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The line of products with an active substance, patented by Center Region Company, includes three products in which the active substance of Water Soluble Chlorophyll (WSH) is used in various concentrations:

EVO Chlorophyll K () 60 capsules

Composition: lactose, EVO- Chlorophyll, vitamins 2, 4.
One capsule contains 8,5 mg of WSH. Total WSH content in one 60 capsules pack 510 mg. Directions for use 2 capsules a day.

EVO Chlorophyll P () flask 100 ml.

Composition: Cleaned water, EVO- Chlorophyll, lecithin, apple pectine, maltodextrin, potassium sorbate.

WSH content 340 mg in 100 ml. flask, in a 5 ml daily dose 17 mg.

EVO Chlorophyll C () 10 candles in a pack

Composition: cocoa oil, EVO- Chlorophyll.
WSH content in one candle 25 mg, 250 mg. in a pack.

The unique advantage of these products is the use of liposomal chlorophyll form. It ensures high absorbability, assimilability, stability and precise transportation to target cells.

EVO Chlorophyll line products act at micro-doses at the cellular level and give a start to chain of reactions in accordance with Photo Dynamic Therapy method, that results in the following:

Pose immune-modulating influence at the cellular and humoral levels;

Cause activation of immune-competent cells and dumping the development of immune-deficit states;

Aid improvement of circulation and blood rheology properties;

Activate deducing of cholesterol and disintegration products, produced in metabolism processes;

Aid improvement of the hormonal status;

Pose powerful bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect;

Saturate tissues with oxygen, restore PH balance.

Products are recommended for correction of the functional activity of main organs and systems in the organism, prophylaxis, auxiliary therapy. Intake course in prophylaxis purposes is designed for 3-4 months. In case of presence of multiple chronic conditions, at oncology processes doctors consultation is needed with the development of the individual intake program. Result may depend from the duration of the EVO Chlorophyll intake, patient's weight, age and presence of chronic diseases. Products are absolutely non-toxic, do not cause dependence, and compatible with all medicines and procedures.

EVO Chlorophyll aids 30-40 % rise of the absolute quantity of immune cells, considerably increasing their activity. With its help our immune system self-restores and starts to fight with chronic diseases on its own, directing immune-competent cells at their targets: T-killers at timorous cells, leucocytes at inflammatory processes, macrophages at pathologically modified cells, and so on.

In result of course intake of the EVO Chlorophyll products, in solution, capsules and candles, improvement of blood rheology properties and microcirculation is taking place, along with erythrocytes and thrombocytes aggregation decrease

Due to specific properties of Water Soluble Chlorophyll (WSH), products are effective for fighting atherosclerosis, ischemic heart disease, violations in brain circulation, diabetes. Organism energy level increases during preparation intake, normal activity of organs and tissues restores, general rejuvenation is taking place.

EVO Chlorophyll - innovation approach to prophylaxis and health restoration

Every human being in any age is thinking about preserving good health, ability to work, activity, energy. At that negative influence of the aggressive environment only strengthens with every year. Along with ecology, economy and social stresses, organism is subjected to pernicious influence of ionizing irradiation, anoxaemia hypoxia, it is especially actual to those who are living in big cities. Is it possible to decrease risks of aggressive environment influence at the organism? With what and how is it possible to improve the state of health and avoid tedious visits to drugstores?

New trend in medicine endoecology gives an answer to this questions. It is a discipline about internal medium purity. Products with the new active substance EVO-Chlorophyll, oatented by the Center Region Company, will be the means of achieving this objective.

History of chlorophyll research

Chlorophyll grain is an initial point of everything, what we imply under the term of life wrote Russian academician K. A. Timiryasiev in his book Sun, life and chlorophyll in 1948. Why prominent scientist of the 20-th century devoted numerous research jobs exactly to chlorophyll ? Why did he gave such a tremendous significance to this substance?

Chlorophyll is derived from the Greek words χλωρός green φύλλον leaf - green pigment, which paints plants in green color. It takes place in photosynthesis process.

World medical community highly appreciated discoveries, connected with Chlorophyll. Richard Martin Willstätter received in 1915 a Noble Prize for Discovering the chlorophyll formula. In 1930 Hans Fischer received Nobel Prize, who hemoglobin discovered chemical structure, the main respiratory blood pigment and discovered that it is almost identical to chlorophyll. Functional chlorophyll properties are similar to blood hemoglobin properties, thats why scientists call chlorophyll the blood of the plants. Hartmut Michel received Nobel Prize in 1988 for ascertainment of 3D structure of chlorophyll photosynthetic reaction center.

Numerous scientific researches show that hardly ever some diseases exist, at which patients health could not be improved with the help of chlorophyll.

Clinical research data

Most fullestly chlorophyll-containing preparation was tested in Hematology scientific center of Russian Academy of Medical Science. Numerous clinical tests, that confirm chlorophyll effectiveness for prophylaxis of skin, oncology and many other diseases. Oncoprotective chlorophyll properties are of great interest. It is proved that chlorophyll may suppress mutagenous activity of carcinogens, that leads to cancer development, more than by 90 percent. It is the highest value among all known biologically active supplements.

Chlorophyll absorbability problem and ways of solution.

Chlorophyll absorbability in human organism is not high and depends on numerous factors. The use of liposomal technologies is one of the ways of this problem solution. Ability of precise transportation, high absorbability and assimilability are advantages of liposomal technologies, along with stability, long shelf life and possibility of precise dosage.

Center Region Company EVO-Chlorophyll

A new innovational activity stream opens in our Company in 2016. It is development and introduction of modern highly effective products at the chlorophyll basis for prophylaxis of various diseases. New products with active substance EVO-Chlorophyll were patented by the Center Region Company:

EVO Chlorophyll P () flask 100 ml.

EVO Chlorophyll K () 60 capsules

EVO Chlorophyll C () 10 candles

Chlorophyll health restoration properties

Several ways for health restoration and prophylaxis will be realized in this line of products: saturation of tissues with oxygen, restoration of acid-base balance, deducing of toxic substance out of the organism and activation of the immune competent cells. EVO-Chlorophyll is recommended for diseases prophylaxis and correction of main organism systems and organs.

EVO-Chlorophyll advantages

The main advantage of active EVO-Chlorophyll substance is that liposomal form is used as a carrier of the main active molecule. It ensures good assimilability, absorbability, stability, and good transportation to the target cells. Other companies do not have liposomal form of chlorophyll.

EVO-Chlorophyll line usage instruction

Prophylaxis course of EVO-Chlorophyll use is three months. One shell start from EVO Chlorophyll P () solution, from 3-5 drops a day, daily, 40 minutes before meal, gradually increasing the dosage by 1-2 drops, bringing the amount to the volume of one teaspoon a day. Two flasks are needed for a course.

Then, without a break, one shell take capsules - EVO Chlorophyll K (), 2 capsules a day, mornings and evenings, 40 minutes before meal. One pack is needed for a month course.

Next, without a break, one should start a month course of EVO Chlorophyll C () candles. One candle a day. Three packs (10 candles in a pack) are needed for a course.

After 1-2 months break, the prophylaxis course should be repeated.

In order to correct in complex therapy already acquired diseases, individual course scheme should be designed with a specialist.

Contra-indications for the chlorophyll intake are: pregnancy, breast-feeding and also diseases in acute stage. Side effects were not found in the available medical literature. Idiosyncrasy at the intake of these products is met very seldom.

Parhomenko (developer of the EVO-Chlorophyll line) conference

Merzlyakova E. M. about EVO-Chlorophyll

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