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Short description of all FSCs

Here is my short review of all FSCs. When I started this site 7 years ago, there were only 4 FSCs: numbers from 1 to 4, but now the main line of the Center Region products counts up to 32 Functional State correctors in four series, not counting the exclusive plates (see previous article), which are distributed only via promotions for partners engaged in the product distribution.

First, about common properties, which are inherent to all FSCs. All of them protect from outer pathogenic influences, from electromagnetic irradiation, all synchronize human biorhythms with the Earth’s rhythms and outer Space rhythms, synchronize action of all inner systems of human organism. All FSCs structure water.

There is three FSC series. They are distinguished and named after the case colors. They are: Blue, Green and Lilac functional state correctors. Each series consists of 8 FSC plates, each has its own designation.

We will start with the Blue FSCs, they were released first. The main point of this series is to work with the human BODY, to restore and support the physical level. Generally speaking we may regard to any FSC plate as a diffraction lattice, posing its own specific information on electromagnetic fields, which always exist in our word, and through them transferring information on the nearest water. In this sense Blue FSC are very close to homeopathy, they pose informational influence on human body. Polarizations of curative plants pose the main informational content of the Blue FSCs, which makes analogy with homeopathy even close. Well, polarization of some water samples, which pose influence on human mind is also present at the Blue FSCs, it is necessary for curative process, some Masary Emoto photographs were also used, but mainly it is plants.

FSC no 1. Anti-parasite – Harmonization. Basic FSC, which harmonizes human bio field, provides “tuning” of human mind with the moods of calamity, love to oneself, love to other people, peace, eternity, confidence, acknowledgement, flourishing. A program for stones disbandment at urolithiasis, gall-stones is recorded at this FSC. Works with arthritis and osteochondrosis at different localization. And it has polarizations of a number of anti-parasite curative herbs, ensuring gradual oppression and elimination of parasites, helminths, viruses, bacterium. Cleaning action is expressed well. Aids normalization of the gastro-intestinal tract micro flora. Normalizes immune system performance, hinders the development of the tumorous processes Works well with inflammations of all kinds. Has general-stimulating effect. Normalizez brain rhythms. 

Mayan Cosmic Teurgy channel “Chayan” is added at the renewed version (released after JAnuary 2015) – it is a specialized channel for curing parasitic diseases. Additional functions: restoration of the organ cells in primeval form, deducing of toxins and parasite’s waste products from the organism.

FSC no 2. Detox. Basic FSC, if one wants to take only one FSC – it is the one to start with. Accents excretion process. Relives pain. Good for liver and kidneys. Normalizes performance of the cardiovascular system, blood circulation, decreases blood pressure. Supports immunity, regulates metabolism. It is recommended to use both 1 and 2 in pair, see “FSC implementation”.

Mayan Cosmic Teurgy channel “Bull” is added at the renewed version – it is a specialized channel for deducing of toxic substances from the organism. Additional functions: suppresses inflammatory processes in tissues, cleans skin and removes pigmentation, restores sebaceous glands functions.

FSC no 3. Harmonization of women’s endocrine system, gentle fat burner. Ensures normal substitution of the fat tissue with the muscular one.  Good for thyroid gland problems. Information for solving such problems as mastopathy, myoma, fibroma is recorded on it. More to it: numbers 3 and 4 convert bad cholesterol into a good one. Normalizes hormonal background. Has anti-cellulite effect.

Mayan Cosmic Teurgy channel “Arri” is added at the renewed version of numbers 3 and 4 – it is a specialized channel for normalization of the excessive weight. Additionally it normalizes ferments production, speeds up metabolism processes, decomposition of fats and carbohydrates, aids appetite reduction, restores healthy and full value sleep, gives fit of energy.

FSC no 4. Harmonization of men’s endocrine system, gentle fat burner. Absolutely the same action as no 3, but for men. Rises testosterone level. Information for solving such problems as prostatitis, adenoma is recorded on it.

FSC no 5 “Rehabilitation”. Basic FSC (basic set is 1, 2, 5). Starts liver tissue regeneration, supports its antitoxin function. Cleans blood, supports and restores lungs, pancreas. Has a program, working with hepatitis. Good support for getting out of alcoholism and other dependences (including games \ computer dependence), because it has especial programs for disbandment of all dependencies.

Mayan Cosmic Teurgy channel “Bouger” is added at the renewed version – it is a specialized channel for curing liver diseases. Additional functions: stimulates bile production processes, cleans organism from toxins, suppresses inflammation processes.

FSC no 6 “Skin whitening”. Numbers 6, 7, 8 are named “Cosmetology correctors”, all of them are good to structure liniments, but their action spectrum is much deeper. Cleans out skin (pigmentation). Calms down epidermis irritation. Prevents skin ageing, wrinkle formation.  Information for improving the state of skin under the eyes, and in the eyelids area is recorded on it. Cleans capillary blood vessels. Recommended for patients with blood and lymph conditions, especially connected with lymph congestion. Has polarization of hyaluronic acid, which is “super-moisturizer” – regulates moisture content in tissues. Good to structure eye drops, for eye conditions.

FSC no 7 “Skin lifting”. Non invasive skin lifting. It is skin nutrition, regeneration and rejuvenation. Fortifies skin turgor. Holds muscles in tonus. Lowered Internal organs come into their place. Brilliantly works with bones, tendons regeneration, with spinal column problems. Restores blood vessels walls elasticity. Structure liniments for varicose. Recommended in cases of broken bones. Holding it in hands for 15 minutes, plus a glass of structured water, normalizes blood pressure and sugar level. For that it is often called “A quick emergency help FSC” Restores large blood vessels. Has oncoprotective information. Has polarization of the Cordyceps mushroom recorded on it – powerful antioxidant.

FSC no 8 “Night cosmetology”. Restores good sleep. Balances melatonin \ serotonin production, and consequently from the highest level tunes up all hormonal system (compare it with that no 3 and 4 do it “from the bottom”). FSC no 8 works with 4 glands: thymus, epiphysis, hypophysis and thyroid – they start to work as in young age. Has very good regenerative, rejuvenative action. It is recommended to use number 8 to disband chronic processes, in most chronic conditions, like for example pneumonia, body learns to tender weak organ and “bypass” it, this mental state should be dealt with on information level. Has especial information that “tunes up” to Beauty. Helps to set biological clock, helps with quick acclimatization.

The Green series mainly deals with the state of human mind. Generally speaking, Green FSCs help to tune up human soul. Ancient Vedic knowledge points out at the direct connection between one’s emotional reactions, mental state and physical conditions. Most physical conditions originate from the habit to react at life situations in negative key, luck of love, and evil influences posed by other people, such as evil eye, damnation. Plants are not able to cope with such job. Polarization of places of power and dolmens was used as the information content for the Green Functional State Correctors. They placed water samples into the dolmens or at most powerful places in the Arkaim region (this Place of Power, situated in the center of Russia was used), and polarization of these water samples was copied at the FSCs. Green FSCs are several times more powerful than the Blue ones.

“Love” – Tunes us to the highest vibration, existing in our world. Brings love, calamity, conciliation. It is recommended to start any curative process form drinking 3 liters of water (of course in small portions), structured at this FSC. It is a kind of universal FSC, good to structure foods and drinks. Helps to overcome depression.

“Success” – another “Speaking name” – tunes left and right brain hemispheres, for top performance, helps to take good decisions, develop self-reliance, confidence in own actions. Initiates emotional cleaning through penitence. Good for water procedures. On a physical level supports cardiovascular system. It is good to use “Love” and “Success” in pair, they complement each other.

A set of classical cosmoenergy channels “The Success Formula” is added at the renewed version. 

“Healthy generation” – Especial universal FSC for babies and children. Supports immune system, helps with development. On a mental level helps to eliminate the gap, showing itself in the loss of contact between children and parents. Information for this FSC was chosen in order to form both mother’s and child’s psychology sphere, to mend information lesions, which appear in the process of birth. For cerebral spastic infantile paralysis. Mends boy’s infantilism, Helps to conceive healthy children. Adults may use it for activation of the immune system, especially in autoimmune conditions.

Mayan Cosmic Teurgy channel “Kuuiy” is added at the renewed version – it is a specialized channel for children until 12. Additional functions: cleans energy centers, meridians and thin bodies at children from non-sanctioned influences and different programs.

Young people above 12 and adults may use this FSC, simply the “Kuuiy” channel would not start for them.

“Man’s amulet” and “Woman’s amulet”. Protective dolmen energies are different for men and woman, so this function is realized in two different FSCs. Protects from bad influence \ negative programs of all sorts. Partly disbands already existing negative programs. Good for people who work with other people, especially when touching others with hands.

Mayan Cosmic Teurgy channel “Inihi” is added at the renewed version of Women's Amulet (only) – it is a specialized channel for removing of the crown of celibacy, the seal of loneliness. Protects from influence of non-sanctioned energy-information programs, including the sexual sphere. Disbands psychology blocks ad programs of the celibacy (programmed loneliness). Harmonizes the work of chakras. Aids aura and thin bodies protection. Normalizes and stabilizes the women’s psychic, aids strengthening family and kin relations.

Next three Green FSCs were released two years later, they bear a combination of Cosmoenergy channels and polarization of water samples from the places of Power:

“Harmony” – close to the FSC “Love” but on the Arcaim energies of 2013, the Places of Power are in the process of awakening, and energies are changing. Helps to support balance between spiritual and material, because there are people who go into spiritual development and their material side of life suffers, and also a lot of people engaged in business, where there is no place for heart. “Harmony” helps to find middle / balanced way. Good for people suffering from computer dependence (who like to spend their time in virtual world).

Mayan Cosmic Teurgy channel “Ishill” is added at the renewed version – it is a specialized channel for harmonization of a private space and social relations. Removes negative emotions at the thin level, “tunes” at positive position in life, fills up with energies of love.

"The Longevity” – stroke and heart attack prophylaxis, gentle regulation of the cardiovascular system, blood pressure normalization. Ideal for elderly people who can’t work with Cosmoenergy channels themselves. Those who have risk of blood pressure bursts, some heart pains should carry it as an emergency help – place at the ailing area, drink some water. Good for people who work hard and get tired, restores strength, reduces biological age.

“The Clear Vision” – For all eye conditions, especially at the early stages. The main content of these plate is polarization of water from a special spring in the Sayan Mountains region, the spring is a famous balneology resort where people come to cure eye conditions. Works through restoration of the blood circulation in the eye area. On a mental level helps to develop clairvoyance / open third eye.

The Lilac series allows to use Cosmoenergy channels even to unprepared people (without consecration), using Gratitude energy instead of the password. Each of Lilac FSCs may be considered as a pre-prepared cosmoenergy session with the accent at some specific problem. They can work on their own – without any mental work on the patient’s side – passive regime, and in active regime – when one specifies the desired result, attaching “gratitude” affirmations and visualization. Most powerful of all FSCs, in order to avoid acute conditions they recommend to use Lilac FSCs after preliminary cleaning with 1, 2, 5, and start with aura cleaning and harmonization programs (no 16). Channels of Heavenly Love are recorded at almost all FSCs. They are: “Heavenly Love”, “The light of Universal Love” and many many more, they give everybody an opportunity to rebuild himself anew, remember who you really is, with what task you came into this world, heal yourself, and help other people.

FSC no 9. “The Healthy Heart” – For all problems, connected with heart, cardiovascular system, capillaries, blood. Use it in post infarction conditions. Restores nerve system, endocrine, hormonal system, gastrointestinal tract, brain functions. Works with all inflammation processes. Also for problems connected with buds, adrenal glands, eyes. Has a lot of cosmoenergy channels connected with love, - in this sense it is “prolongation” of FSC “Love” on a new level. Has a program of opening of the “Spiritual Heart” for harmonious development.

FSC no 10. “The Healthy Joints” Reinforces regeneration processes in bones and other tissues. Good for articular liquor restoration, joints, spinal column lining. Slowly capsulate and disbands hernias on the spinal column. Restores aura and chackra system. Helps with colds, reliving depression, toxin deducing, liver and gastro-intestinal tract functions restoration. Helps out of coma and faint.

      Mayan Coamic Teurgy channel “Bagana” is added at the renewed version – it is a specialized channel for problems with bones, spinal column, intervertebral disks. In addition it could be used in curation of arthritis, arthrosis, osteohondrosis, osteoporosis, radiculitis, intervertebral hernias.

FSC no 11. “The Healthy way of Life”. Autoimmune diseases like cancer, along with diabetes, dependences of all kinds are caused by information programs. This FSC is most powerful in burning down all negative programs \ information. Use it as a cleaning instrument in hard cases. Promotes cleaning at the DNA level. Good in disbandment of all dependences. Supports and restores central nervous system, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, liver. On a mental level activates love to oneself through a feeling “what for am I doing this?” Cleans out of aggression.

      Mayan Cosmic Teurgy channel “Iscu” ia added at the renewed version – it is a specialized channel for elimination of the energy tie to alcohol and to the egregor of alcoholism, disbandment of desire to drink. For cleaning and restoration of stomach, liver, kidneys, adrenal glands, pancreas, gull-bladder.

FSC no 12. “The Healthy Sleep” Restores good sleep. Cleans all thin bodies during sleep, stimulates melatonin production. You may ask cosmoenergy channels, recorded at this FSC for anything connected with the state of sleep: learning something \ receiving some information during sleep, healing something during sleep. Helps to set biological clock, helps with quick acclimatization. Makes wishes to come true. You may program it for desired outcome the night before important meeting.

      Mayan Cosmic Teurgy channel “Oyu” is added at the renewed version – it is a specialized channel against insomnia and nightmares. The channel aids cleaning nervous system from negative programs, and elimination of negative emotions in the patient’s field, such as envy, fury, hater, jealousy. Normalizes metabolism and hormones production, restores biochemical balance. Restores nervous system in a primordial form, fights depressions and stresses. 

FSC no 13. “The Healthy Intellect” Helps in learning, to concentrate attention at something. Encourages interest to learning process, keeps intellect in an optimum state. If one has serious intellectual stress (exams, analysis of information) put it under the pillow for a night time. Lines up the spinal column, releases extra tension from intervertebral discs. Has separate program which helps women to conceive a healthy child. On a spiritual level aids spiritual development. Helps to attract effective contacts, to get needed information. Has a channel for consecration of things.

FSC no 14. “The Golden Pyramid”  Protects human aura from outer influences. Ensures good, clean atmosphere around, fights informational viruses. You can carry it with you as a defense and a help to tune surrounding people to positive. Harmonizes surrounding space for good. You can take this FSC in hands and ask to defend any specified territory, place, vehicle, air flight, you have to visualize the desired object inside a big Golden Pyramid and express gratitude. Rises potency. Compensates radioactivity, deduces heavy water out of the organism. Aids to prevent terroristic acts – disbands the threat / destructive programs at the information level. Aids to disband information blocks at the spinal column, and protects it from any information invasion. Helps to open creative talents.

FSC no 15. “The Light of Life”. One of the channels, that could be activated with this corrector has a speaking name: “The Source of Life”. Rejuvenation function and disbandment of negative. Use it to activate stem cells for regeneration of a specified tissue. Good for people who work hard and get tired, restores strength, reduces biological age, fights depression. Could be used for quick energy support. Reduces radiation, turns any irradiation into harmless energy. Longevity function is recorded on it, that is telomeres control.

FSC no 16. “The Clear Space”. Ensures good, clean atmosphere around, use it for cleaning premises. Ensures field conditions for sells and protects them, aids self-regulation processes. Has anti-viral and anti-parasite programs, could be used to reinforce anti-parasitic action of FSC 1. Helps to solve family problems, to find common language with children. Good for people who do a lot of travelling. For example makes your car uninteresting for police, helps with parking, with clear space on the route. Tunes mental sphere to spirituality, connects to the consciousness of the Raised Teachers. Helps to realize what is conceived in Space, creates harmony of light and knowledge.

The Golden FSCs. The common name of the Golden series is “The Ecology of Consciousness”.

Nowadays we are leaving in an interesting time period, which is called “The Great Transition”. It will last until 2032-38, with some critical points, we are entering into one of them, it is 2014-2015, after that things will go on easier. According to the constantly changing outer field tunings, the information, that people receive from the outer field changes as well. Look how it was going: Reiki appeared at the beginning of 70-s, classical cosmoenergy school appeared at 80-s, these channels are used in the lilac series. Starting from 90-s appeared numeric cosmoenergy channels along with Cosmology. In 2000-s appeared a new trend, called Sacral Cosmology, which united all previous schools. Finally, in 2007, as we know outer field tunings undergo sufficient changes, and people started to receive absolutely new channels, which differ from previous both by power and manifestations, they were called Cosmic Mayan Teurgy. It should be noted that we do not get information before its time comes. Cosmic Mayan Teurgy is the next evolutionary stage of outer field development and informational fluxes in it. The power of new Mayan channels is approximately 10 times higher in comparison with the classical cosmoenergy. More to it, they are even more intelligent, they tune up to the specific human being, looking for a problem on their own and heal it. One only have to open them.

Berdyaev defined Teurgy as an art, that creates a new world, a new being, another existence, and beauty as a real, Teurgy sends creative energy to a new life. Teurgy is an action of a human being jointly with God – Man-God creativity.

Unlike classical cosmoenergy, which we perceive as separate channels, thou it resembles enormous twisted spiral, resembling the structure of our Galaxy, Mayan channels have a form of a huge light tube, at that it has pulse character.

With FSCs all Mayan channels are started on their own as soon they contact with your body, no Gratitude energy is needed, so that it is a different technology. All golden FSCs could be easily combined with any others, you may work with them in all well-known ways: place at some area on the body, do pumpings, drink structured water and take water procedures.

Nevertheless, similar to the work with lilac FSCs, it is necessary to track the cleanness of own thoughts, follow the Laws of the Universe, first of all, it is doing no harm to others with your actions. Like a boomerang the Universe returns energies, we send out. At that, this return is ten times stronger with Mayan cosmoenergy channels. Due to the fact that the Mayan channels themselves are 10 times stronger than classical cosmoenergy channels, then it is extremely important to remember about ecology of thinking process and mind-forms, it is depicted in the name, given to the golden series.

In golden FSCs Mayan channels are combined with cosmoenergy channels, the way they enlarge and amplify each other. For example, with the help of classical cosmoenergy channels, the dosage of FSCs influence is ensured. You see, when an experienced practitioner conducts a session, he can see when to turn on and off some specific channels, when to stop the session, in case of Functional State Correctors, which are working on their own, such function is necessary, in order to allow inexperienced user to work with them. That is, during one session any golden FSC solves only one problem, or disbands one layer of a complex problem, this feature ensures soft action without acute conditions, but one should conduct a number of sessions – work with a given golden plate for a couple of weeks. 

FSC no. 17. “Rebirth”. Mayan Channel Buurmok (Áóóðìîê) is recorded at this FSC. Disbands the reasons of the disease development at the sub-consciousness level.

Buurmok channel penetrates deep into human sub-consciousness, in order to eliminate the primary reasons of the disease development. Often the primordial reason of the disease lays at deep levels of human sub-consciousness. For example. It could be banal fear, which shows in life like fear of the darkness, fear of height, fear of closed rooms, water, high temperature and so on. Really it is echo of come accidental event un previous life of this person. When we disband this fears, the problem with health disappears as well. FSC number 11 «The Healthy Way of Living» acts similar to this FSC «Rebirth», but number 11 acts softer, disbanding negative information it works layer after layer. The Buurmok channel penetrates deep into sub-consciousness, directly to the problem information and disbands it. All Mayan channels are intelligent, able to find a problem on their own and disband it.

FSC no. 18. “Synchronization”. Mayan channel Kuvva (Êóââà) is recorded at this FSC, it is designated for cleaning of chakras, meridians, thin bodies from negative influences of all kinds, including witchcraft, and for harmonization of the performance of the chakras. It restores the synchronous performance of chakras, because normally human chakras should work synchronous with some specific phase shifts, and in case this synchronization is distorted, some chakra may work in improper regime, so this or that organ which is corresponding with this chakra, starts to suffer. On the computer aura diagnostic such negative programs, which affect some specific chakra, are seen as a sword-shaped aura distortion, this sword is directed at the malfunctioning chakra. For example, when the reason of aura distortion lays in the sphere of relations between man and woman, then the second chakra could be affected. Throat chakra could be affected in case negative influence taps down the speech center, preventing the suffering person from speaking out his attitude. Eyes or the third eye chakra could be subjected to negative influence, in order to shut down vision, it could be when a man does not want to see or to notice the situation that develops around him, or in case when the negative influence is aimed to deprive the victim of the possibility to see something. Other energy centers could be also influenced, so there is a need in instrument able to mend all this and restore chakra system performance the way it was thought out by the Creator.

FSC no. 19. “Anti-Tobacco”. Mayan channel Polut (Ïîëóò) is recorded on it. This FSC radically cuts off the connection with the egregor of smokers, disbands all negative programs which were connected with lungs.

Imperceptibly, through the illusion of the increase of productivity, nicotine destroys blood vessels; tobacco chemical compounds, including resin, precipitate at the lungs tissue, and there is no way to clean them out. In perspective it leads to oncology, micotic and fungus affection of the lungs.

FSC «Anti-Tobacco» cleans out the entire bronchopulmonary system from nicotine and tobacco resins, deduces them off. Eliminates diseased lung cells and starts the regeneration of the healthy cells, restores the lungs performance, cleans out blood and saturates it with oxygen. Restores the true blood formula, restores spleen and liver functions. It is the only FSC that works with lungs in full value. Of course on the background use of FSCs number 1 and 2. We are planning to check its action against mutated tuberculosis.

FSC no. 20. “Cleansing”. Mayan channel Chalan (×àëàí) which is designated for the destroying of astral essences is recorded at this FSC. It is supplemented with set of classical cosmoenergy channels, which have a common name «The Sunny Spectrum».

Astral body can hitch up some parasite settlers. They could be indifferent, they could suck out energy, influence the state of health. Those people who are able to see at the thin level could see them in different forms: in the shapes of insects, blots, some snakes and so on, all these should be taken off. For example, so called evil-eye is an astral world problem, induced by astral essences. When such a settler appears, physical body may sense it as some heaviness, sometimes it could feel like tickling, or cause some other pleasant or unpleasant sensations, it could induce restless sleep, or some nervousness, morbidity, the decrease of overall state of health. Some unexplainable attacks may appear. Or we may populate our flat with our own hands, if allow the existence of litter corners where the energy tends to be standstill. Remember that Feng-shui practices recommend to clean out your premises in order to achieve a free circulation of pure energy. That's why trash in the corners should be sorted out, dust and cobweb should be wiped off. One should not enter into the living rooms in the upper closes and shoos in which he walks outside, astral essences caught on shoos and closes should be left in the wardrobe. By the way, with this FSC we may clean our clothes and shoes, by leaving it in the wardrobe from time to time. You should carry out of the house old things, which are not in use any more.

Often people attract negative essences with their negative mind-forms, so one should be careful about the thoughts he generates, similar attracts similar, and we will attract the energies we generate. As a rule, one does not understand what is going on, and continues to attract thin world settlers. We create our problems with our own hands. If we would not supply them with our energy they will gradually disappear. In order to prevent the attraction of astral essences we should learn to control our thinking process, control our emotions and sensations, they should be in equilibrium. Any inclination both in positive and negative creates energy field deformation which could be used by astral essences as an opportunity to catch fasten on human thin level. The purpose is always the same, this essences simply have to feed themselves, it is their way of existence. So one should observe the Universal Law of Measure. Everything should be within reasonable limits.

«The Sunny spectrum» set of channels gives an ability for physical health improvement, restores and activates DNA layers, which nowadays are silent at a majority of people. It restores life forces, including sexual energy, restores the work of first five chakras, restores bio-field, work with inflammations, blood pressure, infections, restore cell membranes, transform electromagnetic irradiation from the destroying form into a positive energy. Aids spiritual development, aids rejuvenation.

FSC no. 21. “Mirror of the soul”. Mayan Channels Tann (Òàíí) and Chaal Tsyk (×ààë-Öèê) are recorded at this Functional State corrector. It is most powerful FSC in the golden series, its field has most complex 144 whirl structure, it should be used at the consummation of your work with the golden series.

Tann channel cuts off all negative energy channels. When energy bodies will be well cleaned, Tann channel impregnates them with light creative energies of the universe. After that the second channel - Chaal Tsyk turns into work, it ensures most powerful defense of this freshly restored energy body of the human being, from all possible dark forces. At the thin level the work of the Chaal Tsyk channel is seen as fireball of high vibrations.

When using this FSC one should remember that we can recreate negative bindings with our own thoughts, it could be when one does not want to change anything in his life, continue to use old patterns, mentally speak with people with whom he has unsolved problems, think about his illnesses in negative key. In such situations he will have to start everything anew. The notion «the ecology of thoughts» comes at the first place when one is working with the golden series of FSCs. One has to train himself to monitor his own thoughts and mind-images, remembering the law of the Universe «similar attracts similar».

Speaking about the consequence of the implementation of these golden FSCs, I recommend to work with either FSC no. 20 «Cleansing» or FSC no. 23 « liberation», then with no. 18 «Synchronization» and in the final stage switch to FSC no. 21 « Mirror of the soul».

FSC no. 22. “Returning to Yourself”. Mayan channel Kukh (Êóêõ) is recorded on it. This FSC is designated for elimination of the strange problems, which one tends to pile upon at his own back. It is characteristic to those people, who has to listen to the problems of other people, and tend to take them close to their heart.

Generally people are very sensitive to the problems of other people, to their grief and troubles. People listen to their folks, friends, colleagues at work, neighbors and some acquaintance, when they are telling stories about illnesses and life problems, starting to feel pity, enter into details, take them close to heart. It involves the danger of pulling out these problems and situations at yourself. If you have possibility not to listen, then do not listen, if not – for example your relatives or friends are talking – try to listen half-ear or pretend that you are listening. Never express pity, never blame anyone. Remember, it is the man himself, who is guilty in what happened with him, be it illnesses or life problems. Remember one of the main Laws of the Universe, the law of cause and effect. Cause gives birth to the effect, the effect – causes new cause, and it goes in endless circle. Every human being is bourn to be healthy, and in case he has problems with health, it he or his ancestors who are to blame, then he simply do not care about his own health, violates simplest laws of physical life. In every case illness is a pay-off for things done by the person himself. If you start to pity this person, then you are violating the Law of Karma, the law of requital, it should not be done. It is better to explain the situation to the thick person, direct him to understanding of his situation, comprehending and correct situation, and tried not to attract it in the future, avoid mistakes he made.

Strange problems, that were pulled up, are seen at the human astral body as some black burden or rucksack under his back, which lies heavily on a body. FSC “Returning to yourself” will help you to destroy these strange problems.

FSC no. 23. “liberation”. Mayan Channel Yaklel (Éàêëåë) is recorded at this FSC. Disbands negative energy bindings, more to it, this channel returns bad energies to the person, who created them, that is strikes back.

Here energy bindings that are forming between people during their interactions in lives are meant. Depending on the character of connections, that are formed between different people, their specific chakras became connected at the energy-information level, and every chakra governs some specific internal organs. That is this or that organs could be affected due to the formation of the energy bindings. Energy bindings could be both positive and negative. Here we are concerned about stopping energy pumping out through vampirism. Self-vampirism could develop in case one takes hard the passing of his kindred, in such a case a specific binding is formed, it can grow up into depression and into a binding for going out of this life, such binding should be broken. Self-vampirism also develops if one does not like himself, if he is dissatisfied with himself. Intense grief could be a reason of the energy binding development, this binding could be very stable, resulting in energy flow towards the object of grief.

We should have in mind that seriously ill friends and acquaintance, willingly or not, could be energy vampires, tending to form steady energy bindings with us, in order to get constant energy supply. No matter how close this man could be, such bindings should be cut off.

FSC no. 24. “Clarification”. Mayan channel Shoppol (Ñõîïïîë) is recorded at this FSC, it is supplemented with the set of classical cosmoenergy channels, which is called «Sunny Spectrum». FSC «Clarification» is designated for liberation from all kinds of zombification and programming, including elimination of zombification for alcohol, going away from the family, love-potions and so on. The «Sunny Spectrum» set of channels ensures restoration of internal organs, stimulation of the eyes. It also transforms any electromagnetic irradiation into energies that aid health, rejuvenation and spiritual development.

Zombification is a process of introduction of specific emotional reactions and world outlook foundations into human consciousness, which completely determine his outer activities and internal emotional state. In essence, zombification means the destruction of the old personality and intrusion into his consciousness of ready models of thinking and emotional processes. Or it could be characterized as a powerful treatment of human sub-consciousness, resulting in the loss of directive connection with his past, and programming at the absolute and unconscious obeyance to his new master's orders. They often compare zombification with a computer hard-disk formatting and installing of a new operational system and main programs.

Will qualities are completely suppressed at zombification. So called «brain-washing» and reprogramming could be used in the process of zombification. Reprogramming could be both in hard and soft forms, in the soft variant hypnosis techniques could be used. Such a state could be characterized by permanent deep trance state, complete obedience, without any manifestation of the personal messages. In such a state man moves mechanically, ready to fulfill any order from a person who brought his will under control.

What are the foundations of the soft zombification techniques? First, it is a propping at the unconscious character disadvantages, not fulfilled promises and obligations, not tried sensations and «prohibited» pleasures – all this open channels for possible controlling manipulations. Zombification specialists use inclination of people to confide in lies, human greediness, and use flattery. Most people are no strangers to self-glorification, and then their behavior could be changed merely by expressing agreement. Or in case someone was expecting big profits for several times and did not get it, they develop a tendency to blame someone else in their failures, at that new promises of ghostly fortunes abruptly change their behavior again. Another trick is putting a question in an unusual manner, in combination with repeating it several times. Any question which is formulated too emotionally or asked three times in a row, causes irritation at person to which it is addressed. If the question is formulated in the form of the paradox, and it is hard to give quick and unambiguous answer, the irritation grows even stronger, this irritation is hook for subsequent manipulation. Here are some examples of such manipulative questions: «Your actions are illegal, do you know about it?»; «Why you withhold about many things?»; «Why you acted this way?»; and even «Did you already bought this fashionable blouse in our store?». Often, practicing zombification, they do not leave their victim a possibility of any choice, for example, when salesman proposes to buy one of two items from him, consciously not leaving a simple option – go away buying nothing. In addition political strategists juggle with a number of new uncommon words, to which people are not unaccustomed. Most often zombification techniques are used by all kinds of magicians and sorcerers in order to make love –spells. In such cases we see people with suppressed will, going out of their families, leave their wife and children, and end up as drunkards.

FSC «Clarification» is designated for elimination of all kinds of zombification and coding. At one of the Center region events Sergey Valentinovich Koltsov put it this way: «That's enough, let's negotiate and trade honestly. Ordinary people should have a way to defend themselves of all manipulators».

When reading about different series, you might noticed some parallels in the description of the FSC designation, like “Love” – FSC no 9, FSC no 1 and 16, 5 and 11? And so on. There are parallels, sometimes Center Region Lecturers even use the phrase: “this FSC is a prolongation of that”. Notice that energies are different, and different FSC series work at different layers. It is possible to speak about different levels inside the general term “informational influence”. The influence power will also differ, especially in the active mode.

So you have options to choose from, listen to your intuition and common sense. Stay well ! Contact me if you have questions. They say: “There is an answer to any question”. You only have to ask.

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