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Shevchenko Oleg Yurievitch, Salvator, internet conference, February 13-th, 2015.

I salute everybody who is connected, I have a difficult task for today, it is to bring the essence of the Salvator concept in the form of a relatively short conference.

You could have asked me: Why did you move into psychology project, started to be engaged in psychology, psychokinetic, psychosomatic, as far as you are well known here with your functional nourishment products. I will explain, yesterday I made a report at the resort medicine conference in the city of Anapa, which was organized by Russian Resort Association. My own report was devoted to the functional nutrition products, I paid attention at the significance, which was attached to such themes as psychosomatic correction of the patients state, to positive influence at the patients mood and state. And I think that in the current year this trend will strengthen, and psychosomatic correction methods will became imprescriptible part of recreation processes.

I also want to point out that academician Velihov, who is the head of Russian Scientific Center Kurchatovs Institute, recently he celebrated 80s anniversary, our President congratulated him with such a date. And this very man, who devoted his life to nuclear energy studying, who has a tremendous amount of publications, and who is acknowledged authority in the nuclear energy science, nevertheless it is he, who nowadays in the same Kurchatovs Institute, think about it, conducts a vast research program, which is devoted to the cognitive functions of human consciousness. Seemingly what could be in common between nuclear technologies and cognitive human consciousness ?!

These trends that nowadays are present in the scientific world, characterize merging of different branches which we consider incomparable, and formation of new values and research priorities. That confirms a fact that everything in the world is interconnected, and the World is a single whole with everything. Universe, our Planet, Human being in the biosphere system of our planet, human consciousness all this is a single whole. And at the level of the human consciousness, at the level of the human consciousness cognitive functions, everything posses a property of mutual reflection. Human consciousness in its active creative sphere, is able to transform these reflections (images), and doing these influence its own future and current state, at the state of own health, at the state of physical body. Properly speaking Salvator project is devoted to this very theme: widening of the human consciousness constructive range.

A big collective of authors, consultants, specialists in the fields of nuclear physics, linguistic psychology, medicine, anthropology took part in the development of this project, and it is possible to say that the project has already 20 years history.

May be you already know, that the beginning of these research have been set when we developed such a product as Mariton, we worked with people which were actually in the state of stupor and do not come out of it, particularly it was connected with the use of heavy drugs. Remaining inside the boundaries of medicine technologies, we conducted experiments, trying to create conditions for the correction of the state of consciousness. And the results we succeeded to achieve in very hard conditions convinced us that this technology has a right to live and to develop. And that specialists from different areas of knowledge should participate in the project. We had 6 results, but all of them were very memorable, because these people did not contact with the outer world.

As far as the project is devoted to widening of human consciousness abilities, and actually to the structuring of your own internal world biology machine, and the world that is outside us, you should understand that this project has unlimited potential of development, because it involves human consciousness into creation of different images images of our reality, imitational models of reality, which aid to the transformation of so called landscapes of attention, formation of outer reality, realization of your veritable intentions, your true human nature.

And another my task today is to explain everything in simple words, I was asked about it many times. I will try and hope will succeed in it today.

What Salvator consists from? It is such a metal object and a syntactic protocol, which is created in accordance with some definite linguistic principles. That is syntactic protocol was created on a basis of some definite speech rhythms, operates with definite concepts, known to human consciousness. It uses verbal and communication codes, which initialize creation of definite algorithms in the human consciousness, which are connected with the use of this material object.

This object has a metal body, made of bronze. Everything which is connected with Salvator, is connected with the use of definite symbolism, at that symbols used in the Salvator have very long-time traditions. I would say that similar to the fact that ancient practices of starry sky and planets motion observing transformed into astrology and Zodiac constellations, and recently developed into astronomy and astrophysics, ancient practices, connected with the use of symbols, different amulets, ritual practices aided to creation of some definite tradition of symbols use to the development of some symbolic format of human consciousness, which served as a basis for the creation of the scientific Salvator concept.

You asked me to speak simple and I will this metal item, is an article, manufactured from bronze. What for, for what purpose? It is made to concentrate your attention on itself when reading the syntactic protocol. It includes a row of different symbols. First of all, it is an item, made of bronze, it consists of two parts, and has internal cavity. So called core is situated in this cavity. The Core consists of objects and substances, which represent the Elements of the World by their typology classification. It contains natural polymer technical amber, it also contains particles of meteors, which visited our earth. Along with that it contains salt from ancient Tetis ocean it is crystalline structure. And finally it contains Pontic monimolimnion components hydrosulphuric medium which lays beyond the Black Sea depth, it is the only place on Earth where such unique medium exists.

This metal item is a message for our consciousness, which, after reading the syntactic protocol, starts to work in a definite algorithm, tuning and structuring itself for the initialization of images of the outer world, which are included into these or that protocols. We will have a single object, and there will be a number of protocols. Now we have the first protocol The Black Star, I think many of you are already acquainted with it, this protocol has definite functional designation. Each protocol will build images in your consciousness, which will aid the development of your cognitive span, and will aid the development of functional abilities of your consciousness and physical body at all levels of their organization, and at all levels of interaction, starting from the molecular, energy, plastic, structural and signal levels, it is important.

The principle of the syntactic protocol use, and all Salvator technology in general, is built on the properties of language, as an organ built into our brain by evolution, this evolutionary acquisition differs us from vast diversity of life forms on Earth, and gives us additional evolutionary advantage in comparison with all other species, existing in the biosphere. What is the feature of it ? Actually all our body, the entire organism, starting from the activity of the molecules, which in their turn poses some corporative signaling, and ending with macro organisms, our organs and body as a whole, first of all it is our blood, are literally penetrated with linguistic signals and terms. Computer specialist would use the word digitalized to describe this informational interaction. That means that the entire work of our organism, entire bio-control functions are executed by the brain and central nervous system on the basis of our main linguistic components. This property distinctly differs us from the rest of the animal world. Because in the animal world information transfer is based on the chemical changes in the DNA structure, these or that adaptability factors became anchored and transferred to the subsequent generations. It is a prolonged process, which often drug out for hundreds and thousands, if not millions, years. We, people, possessing consciousness, also poses ability to commit our own evolution in the boundaries of our intraspecific complex. And I repeat once again, the feature of our organism, its biology structures from micro to macro systems level, is an ability to react at linguistic directives, or at signals, connected with these directives.

Lets consider an example, it is character and interesting. Imagine a situation when a man is deprived of his territory, for example, your were expelled from your territory where you lived from your flat, house, ground you poses. This way possession module was violated, which gave birth to powerful stress reaction in the organism. By means of initialization of these phenomenon in your consciousness, your brain formulated a task: to develop proper measures as an answer to violation of your rights. Under influence of this signal, which undoubtedly is formed first in the form of linguistic directives, then in the form of the image of action. That is a landscape of attention forms at the first place, then forms an image of action, which blends with this landscape of attention and comes into realization. Under the influence of this directive, arteries that supply your heart undergo trophic changes. In what way? Angional ulcers form in arteries, which change temporary or constantly the structure of arteries tissues, broaden them and increase heart blood supply, in order to realize superpower mode for fighting back your territory. Return reactions of people, when they exhibit super power under influence of stressful situations, in the form of lifting heavy loads or jumping through the fence, are based on the same principle. That is directives, meditated through images and signals, and images generated by your consciousness, bring your organism, your body into a state of superposition, in which it is possible to cope with loads and solve tasks induced by extreme situations. What it tells about? That in the process of our interaction with the outer world, we developed one very interesting property: we are the only creatures in the world who poses ability to interpret phenomenon and events of the outer world. That is, to give interpretations to the reality. At that, we interpret reality at the level of language schemes by means of development of proper formulations, and by means of realization of definite images of actions, or images of things or phenomenon. And the quality of our decisions we take, depends on these interpretations.

Nowadays many scientists in our big community, which are connected with quantum physics, nuclear physics, philosophy, with studying of consciousness, all of them say that it is human consciousness, which is situated in the center of the World. That is, by means of forming images in our consciousness, we have possibility to structure surrounding reality, structure phenomenon that surround us, pose influence on them. And we can use active actions, formed under influence of these images, which we interpret in our consciousness. That is the quality of these interpretations influence our deeds and decisions we take, at the organization of our conduct, and in the long turn at the quality of our life.

Let's consider an example. I like this example because it is very bright. A woman who had strong allergy at the kerosene, used to walk along the kerosene shop. Everyday she passed this shop while going at her job. And every time she had asthma attack. After some time the shop was removed. And the woman, passing the same street, continued to suffer asthma attacks. That is the formed image of this place along with indications connected with the image, gave birth to the same reactions, which were similar to the state of allergic reactions, to the asthma attacks. A woman, who slipped on ice, formed for herself an image of fears, apprehension. Next time, under the influence of these fears she would imitate the same complex of actions which led to her falling, and she will fall another time. We could continue a list of such examples. It confirms that interpretations of the outer world, that are formed by our consciousness, influence everything. Influence everything that is inside us and everything that happens around us. The inner world and the outer world. Generally speaking, the examples I brought, are classical examples of destructive interpretations of reality. Destructive programs of the reality interpretations. That is negative program of reality interpretations is our own fruit, the fruit of our consciousness.

If everything were this way, the world would be much simpler. Along with that a number of another important aspects exist, that we should discuss in the context of our Salvator project. The point is that our task of the reality interpretation depend on our connections with the outer world, on our ability to react at these or that influences posed at us by the outer world, our environment, by our ability to react adequately at the influences which are posed by the outer world or coming out of our own biology system. And here we encounter with a global, fundamental phenomena, which follows the entire development of life on our planet. It is the phenomena of entropy and neg- entropy. The concept of neg- entropy is the most universal phenomena connected with life. That is life is self-organizing process, which is based upon plastic, molecule, energy processes, in generally it opposes entropy and produces neg- entropy.

What is entropy? To put it simple it is a chaotic state of the system. For example chaotic state of the biosphere, chaotic state of some biology processes, which take place in our body. In relation to the informational and signal system, which is our biology organization, entropy is a measure of randomness, measure of the disorder in the system, that influences its functional properties. Generally speaking it is chaos which leads to disorganization of processes, which aid your existence and interaction with the outer world, thus defying realization of your intensions and motives. In relation to the biology system it is a chaos which predetermines subsequent anarchy of your biology system, premature aging, illnesses and further violations in the organism balances, and so on.

At all times during the development of biology species, evolution of the biology life on Earth, entropy and so called determined chaos were considered nothing else but a factor, that stimulates the development of species, that stimulates the development of life, because entropy factor created conditions under which an organism should have develop, fight for its existence, self-organize and tend to forming neg-entropy state, that is a state of equilibrium and optimum interaction with the environment. In our time, in the conditions of technocratic civilization, situation changed radically. I want to tell you that our scientific society came to a final conclusion, that a 12000 years long era of well-to-do interaction of human beings with the surrounding environment, of their harmonious unity has gone. It is exhausted. Nowadays we are starting to live in an epoch of hard anthropocene. It is an epoch of quaternary which is characterized by overall speeding up of all technology processes, which were generated by people. By rapid development of technologies, development of devices and apparatus which help us to live. But to our sorrow the process is accompanied by rapid development of changes that take place on our Planet. It is not a secret that in result of technocratic revolution and using of vast amount of natural resources, gas composition of Earth atmosphere has changed. First of all it is 2 and methane. A great amount of ocean fish has being caught out the balance is violated. Perhaps plankton make-up and biocenosis is violated for forever. Biocenosis becomes disrupt, almost all factors, that characterize biology existence of spices, undergo changes. That is human beings start to pose global influence at all processes, which to our sorrow lead to unpredictable results.

I can bring a live example of anthropogenic load, posed at our planet. Yesterday at the Resort Association meeting they spoke how difficult it was to save Anapa city beach. They planned to take out 40 millions tons of sand for Sochi Olympic objects building. If it were done as planned, Olympic objects would be built easier, but we would loose forever Anapa and Gelendzhik coasts with all healing effects. It is only a small local example.

Along with that another concept appears, it is a concept of technology complication singularity. That means incessant technology complication of devices, which people use. I speak about computers, mobile phones, which are thrown out at the market in hundredth of new versions. I speak about different programs and internet, I speak about television, and also about a number of other devices, which could be characterized by one interesting property - anthropocene. The characteristic feature of anthropocene and singularity is the fact that human being finds himself in dependence from devices, which he uses.

Lets bring an example. I do not know when someone from you was at the parents meeting at school, I was a month ago. They spoke about two main reasons of childrens poor progress. The main reason is distraction of attention. And what are the motives and pretexts? Cell phone and computer games. Network games. It comes down to children standing close to each other and communicating by messages through cell phone. This technocratic system, which puts individuals into dependence from devices we developed in order to ease our life, it also poses colossal influence at psychic, at human consciousness, turn human being into a closed system, tearing him out of natural connections with the surrounding world. This connections, which existed during 12 000 years of flourishing cooperation of a human being with nature, nowadays are cut at energy, physical, biology levels. Nowadays we would not be able to live normally if we would be placed into conditions of forest, or into seashore conditions. We could not imagine our life without comfort. It seems that it is normal when we live and trying to achieve some comfortable conditions, very well! But colossal pressing that comes from different informational systems, such as television, commercials, network computer games, different gadgets, all this works at complete suppression of human consciousness, focusing it at minimum needs. Recently I saw publications, devoted to the western society problems, which say that western society is actually at the edge of dying out, two or three generations and everything will be changed forever. That is more active part of settlers from the East and Africa will occupy the niches, which becoming free in result of reduction of the western countries population, sacrificing cultural values, at that sacrificing for what? Actually for possibility of easing control over society. By the way, it is American concept, forgive my going into politics. In order to ease control over society, a behavior pattern is posed / inserted, that brings consciousness of young people down to two things: macdonalds and television, or cell phone or computer games. Under the influence of such directives a situation arise when even art becomes projective. Essentially stile of the art changes, meaning of art-works changes, they became projective, they are duplicated, factors of mass-art appear. This tendency impoverishes spiritual life and creative (image-like) thinking of individuals, which is very important. As I already mentioned, it is image-like, constructive, creative thinking, that makes individual able to commit adequate deeds, which could harmoniously change surrounding environment. If we only compare the state of educational and breeding system, we could say that earlier people new several languages, they could play musical instruments, it considered indecent not know how to dance, draw, read and write poetry. What a colossal cultural outburst we observed in 19-th century and in the beginning of 20-th century. Note how everything came down later, everything started to go out of classic human values, and transform into technocratic versions what we are dealing nowadays.

There is such a term Mem. Essentially mem is a unit of evolution and cultural information of humanity, which has properties of transfer from generation to generation, from man to man, and creation of definite cultural and moral traditions.

I will bring you an example of mem. Very interesting and characteristic, classical example of mem. After that I will explain why I spoke about mems. Mem is a basic unit of cultural tradition transfer from generation to generation. In our cultural evolution mem is similar to gen in genome. During the First World War they started to produce phosphoric matches, which lighted up well under any conditions, in big quantity. And manufactures of these phosphoric matches greatly enlarged possibilities of realization of their production due to one mem, which sprung out at the fields of the First World War. In the evening time three soldiers light their cigarettes from a match. A match is lit, one soldier lights his cigarette, then brings a match to a cigarette of a second soldier, then brings a match to a cigarette of a third man. And this time one, two, three which is needed for these three motions was enough for a sniper to work off the third soldier. Generally speaking a mem, that a third man should not lit a cigarette from the same match, was formed as a result of a phenomenon, which is characterized by a death of a third soldier under conditions of war. Mem implied that a third man should not lit a cigarette even from a lighter. Mem is alive even nowadays. As you may understand, in result of realization of this mem in the public conscience, turnover of matches manufactures increased greatly. Mems are very stable phenomenon, and to our sorrow they are also images. In some sense, in the sense of public cognitive conscience mems are interpretations of reality, of phenomenon of reality. They may have stable destructive character, or they may give birth to some tendentious in society. For example, the fashionable length of skirts, or some stereotypes of food behavior of people all these are mems. Actually our cultural consciousness consists of mems. To our sorrow, it is this structure of our cultural consciousness, that undergoes changes in result of technocratic civilization. As I already mentioned, the dependence of human beings from gadgets they created, is one of the reasons of this phenomena.

Generally Salvator changes relations between human being and a device, created by humans. In the Salvator culture, and here we are talking about Salvator culture, a device depends on human. Actually, being a carrier of symbolic information, at that this information is meaningful for you, Salvator artifact is a translator of definite images for our consciousness, which come into realization through syntactic protocol. Images come to realization into surrounding world, into your internal world, into your biology medium. Salvator depends on your consciousness, it does not work without your consciousness. It works only inside the imperative of your consciousness. A connection forms between individual and a device, I can bring an analogy: Similar to the Samurai sword, which is a prolongation of his hand, the Salvator is a prolongation of your cognitive consciousness, which aids development and restoration of your connections with the outer world it is the first. Second, at the example of The Black Star protocol it reproduces the phenomenon of Mitchells Black Star an image in your consciousness, which aids destruction, absorption of negative programs and your deliverance from negative interpretations of reality, that is important. Actually Salvator artifact (through realization of syntactic protocols) is a conductor of your consciousness into the surrounding world.

What happens? In the process of intercourse with the surrounding world, being it a dialog between people, being it an intercommunication that has a tendency of a conflict situation, it does not matter, we loose up to 80 percent of information, taking into consideration that our conscience reconsiders information and often operates with negative interpretations of reality. We are loosing up to 80 percent of symbolic information. At that we spend enormous amount of energy.

Before taking a decision, as you understand our life and its quality depend on our decisions, and sometimes lives of our folks and even countries and nations depend on our decisions And so, in the process of taking a decision, our brain, which is a unique biology computer, which has milliard of neurons and trillions of connections, and forms millions of new connections every second, has to analyze an object or phenomenon in a second and build a scenario of future action or the reaction at the situation he is going to take. That is to build interpretation of reality which will aid subsequent realization of his intentions, actions and reactions. And so, in a second your brain produces up to 40 variants of the interpretation of the reality. Ur to 40 variants of scenarios. In a second we have to choose the only one variant from this number, and we do it. The correctness and adequacy of this choice depends on the quality of tuning of our cognitive consciousness. Are we doing it adequately to the situation, to our own nature, to the interests of other individuals. Believe me, all actions that are going to follow later are forming the biodynamic tissue of our actions - there is term in psychology which weaves, forms in result of the decisions we take or the scenario we realize. One of a forty in a second.

One of the main Salvator fanctions is creation of an algorithm, which will help you to take quick and correct decisions in accordance with your biology nature, your consciousness, and surrounding environment in which you are in, and transferring this algorithm to you. At that, non dependant from your education, your views, religious preferences, or anything else. Non dependant. Salvator looks into your biology nature and into your consciousness, at the first place. And the Salvator task is to structure all hierarchy levels in your biology machine, starting from the level of molecules and ending up with the central nervous system, recreate optimum conditions for interconnection and interaction at all levels. That will aid to improve the quality of your life conditions, strengthening the resources of your organism, activation of your organism and psychic defense properties, and create conditions for you to be able to fulfill programs of internal repair, internal liquidation of consequences of illnesses, or influencing the origination reasons that led to development of diseases you already have.

So, I want to tell you, that this item Salvator artifact is single. It is an item of your personal use. With time you will develop your personal relations with it, it will acquire individual value for you. You may call it differently, may call it an amulet it does not matters.

And there will be many protocols. First, I want to dwell, why is it called Syntactic protocol? Why not, suppose, linguistic or semantic protocol? By Novoholmskiy. it is our language syntactic, which we could see in the form of printed text messages, positions of the punctuation marks, which define intonations, pay attention at these or that places in the text, that defines linguistic message structure in relation to our consciousness. Thats why it is namely Syntactic protocol. Every Syntactic protocol will have its own functional aim, will poses unique functions in relation to our consciousness, and , will poses its individual, unique design. It will have its own properties as a text message, its own rhythm. And I want to pay your attention, that neither self-dependant printing out, nor its use in any other versions, would not give you the result, as with the printed protocol you will get with the device in the Center Region Company. Why? Not because we want to sell more or powder your brain. Because every little thing works here, starting from original design. It is really original, you would not find it anywhere, neither it is downloaded or borrowed. I want to tell you that this frames in the Black Star syntactic protocol, which you see at the cover and some other pages, they poses some functional load, influencing your consciousness, and definite set of images. These images were taken from an item, a material object, which is 200 years old, it was created by masters 200 years ago. Composition was built from small particles, one by one. It was a great job. Both color, fonts, text placing, something in the frames, and something not, the sequence of pages everything has colossal significance for your consciousness.

I want to say, that syntactic protocol, particularly syntactic protocol the Black Star, uses Hellenic (correct meaning here is Ancient Slav) tradition. Instructive text in the protocol is written with a simple language. In the protocols we deliberately combined instructive texts with cognitive, for the convenience of working user gets information in a united rhythm. Cognitive text is a set of poetry lines, I want that you would not be surprised with that, it all has its significance, and you should perceive it as recommended. This text is written in accordance with ancient Slavonic rhythmic tradition. This tradition exists nowadays and represents colossal value for modern linguistics, for modern poetry. It remained intact because it depicts in its most bright aspect the interaction of an individual with the surrounding nature, live interaction, live reaction of an individual at the phenomenon in the outer world, at its images. It is this thousand years old tradition was used for creation of this texts. Why poetry? Emotions play major role at cognitive consciousness abilities widening, at realization of cognitive consciousness functions. Thats why in Salvator great attention is paid to the esthetics of the material object and protocols. Emotional influence of the Salvator technology at human consciousness has great importance.

I foresee a question, that many of you may have it in the heads: May be Salvator is some zombie technology? or a zombie program ? I want to say the following: considering mass media influence, the influence of commercials and computer games, which give birth to cruelty and definite behavior motives, we are fed up with zombie treatment. Everyday we perceive a great number of zombie directives with our consciousness. It is a colossal factor of entropy influence, of informational entropy that influences our consciousness. We are not able to oppose it. We would be able to oppose only when we will start to tear out these relations and restore our relations with the surrounding environment. Will start to restore our own properties and abilities of communication with the outer world, which correspond to human nature as a biology spice, not homo-technicus as nowadays scientists call human beings. They call us not homo-sapience but homo- technicus, pointing out at our dependence from the devices we created. From these point of view Salvator is anti- zombie technology. It frees us from these connections, that are related with these influences, from negative reactions of our consciousness and negative interpretations of reality in the form of fears, worries, un consciousness reactions at such things that something should be done, should be bought, and what I need it for ? from those internal conflicts, which are incessantly produced in result of collision of our true interests with interested posed to us from the outside.

And so The Black Star protocol creates in your consciousness an image and functions of Mitchells black star. It is an object which has a colossal absorption ability, a colossal gravity field and ability to absorb and hold everything, including photons of light. To put it simple, it is a most powerful sucker. A colossal sucker, which, by means of your cognitive function, is able to realize a program of extinction of negative interpretations of reality programs. I repeat: black hole is able to suck everything good and bad, it is inanimate object. But human being is animate phenomenon of nature, which is allotted with consciousness, able to take decisions and select what is needed. Symbolic technology which comes to realization through human consciousness via The Black Star syntactic protocol, has selective properties. You get rid exactly of what you do not need. You get rid of negative programs of reality interpretation, releasing colossal amount of energy, changing inner and outer content of circumstances that accompany you, your own circumstances and occurrences.

I want to bring examples that preceded our technology, to the principle which is used in Mitchells Black Star technology. Alebrije is a south American tradition, where people model figures of terrible monsters in order to get rid of fears. Figures are designated for fears (of some circumstances) to be transferred on them came to realization on them and disappear. At that each of these little monsters, which could be made of clay, wood, paper, glass and so on, personifies this or that fear. Could it be a fear of snakes, a fear of thunderstorm, and so on. Such a tradition actually exists.

Japanese people have a holiday when they ship dolls along the river, at that at the level of consciousness, at the level of symbolic elements of consciousness, they allotted their dolls with negative occurrences, which conducted them during the year, or with negative occurrences, which as they think are going to happen during the current year. And they ship their dolls along the river, for they carry out all negative. It is another example.

There is an example in Russian tradition too: it is burning of the Maslenitsa (shrove) scarecrow, which takes into fire all negative which happened during last year.

I want to bring you an example of the biggest Salvator in the world, or Salvator analogue. For Japanese it is Fujiyama mountain. Contemplating this mountain they send all negative feelings, emotions and experiences into the crater.

I told you briefly about The Black Star syntactic protocol. And I repeat once again, there will be a number of syntactic protocols. We will have Andromeda syntactic protocol, and The Infinite Limit, we will have syntactic protocol The Lagrangian Point it is under development now. But I want to warn you about one thing. The point is that under the pressure of demand the Center Region Company run ahead a little, and nowadays we have possibility to receive artifacts and syntactic protocols, but I am afraid that not everyone became familiar with informational basis. Well, there was some information in the catalogue and leaflets, but I think it is not sufficient for bring the essence of the Salvator project to masses. In the nearest future we are going to publish updated materials and you will have a possibility to learn thoroughly everything, that has connection with Salvator. On the other side I am ready to travel the country day and night in order to work with you and bring you into details of our project. It is really hard to do in a such short format, now a last essay on my part and I am switching to your questions.

Entropy and neg-entropy are the two key terms in the Salvator concept. I think you understood them. Another important term is decoherence. As a matter of fact these terms are connected. Lets imagine a pure lake in the forest, which is supplied by underground springs or rivers, which constantly pour their clean waters into the lake, and the lake lives in accordance with definite laws. What will happen with lake if it loose its sources of fresh water. Will it cease to interact with the surrounding world? No, the lake would not cease to interact with the surrounding world, but the quality of this interaction will acquire absolutely different character. When fresh water came in, water exchange and biocenosis happened by one law. When fresh water ceased to came in, the lake started to develop under another laws, it turned into closed system. And you know the second law of thermodynamics: all closed systems are subjected to the influence of entropy. What starts to happen? The lake starts to contact with silt, ground, surrounding plants, with which it starts to be overgrown with, and gradually lake looses its quality, its informational properties change, along with bio-chemical properties, and it turns into a swamp. In its turn the swamp also starts to change surrounding world, the surrounding forest. Similar things happen to us when we lock ourselves in a closed space, when we loose connections with the outer world: energetic, biology, informational, and what is most important we loose images in human consciousness, which characterize these connections. We are turning into a closed system, being robed of feeding of fresh springs, being robed of real interchange, which is inherent to our nature. Turning into closed system we change our essence of life, change quality of our lives of our internal biology state. And what is also important, we change the world that surround us, involving it into these processes. Nowadays it is a real problem imagine what will happen if every individual will turn into closed system, involving surrounding world into it.

It happens at the level of formation of Landscapes of attention, about which we already talked. What is it? What are we looking at when we are going out of the house? What is the weather, what surrounds us, where to set a foot, that is we model our way out of the house. If we are not doing it we stumble and fall, going do not know where, that is committing deeds that do not correspond to our necessity. By means of forming of definite algorithms for our consciousness, Salvator forms correct landscapes of attention.

If you want, I can bring an example how landscape of attention was destroyed in a scale of entire society? Great October Revolution. It is not our task to characterize colossal changes and impact it has at Russia, but by the works of Eric Hrome and other authors, a break in the society hierarchy took place. What is it? When traditions of Russian merchants, crop farming, traditions of field men, manufacturing traditions were passed from father to son. All these traditions were broken, but during centuries they defined landscapes of attention, formed landscapes of attention for the entire social structure Russian nation. After it was broken, it was very hard to restore, it took great efforts and gave birth to numerous conflicts.

Landscapes of attention play colossal role in a life of every individual. More to it, often the system of landscapes of attention is imposed from the outside, and often not out of best intentions. The simplest and most primitive example of landscapes of attention, that I can bring, is morning horoscopes on TV. Good Morning program on the first channel gives you a horoscope. No matter believes individual or not, he listens to it anyway, out of sheer curiosity, and willingly or not he is drugged into formation of the landscape of attention and biodynamic tissue of action that predefines his behavior during the day is formed. You see the point? It is one of the aspects of mass-media influence through formation of your landscape of attention.

Salvator realizes another program, it realizes a program which is based on your interests and your internal needs. It is very important, has great significance for the definition of our technology, for the definition of our object functions and for the Salvator culture in general. We will talk a lot in near future, we have a number of themes to discuss, and now I am switching to answering your questions.

Question: Are there contra-indications when using the device ?

Answer: There are no contra-indications in Salvator. I like to bring such an example at my presentations: Salvator is technology, a culture, an item which could do harm to your consciousness, health, psychic with lesser probability, than if you being at sound mind decided to cut out your own hand. I'm saying it sincerely. Salvator is created safe for human health, human psychic, all variants of its interaction with your consciousness were foreseen and pre-calculated. Believe me, you may rely on this technology.

Question: Is it obligatory to use only protocols, that you created? Is it possible to use our own protocols?

Answer: As I already explained, Protocols are results of our collective work, many elements in them are pre-calculated and activate necessary algorithms. By the way, I want to say, that often they ask me How to understand Syntactic protocol, some places are difficult for understanding? Protocol was created for you just to read them. You only have to read it. One or several times. It contains definite instructions when you should take artefact in hands, when concentrate attention at which areas at the artefact surface. There are rings on the artefact surface: first ring is a ring of the ocean, the second ring is of cleaned human consciousness, the third one is a ring of the Universe. You should pay your attention at them in accordance with the instruction, which is formulated in the protocols. It is written clear in the texts in the frames. So you have simply to read the Protocol. You do not need to understand it. It was created in such a way, that it does not require understanding. You need to understand what I am saying to you now, it is also a part of Salvator the process we are in now. You need to understand what is said in other accompanying documents (information materials). You need to understand what will be given to your notice through lectures, other publications, devoted to this theme. You do not need to understand the Protocol itself, you have to read it, when you are coming into a church and hear a prayer at the old-style-Slavonic, you do not understand it. But you catch general sense, you catch the rhythm, energetics, which brings to realization your intensions with which you came into the church to clean out your consciousness, strengthen your belief. Similar thing happens when we go to the opera. When we come to the theatre, we understand what is written in the theatre programme, but we do not understand what they are singing about. Nevertheless we enjoy it, and perceive with our souls images, that are translated to us from the stage through intonations, voice, costumes, singers characteristics and so on.

Question: Salvator resonates with correct human DNA, forming correct reaction of the organism at the events and phenomenon.

Answer: Yes, correct. To the point you mentioned DNA. Many people disputed with we about Vernadskiy theory. For example, why sea water was used in Marbax. I assert that it is a carrier of information, it is a carrier of a memory of the environment. I am talking about if during for years, I assert that Vernadskiy was right, he was a great scientist of our epoch. Imagine that this theoretic postulate by Vernadskiy found confirmation in recent research, devoted to the chemical composition of the sea water. They discovered that remains of organic compounds, which actually form chemical content of sea water, they also carry information messages, and have an ability to form informational characteristics of the sea water as an object, that could be used for healing, could be actively used by a human being.

I said similar things last year when talked about ancestral curses, when i was asked about them. They are irrational phobias which are connected with our genome. I said that in live nature there different technologies of defense and attack and reactions, which are connected with them: lions roaring or snakes hypnosis, some definite motions, or attacking Russian warriors Ura cry all of them cause return reactions, which are memorized in the genome chemical processes, and could be reproduced in future generations. And what am I going to say about these ancestral curses: nowadays it is confirmed in the scientific society during numerous experiments that these irrational phobias, curses, negative influences, having psycho-energy and emotional character of influence, have ability of transfer from generation to generation. So, this theme has a right to be discussed, and of course Salvator by forming definite images of the cognitive consciousness, naturally suppresses and eliminates these programs, including the level of genome chemical processes, and transfer changes to the generations to come. There is such a function in the Salvator technology and we will talk about it in future. And we will also talk about correct DNA parts, and about initiating of correct organism response at events and phenomenon. At the level of biology structures, biology systems, in the archives of our genome Salvator initiates processes connected with mega-instructions of survival, their foundation was laid by the whole history of evolution, development of species at our planet. We have this feature in Marbax at the chemical level. In the Salvator it is at the global level, connected with our consciousness. Remember the example about ulcers at the big arteries. Similar process, but in the positive key, which influences our genome, DNA functions, albumen synthesis functions, and so on. By the way we will connect these processes with material recourses, but later.

I already answered about a hole, that absorbs everything: good and bad, this process is regulated by our consciousness.

Question: Your personal achievements when using the device

Answer: I also received it not long ago, it does not exist in material, only in my head, but even the its existence in the head allowed me to do and write a lot of things. Do things, that probably were difficult for me in my previous life. You know, even physical reactions of the organism are interesting, I mean expansion of physical activities boundaries, I note it. Really I have the same experience of use as you do. But I want to say, that when you will turn into this process, and it is a trap for your consciousness but only in a good meaning of this word. When you will turn into this process, simple reproduction of the Salvator image in your head its form, and so on, even without its physical presence, will pose definite influence. It is when you will plug into the process and became friends with the object, using your consciousness. I often bring the Cast Away movie with Tom Hanks as an example of interesting relationship between an individual and an item, which was individualized by him, in accordance with his needs. In result of a catastrophe hero finds himself at desert island, and he had to live on it for 4 years, accommodating to the conditions of living. He had some things, that remained after the crash, some boxes were throughout by the waves, in one of them he discovered an ordinary basketball. Note, it was an ordinary basketball, one of millions of copies produced, the same form and from the same materials. Injuring his hand he make a print out at the ball surface, blood printout of his hand, some face-like image formed, at which he draw eyes, nose, mouth. And you know, it is this object, with which he started to communicated, He called it Vincent, and started to talk with him, share some experiences, recollections, future plans, started to share good and bad - everything. And it is communication with an object, which he individualized in accordance with his needs, in which he materialized his own interpretations of surrounding reality, of this closed reality, in the absence of human communication, that helped him to survive. It is Vincent who helped him to survive. And when he built a raft and came out into the open sea in order to reach some ship and escape, the wave washed this Vincent away, and he was sleeping in the moment, and it was a tremendous disaster for him! So your gradual merging with this object, the individualization of the object is the process that will allow you to realize cognitive function of your consciousness and wider degree, wider and wider, and you will feel it.

Question: how many times shell we read the Syntactic Protocol ?

Answer: You may read it only once, you may read it ten times, it is not obligatory to read it every day. Sometimes you will feel an urge to read it, and you it, your consciousness will tell you.

I want to tell you another thing, I did not finished with decoherence, I have to give you vast material. When I told you about a lake, the lake being in a sate of turning into a swamp, entered into a state of decoherence, the state of non connection, absence of interaction, state of mixing and tangling with the surrounding environment. Similar to it, when a man comes into difficult life situation, he says I am entangled it is the phenomenon that is called decoherence. It starts form subtle shifts in balances at the biochemical and biophysical levels, from shifts of balances with the environment, with the outer world. Violation of one balance invariably involves the cascade of some other violations. With time it leads to a state when individual joins, mix with the surrounding environment. In reality it is that he starts to live adrift, under the influence of those directives, that life gives to him. It is not he, who controls his life, but the life controls him. So, he gets up, drinks his Nescafe, does not do morning gymnastics, in a sleepy state boards into shuttle-bus, does some set of predefined functions at his work, returns home, watches some serial, which is offered by TV, that is, it is possible to say that he does not live with his individual life, he lives in the state of decoherence. It gives birth to corresponding behavior patterns, corresponding life quality, which is invariably changing to worse. I think that you understand what I am talking about.

Question: Where shell we carry it or hold?

Answer: It is not obligatory to carry it. You may carry if you want, and do not carry if you do not. It is enough to contact with it once a day to hold it in hand. And it is very pleasant to hold it in a hand, you will feel it yourself, it is made of a good material. I said about it, it is made of bronze, it is pleasant to hold it, everything is foreseen here. I already mentioned primary elements of the World, which are represented inside it. In the ancient world they were: wood, metal, air, water and fire. Here wood is represented with polymer resign as I already mentioned it is technical amber. Here we also have salt crystals, representing crystalline structures of our world, by the way, ancient crystalline structures. It is really the salt of ancient Tetis Ocean, not the salt from supermarket. Our knowledge about what is put inside into the Salvator core, is also a part of Salvator, and it has great significance for our ability to use it and realize its technologies in full extent. Here we have meteor dust, which represents fire, passed through dense atmosphere layers. He we have Pontic monimolimnon definite components of sea water water element. And its weight, represents the element of air. Really it is a pleasant thing, you will feel pleasure when holding it, contact with it. It may lay nearby, it may lay in your bag, it may lay at your home your consciousness will tell you what to do. It is more vise than we are.

Question: Is it an individual device, or family members can also use it?

Answer: No. it is a device for individual use. Please have this in mind. I brought to you an example with outcast and Vincent, so you should understand that it is your personal device. It is your personal friend. As I said, by analogy with the samurai sword, it is your conductor into the surrounding world, the conductor for your consciousness. It is even possible to say that in the process of the evolution of your consciousness Salvator will play a role of alpinists rock hammer, with which he drives in hooks, in order to be able to climb higher and higher.

Question: From what age children may use Salvator?

Answer: First, if child is small, you can harmonize surrounding environment around yourself with the help of this device. Naturally it includes relations with your folks, and relations aimed to the development of little individual, his breading and learning. It is enough that you will use the object. When your child grows till 15-16, and may be even starting from 12, when he learned reading, and his cognitive consciousness already grew out and formed, when he learned to follow proportions at drawing, started to take interest in something, starting from this moment it would be wise to introduce Salvator into his use.

Question: Was Salvator tested at the absence of contradictory influences with FCSs ?

Answer: What is about compatibility of the FSC and Salvator, as I already mentioned today, Salvator culture, about which we started to speak today, is compatible with everything in this world, Absolutely with everything, including such significant phenomenon as Functional State Correctors. There could not be any contradictions and contradictory influences at consciousness, because Salvator consolidates human consciousness, and brings into harmony with all objects in the surrounding world, making it adequate, awakening adequate reaction.

Question: How Salvator combines with FSC ?

Answer: Brilliantly. The only question I was asked was: is it possible to hold it at hand ? Is it possible to place a glass of water on it? No need to do it. Suppose you structure water with the help of FSCs continue with it. If you want to impose some definite images to the drink you are going to take, - simply remember about Salvator, and that will be enough to give your drink some definite properties by means of realization of symbolic properties of your consciousness, then you drink it. Do not be closed and restricted. The World is Great, Salvator tells you about that. Salvator is You Yourself. You should understand this. This object works only inside the imperative of your consciousness, and it confirms that it is You Yourself. Salvator helps you to unpack your true nature, which will help you to develop, to live, help your folks to develop, to organize your life, improve the conditions of your life, grow your well-being, grow your health and everything which corresponds with the concept of quality of your life, By the way, one of the nearest projects will be devoted to the adequate perception of time. You will know about it in a due time, I do not want to run ahead now.

Question: Could it be that things which were created 200 hundred years ago become obsolete? Everything in the world changes, what helped some time ago does not work now. Is it possible to harm a human being, are there any contra-indications? Do people feel it ?

Answer: Yes, the number of people who feel Salvator increases. There is no a single negative evaluation of sensations, only positive testimonies, starting from how pleasant is to contact with it. And ending with emotions, induced by its images and effects. Negative reactions are not possible, simply because it was created safely, its algorithms are safe for human consciousness, it poses only positive influence at consciousness. What is about things that could became obsolete, I think that most things we are using nowadays will become obsolete very soon, much quicker than things that existed 200 years ago. I speak about eternal values, which are a basis a fundament, we live and flourish due to it. Remember Roman Law, which they teach in universities and colleges of law, what a history it has! L studied it myself. It has colossal significance, because no modern law would exist without the Roman Law. The Roman Law is a basis. I told the same things about Hellenic (ancient Slavonic) poetry, no modern poetry would exist without it. The same is about images, that were created 200 years ago and which are used in Salvator, no modern architecture and painting would exist without them. They are a basis to many traditions, starting from interiors and ending up with architecture and ship-building, they are a basis for cultural traditions of entire mankind. So they did not become obsolete. We pay attention at these moments. Many things became obsolete, but at the same time many things are returning nowadays, and more to follow, believe me. Life, evolution of human society is a spiral.

Question: Is it possible to change the positions of words in the Syntactic protocol? Substitute words with another ones?

Answer: No, it is not. Lets take a Lords prayer as an example, what if change the order of words in one of the key prayers, will it be the same prayer? Never! I ask you to treat linguistic constructions of the protocol with great care, they are carrying important load for images. Generally speaking, it is possible to say that Salvator is a phenomenon, that unites Faith, Science and Art in a single connect. Similar to the connect Ocean - Human Being Universe , we have a connect Faith - Science Art. These concepts, these manifestations of human soul, human consciousness, human research are united in the Salvator at the fundamental level.

Question: What happens with the Mountain ?

Answer: You mean Fuji ? Nothing happens. Everything is normal with it. Japanese have contemplative culture, their connection with nature comes to manifestation through their contemplative culture, very interesting nation. They realize their intentions, they drop off all negative emotions, negative impressions into it.

Question: There are three kinds of text in the Syntactic protocol. Should we read them all at once ?

Answer: It does not matter during what time you will read them. You should read Syntactic protocol at once, and follow instructions, which written in it. It does not matter if you devote 5 or 10 minutes to it. Read it carefully and try to turn off your brain, your thoughts, your thoughts about any problems. As if doing meditation, in a calm comfortable atmosphere, when nothing disturbs you. Do it: read and follow the instructions written in it. It is simple.

Question: Can an individual who does not speak Russian use the Salvator?

Answer: Good question, we are investigating it now. First we will do the Salvator at German language. It is possible to translate, we are going to do this. We have special people who are doing translations, and will do the translations. Apparently English will be the next. We are also working at Mongolian text.

Question: Will there be many Salvators similar to FSCs ?

Answer: There will be a single Salvator artifact and a number of protocols. Not as many as FSCs, but they will appear periodically. We are going to develop the Salvator program in three directions: Salvator about which we are talking now, Salvator imperium and Salvator infinitum, but we will speak about them in due time. You will have the information.

Question: Can pregnant women use the Salvator? What about individuals with miss-balanced psychic, suffering from psychic conditions?

Answer: For pregnant it is obligatory, both woman and child will benefit from it. With miss-balanced psychic also possible. The main thing is that a desire to do it appeared. It is also possible to use Salvator by people, who are suffering from psychic conditions, we will also investigate deeper into this area. When I said that we lead people out of stupor, it was about specific disorders. We managed to pull them out for a contact, thou it was short term contact, the cases were very difficult. At that we managed to help patients out of heavy drug dependences with the help of Mariton. It was heroin and other heavy drugs. The main thing is a desire of an individual, he would realize the act of reading.

Question: All subsequent Protocols will be read at the same Salvator object ?

Answer: Yes, of course. All Protocols will be realized by means of integration of your consciousness with the same object. It is very convenient. Salvator technology is crated this way.

Question: If one has speech defects, unable to pronounce some letters, how should he read the protocol?

Answer: Now I understood why you call it reading, it is not obligatory to read it aloud, it is possible to read it to yourself.

Question: Salvator works for a specific person ? is it an individual thing ?

Answer: Yes, of course. It happens so that one has a need to contact with a definite thing, which our consciousness allots with some properties. Favorite cup for example, we may use some definite cup, it could be connected with some recollections or a story. Of course, it is a primitive example, Salvator is an individual item.

Question: Oleg Yurievitch, could that be that an organism is intuitively not tuned at Salvator, may be everything should happen in due time?

Answer: I hear such a question for the first time. Well, yes, everything should happen in due time. You know why am I saying it? Because probably intuitive tuning, being sub- consciousness act, is connected with what you are doing, what you are reading, what comes into your sphere of interests. Thats why I said that Company run ahead, because one should get acquainted with all information materials. When you have these materials, may be your intuition will tell give you different attitude towards this technology, towards this artifact.

Question: Salvator is a connection with the Universe, I understand correctly?

Answer: Yes will acquire ability to scoop resources and images of the Universe through your consciousness, especially after release of the Andromeda Protocol. Through images of Nature, through images of the surrounding world. It is Universe which is our surrounding world. Including quantum world in which we are living, we will talk about it later. Yes, it could be put this way.

Question: Is it possible to say that Salvator returns a human being to the place in the Universe which corresponds with his true predestination to harmony with the Universe?

Answer: Yes, Salvator returns human being to the place in the Universe at which he should be. Human consciousness stands in the center of the Universe. Helps individual to return back at this place. Not only in the sphere of consciousness, it returns individual to his true nature, including biology organization, please remember about it.

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