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Shevchenko Oleg Yurievitch. February 27-th, Internet conference

Good afternoon, my dear!

Today I planned to discuss biointegral consciousness. Modern science established that all organs and all elements of our body, including all biochemical processes have definite communicative features. What it means? It means that every cell of our body possesses a kind of intellect, of course it depends on what are we taking for intellect, but every cell possesses, at the level of signals and informational interchange, an ability to contact with other cells, regarding them as a community, organized to coexist together and carry out definite functions. It is a nature of our organisms. The theory that our organism is like a state, that consists of great number of cells, at that each cell possesses its own communicative features, gets confirmation. That is, a cell may communicate with other cells, transfer information, exchange signals, and due to this exercise interaction, directed at the organism functioning support and development, at formation of the tissues structure, supporting trophic characteristics of tissues; exercise organism defense and opposing unfavorable programs and phenomenon that either manifest themselves from the outside or starting to form inside the organism. Every cell, every element of our body, even albumens are possessing communicative features in human organism, I stress in human organism, as an organism that possess consciousness and also possess such function as language, language consciousness. Every element of human body possesses its own unique lexical characteristics. What is it? The language, being a function created in the process of evolution, became a characteristic feature of a human being as a biology species, in fact it became an organ of the body, imbedded into our brain by evolution. Language, consciousness and imperative central nervous system functions are inseparable from each other. Consequently every element of our body, every cell, every process gets lexical value. It is important how deeply are we connected with our body at the level of language lexical values, the mere realization of this fact could give significant result.

I will bring an example: we often speak of telomeres, telomerase. And so, telomerase is a lexical meaning of an albumen, which exercise function of telomeres ends building in the processes of cellular dividing. Telomeres are the DNA ends, which are protected in a special way, they are responsible for structural stability of tissues and for the process of preserving of vital functions on the background of the age changes. There are a big number of albumens, which are primers, they hold on and transfer definite functions these are also lexical values. There are a big number of albumens, which perform transcription functions so called transcripts these are albumens that are responsible for information reading and transfer to the biology structures at macro level, that is to the new albumens, new DNA chains, which are formed as a result of structural processes in the organism. And there is a great number of such lexical values.

In what way lexical values are connected with the central nervous system functions, Salvator and bio-integrated consciousness? One of the Salvator tasks is to make our consciousness bio-integrated. That is to create an optimum, ideal contact between our body and central nervous system at the level of lexical values, linguistic values, language functions of our nervous system. Involving nervous fibers and afferention of nervous connections. That is what I call biology control. This notion is closely connected with bio-integrated consciousness. Salvator creates conditions for us to have possibility to control all processes in our body at the level of the central nervous system, regulate these processes and influence systems which support our vital activities or pose influence at suppressing of unwanted processes in our organism.

What it gives to us? Imagine that I will start monotonously in a definite rhythm to talk with you about telomerase for several hours in a row, believe me, it will cause an effect of its lengthening in the processes of cellular division. Yes, prolonged intercourse at this theme, speaking this theme out, at the level of linguistic signals transfer will create a reaction of the organism, which will be formed in such a way, that telomeres will preserve their length during the processes of cell division, that means you would not age during some definite time. This example is close to the example I like to bring it is about a woman who were suggested an idea that she is taking a hot thing in her hands. Actually she takes a cold thing, but she decided for herself that the thing is hot, a burn appears at her hand, a blister appears. It is a bright example of the bio-integrated consciousness functioning. Even a word, a lexical value hot already provokes response reaction which results in albumen denaturation and burn appearance.

I want to tell you, that basically bio-integrated consciousness, which is formed due to the Salvator use, creates a number of physical and bio-organic advantages for the owner. Why? Imagine a normal cell which reacts at the program of albumens synthesis changes. If the cell is sensible to negative programs of albumens synthesis changes, then the slightest variations may result in oncology pathologic process development. Generally speaking it happens this way. Similar effects we are going to have at the level of consciousness. If there is some destructive program of reality interpretation, when accepting it we violate not only our vital-activities functions and also violate the surrounding space, the sphere of our relations with other people, relations with the phenomenon of the outer world. Abilities of bio-integrated consciousness actually restrict these processes, they create conditions when a cell would react at positive processes and ignore negative processes and distorted programs. Actually it is a level of adequate vital activities support, and at the same time it is realization of all plans of organism building and regeneration, which are embedded into our bio-organic system at the genome level genome information.

Nevertheless, along with internal processes, optimality of which is secured by bio-integrated consciousness, which in its turn is created due to the realization of the Salvator technology, an outer sphere of influence also exists. Many times I cited to you words of Sechenov, who stated that one should not consider human organism separately form the surrounding environment. And so, bio-integrated consciousness extends at the resources which enter into human organism and at the programs which individual perceives in the process of communication with other people, at the reactions which are invoked by the phenomenon of the outer world. All these goes through the filter of bio-integrated consciousness, and what is unneeded or potentially harmful is filtered out, and what is useful and needed for growth, development, healing and regeneration, increasing organism abilities and potentials is accepted. That is, when we are speaking about bio-integrated consciousness, we have in mind not only integration of consciousness with communicative connections at the micro- and macro-system levels of our organism, at the level of signal reactions and interconnections of the central nervous system with biology structures. No, we are also talking about a ways in which organism will adequately react at the outer environment conditions. Adequate in the sense of expediency, necessity and usefulness for our biology organism.

Extending this theme further it is possible to draw an analogy with summoning of some good spirits, some friendly forces that can support you. They are also summoned by means of definite lexical values, they are named with some words, some specific formulas are applied in order to address them, to address forces that can help you. It could be a primitive analogy, but it shows explanation how we can influence our genome, our genome memory, by realization of bio-integrated consciousness functions. It is very important question because it deals with a number of themes, including one of my favorite themes irrational fears, that many people call kin damnations or ancestral / kin programs. It is connected with transfer of genetic information to subsequent generations. And it is closely connected with a theme of full-value reproductive function of humans.

If a man and a woman, having a purpose to give a birth to healthy child, will turn to bio-integrated consciousness functions, then unambiguously the transfer of genome information will take place in undistorted form. That means a child will receive healthy undistorted genome information which is necessary for a healthy, clever, beautiful child. Salvator will create proper conditions even prior to the moment of fertilization. It is a separate program, a lot of time and a number of scientific works are devoted to it, we started to conduct such researches in Marbax project many years ago. Now we will synthesis these data, and realize our research in the Salvator project. And so, transfer of the correct genetic information and filtering out at the act of transfer the unnecessary information, which should not be passed to a child, in order he would be healthy, for example it is information about some hereditary diseases or characters which are unwanted for subsequent reproduction, is a very serious and important factor. People who are going to have healthy and beautiful generation should pay attention to it.

Now let's switch to questions.

Question: Oleg Yurievitch, tell please Salvator working life.

Answer: Salvator does not have working life, it is an item for individual use, which has lifetime use.

Question: Is it possible to help other people with Salvator?

Answer: A good question. To begin with, Salvator is not something that was created by ourselves. Salvator is an evolutionary response of our central nervous system at that processes of great acceleration, at the epoch of maximum acceleration, maximum singularity of events in the conditions of technocratic civilization and entropy that presses at individuals in the form of stressful conditions and outer environment influences. That is, it is a response. A response of our organism, our central nervous system, evolutionary response, and generated function of our consciousness, which can overcome all problems I mentioned now. In essence Salvator is a name, a lexical value, which we gave to a process, which is already generated in the depths of our consciousness. We only extract it out and help individual to establish cooperation with this process, with this phenomenon. It is impossible to stop the process of further Salvator evolution and development, it will go on like a shoot. I think it could be a kind of an analogue of noo-sphere , about which talked famous Russian academician Vernadskiy, a sphere of collective consciousness of humanity, which was formed in result of informational and cultural interchange. The sphere of Salvator is actively forming now at the level of community of users, and we are seeing the first signs of this process. That is, we analyze testimonies, analyze peoples dialogs and speeches, their motivation. The point is that the Salvator is more agile system of information exchange than noo-sphere. Noo-sphere is more static. Salvator is not only more agile and dynamic system of information interchange, what is important, it is a system of formation of specific functions: defense, development of central nervous system and consciousness and cognitive functions of consciousness. It includes full scale realization of all these not only for individual evolution, but for the development of entire humanity, that implies a possibility of positive influencing at planetary events, building relations with the surrounding environment in such a way, that opens possibility of returning to harmony. It is inevitable process that should come to realization, otherwise we would not be able to coexist at this planet with the order of things, that was established in result of our active influencing at the surrounding environment, and as a result at the Universe, because everything is interconnected.

And so, why did I mentioned interconnection? Generally speaking, Salvator is a technology that was created in order to solve problems of humanity. All problems. I have testimonies that even court problems, which lasted for two years, came to a phase of active solution in a week time. Problems of some business relations between people, problems connected with signing some papers, some contracts. There is no anything mystic or witchcraft here. Salvator is a technology, it is a system, a program, a project, which stands at a solid scientific ground. Absolutely everything is sound. Just now I told you about bio-integrated consciousness, and that its borders spread much wider that the borders of our physical body, and so involving your small individual universe into this process, you form your landscapes of attention, form your small universe, develop it, spreading it at the interconnections with other people, and changing these relations their qualities and characteristics in the way when you are forming the events which are more correlated with your wishes, motives, aims. This way you realize your intentions, wishes in the surrounding world in a better way. Of course, if your wishes are not in contradiction with humanity, moral and ethics. You may also realize your intentions in relation to your folks, to people who are close to you. For example in relation to children, who are not able to read yet and to understand Salvator, but since they are your close people, you may influence them, realize your intentions in the sphere of their development, their behavior, living conditions, health issues and so on. Of course, you may influence the outer world through Salvator, including your folks, who are connected with you and who are inside your little individual universe.

Yesterday they also asked about people with the disturbed psyche. Unambiguously the same answer. Yes, you can. It is all true in relation to people who are suffering from some forms of dependences. Be it narco-dependence or alcohol dependence or some other dependences from of bad habits. Unambiguously you may realize your intentions in relation of this people, who are yet unable or unwilling to accept Salvator for themselves, if they are close to you

Question: Oleg Yurievitch, so the point is in the tuning of consciousness of the Salvator user through speech directives?

Answer: It is a part of technology. As I already mentioned, we extract what is already formed by evolution and is situated in depths of our consciousness. Our entire job was to realize and became aware that it exists. Yes. It really exists and we can work with it. Generally speaking, in order to extract some necessary information from the genome and realize it at the level of our organism vital activities or at the act of transferring this information to subsequent generation, we should extract this formless mass from the genome and envelop it into some form. To put it simple, we need a box if we want to extract something formless, we need something to pack it into and lift it out in order to be able to realize and use it. Lexical directives, that are used in Salvator, are this box. And the way of this box lifting corresponds with the Salvator algorithms, which are realized through text messages, which we call syntax protocol. You also asked about Salvator realization through tactile sensations, through what we are sensing with skin and hands, and through text messages. By the way, there is no such thing as speech directives. Definite rhythms of speach and notions, which in Salvator are called image-knowledge, are existing, they are transferred to our consciousness, amplifying its abilities and functions, and widening it to the borders Ocean Individual Universe. Through the realization of symbolic imprints, which are situated at the artifact surface, at its rings, through the realization of image-knowledge which are given in the first syntactic protocol The black star on a palm. It gave you two main functional knowledge first is Mitchel's Black Star image-knowledge, through which the destruction of negative programs of reality interpretation is realized along with subsequent reduction of the potential of problems in your life and health and in relations with the outer world and in your relations with other people; and the second image-knowledge which was transferred to you is landscapes of attention. You can form the events of your future life through your landscapes of attention, the scenarios of events which would be optimum for you and your surrounding.

Subsequent protocols will also create functional image-knowledges, which will be transferred to your consciousness and will come to realization at the level of cognitive consciousness diapason widening. So you should not reduce all these mere to speech directives and tactile sensations. And what about influence of images through the eye reticular body. And what about afferent impulsation which takes place at the moment of the syntactic protocol reading and initializes very powerful reaction of the organism at the cellular level. That is every cell of our organism reacts at the protocol. Every micro-system of your organism. In addition, people come to me and say: what is going on? I am only reading the protocol. You are not simply reading the protocol, you are seeing each element, created for it, absolutely original. That is why you should not use your own printouts of the syntactic protocol. You should use our original protocol, because each element of it, each color and letter is chosen in such a way to be able to influence your bioorganic system. People say: Oleg Yurievitch, you know I have a sensation that I turned into a bottle of soda water, as if some little bubbles inside. Yes, it is because of your entire bioorganic system reboots, and individual feels absolutely differently. Not mentioning the processes which take place at the level of consciousness, the programs of escape, imagine what amount of energy releases in the process of deliverance from the programs of destructive reality interpretation. Not mentioning the ways new relations of the individual with the surrounding world are forming, with folks, the restoration of connections. Many people noticed that family relations become restored, people start to understand each other better, some business relations come to solutions. Individual becomes more stable in relation to stresses to outer influences. Generally speaking he becomes stable in relation to the outer influences that are going through him. Individual had to gate through him a lot of experiences and interpret them. I repeat, it could take up to 80 % of energy, which could be used for more noble and more favorable programs and aims. Now this energy becomes released, individual starts to feel absolutely differently. New images of consciousness come to realization, new dreams are coming, which became deciphered quickly by individual, and he understands what he should do, what decisions he should take, and from what problems he should get rid of. A phase of adequate perception of reality appears. I think I answered your question.

Question: How to feel the interaction with the Salvator? Works it or not? Could there be a headache after the activation of the Salvator? Or it is a mere coincidence?

Answer: You see, many people spoke about their sensations, soon you will see this video from Rostov city, of course they are absolutely individual. We all are unique creatures, every one is an individual with his own unique characteristics, so yes. There could be a light headache. It will pass out, afferent impulsation is a powerful phenomenon. Not a shake, but a powerful message to your organism, creating an algorithm for action. So it is possible. More to it, many people have health issues, and when product works, it causes temporary acute conditions. They could be in the form of slight indisposition, which passes out quickly. Remember similar situation with Marbax? You should not be afraid of acute conditions, they pass out quickly, but the results you get in return as a consequence of the reboot stage, worth not paying attention at minor effects, believe me.

Question: Is the organism response similar to the response at a prayer or incantation?

Answer: It is close to a prayer, when one comes to prayer, a number of processes, which are similar with processes we are talking about, are taking place. But in Salvator these processes have more global character, that is all biology structures became involved, and they start to submit to the correct, right algorithms, and these algorithms came to realization in the outer manifestations, in relation to the resources that human being gets from the outer world: energy, defense resources. Human organism transforms and assimilates them correctly. And in relation to the events which take place around the individual, in relation to the phenomenon individual reacts at. To the point, you mentioned prayers, they often ask me: what is syntactic protocol? I say: do not try to understand or analyze it. Many semantic nodes are embedded in it, many interrelations are formed, for example different forms of addressing are used: to me and to us - that is because some definite relations to classes are formed this way. Protocol carries specific rhythms of notional forms connected with the owning modules or with modules of belonging to this or that group. It was necessary to create this rhythm in order to form (position) your correct relation towards the things written in the protocol. However, the main thing is that you should simply read this protocol, being exposed to the influence of positive impulses from pictures, color, fonts practically from everything this protocol consists of. It consists not only from text, you should understand this moment. Without going into analysis of categories. I will bring an example why I am saying that the protocol is universal, nondependent from the education of the individual, nondependent on his age, his religious views and so on, why is it so universal? I will bring an example: I pronounce the word structure. We all understand what is structure. It is some unity of elements, which is characterized by some definite stability and carries out some definite functions. We all understand what is structure, but after the moment I pronounced this word, everyone associated this word with different things, with his own lexical values. Let's admit that doctor associated structure with the structure of the bone tissue. Manager with the administrative structure of some company. A person who is engaged in MLM company associates this word with partners under him he will think about a structure he builds and works with. Every individual, understanding the sense of what the word means, put into it his own value. His own semantic value that corresponds with his way of life, his beliefs, views, motivations. This way everyone realized his own image through the word I pronounced. Syntactic protocol is designed this way. Rhythms of speech, poetry of speech, the places in the protocol which have instructive character everything is composed in such a way that is suitable for everybody. And provokes the same effect at everybody nondependent on the person's age, education level, his beliefs in this life. So trust the technology and simply read the protocol. I want to remind you that rhythmic of poetry places in The Black Star syntactic protocol is based on Hellenic (ancient Slavonic) poetry, Hellenic speech, which nowadays is classical example, endured the ages, it is a bright example of depicting of interrelations of human beings with surrounding nature in the forms of speech. Hellenic poetry served as a basis for numerous poetry branches, nowadays it is a basis of classical poetry.

Question: Oleg Yurievitch, will there be an opportunity to get rid of different illnesses with the help of Salvator?

Answer: Of course. But I want to draw your attention to the fact that no one excluded possibilities and potential of modern medicine, to which we should turn. To my sorrow, I noticed some tendency, seeing patients who are coming to me. I do not know if it is characteristic to the users of the products of the Center Region company, hope it is not so. Well, Functional State Correctors are wonderful things, and so are Marbax and Salvator, we are talking about, - beautiful things that do their job. But in case you did not pay attention at your health for decades and now are going to pull yourself out of the swamp like Munshausen, who pulled himself by the plait, it would hardly work, especially quickly. One should not neglect visiting a doctor for medical check ups in proper time, diagnosis in due time and some conservative treatment. Proper conditions, that could be formed by conservative treatment are also necessary. At the same time I can tell you that Salvator has another interesting property, it is described in materials, devoted to the landscapes of attention. Salvator by itself has two phases of use. The first phase is called Functional, it is realized through the use of protocols, whish are initiated through Salvator artefact. First phase initiates in our consciousness. It is nothing else than realization of the algorithms laid into syntactic protocols. They are different for different protocols. We started with deliverance from destructive programs of reality interpreting and building of landscapes of attention, deliverance from de-coherence, deliverance from entropy and its influence at our organism, consciousness and psyche. Subsequent protocols will have other functions, I would not run ahead now. By the way, with every new protocol we are going to issue a brochure with detailed materials. The second phase of the Salvator use is called: everyday use. I will tell you what it is in simple words. After initialization of the first protocol, when algorithms of interaction between your consciousness and Salvator are already built, you can do simple and useful things. Prior to taking a medicine, for example for blood pressure normalization you can hold Salvator in your hand, concentrate your attention on it, put it close, pour medicine or take a pill and take some water after. Effect from this action will be much higher than if you would simply take your medicine, believe me, I checked this at my wife. Or imagine you decided to cook something, a borsch. I like this example. Before starting cooking it, hold Salvator in hands in a calm atmosphere, simply concentrate on it, then put it close to a kitchen stove or a slab, and start cooking. Vera Grigorievna from Rostov said: Oleg Yurievitch, I cooked borsch the way you told, I never ate cabbage in borsch before, this time I ate everything because I liked it. It was very very tasty! Simple actions, but your everyday use of the Salvator artefact will consist of simple actions, and it will bring results. You will see how significant these results will be. You decided to work at something, or may be you decided to go and talk some business with someone hold Salvator in hands, concentrate on it in a calm atmosphere, and then go doing what you wanted to do. Even when you are going to plant something in your vegetable garden do the same simple procedure, place it at a stool nearby and plant your vegetable. You will see the results. This is everyday use. I can give comments to the example with borsch. Suppose, what can influence the borsch quality. Suppose you are experienced and cook well, but here comes your husband with some problems, you break loose at him. A child runs, he either did something or broke, that is some de-coherence takes place. It is confusion of your connections with events that happen around, your thoughts became re-oriented, and you are not able to be completely in the process of cooking. That is I showed how it works at the example of borsch. Similar things happen to you daily in your everyday life, in the intentions you fulfill through taking decisions or taking these or that steps. The reason of failures and low effectiveness lays here. Results, which you receive in Salvator, will help you to balance these conditions and provide possibilities for receiving more effective results.

I will tell you more: nowadays I am developing a very interesting gymnastics with Salvator for people, suffering from different conditions. For example, I can tell you about one exercise. It is for people who suffer from some heart issues, or some hypertension. When you get up in the morning, on an empty stomach, when you put yourself in order, take a glass of water in hand, take Salvator in another hand, draw in great lungsful of air and hold your breath as long as you can. Do it three times. Three holdings of your breath. Look how the situation with your issue will change.

You are asking questions about testing and research. Nowadays I bring this tests at the level of the Anapa Regional Resort Association in which 22 sanatoriums will participate. In February there was a conference in Anapa on resort medicine. I made a report on Marbax and correction of the nourishment system. And at the same report I touched a theme of neurodynamic characteristics of different methods of influence, which could be used in resort medicine as well. What a lively response it evoked among specialists! Because here lies a great potential of development of effectiveness of even existing recreation methods, which are used in sanatoriums nowadays. If we include this factor, neurodynamic Salvator factor, the results will be much better. And I think we will publish a series of scientific works in official medical journals and make reports at forums and conferences devoted to the recreational medicine. I should say the Mariton and Marbax (Nutrition products from black sea rapana developed by Shevchenko) received international acknowledgement at exhibitions at Karlovy Vary and Venice. We have a number of research work in plans. Our close contacts with doctors and medical community will allow us to develop Salvator further, increasing its potential of effectiveness.

Question: Incidentally my Salvator fell into water, salt water started to ooze from it, what to do?

Answer: Salvator core has amorphous structure, it will crystallize later. In the first pilot lot the core mass could be exceeded, so minor ooze are possible. Nothing to fear, it does not influence functionality. Simply dry it. Nothing could happen with Salvator.

Question: Can pregnant women use it? Contra-indications?

Answer: : Salvator does not have contra-indications. Pregnant women should obligatory use it. I already mentioned about healthy generation, about forming genetic conditions for correct transfer of the hereditary material. Note, not only from you to your child, but from preceding ancestors, up to the whole colossal positive intraspecific experience of human being forming, as a stable biology spices able to adapt. It is global process, based at the colossal genome resources, laid into us.

I touched the theme of lexical values, and look what enormous finances were spent at the genome deciphering. And they are not proportional to the results which were received. Really, I am persuaded, and my colleagues I am working with are sharing this point of view, that we should use the language of mathematics and statistics when communicating with machines or dealing with Cosmic events when we have to compute something. But with live organic systems, with manifestations of life we should communicate at the level of lexical values and images. Basically, Sergey Valentinovich Koltsov spoke about the same things when speaking about correctors he said that Nature communicates at the level of images. lexical values, linguistic values are language carriers for images, which immediately start to build up specific algorithms in our consciousness. By my opinion, it is necessary to reexamine methodology approach to the genome research, having in mind what I am talking about now. If you will open any modern book on biochemistry, bio-organic-chemistry, you will find a number of terms, which are borrowed directly from linguistic, I dwelled examples: transcriptase, primers. In great quantity linguistic terms are found in biochemistry. It is not coincidence, it confirms what I said about bio-integral consciousness of the human beings, it could be a characteristics of collective bio-integral consciousness of the humanity, which is reflected in such forms of scientific knowledge. That's why I think that there should be a different approach to the genome studying, with a shift of accents from digital / numeric technologies in favor of technologies, using lexical values.

Question: What are your personal results after Salvator activation?

Answer: It is hard for me to tell about my own results.. well, I will put it this way: the work, I planned to cope with in a week, I did in several hours. Here is a characteristic example, but I may be subjective, the way mother of father is subjective in relation to their own child. That's why I prefer to relay on testimonies and impressions and conclusions of people, who used Salvator.

Question: How is it possible to use Salvator after the stroke, heart attack, prostate adenoma?

Answer: I already mentioned the simple exercise with holding your breath. Of course you are going to receive conservative treatment at prostate adenoma, you may have in mind what Ive said about taking your medicines. The same is when you receive some procedures do it all with Salvator. Effect will be amplified greatly.

Question: Could Salvator be null with FSCs ?

Answer: Salvator works in the imperative of your consciousness. I will allude this question once again. I want to tell you the following. So far technocratic civilization choose this way of development, which put individual into dependence form devices, created by himself. That is we are living in the anthropocene period, and we are put into dependence from devices created by ourselves. How could that be? We depend on mass-media and television. When we turn the TV on, it constantly fixes some directives on us, transfers some rhythms and dynamics, creates some intensions. Children depend upon cell phones, computers, network games. Look, this dependence acquires threatening dimensions. People cease to read books, they are involved into processes, which are posed on them through man-created devices, through commercialization of the information stream, they are involved into decoherence. Salvator, returning to ancient principles of relationship of an individual and man-created artifacts, creates new conditions for technocratic society, now the device depends on an individual. Salvator works only in the diapason and imperative of your consciousness. It is you yourself. I like to bring this example: like Samurais sword, which is prolongation of his hand and serves to realization of his intentions in relation to the surrounding world, though these intentions occasionally could have aggressive character. If we draw an analogy with Salvator here defense intentions come to realization to defend oneself. To screen oneself from intrusion of conditions, posed by outer world and negative and destructive programs which are interpreted by our consciousness, and we get involved to these processes due to the interpretation processes. Do not get involved. It is not possible to isolate oneself from these processes, but it is possible to isolate the results of these processes interpretation from your consciousness, in these case everything will go on in an absolutely different way. It is one of the main Salvator functions. So how can FSC to null Salvator?! These are two different useful things, which can only cooperate. Salvator does not contradict with anything in the surrounding world. With the exception of programs, that you do not need, you yourself are ready to get rid of. Salvator is you yourself, understand it! Things that comprise the Salvator technology are instruments, which help you to fulfill your intentions and solve your problems. So lets leave along the problem of interaction of the Salvator with FCSs, though we are going to investigate into it, it is very interesting theme.

Question: Tell about concrete results, who had them ?

Answer: I can bring an example to you. A young woman had a high temperature for a month, the reason was not clear it was some inflammatory process. Her guy decided to present Salvator to her, he bought it and gave to her, she retired with it in a room, and during half an hour, by her words, she poured all her maiden tears on it, told about all her problems, and what was the result? Literally in several hours the temperature has gone out, That is the state of health restored, some weakness remained for three days, because organism suffered from stress for considerable period of time. The temperature has gone out and did not returned, activity restored, she started to communicate with her folks eagerly, now she says: I will never part with this thing any more, I am constantly sharing my problems with it. Here is what a contact was established between this girl and artifact, which brought fruit.

Question: Oleg Yurievitch, how Salvator will interact with children who can not read yet?

Answer: I already said through you. You are realizing your positive intentions of love, aspiration to aid the development of your child, Salvator will influence through your intentions. It is your close people, it is your blood, it is your closest surrounding, they are inside your own individual universe, and it is you who is creating and forming your individual universe through Salvator. You optimize all conditions for everyone who inhabitate it, your folks at the first place, so through yourself.

Question: I activated Salvator several days ago. There were an emptiness during two days, I did not have a desire neither to speak or to move. The sensation of emptiness did not passed.

Answer: Wait for several days more, I said that everyone has individual reactions. It is possible that emptiness was a consequence of reboot, your central nervous system and your organism were subjected to, it is necessary. You should not be afraid of anything. Salvator is not able to cause any harm. Is there any probability that being in solid mind you will decide to cut your head off? The probability of Salvator posing any harm is even less, it is absent. It is created to solve your problems, not to create them. It is created to protect you from harmful influences and negative programs, reactions of your organism, but not to create them, it contradicts with the Salvator nature. And I repeat once again: Salvator is you yourself, it is already formed evolutionary program, which would not disappear, it will only develop. We will help its development with our project, we will support it, give additional instruments and possibilities of full-fledged realization of this colossal evolutionary advantage, which formed in result of determinate entropy of the human civilization, that is some use of it appeared.

Here is another moment, that should be mentioned. Being in the conditions of technocratic civilization, due to the Salvator we will be able to manoeuvre skillfully between our abilities of flexible interaction with the surrounding nature and environment and use of advantages, posed by modern technocratic civilization it is the amenities, possibility of using information, possibility of doing purchases, using such goods as warmth and light, no one is going to deny it all. But believe me, interacting with your child with Salvator, or by giving it to him in the period of his consciousness forming, you will achieve the effect, that he will spend less time with a mobile phone and communicate with his mates trough chat, he would go and see them instead for live communication, he will read more books, rather than play computer games which are posed on him. Believe me, these games create wrong and very bad behavior stereotypes and relation to life. That is what will happen. We do not deny what the civilization gives to us, we are talking about the necessity to lower down the level of tension which we get from it, and the level with which this tension influences our consciousness, the consciousness of our children, influences our deeds and decisions and at everything that surrounds us and comprises our life

Question: Oleg Yurievitch, with what tunings shell we drop negative and problems into Salvator?

Answer: No need to do anything like this, everything happens in automatic mode, Salvator has unlimited absorption capability, if you want to draw an analogy from physics, it could be compared to a colossal contortion of space in the black hole area under the influence of enormous gravitation. Actually, it has unlimited absorption volume, you should not drop out anything from Salvator. There is also no need to wash it out, clean and so on. More to it, the more you use it the more powerful your cooperation becomes, the more powerful is the Salvator algorithms work. It is possible to say that what harms us nourishes the Salvator. It absorbs, relieving us from it, and at the same time due to it, our interaction with Salvatror becomes stronger and stronger and stronger. The more problems of ours we entrust into it, secrets of ours and negative, the stronger our cooperation becomes, the more our consciousness becomes embedded in the diapason of symbolic reality, created by Salvator. Believe me, everything is calculated, everything is very convenient. So you should not wipe out or clean out anything from Salvator.

Question: What other linguistic forms of interaction with Salvator artifact are existing?

Answer: You know, it is enough to use protocols. The point is that when your consciousness becomes initiated through the protocol, an interesting thing happens: you receive necessary algorithms, which will hint you on their own how to work with the Salvator. It will be individual with every person. For example, that young woman started to tell about her problems. Someone will sit silently, he would not shape his impressions into linguistic form. Everyone will live through his own unique experience, but in any case algorithms that were initiated will tell you. Do what you will have intention to do. Salvator initiates algorithms that are universal and at the same time they adapted by an individual consciousness of user.

Question: New protocols could be activated at the same Salvator, or we should purchase a new one?

Answer: You should not purchase a new one, never. Salvator artifact is single and it is designated for you eternal use. All protocols that will be issued should be initiated at the same artifact.

Question: Tell, please, who tested the Salvator and where?

Answer: Now we received licensing documents. It was not the Salvator artifact that was tested, images and linguistic parameters, on the basis of which it was created, were tested for a number of years. Particularly at the department of social psychology of Kuban State University. I also can give links to articles published materials. It is based upon a wide research experience in different disciplines: including diagnostics, nuclear energetic, protective devices, cognitive consciousness, brain functions and their development, central nervous system evolution. As I already mentioned, many Salvator components were tested in resort medicine for many months, and results were received. Also we conducted experiments that hinted how it is possible to combine everything together in order to create a technology, that allows to get results we are talking today, to create a Salvator.

We have documents for Salvator, soon they will be published at the company site.

Question: Oleg Yurievitch, tell please how it is possible to combine Salvator with FSCs.

Answer: Please, combine, do not even worry about it. You are using FSCs wonderful devices. You are using Salvator - it has its own functional, it also creates specific conditions for you. You use both things in parallel they do not contradict each other. Otherwise, they can be combined and amplify each other, it all depends on your individual attitude, on your individual energy-informational characteristics, so do it as you are doing. Use Salvator in accordance with its manual and use FSCs in accordance with their manual. No contradictions will ever arise.

Question: Can Salvator help to get rid from the acute conditions, which it caused ?

Answer: Do not worry here too, these acute conditions may manifest themselves in a form of a headache for a day or two. It would not cause any colossal acute conditions, no, it will be some functional signals, indicating that some processes of your consciousness, central nervous system reboot are taking place. Sometimes afferent impulsation may cause effects, which will initiate rapid processes in the organism, you should not be afraid, on the contrary it is good. At that, yes, you may feel slight head spinning. We would not even speak about serious acute conditions now.

Question: What is an algorithm of interaction with Salvator when helping other people, bring an example.

Answer: Everything is simple in Salvator, we tried to make it simple. So the interaction algorithm is also very simple. You have to take Salvator artifact in hands in calm place, sit down, no music nothing should disturb you, you should sit down and think about this man, about a problem this man has, and about negative consequences that are created by this problem. It is enough to start a process of formation of future events forming, which will help to leveling up of this man attitude towards himself, and your mutual relations, and form conditions to the solution of this problem. You can also re-read The Black Star protocol prior to this action. I think that the problem is connected with some negative dependence, this man suffers. The Black Star protocol is most suitable (yes, nowadays it is also the only protocol available) for the solution of such a problem.

Question: Shell we purchase protocols ?

Answer: The first protocol The Black Star is given together with the artifact, you should not purchase it. Subsequent protocols yes, you will have to purchase them, but the price would be reasonable.

Question: How to create scenarios of events? I suffer from luck of imagination.

Answer: You will have a good imagination, believe me. That is, your situation with imagination will improve. Yes there are people who do not have image-like thinking, it is neither bad nor good, they are as they are, they have their own advantages, Again, you should not worry about it. Salvator works in the diapason of your consciousness, it is technology that creates everything by itself. It is desirable to imagine. More to it, with time you will notice how this situation improves, and you will see how desired events will start to form in front of your eyes. The process will go on easily at the level of your cognitive consciousness, Salvator is created in such a way, that provides most comfortable conditions for user. So the situation with your abilities to visualize will be optimized, or Salvator will find other ways and modules, through which it will be able to develop abilities of your consciousness. Whatever disadvantages, by your opinion, your cognitive consciousness would have, a priori it always have other advantages, which will be realized through Salvator, believe me. Salvator will always find a correct way and possibility to put its algorithms to realization.

Yes, it is possible to use pictures for visualization, we are working on it now, and we will have very interesting pictures with Salvator, which will be actively used in our technology. The pictures will be beautiful and also they will carry serious sense load.

Question: It is clear about Russian speaking people, how to be with other languages? Would foreigner be able to use Salvator?

Answer: I think, we already discussed this question, we are working at this problem now. At any case, we would not have problems with German language. In our team we have a specialist, a professor Suhih Alexey Stanislavovich, he is also a Germanist, he has German as a second language. Of course, we do not have Boris Pasternak inversed, we are working on this problem now, Of course translations should be done, adequate translations.

Question: Salvator is strictly individual device, what will happen if it falls in the wrong hands?

Answer: If the man, in whose hands it fells, will use it in accordance with protocol and our technology, will try to realize his own protocol initialization, that is to make it his individual Salvator, then you will lose your ability to work with it and you have to buy a new one. If you simply gave your Salvator to someone just to look at nothing horrible happens. Simply to show. Because he would not use in accordance with the technology. He will simply take and look at it. And technology will be realized only through you.

Question: Is it possible to use two Salvators simultaneously, and how to read the protocol?

Answer: What for?, one is enough. Of course, you may use two Salvatros if your Consciousness tells you, but believe me, one is enough. If by any reason you decided to use two Salvators, read one protocol for both.

Question: Would not it bring family to destruction if only one member of the family is using Salvator?

Answer: No way, no negative influences especially at interpersonal, intrafamilial relations. I want to tell you a bit different thing: may be some realignment in relations will take place, which will be marked with more positive characteristics than before. Some rough components are possible, they would be minor.

Question: How strong language lexica influences genetics?

Answer: My attitude towards strong language is negative, and I can tell you that Russian strong language lexica is borrowed from the Tatar language, it is distorted Tatar words, they have foreign origin for Russian people. At that, Tatar language is very reach with lexical meanings of words, its distortion lead to Actually it is sub-language. And any sub-language, as any sub-formation, will always give ground to the main language by semantic characteristics and values.

Question: If one is receiving medicine dropper?

Answer: It is possible to put it close. Hold it in hands for a while before the procedure, then put nearby, at the cabinet.

Question: influence a child only through mother, or is it possible to influence through grandmother?

Answer: No difference, it is possible to influence through grandmother.

Question: Oleg Yurievitch, you said it is individual, would not it collect somebodys else information on its way to user?

Answer: No, it would not collect somebodys else information because it is activated only by you at the moment of the syntactic protocol reading it is your individual act. From this moment it acquires personal informational value for you. Through the module of possession, which is initiated by the syntactic protocol, and through algorithms which you receive through the protocol, it starts to work in the imperative of your consciousness, prior to this it is completely unable to perceive any information.

Question: Is it possible to influence at a grown up son with good intentions? If he does not admit such things as FSCs and Salvator?

Answer: Of course, if your intentions are good, he is your son! You should not even contact with him about all these grounds, you simply realize your own intentions in relation to this person he is a part of your world. As well as you are a part of his world. You interact. You interact inevitably. Salvator will serve as an agent here, and you are an operator of this interaction.

Question: It is not obligatory to read protocol, is it possible to tell about negative in my life?

Answer: It is obligatory to read protocol at the moment of its initialization. Every protocol, you will have, you should activate through the Salvator artifact. Then (after that) it is not obligatory to read the protocol every day. You may simply contact with it. The young woman, who contacted with it, read the protocol first.

Question: Is it possible to charge up water with Salvator?

Answer: No, Salvator does not charge up water. You can charge up water if you possess such an ability. FSC accomplishes such function, Salvator does not.

Question: Is it possible to influence at the same aim collectively if every member has his own Salvator?

Answer: Unambiguously, I already mentioned it. Collective Salvator consciousness will be formed, it is inevitable process. I think that we may count on the ability of such community to influence at global and planetary processes. Believe me, it is really so, and I think that soon we will get confirmation, that we are moving in right direction. Finally, Salvator was created by evolution for this.

Question: Is it possible to drop negative images into the center of Salvator mentally ?

Answer: It is possible and necessary, it is one of the forms of working with Salvator, which completely corresponds with the Salvator technology.

Question: From what factors depend the time, that is required for the synchronization with Salvator ?

Answer: The work with the Salvator starts the same second, when you are reading the protocol, then it goes on. Synchronization takes place individually during a month or week it is required for the synchronization of algorithms, which are laid into it, with your images, and you are starting to build your own images in your consciousness. With your motivations, with your wishes, with your needs, which later came to realization through the Salvator. It is individual process, but rather quick.

Now about reading all protocols at once. First time you read it from the beginning to the end, later on how your consciousness will tell you. One of them today, tomorrow the other, as if you are reading a book. If you have a desire to return to some of the protocols then there is such a necessity to return exactly to this specific protocol. Please, reread.

Question: After visual contact with the Salvator artifact photo, very positive and unexpected changes in my social media took place.

Answer: I am very glad to hear this, you should use the original artifact, photograph and an object itself are a bit different things.

Question: Degenerative processes in brain, is it worth to use the Salvator?

Answer: Everything I spoke before witnesses that it is necessary.

Question: At what place of the Salvator shell we look while reading the protocol?

Answer: When you are reading the protocol, you have recommendations; first you concentrate at one its part, then at another, then at the object in a whole. Everything is said in details in the protocol, you will have three concentrations while reading it.

Question: Shell we hold Salvator in hand during all this time? Or should we take it.

Answer: As you like. You can hold it all time, you can take it when it is required in accordance with the instruction for concentration. First you should concentrate on its center, then on a ring, and finally at the whole object. The instruction is clear and easy for understanding.

Question: What you will recommend for realization of a large project, preparation to which took several years.

Answer: Nothing extraordinary. Suppose you are going to work with materials, sit down, take it in hand and concentrate on it in a calm quiet atmosphere, no sounds. Then place it close to the computer and work. If you are driving somewhere take it with you, put somewhere close to you in a car or at the bag and head at your meeting. Before the meeting, and even during it you may sit and twist it in hand, in case there is such a necessity and possibility. No one will pay attention on you. Or simply put close to you, then new possibilities will open.

Question: Can several people use one Syntactic Protocol?

Answer: Several people may use one Syntactic Protocol it is not prohibited, do not contradict with the technology. Though I mention that possession module forms in relation to the Syntactic Protocol as well, may be you will want to have your own protocol. Even from practical considerations, in order to take somewhere and use individually. It is desirable to have your own protocol. Believe me, I am speaking not out of commercial motives, but out of the principles laid into the Salvator technology, it is all individual.

Question: Is there a sense to use Salvator in case of autism?

Answer: Of course, it is, but first of all you should use it, you should create an intension then look how another human will react.

Yes, Salvator was created in accordance with the Academician Vernadskiy concept it is a scientist I respect, I used his concepts in Marbax, and you know about it, it is the memory of environment and bio-sphere, and also his works and concepts were used in Salvator.

I thank you for attention,

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