes in live nature, salt of the ancient Tetis ocean personifies ocean and simultaneously transformation of biology life into minerals, processes of matter concentration in nature, evolution of geo-sphere and hydro-sphere. When we are talking about monimolimnion, we are talking about continuity of life, transfer of life in the oceanic medium. And when we are talking about meteor substance, we are talking about fire element symbol, because meteors falling on our planet are always connected with fire element, and at the same time we are having in mind interaction of our planet with cosmic resources. All these starts to interact with our consciousness, being refracted at the moment of the Salvator artifact initialization through syntax protocol, it is refracted through the possession module, and the interaction develops in the following way: When you purchase some famous brand item, you pay your attention at the parameters of technology, which are adherent to this brand. For example, if it is clothes it is stitch quality, the characteristics of fabric, lining, manufacturer's marks, which define this object in row of other objects which you may possess. It is important for a woman to know that her bag came from Louis Vuitton, first of all in context with her possession module. It is important for her to perceive the value of this item, as an item came out of Louis Vuitton house. If this woman loves and respects herself, her relation towards this Louis Vuitton bag would differ from relation to an item of Chinese production, being it outwardly similar to a thing you strived to possess. Here is the same. We could say that the Core is our Brand, we would not betray, the composition of which, along with our knowledge about it, it is closely connected both with Salvator symbolism module formation and the possession module. The module of you possession of the Salvator artifact undoubtedly amplifies Salvator symbolism and your confidence to the Salvator technology and to the results you are awaiting.

Question: Oleg Yurievitch, tell please, is it possible to sell real estate with the help of Salvator?

Answer: Yes, we had such experience, it is not the Salvator that will sell, but it will help you to find optimum action algorithms and from your actions in such a way, that you will be able to sell it.

Question: I did not activates the Salvator, holding it in hands from time to time, I feel fever in the body.

Answer: You have fever in the body when you are holding the artifact in hands, many people feel it through the screen, and so on, you know why? Even if you did not activate it, your body and consciousness react through the symbolism, so it is your individual reaction, there is nothing bad in it. On the contrary, your interaction with the Salvator becomes established. I think that after initialization through the protocol it will go on even better.

Question: I'd like to hear about results.

Answer: I do not have time to write about results now, I want to share my experience in a couple of words. The situation is that informational fluxes became much stronger, I even did not expected it myself. Solutions of different questions, connected with my professional activities come out of nowhere, unexpectedly. At that, they could sound from the TV screen, and the process starts, which even I myself is unable to stop. Thinking process that leads to writing down of some specific things, to formation of some notes, connected with Salvator or Marbax technology and with my business activities, which I take part in. I want to tell you that in my case it took form of enlarging of information fluxes, or may be it is my sharpened reaction at things, at which I did not pay attention before. My sensitivity to informational fluxes increased, along with sensitivity to signs that are starting points for my internal dialog, that forms these of that texts.

Question: Will Salvator help to create good conditions for business in Russia? They are not proper

Answer: The point is that you are deeply mistaken if you sink that business conditions in Russia do not suit some standards. Yes, in every country business conditions are realized with some specific. Sometimes it could be very specific as it is in Russia. Adaptation is the key. Adaptation implies not only adaptation of your organism to stresses and outer conditions and unfriendly influences, and adequate reaction. It implies your adaptation to any conditions you are situated in. Due to the resources of your consciousness you are able to produce adaptation methods, which will allow you to put your intentions into life in more effective and optimum way, including your intentions in the sphere of business. I would not like to start a discussion about what conditions Russia do not meet, It does not meet many. But do you think that USA meet all conditions? Or may be you think that tax systems, that exist in European countries meet all conditions? We are complaining on Russian economy system, imagine yourself placed into French economy system, you would scream from these taxes, which people are obliged to carry on their shoulders. So, everything is perceived in comparison.

Question: Is it possible to use Salvator by pregnant women, in order to give birth to healthy child, and how?

Answer: Obligatory. It is one of Salvator functions and in future it will be supported by specific protocols. We are starting research work in this direction, and we have an intention to create a special united system, which will work at generation of special aspects of bio-integrated consciousness, which will be connected with giving birth to healthy generation. It will start working in the stage when father and mother are starting to form an intention to perceive a healthy, beautiful, gifted child. I want to note that we are talking about adaptation. One of adaptation tasks, at which our brain is working, is not to allow decreasing of the organism viability, including negative influence at genetic mechanisms, thereby at the health of future generations. It is very important, not to allow distortions at the levels of alleles, albumen synthesis, to prevent harmful genome distortions, which could lead to appearance of unfavorable properties in the organism of the upcoming child. On the other hand, it is important to realize evolutionary potential, which is given to a human being even prior to the moment of his birth, even prior to the moment of formation of the intention about his birth. And we will conduct a lot of research work in this field in the context of the Salvator program. You know we devoted many years of efforts to this problem in Marbax, and we received numerous positive results on sterility and normal pregnancy. Already now Salvator will work well in this direction.

Question: Is it possible to repeat Salvator activation several times?

Answer: Of course, it is, it is not prohibited.

Question: Oleg Yurievitch, after 3 days of the Salvator use my temperature rose till 37.7, is it coincidence? Or .

Answer: It could be both coincidence and organism reaction nothing horrible. Similar to Marbax, when the product is working, it causes temporary acute condition. In order to reveal organism problems and then influence at them, and bring them out of interaction with the organism, to deprive them of potential. Here it could be similar, some minor acute manifestations , headaches can take place. For example, some people may have horrible dreams for some time, it is because their irrational fears are going out, it is a process of deliverance from these images, and they are confronting with your consciousness, and they disappear in this conflict. So nothing horrible.

Question: If one man activated Salvator and later stopped using it, can another person activate it for himself?

Answer: No, the possession module is already formed. It is really a serious thing, at which we pay insufficient attention, people do not think much about this aspect. It would not work in the possession module of another person. No, it would not work in the possession module of another person. It is a privite use object.

Question: At one conference you mentioned that Salvator could be nullified, I joined the conference later and did not catch it, please explain.

Answer: It was illustration of the very case when one person used Salvator then abandoned. If one used it and later passed to another person, then it nullified, then nothing will happen, simply it would not work.

Question: How to carry it with yourself?

Answer: As you want. Do not bother about it. You may carry it in in a bag or in a pocket, you may also do not carry. No difference. If you have such a wish, and it is your consciousness that will form this wish, it will hint you how to act, how to work with it. No ritualization, do it as it is convenient to you.

Question: God gave us FSCs, Salvator; is it correct to say that deadlock in development of humans takes place due to excessive accumulation of negative?

Answer: I speak clearly about the technocratic way of the civilization development. Exerting all powers we are tying to escape out of it, with a little progress, I should say. It is constant singularity, incessant technocratic complication of our life, influence of technocratic and anthropogenic factors at nature, that aids to accumulation of what you called negative. It could be called differently it is a great variety of negative psychology reactions, a great variety of stresses, a mass of dissatisfaction at people. Look, what happens: Technical powers of human beings allow only to modify surrounding nature, that is to build a road in mountain, create artificial sea, to cut a tree, but we are not able to influence laws, by which life develops. We are able to terminate life, we are able to modify organism genome, but we are not able to modify laws of metabolism, laws of genetics, in accordance with which this life is carried out. It is these functional laws of being, to which Salvator returns us, and we should return to them, otherwise we would not survive in the conditions of constant anthropogenic load over nature. This task was set in the context of the Salvator technology, it returns us back to the primordial experience of cognitive consciousness, as a pure reflection of the sense of evolutionary transformations in nature. May be the entire sense of notional technology consists is in this phrase.

Question: Is it possible to work with another man through my device?

Answer: Is it possible to work with another man through your device only in case this man is close to you. May be it is your father, son, husband, brother some of your folks, or your beloved. That is a person with whom you are tied through close relations.

Question: If mutated genes are already in genome?

Answer: The problem in general, and particularly the presence of mutated genes in the genome, is connected with the transcription of albumens, and with liquidation of anomalies at the level of albumens transcription. Probably the problem has hereditary character, of course if it was not provoked by outer factors in the process of fetus formation. I want to say, that reinforcement of factors, that aid neutralization of these process at the level of albumens synthesis will take place. In what degree? I say once again: we are at the beginning of the road, we can not understand it now. We are able to set a program in consciousness when individ just took a decision to have a child, and this decision will be fulfilled step by step through realization of his intentions through fertilization, formation of embryo, fetus, and so on. It is hard for me to say now what influence will be posed. It will be posed, but I cannot say in what degree. Everything is very individual in the mutation processes, it is a complex theme and I think we should talk about it later. I will think how to put it in simple words.

Question: Is it obligatory to read the Protocol prior to sending some information into the black hole ?

Answer: No, it is not obligatory, everything works in automatic mode. You may even do not think about it.

Question: Is it possible to send into the black hole the problems of my husband, if he has not Salvator?

Answer: It is possible, but the point is that it will be as a reflection of good decision, the reflection of good luck. Of course, it is better to have your own Salvator, it all depends on the problem depth and complexity. Probably it will be even better if your husband will formulate his problems himself, first at the level of his internal dialogue, then he would create the image of his problems in his consciousness and liquidate it through your Salvator artifact. You should not suspect excessive commercialization, it really works only through the possession module, that's why it is strictly individual item. You can ease your husband's situation. Cardinal solution will take place only when a person will consciously realize Salvator process through his possession module.

Question: Where you produce Salvator artifacts?

Answer: Its a secret, abroad. I want to say you that it is a big metallurgical works, which performs orders from jewellery enterprises, including top brands.

Question: You said that Salvator is both technology and artifact, that is definition of a device do not fit, thou it consists of natural components.

Answer: Yes, it consists if natural components, I said about it, definition as a device fits, but I like the notion Instrument. You see, artifact is an instrument of our consciousness. It is really able to transform our consciousness in such a way, that it would work in an optimum mode, and create for us possibilities we do not even dare to dream about now.

Question: We are sitting in a large office room, only I have a Salvator. I wonder if it influences my colleagues for good ?

Answer: In a collective Salvator will influence at you, better to say, at the relation of the collective towards you, in the context of potential possibilities that are build in the sphere of your intentions and motives in relation to this collective. To put it simple, your behavior and your relations in the collective under Salvator influence will be defined in such a way, that relation of the collective towards you will be positive. First of all, the relation towards you. And you know, one person is also able to change situation. Probably, regulating your consciousness, you will be able to transfer (in some degree) this potential at the surrounding people, creating some starting points for their possible changes.

Question: Shell we use Salvator every day?

Answer: You will use it everyday anyway, it is already yours, it is you, so you will use it everyday automatically.

Question: You gave a good comparison of Salvator with a staff. Are false steps steel inevitable when using Salvator? I mean the possibility of choice between several possible scenarios.

Answer: With the use of the Salvator false steps are improbable in the context of their optimality in relation to adaptation, to the outer surroundings, business activities, in which we took participation. At the same time, no one excludes the factor of your thinking process, concentration of attention, and mobilization of your consciousness and efforts for the solution of the problems. Salvator will help you to do it in an optimum mode.

Question: Salvator could be perceived as a training simulator for consciousness, nowadays I am mastering the image-like thinking with its help.

Answer: Yes, you may put it this way, it is one of its functions.

Images become more structured.

Yes, many users point out this phenomenon.

Question: After activation of the first part I suddenly fell asleep for 30 minutes, why?

Answer: Because the process of consciousness reload / reboot started. It is individual reaction, many people have it. Very good and deep sleep. By the way, you sleep will improve at the Salvator use. In the initial period nightmares are possible, I already explained what it connected with, with the deliverance from irrational fears, then quality of sleep will improve.

Question: Oleg Yurievitch, life goes on like waves now enormous energy flood, now sleepy state and depression, is it normal?

Answer: Regulation of your bio-rhythms is taking place, along with central nervous system rhythms. It is normal, everything will come to some average state which will be most comfortable for you

Question: How to work with Salvator if I need to get rid of weakness and low working capability?

Answer: Make a rule to sit with it in calm place and meditate for 5-10 minutes. Simply take it in habds and relax, no music, in a calm state when you would not be distracted, and everything will happen gradually. You may even do not think about weakness and working capability, simply sit with it, or you may talk with it on these matters, because you will talk with yourself, at the first place.

Question: What will happen if a person will stop working with his Salvator?

Answer: You would not stop working with it even if you would not carry it with you. It will work with you in the context of your consciousness, it will help you in any case. Through occasional direct contacts you will amplify this work, you will improve the quality of interaction.

Question: Is it necessary to speak out negative into a black hole ?

Answer: It is not obligatory to do, but many people are doing it, even create images, for example, of what this or that situation carries in itself. We have such sayings spiny man or heaviness of some problems on one's shoulders, and they throw out this heaviness into a black hole. As I already mentioned, they transform pain into dust and also throw out there. That is cognitive functions start to work, image-thinking turns on, forming images which help to get rid from these or that unpleasant situations. It is not obligatory to speak them out, do as your consciousness hints you. Generally, it all goes out in automatic mode, you can simply remember this dark center, imagine it in front of you, and it will be sufficient to give a start for a process.

Question: Oleg Yurievitch, is it possible to send out at Salvator the negative of your disease?

Answer: Of course, it is trouble, a nuisance. Salvator was created for solving problems. Disease is a problem get rid of it.

Question: Is it only myself, who defines the volume of information needed for taking a decision? Does Salvator take into consideration what I am not knowing?

Answer: Salvator takes into consideration even things about what you think that you do not know yet. I said it in a bit complicated manner, really it takes into consideration many factors. You see, we may perceive, and at the same time do not react at some moments, connected with the outer world circumstances. We may also register them without reacting, Salvator will do this job for you in the structures of your consciousness.

Question: Would not we become too different from those people who do not have Salvator?

Answer: No, you would not. You should understand: you will start to create your own reality in more optimum variant than that you would create without Salvator, this is the point. It would not be a life without problems. There always will be problems. Salvator will create conditions, that would help you to solve them more effectively, take better decisions, and build reality that suits your needs in larger degree.

Question: I am using Salvator for more than a month, consciousness is clear but I started to sleep badly at nights, is it normal?

Answer: It is normal and temporary, it is individual reaction.

Question: If I will have a desire to stop the Salvator work for some period of time, how to do this?

Answer: If such a desire arouse, then it will stop working on its own, if you call it this way, nothing horrible.

Time is out, I thank you for attention, see you next time.

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