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Shevchenko Oleg Yurievitch, May 15-th 2015, Internet conference

Implicit communication is a very important moment, that is actively used in Salvator technology, and it is nothing else than an internal dialog with ones own organism or with yourself. That is, it is the internal discussion that leads to choosing of variants of behavior, to taking decisions, and in major degree influences at bio-control of the human organism from the direction of the central and peripheral nervous system.

In order to be logical, we are going to remember what is Salvator, in accordance with patent formula. I am going to cite this definition again, it is very important for the discussion we are going to have today. And so, Salvator is an object and method of concentration of attention with the purpose of multi-level psychosomatic and psychophysiology self-regulation of personal experiences and organism state of the user. Concentrates users attention on itself by means of visual and tactile contact, under influence of linguistic directives you understand that linguistic directives are our syntactic protocols based on semantic components, mediated through text messages protocols. Initiates at user cognitive mechanisms of verbal associations related with text, and non-verbal associations related with appearance, form and sensations from a contact with a human hand, or other parts of the body in the process of doing our exercises with the Salvator artifact. These associative mechanisms are realized at the level of the individual consciousness of the user in the form of symbolic conceptions, that include the phenomenon of the surrounding world and biology system of the users organism at all levels of molecular, energetic, organic and signal interaction.

Now I want to cite our book which is going to appear today. The biology stage of the Salvator technology influence at the human organism is to the effect that in the moment of initialization a powerful afferent impulsation in nervous fibers is taking place. What is afferent impulsation? From the neurology point of view it is impulsation that is connected with sensations, that is with sensual perception of the world. Afferent impulsation initiates RNA and albumens synthesis, and a transfer of human consciousness into the state of superposition is taking place. This state of consciousness is close to the maximum of its abilities. Transfer to this state allows our organism and consciousness to pose influence at hippocampus a gyrus situated at the base of the temporal lobe. It is a storeroom of memory and simultaneously a biology apparatus for registration of mistakes. That is, by means of such physiology reaction, outgoing from the central and peripheral nervous system, at the level of our sensual interaction with the outer world and internal dialog the implicit communication which I mentioned today we initiate a process in the organism, in the brain physiology, which is generally responsible for collection and registration of the mistakes we commit. Consequently a mechanism of possible mistakes prevention is turned on. That implies prevention of mistakes which we possibly could commit due to the inadequate reaction at the surrounding reality. That is, that choose of one from forty variants, that our brain does every second, could have being faulty. The process, that Salvator turns on at the level of nervous system physiology, aids forming the state of superposition, which is similar to the reinforced organism state in situation of non-specific defense, that reinforced state of the central nervous system aids excluding variants of mistakes from our life. I mean both mistakes in relation to the outer world which influence formation of our surrounding reality and mistakes in relation to the world that is inside us, that is, our biology system, our organism. I want to repeat once again, our brain has a property to react at the surrounding environment, at its phenomenon and factors, which interact with our organism and our body. To our sorrow, while reacting at this factors, it has an ability to distort information. First of all it should react through building interpretations of reality, but under the influence of outer factors, often it builds interpretations that do not correspond with expedient requirements, that are demanded by reality in relation to our actions. Under influence of factors, which often have surplus character, our brain often accepts inadequate interpretations in the process of planning and realization of some situations. As you understand, surplus character is a character of entropy influence, which gives birth to system non-stability, destabilization of both biology or energetic informational system, leads to chaotic processes, these processes are leading to non-stability and violation of balances in the organism, violation of energy balances, which are leading to most unfavorable consequences in our lives. And so it happens actually every second.

Lets bring an example, suppose a man decided to train himself, and suppose he gave himself a load that is inadequate to his age and physical condition, this load posed excessive influence at him. Muscles are in pain, heart aches, suppose hi was delivered into hospital with high pressure and heart attack. He did not get any useful result, thou this form of interaction with the surrounding environment seems to be useful. He built a reality that sort to de aimed at his support and development, but committing excessive influence of this factor of reality at his biology system, he brought it to such anarchical state, in which it did not cope with entropy, and consequently this body was delivered into hospital, thank God in alive condition.

You should know that our consciousness is built in a very interesting way: in order to get rid of something harmful and unfavorable, it should create an image of this unfavorable and to name it. It is very important moment that you should understand. That is we can get rid of some unfavorable factors by using two instruments, which were given to us by evolution, first it is our cognitive consciousness, which is able to build images of reality in the process of thinking, and second, the language, as an organ that was built into our brain by evolution. Only by using these abilities, given to us by evolution, we can get rid of some unfavorable factors. The better we will build an image, with more effectiveness the problem will be solved. Salvator was created exactly to help our consciousness to create these images in true format, with maximum use of cognitive function of our consciousness, including functions and algorithms that are lying in the archives of our genome consciousness. In this sense Salvator is a technology for both destruction and creation. In order to get rid of something, it should be destroyed. That is from something very unpleasant that influences our life as a factor. No possibility to live in peace with it. Similar, when we are taking Marbax, we are pulling out sores by the method of biology provocation. The sores in our organism which became reconciled with, which stays in latent state in the organism, continue to develop and acquire chronic forms, spreading at surrounding organs, tissues and so on. Similar things take place in our consciousness, when under influence of wrong decisions and actions, irrational fears are formed. When wrong images of the surrounding world are forming, these wrong images are destroying our possibilities of effective interaction with the surrounding world. And so in order to get rid of this very non-rational and destroying programs of reality interpretation, which are forming at us under influence of entropy and as a consequence of de-coherence of our consciousness with the surrounding world, we recruit Salvator, which allows us to create images, which are helping us to destroy what hinders us, to null in time the stories of what hinders us, as we put it, being it irrational fears, being it images of reality or future, which we are afraid of, being it luck of understanding of this or that moments, being it poorly bio-integrated consciousness, that is a consciousness that insufficiently clearly perceives phenomenon that are taking place in the body. Our exercises are aimed exactly at this point.

What I am getting at? Many people, well already not that many, are asking: Oleg Yurievitch, the Black Hole is so horrible, such a black image, all-absorbing image, would not we be drawn into it?, and so on. I think everything becomes clear from the patent formula, I cited today, so I would not comment on if it draws into or not sheer stupidity, lets better concentrate at the image why such an image was formed? Why? Lets imagine that each one of us, every individual taken separately is a state, a state that is under enemy attack. What should be done in order to solve the problem? Enemy should be destroyed. There is no possibility to be reconciled with this enemy, he will continue to destroy us, he would send saboteurs, he will be engaged in subversive activities, so we have to destroy the enemy. War. Whom we will summon in order to destroy enemy? We will summon or mobilize not poets, not prosaics or scientists. First we will mobilize those who can destroy enemies. Thats why for a basic Salvator system component, and for basic The Black Star protocol, was summoned the ideal form, the most perfect form of destruction, or better to say the best form of absorption of everything one could only imagine. This ideal absorption form carries out the function of nullifying that very destructive programs of reality interpreting, about which we are talking constantly, the entropy programs. Thats why it is a Black Hole or Mitchels Black Star. You should understand that in the Salvator program we are trying to create ideal images, in order to avoid any possible consequences in the form remaining of some unwanted moments, some leftovers. No, total, final destruction of what we do not need any more, and creation of what is needed to us, what is the basis of our lives. So Salvator is really a semantic technology, which functions at the levels of both destruction and creation.

In connection with questions, people asking me about zombiing, I want to pay your attention that this semantic technology works only in the imperative of your consciousness. It means that it does not take any decisions instead of you, it is you who are taking decisions! Salvator program helps your consciousness to choose an optimum variant of decision, from a great number of possible variants, that are created by the consciousness itself. To choose the variant that will aid building most optimum model of your reality, that surrounds you. I hope you understand what I am talking about.

Now I want to cite a fragment from a publication of my respected mentor, professor Stanislav Alekssevitch Suhih. This scientific article is devoted to the implicit communication, and this fragment is connected with the theme of our discussion. I promised you to give comments on chakras, here is scientific point of view on the chakral activity of humans. Generalized chakral activity at human being, could be represented in the form of typologies of personalities, relative likeness of which allows to postulate minimum loss of information in the process of communication. High activity of coccygeal, sacral, solar plexus and chest centers is characteristic for 50 percent of humanity. Here the chackras that are situated at this centers are meant. Imagine that such mass research of international scale are conducted and generalized. According to Wilson, it is existential level of consciousness evolution, asserting idea of biology value of life, when language is used as an instrument of social interaction. Great bulk of population by natural reasons accepts and asserts the idea of biology value of life, and uses language for social communication. Activity of throat chakra is characteristic for 30 percent of Earth population, at this group reflexive layer of consciousness is expressed brightly, it implies value of truth ascertain, language is used as instrument of cognition and reflection. Now we are talking about 30 percent of Earths population which are a locomotive of evolution. I mean not only technocratic and scientific development, in which many things are questionable, as we already discussed, but also evolution of humanity as a biology spices, possessing different forms of consciousness and different forms of thinking, and accordingly the ability to interpret the surrounding reality. It is very important for understanding of the Salvator technology essence, because basically these 30 percent of population posses increased ability to cognitive thinking, to creative thinking. By project Salvator realization we are trying, making serious attempts to redistribute this ratio, by increasing the number of people with developed cognitive form of thinking, and accordingly with developed throat chakra. By means of realization of the Salvator technology we press towards the position in which while ascertain the idea of biology value of life, we simultaneously acquire increased ability to searching and stating the truth, and maximally use our creative thinking and creative consciousness properties, as an instrument of cognition and reflection of the surrounding world. Generally speaking, reflection is paying attention, paying sharpened attention and correct understanding of what is going around us.

And so, the level of understanding is defined by similarity of types of personalities, from the point of view of openness and activity of related chakras. Later the location of these centers is described, I would not dwell on it now, but what is important that in the empiric sphere in the sphere of ones living experience, the assembly point of consciousness, that is the primordial I, is a movable center, which location at one of the chakral centers depends on a number of factors: cosmic rhythms, age, psycho-emotional state. Why am I mentioning this? When we are talking about assembly point of consciousness, in Salvator we are drawing a parallel with the focus of attention and landscape of attention. Lets remember what is written in our book? It is said, that Salvator helps us to build specific focus of attention, which you will be able to move along the model of the world, building images of what is going on and images of the future in real time. Now look, while building focus of attention, due to the exercises with Salvator, which will concentrate our attention at the activity of this or that chakra, we will regulate the chakral activity of the body, of our organism. In accordance with possibilities and accents, which this increased activity will bring to us, we will build focus of attention, which will aid building of our landscapes of attention in realization of the surrounding world. That is, in realization of our world, building the surrounding reality, that is what I am always talking about.

Now I am assailing some programs for future, later we will return to the same questions, and you will understand me better, that is I am building a line now in order to ease your understanding in future.

Now we may consider several phases of development of ours interaction with the Salvator, of ours interaction with our own consciousness and our biology system while using the Salvator. In this context we are going to speak about several kinds of consciousness and phases of ours biology system interaction with the Salvator technology. At that, these phases already are not responsible for our biology survival, now we are interested in different things. I mean that due to the development of abilities, given to us by Salvator, already at this stage we are acquiring the state of superposition in relation to the symbolic-artifact consciousness. There is such a consciousness. There are many kinds of consciousness. Now we are in the stage of symbolic-artifact consciousness. It is the level of consciousness, which is responsible for perception, integration and transfer of information with the help of gestures, abstract symbols, by use of language, attributes of symbolic thinking, that is images. We are at this very stage now. Our task is to put this stage in realization, and shift to higher properties of industrial consciousness, which implies perception, integration and transfer of nervous signals, connected with specific activities of human beings, that is activities into which we are evolved in the course of ordinary life, activities which are connected with our internal bio-control. That is with bio-integration of our consciousness. This stage of industrial consciousness is designated for starting to feel some specific moments, connected with the states of our bodies, minds and thinking processes, aimed at realization of this or that actions.

Due to our measures, due to our exercises, due to interaction with the Salvator program, we are gradually shifting from symbolic-artifact consciousness to the industrial consciousness stage. After realization of the industrial consciousness stage we will move to other loops of our nervous system, reinforcing their performance and switching into the stage of superposition. To the important loops, which are directly connected with the processing of somatic, electron-nervous and genome information. Under the term electron-nervous we have in mind information, which is transferred by means of electrons interaction, from the central to the peripheral nervous system, exactly through the nervous fibers everything that is connected with central and peripheral nervous systems. And the genome information is the information which is extracted from the structures of our genome memory. So we are going to consider 4 loops or systems that correspond to 4 phases of our interaction with the Salvator. Lets put it this way: symbolic-artifact consciousness is the entry into the Salvator technology, actually it is our first step in Salvator and realization of the program, given by the first protocol. Further entry is a shift to industrial consciousness, which is connected with integration and transfer of nervous signals, it is the starting of our exercises which we are going to master, and with the upcoming introduction of the new protocol. And the 4 subsequent loops, we are going to switch, the 4 loops of superposition of our nervous system, which are designated for processing of somatic, electron-nervous and genome information, they are preparing us to absolutely new levels of life quality. And the first loop we are going to move to is the consciousness of the body. That is the consciousness of our body at the level of perception, integration and transfer of sensory-somatic signals, not subjected to any outer imprints. That is influences or inhibitory influences from the outside. Now we are learning to perceive our body, integrate, transfer sensory-somatic signals with the help of our exercises. We are going to talk about it soon.

Now lets take a look on what are you writing.

Here is the first observation, Natalia writes: I am placing the Salvator at the solar plexus and fall asleep, dreams are chaotic.

There is no need to sleep with the Salvator at the solar plexus, it should be held for 10-15 minutes. It is a specific form of meditation, one should not think of anything at this stage. Dreams are chaotic, because the nervous system reboots, including afferent turning on, so you should not worry. You simply have to hold it for 10-15 minutes, then sleep. Chaotic dreams in the reboot stage could be connected with the fact, that the 4 loops, about which I talked today, are not clearly formed yet, and industrial consciousness is not activated at full scale. Generally, nothing horrible, the process is going.

Alla writes: (as I understand it is general impression of the Salvator technology), everyone is in rupture, there was a lot of fuss, but now everything settles in understanding and gladness. Everything works splendid, we started to understand each other very well, and there is a desire to talk about it and share this experience. Wonderful! I am happy for you. Inter-personal relations are still ahead, it will be very interesting point in pour mutual work.

Lidia writes: There is an pricking in the head, tightening and I pricking in the face, my husband feels pins and needles in the tip of the tongue and he falls asleep. It is a very good reflex when a person falls asleep in response to this. That is, an organism is submerged into sleep, and you know that restoration processes are activated in the state of sleep. That is he needs it, and it is absolutely adequate reaction. Pricking is connected with the nervous system reboot increased afferent reaction with corresponding neuro-physiology processes.

Natalia is asking a question: I have Salvator for almost a month, already activated it for 5 times. It does not work with me, I do not see any images, no help.

Natalia, there is no need to activate it 5 times, you already activated it, and that is enough, I already explained at our previous conference, that sensations could differ, that depends on our thinking process specific. Generally speaking, there are people who have a bit restricted image-like thinking, it is neither good, nor bad, that is the other form of thinking process. May be this people are having more rational approach to life and thinking, in this case some plato-phase is created, after which it shoots rapidly and effectively and also unexpectedly. In any case, algorithms, whish are awakening images, are stored in our genome archives, and they undoubtedly will be extracted, simply it will take more time. You have a specific form of consciousness, nothing horrible, everything will be realized.

Question: When we will get the second protocol?

Answer: Judging on the energy and embodiment of our ideas, I mean embodiment of our common ideas, I want complete understanding would be reached at the level of the first starting protocol. The second protocol will appear in a month or a month and a half. After that, subsequent protocols will appear quicker. Believe me, it is not connected with creation problems, I want you to master this technology level by level. I want you to have time to understand everything absolutely clearly, when information will go into the head, the subsequent protocols will work much more effectively. Including the orbital, to which we are closing. There is also such a form. When it comes to pricing, the protocols will be unexpansive.

Question: I activated Salvator, put it somewhere, and cannot find it. Is it working if I do not take it in hands?

Answer: It works, You will find it.

Question: I hold Salvator at the solar plexus for fifth day for 10 minutes, deep relaxation, the loss of sensation of body forms and boundaries.

Answer: Very wonderful state! It is a state of spreading in the cosmic space, which is very important factor, because in this state of total relaxation all balances and processes in our organism are harmonized, restored and regulated, starting from nervous and ending up with physiology. It is important moment, continue doing the exercise, we are going to have a serious progress ahead.

It is the afferent impulsation, that apparently reveals some problems in electron connections about which I told you, and in somatic coordination of the central nervous system. That is certain problems arise, and nevertheless they are solved in the process of doing exercises. May be you know about some problems connected with your health and gradually they are starting to show out, and gradually they are starting to be regulated. It does not deny a necessity of visiting doctors, but nevertheless I reckon that if you are in the stage of healing, it will go on with better effectiveness. It will go on more effective and would not go into a dead end form. Often, medical help, which they give us at hospitals, sanatoriums or in out-patient conditions does not hit its aim, because our mechanisms of consciousness bio-integration are not built up completely. That is we understand that it is useful, we take it, but it does not work seriously enough or does not work at all. Roughly speaking, it misses the target. Why? Because psychosomatic could work both in this direction and opposite. Remember the effect of burned hand, when a woman takes a cold item under influence of hypnosis that it is hot. Similar we may create some specific directives to ourselves, about which we may even do not suspect in the course of our daily lives, which will oppose full scale realization of the cure plot, given to us. You should always have this in mind. It is one of the Salvator functions turning up of the bio-integrated consciousness, its formation, restoration and reinforcement. It is the way of reaching maximum effectiveness in curative measures you are taking

Tatiyana is writing: I felt as if dissolved for 15 minutes, what it means?

It means that you have very good somatic reaction at afferent impulsation, and in the process of the Salvator use you have very good controllability of central nervous system and bio-control. Nowadays sleeping processes at everyone should start coming to norm, and during the time of sleep, the processes which are responsible for restoration, regeneration and normalization of all balances in the organism will be activated. At that they will be activated in a free phase, without influence of entropy or other excessive moments.

Irina: I am taking Salvator with me when going out. Peoples react either very positive or aggressive, aggressive reaction is rare.

Very often the communication between people depends on the state of chakras. It could be that some individual simply causes dislike, and nothing could be done with it. Or he dislikes you, it could depend not only on odor, some outer manifestations, outer factors. And very often moments, connected with dislike in relation to the other person, are built in result of your chakras de-synchronization. It is very important factor in research work, which is conducted at the department for a long time. Communicants are unable to integrate with each other in full scale communication, because of discord at the level of interaction between chakras people belong to different types. I already mention that Salvator is designated for ensuring this integration process. That is to balance the work of chakras of yours and your communicant with whom you are entering into interaction. No matter into what kind of interaction, you want to reach some goals or results in the process of this communication. It is the reaching of this goals that would be most optimum with the Salvator, why? Because at the level of bio-integrated consciousness it will help you to build up the performance of your chakras, their activity in such a way, that your interaction would take place in a most comfortable regime for you. With the exception of the case, when communicant has aggressive or evil intentions from the very beginning. Such events are rare, as you are writing. Aggressive reaction arises when one understands, they could feel it intuitively that it is something, that will prevent realization of his aggressive intentions towards you.

Valentina writes an observation that occasionally she is having prophetic dreams, which are repeated in reality, events are repeated. We will discuss moments, connected with the activity of our brain and our neurodynamics, often it has reactive character, such things are possible we will investigate into it.

Question: Please, repeat exercise with the Salvator at the solar plexus, I missed the conference.

Answer: It is elementary. You lay down in an absolutely calm surrounding, without sounds. Lay at your back in an absolutely comfortable pose, it is also called Shivasana, place Salvator at the Solar plexus and switch off completely, trying not to think of anything. Do not concentrate at anything. Try to switch of your consciousness and perception completely. Completely dissolve in the surrounding world. Salvator will help your consciousness to do it. For 10-15 minutes.

This exercise is very simple, later on it will consist of several stages, and we are going to consider the next stage at the end of our meeting.

Natalia is asking: Are there cosmoenergy channels in the Salvator? Cosmoenergy also works with images.

I am not a specialist in cosmoenergy, I am engaged in different spheres, but I can tell you that there are no cosmpenergy channels in Salvator. Thou it would be better to give a definition to what we are calling a channel. Salvators has channels that connect your consciousness with Universe, with images of the Universe and with images of the Planetary scale, first, with images of the Ocean. Because, connecting ourselves with the Oceanic Images, it connects us with images of our blood structures which is your internal ocean, which we inherited from the ocean water from the times when our ancestors appeared and lived in proto-ocean waters; and connects us with the images of the universe. Actually all this is a united channel that passes these images through cognitive human consciousness, You see? Salvator neither have nor build any specific constructions in the form of cosmoenergy channels. If one works with cosmoenergy, then Salvator will help this person, because as far as I know it is very creative sphere, and Salvator will help individual to realize himself in this sphere, and will help to actively build up images with which he is working. Many cosmoenergy practitioners mark this phenomenon.

Question: A powerful cleaning started when I started working with Salvator, the same was with my mother and son.

Answer: I am glad, it confirms that bio-integration of your consciousness took place quickly, and it was transferred to your folks. It confirms once again that we can fulfill our intentions in relation to people that are close to us by blood. Remember: blood internal ocean, blood is an ocean. We may fulfill our intentions and aim our thoughts in relation to our folks, who are suffering from some diseases, including nervous diseases and dependences, and at that reach some definite results.

Ludmila continues to ask: May be it is better to buy a new Salvator and activate it anew?

Plainly! I already told you that Salvator by itself is an instrument, as a spoon, fork, and so on. If you lost it, crushed by tank, if it got broken or lost, - nothing horrible, activate a new one, it will work the same way.

Delfi writes: Activated it yesterday, ability to concentrate and hold the focus of attention increased noticeably, It is wonderful! That is, we achieve this goals while realizing the Salvator project.

Question: Is it necessary to take of FSCs from yourself when working with Salvator?

Answer: I think it is not obligatory at all, FSCs are working in their own way, Salvator performs its own program, but in the imperative of your consciousness. It is absolutely unnecessary to take FSCs of, what for?

Alla Kruchinina: We fully support you, no need to hurry with the next protocol, we should work for some time with the first one.

Answer: I am grateful for your support, Alla. Really, the potential, that is contained in the first starting protocol, is not fully understood yet. It is not exhausted it is not even completely understood. Because now we are working at the level of entropy programs. And we also have building of landscapes of attention, I explained this theory several times but we did not came to practical realization in this sphere. We will start to work with it soon. Probably, we are going to have a separate brochure devoted to this topic, because it is very important, of course building of landscapes of attention is closely connected with interpersonal communication, which will be built in an optimum diapason.

Oksana is asking: Oleg Yrievitch, may be it will be sensible to make some primary adaptation period without activation of the protocol in order to escape initial acute phase? Or activation should be done immediately?

Answer: I do not see any problem in some interaction with the artifact without activation, but you should not drag out with the activation. That could be sensible, interesting thought, having in mind that some time is required in order to get accustomed to some new object, particularly to the Salvator artifact, to the very thought that you are going to use it. Nothing horrible, such a phase may exist, and you may realize it if you have such internal need. Then, let's say after a week, activate the protocol. But often it happens so that the stronger is the acute phase, the more effective the subsequent results are. Most of the users point out this moment. But adaptation period is also possible, why not?

Andrey says that he received information that in order to build up some desired picture, one should destroy an un-needed picture.

It is possible to build up the desired picture in presence of an un-needed picture, to put it more precisely, in presence of a harmful picture, the one that brings harm to you, then the building and realization of the new picture, and its realization in life at a level of action, deeds and solutions will be much less effective if you would not take the way of destruction, nullifying of what you do not need, what hinders you and sucks out your energy. It is something, at what your central nervous system spends enormous amounts of energy at compensation of these influences and their consequences for your consciousness and organism. Often it could be that images of unnecessary steal deep into subconsciousness and start to work from inside, then we are digging them out only through the acute phase, that is through nightmares, through active phases whish reflect the essence of this interaction bumping heads the rational part of our consciousness with the rational part of harmful programs. Actually, these images of unnecessary turn into harmful programs, you understand?! Into programs that start to work, I often bring this example with a woman, who had allergy at kerosene, she walked at her work along the kerosene shop, and every time she was not simply walking by, she experienced some fears or emotions in relation with this kerosene shop and her allergy at the kerosene, she really developed a physiological response. It is clear that this response was developed as a reaction at the kerosene smell, at that kerosene evaporation, which reached her mucous membranes, that is right. But when the shop was removed, and she continued to experience the choking condition, connected with allergy, then it becomes clear that we are dialing with an internal program, which climbed deep into subconsciousness, and created this interpretation from inside. It is irrational fear, it was formed at a level of physical reactions, at the same afferent level about which I am always talking, at the level of afferent impulsations pointed in the wrong reversed direction. So the task of the Salvator is to build up positive dynamics and remove negative.

Nina asks: Is Salvator indicated at oncology?

Nina, the Salvator is indicated at life. Oncology is a chronic disease, it is one of life problems, it is a part of our life, into which some of us are becoming involved. I suppose that Salvator amplifies the effectiveness of that medical measures, which are aimed at restoration of your health. Amplifies the effectiveness of therapy, reinforces the abilities of your bio-integrated consciousness in order to remove some definite blocks, programs and problems which prevent full scale realization of adequate response of your biology system at that curative measures which are applied to it, which pose influence to it. Of course if theses curative measures are adequate and correct, I hope it is true in your case or in case of a person, you are writing about.

Tamara: Please repeat the exercise for increased pressure, Oleg Yrievitch should write a brochure.

I understand this. The exercise is simple, it is for increased blood pressure and for prevention of cardio-vascular conditions. In the morning, at the empty stomach. As soon as you waked up, seat down in a comfortable position, you should be in seating position, not laying, then you take Salvator into a left hand, into a palm of the hand, hold it but not too tightly, relax completely, make several inhales, then make a deep slow inhale, hold your breath as long as you can, and do a very deep expiration. Then hold your breath for a short time then repeat it again: slow inhale, hold your breath as long as you can, and exhale deeply. Repeat it 3-5 times.

Question: I place the artifact at the solar plexus and fall asleep, what to do?

Answer: Set up a timer. You know, at the other hand, if you do not have any unpleasant sensations in the process of backfilling and sleeping.. well, better set up a timer, just to be on a safe side. Believe me, you will wake up, then you will go to sleep even better. You see, I am trying to play safe, because reactions could be different, so in case Salvator does not awake at you any unpleasant sensations, manifestations of redundancy character, chaotic dreams thou, I repeat once again that chaotic dreams could be a natural, normal reaction at building up new characteristics of your consciousness. That is if you are not having negative reactions, then sleep with Salvator for Goodness sake. Those who experience that artifact interferes in some degree should use a timer, set it for 10-15 minutes.

Question: The method of destruction consists is sending negative images of people, situations, events into a black hole, is it correct?

Answer: As I said at our previous meeting, we have a knowledge image, given to us by a syntactic protocol. knowledge images are responsible for functional properties of the algorithms which are forming in our cognitive consciousness due to the syntactic protocols. And we have forms-images, that is when we form an image of some phenomenon, individual or unfavorable events, which pose negative influence of our life, hinder us, we are forming them. I often bring such an example: a woman forms pain in a form of dust and drops this dust into the center of the absorption zone of the Salvator artifact. These forms-images are temporary, they have temporary character, they are as a hint, as helpers at some specific phase. So, I want to concentrate your attention once again at the fact, that Salvator aim is a clean stream consciousness, deprived of any images. I am going to open slightly the esoteric note of the Salvator, it seeks the Zen consciousness, we are moving in this direction, we are not going to reach it in an instance, but our goal is a clear stream consciousness without any images. And so, now you are using this images, you nullify them at the level of the absorption zone or at horizon of events in the analogy with a Black Star. But with time you will experience lesser necessity to form this images, and it will became to happen in automatic mode. Automatic mode is a rude analogy. In a state of stream consciousness you would not reflex and pay attention at what you have to get rid of. This process would flow continuously and may be even independently from your reflexing that you have to get rid of this or that. It is clear that every second, every moment of your life you understand that there is something you would better get rid of. And things you have to acquire you accept at the level of taking some decisions.

Now I am going to return to our material and tell you what we are striving too. I said that we are switching form the level of symbolic-artifact consciousness, which is given to us as the Salvator tooling, you remember that images, language and human cognitive consciousness with all its algorithms laid deep in the genome memory are the main Salvator tools. And now we are finishing this phase, we are putting it into realization, and it will remain with us, it does not disappear anywhere, it stays with us as a powerful serious basic tool. I am talking about the first protocol and the first phase of our interaction with Salvator. In the process of realization of our programs (in this phase) we are closing to the development of super-state of Industrial consciousness, which is connected with perception, integration and transfer of nervous signals and a number of roles the consciousness plays in human life. In the process of realization of our Industrial consciousness, which again stays with us as an instrument, we would not throw it away, we will keep it as an instrument, step by step we are forming this base and our structure the Salvator consciousness. Or it is possible to put it this way: the culture of the Salvator consciousness. We are closing to the consciousness of the body. And we are starting to perform specific exercises, which help us to perceive sensory-somatic signals in a better way, integrate and transfer them in a better way. At that this sensory-somatic signals became less subjected to the outer negative influences, including imprints connected with some social, political directives, commercials, with zombifing influences I know that you like to use this word that is influences that create for us images imposed from the outside and connect our consciousness and body with the surrounding reality at the level of decoherence. You may wonder how this connection is formed?

Lets consider this decoherence phenomenon on the example of Coca Cola commercials. Look, what divisive characters of imprints is used, there is a number of different imprints bindings. Bindings to names, bindings to relations, to forming sexual relations between young people, bindings to vacations, bindings to relaxation, bindings to friendship, that is most warm, most commonplace and understandable for young people moments are used for formation of mems, which create imprints in our consciousness bindings for our consciousness. What are they really doing? What is decoherence? Interlocking with surrounding. Tangling with the environment that surrounds us and subjecting to its rules. Not we are dictating to the environment, not our consciousness defines our being in the state of decoherence. On the contrary, in the state of decoherence our being defines our consciousness, forms images at us, to which we have and must to obey. Salvator destroys this and relieves us from this system of decoherence which works in relation of people, at which it is built at the level of imprints and mems. As I said, it is bindings to friendship, names, love, partnership, to work and rest, to the active way of life, and also to sports! What grows up in result? Under the influence of imprints, built at images that are most understandable and close for the consciousness, the binding to the product itself is formed at the individual. Suppose he has an image of his girl-friend and immediately a Coca cola bottle is standing nearby in his consciousness. Here are the images, imprints and bindings that are formed. The image of family hearth or some feast, barbecue with friends friendship immediately a Coca-cola bottle, the image of Coca-cola bottle will be forming everywhere. It is only natural if he will consume this product.

I was always wondering in what way beer is connected with football? I did not find an answer to this question till now. That is in what way beer belly is connected with effective movements of a player on a football field. And why beer companies publicize football and football publicize beer companies. Whats the matter? You see, a strong binding exists, Football divides people at two social groups. One group consists of those who are running along the field, kicks the ball about, and as it is seen from the comments of the other group members, the ones who are watching them, do not understands a thing about it. The group of people who are watching how the first group kicks the ball into each-others scores, comments all this, they understand absolutely everything that takes place at the field, but they are not able to repeat the first group because they consume beer. By the way, such clear difference was created artificially, and you also understand what health issues are created by excessive beer consumption. And often it really comes to it. I am not moralizing here, and not appealing to lead a healthy way of living, I understand that people may have some habits, simply I am bringing examples of imprints and the ways they are created. Salvator leads us to deliverance from bindings, connected with images, imposed from outside, with the images which are really zombifing.

And, so what next step we will make when we will reach the body consciousness stage. Again the body consciousness will remain with us, it is exactly bio-integration of consciousness. We are going to develop ability to monitor and scan our bodies at the level of lexical directives, we are going to call this program The Internal Gaze or The Closedl Gaze, when due to our exercise, Salvaor practices and new protocols, we will be able to control our biology system. We are aiming to the total control our biology systems non dependant of age, and to the receiving of rational messages and aspirations which will orient us at correction of mistakes, committed in relation to our biology system. For example to change nourishment structure, or to change the physical activity mode, introduce some practices, connected with motion and physical activity, and so on. And what is most important we are going to feel the processes, that are taking place in the organism, the moments and phenomenon which require our attention, which will make us alert, and at which we should react in proper time by visiting a doctor, or by taking some health recovery measures, and so on. At the levels of consciousness, somatic system, central and periphery nervous systems, afferent impulsation the system of body consciousness will be targeted at regulation of the processes in the organism, at suppression of unwanted processes and at support of positive processes, which support and restore our organism, improvement of its life capabilities.

The next phase of consciousness is a consciousness of the brain. What it is responsible at? It is the phase, the loop, the module we are striving to reach in future after mastering the body consciousness. The body consciousness stays with us. The consciousness of the brain implies increased capabilities of perception, integration and transfer of nervous signals in the body. With enormous speed, that is, it is increased reaction speed, and consequently a better control by central and periphery nervous systems over everything that takes place in our body, including improved characteristics of ourselves as personalities. That is, this phase implies realization of our personal ideas and potentials in the surrounding space. It is very interesting, because it will improve our abilities to influence the surrounding world, to achieve desired results and plans. Actually it means the fulfillment of our plans in most optimum diapason. That includes effective use of our cognitive, creative and will abilities. It is very important moment, which will aid improvement of characteristics of reality that we are forming.

The next and very interesting phase is DNA consciousness. This phase, loop, module is characterized with that it allows to reach fantastic results due to the consciousness changing of own DNA code, this is confirmed by history of psycho-physical practices. It is changing in the programs, which being laid into our DNA code, carry negative information both for us and future generations. Why it happens? Because at this stage of consciousness DNA starts to perceive, integrate and transfer signals to RNA - ribonucleic acid, giving way to biology symbiosis with phenomenon that will aid considerable life prolongation. It is a vey important phase. Of course, resource support will be necessary at this phase, I am always speaking about it, and we will speak about this moment later once again. Now we are going to gain understanding, what it gives to us? With what in the organism RNA is connected? It is connected with the albumen synthesis in the organism, it is a stage of correct formation of albumens characteristics. It is formation of albumens synthesis process without distortions, connected with realization of genetic programs. Generally speaking, in the process of incessant organism build up and renewal, the albumens will be formed in such a way, that will give us more chances at life prolongation. Of course, it is going to be a healthy life, which will have creative and constructive character.

We will stop for the time being, and would not consider the subsequent stages, we covered enough today. I only want to mention that in the DNA consciousness phase we also have a most important task. As you already know in Mariton and Marbax programs we give considerable attention to the problem of sterility and normalization of the state of pregnant women. By using Salvator and resource support we are going to form conditions that would protect the future fetus and the future child from genetic distortions and mistakes, or from genetic programs that could be harmful to him, to his development and future life, which could be laid into his DNA structures from previous generations or due to the influence of some excessive influences: radioactive, chemical, food influences. If these programs will come to realization, the child could be ill or developing slowly. Or maybe the child would not get all necessary for the full-value development at the level of albumens synthesis. Generaly speaking, with the help of the Salvator program realization and supportive resources, we want to reach the situation when children would be born healthy and beautiful, without unpleasant genetic heritages and their realizations in life. And on the other hand that they would be born with already laid potential of reaching maximum abilities that human beings may have.

Lets switch to questions.

Question: Something strange happens with me when I am working with Salvator, as if I am flying away to somewhere to astral, I am afraid I would not come back.

Answer: be calm, you will return, Salvator is an absolutely rational program, so be sure you will return

Question: What side to place the Salvator at the solar plexus?

Answer: You should place it at the solar plexus the same side you place it at the palm of the hand. That is, the absorption zone and raised rings up.

Question: Oleg Yurievitch, my friend turns on music while performing exercise, he says it is better this way. What do you think of it?

Answer: You know when I say: Turn of the music, first, I do not know what music you are going to listen, often we ourselves do not know what music may impede, we even do not suspect about it. Or what music will build up some unwanted dynamics in the head, which would not favor full scale realization of the exercise. In a given case, if it helps him, if it is better for him, let him use music, but it should be calm relaxing music. When I am advising not to turn on music, I am trying to standardize the approach, having in mind that everything will be well without music, and I do not know how one will react at some specific music. Thats why I recommend to perform it without music. If the music does not interfere well, turn it on, but it should be a music without text, pop would not do in any case. It should be stream music, deprived of any images, very soft and calm. May be it could be the voice of the stream. Well, no, I would not recommend the sounds of nature in this situation, because the voice of the stream will create images, and we do not need them. In a given situation, for a given exercise.

Question: It is impossible to turn off thoughts.

Answer: It will come, the main thing is that you should not over-constrain yourself. The more you will concentrate your attention at turning of your thoughts, the harder they will turn off. It is probably your case, many people feel similar. They would go away gradually on their own, not at the first try, so relax.

Question: Please repeat the exercise for people with hypertension problems.

Answer: I will tell it another time in short: This exercise should be done once a day. Any exercise with Salvator should be done once a day. When waking up in the morning, on an empty stomach, you should seat into a comfortable pose, relax, take Salvator into the left hand, tightening it in the palm of the hand. Deep inhale, holding your breath as long as you can, you may breathe for a while before starting, and a slow deep exhalation. Hold your breath again for a short time, then again deep slow inhalation, holding your breath and deep slow exhalation. Do it 3-5 times, holding your breath as long as you can.

Tatyana: I am opening any cosmoenergy channel with the help of Salvator, works very powerfully.

Answer: Tatyana, you are opening it because you know what are you doing. You are practicing cosmoenergy, generally speaking it is your activity, and Salvator always helps human beings in activities, because activities are always connected with brain cognitive functions, knowledge, and so you are getting powerful result.

Question: Shell we stick to some special nourishment regiment when working with Salvatror?

Answer: No, there is no need to stick to some specific nourishment system, but I want to tell you that Salvator will gradually tune you at a regiment of rational useful nourishment. It will take place inevitably, it takes place already at many people.

Question: How to use Salvator in order to become accustomed to it, without activation of the protocol?

Answer: Simply hold it in hand, contact with it. Rotate it on the table when sitting near, simply touch it, nothing difficult.

Question: I read some phrases from the protocol to many different people before activation, at that all of them entered into powerful energy torrent, what is it?

Answer: It is the afferent impulsation, about which I told you, it is connected with nervous system physiology. A powerful pulse goes, it is very good, wonderful and useful reaction.

Question: Shell one work with deep rooted problems until their disappearance?

Answer: One should work with problems in the moment form the moment of their appearance, at the moment of their formation. I see the question yes, till the disappearance of a problem. You will watch it yourself and your consciousness will tell you.

Question: Is there any difference for right and left handers in what hand to hold?

Answer: if you are a left handed person hold it in a left hand, it is desirable to use the hand you are writing with. It is true with the exception of the exercise for the cardio-vascular system and hypertension, we talked about.

Question: When doing exercise my relative saw northern lights and winter view a wonderful image which is obviously close to her.

It is wonderful!

Tamara: I am falling asleep with the Salvator in hand, high blood pressure after that

Answer: Then you should not sleep with the Salvator in hand, put it on the bedside table.

Question: How to work with a bed-patient, who is not able to read? Is it possible to work with non-activated Salvator?

Answer: The result of working with non-activated Salvator will be poor. The principle of working with Salvator is activation through the protocol, then work. Read a protocol to a bed-patient, give him a Salvator at hand at the moment of reading. Or work through yourself, through your intentions.

Question: Salvator stimulates bile outflow at me

Answer: I am glad the processes are stimulated, it confirms good effect of afferent impulsation.

Tatyana: Visual forms disappear, as well as forms of words, sounds, thinking remains but becomes different.

Answer: Great! That is at a number of people the process is at a full scale realization, it goes differently at every case. For some people it is needed a bit more time, a bit less for others.

Question: Your story about a woman and kerosene, and your approach to the Salvator culture remained me about Pavlovs dog, is it true?

Answer: What do you mean under the Pavlovs dog? All of us have conditioned and instinctive reflexes. Human system of reflexes is similar to that at any mammalian. The example is a fact of life, how I can not to comment it, it is similar with a burnt at a hand from a cold item, it is possible to bring a number of similar examples. Yes reflexes are developed in result of physiology reaction at this or that irritant, particularly at the kerosene. It is laid down into consciousness, the question is to dig it out. But human being possesses such form of consciousness, such possibilities, including Salvator, that give him possibility to get rid of it, to dig it out. That is what differs human from the dog. That is deliberate activity that allows to use such instruments as Images and language, functions of cognitive consciousness and the instruments given by Salvator in order to get rid from the problem.

Question: When I am performing exercise, placing Salvator at the Solar plexus, pressure starts to change abruptly, the body is trembling.

Answer: Be patient, nothing horrible happens, reboot of your nervous system is taking place, afferent impulsation is working, nothing horrible. I think that everything will get into norm in a week time, and you will have adequate reactions. They are adequate now, simply they are in your specific diapason.

Question: Is it possible to change a cerebral palsy program at a two year child with the help of Salvator?

Answer: Only by means of your desire and contact with Salvator. That is you aim your wishes and thoughts at this child at changing of his state. 10 minutes once a day. Even five, holding Salvator in hand, devote your thoughts to this theme for several minutes a day. Think about it, aim your thoughts and intention at this situation changing.

Question: My family relations became more acute, I continue to pour negative into Salvators black hole.

Answer: Continue doing it, temporary exacerbations are possible. By the way, many our users wrote about it, and say that afterwards everything comes to norm in the best possible way.

Question: Exercise inhale-exhale with breath holding helps to decrease pressure even without Salvator

Answer: Please, make your own investigation, do it without Salvator and with Salvator and you will understand everything.

Salvator is able to amplify functionality and abilities of our actions, it is one of its effects. When you, by interaction with Salvator are increasing the quality of integration of your consciousness with your biology system, then effectiveness of your actions is increased noticeably.

Question: Is it possible to add Tibetan bowls sounding when working with chakras?

Answer: I think that it is possible, we will discuss the influence of sounds later and build up this diapason.

Now lets talk about the next stage of our exercise, you will be a kind of disappointed with what I am going to say now, but only until the moment when you will start doing this exercise. We continue to lay on the back, we continue to hold Salvator at the solar plexus for 10-15 minutes. And now we.. First, before switching to this stage, perform previous stage of our exercise at least for a week. It is desirable to do it at least 7 times, OK ?! only now we are starting to switch our attention, we are starting to concentrate our attention at the head, precisely at the crown of the head. That is your task, while performing this exercise is to keep a calm breath, to feel the crown of the head and concentrate your attention on it. We are going to share our experiences at the next meeting. Do not be over diligent, do it calmly during 10-15 minutes.

My dear, I thank you for your attention, I wish you new positive impressions from Salvator, Love, Health and Harmony!

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