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Collection FSCs

As you probably already know in spring 2017 Center -Region started to release very special FSCs. Actually in Russia people are calling them «Collection FSCs». First were FSCs "Olgyr" and "Spring of Lamas" they were very demanded and so action practice was set at regular basis. Actions with another "Collection" FSCs will be repeated approximately every second month, and every time with different plates. Center Region Heads are saying (many times – at every meeting with local distributors) that these actions would be based on the following principles.

1. Highly demanded FSCs, that never were released before, would be chosen for such actions;

2. Each action will last restricted period of time (three weeks);

3. After the end of the action, FSCs would be never released again.


Note that it is not possible to order recent FSCs in "golden" cases any more, only if some distributors made a stock of their own they may sell. Minimum recommended price is 8000 Rubles. FSCs that are not possible to order are: "Lihjt of Koltsov",  "Gold of Gobi"

Other materials on collection FSCs are:

Merzlyakova Elena, lecture in Sankt-petersburg, september 2017

FSCs “Manasarovar. Kailas” and “Green Tara. Kailas ” available for ordering strictly from June 18-th until July 29-th

FSC “Manasarovar. Kailas”
Targeted at transformation and cleaning of consciousness

- Helps powerful transformation of consciousness, cognition of higher laws of Creation through consciousness;

- Targeted at harmonization of own mind and body and bringing them into a state of balance, physical and emotional unity with oneself;

- Helps renewal of energy envelop, filling it with light energies of love and creation;

- Helps correction of physical and emotional state, support of all organs and systems in case of various ailments and diseases, including lingering illnesses, incurable, genetic, autoimmune;

- Helps restoration of health of cardio-vascular and loco-motor systems, works softly and gently as osteopathic practitioner;

- Helps regeneration processes of tissues, mucous coatings, hair and nails strengthening and growth;

- Helps to harmonize internal state of human being, establish interpersonal relations, to let go away negative emotions (offence, anger, including targeted at oneself);

- Brings into a state of realization and acceptance of own true predestination.

FSC “Manasarovar. Kailas” is invaluable gift and friend and gift for those who:

- Is engaged in spiritual, energetic, ritual practices (meditations, silence, ascesis, vows);

- Is engaged in health restoration practices (physical exercises, curative fasting, diet-therapy, breathing techniques, winter swimming);

- Needs help for organism healing and restoration of health at physical and thin levels;

- Needs support of all organs and systems in case of various illnesses including genetic, autoimmune.

FSC “Manasarovar. Kailas” is unique opportunity to come in contact with healing energies of live water from sacred lake Manasarovar.

Using recommendations: It is recommended to prepare physical body and soul for working with this FSC, especially for the first contact. Do detoxication procedures, curative fasting 1-2 days, breathing techniques for consciousness cleaning.

- Drink water, structured at the FSC, do pumpings, carry at the body when going out into socium;

- Put under the pillow for intuitive dreams;

- Use in meditation practices, rehabilitation processes (both physical and emotional);

- Joint use together with FSC “Green Tara. Kailas” helps nullifying and complete reboot of programs of the past that are existing, going out at a new energy level.

Polarization of water from Manasarovar Lake (western Tibet, Kailas) is recorded at FSC “Manasarovar. Kailas”. Water structuring time is 8.5 hours.

FSC “Green Tara. Kailas”
Targeted for spiritual evolution of individual

- Helps processes targeted at human being’s spiritual evolution and one’s coming out at a new energy level of communication with the Creation;

- Helps powerful spiritual transformation in borders of a given physical body, cleaning out and renewal of programs of the past (various stages of the soul evolution);

- Brings to symbolic rebirth and living a new life of the soul in borders of given embodiment;

- Helps cognition and perfection of own spiritual heart, cognition and acceptance of oneself as significant part of the Creation, plugging into higher information field;

- Fills human being with energies of love in all its manifestations (forms), vibrations of goodness, compassion, calamity, pacification;

- Helps reflection and removal of negative non-sanctioned energy information influences of any level and origin;

- Helps creation of powerful support and protection system of one’s energy field and all thin bodies;

- Helps to protect oneself from verbal, emotional, psychologic violence of people with lower vibrations;

- Helps development of intuition and opening of clear-knowing, choosing and acceptance of the road of own spiritual self-development;

- Helps to win over one’s internal demons, to remove possible psychology barriers on a road to achievement of one’s goals, helps wishes coming true.

FSC “Green Tara. Kailas” is needed for those who:

- Is engaged in various practices for spiritual development of own personality, is in search of one’s own way and predestination in life;

- Seeks harmonization of own energy surrounding, to create atmosphere of love and wellbeing;

- Is in socium, especially in case of presence of conflict situations;

- Wants to pin reasons of stagnation in various spheres of life and remove them.

Using recommendations:

- Drink water, structured at the FSC, do pumpings, carry at the body when going out into socium;

- Use in meditation practices, processes of perceived ascesis (both physical and psychic) – curative fasting, vows, silencing and so on;

- Joint use together with FSC “Manasarovar. Kailas” helps nullifying and complete reboot of programs of the past that are existing, going out at a new energy level.

Polarization of water from a spring, situated at the Green Tara pass ( Tibet, Kailas) is recorded at FSC “Green Tara. Kailas ”. Water structuring time is not less than 8.5 hours.

FSC «Zoovita»

Designated for birds and animals health restoration

- Helps cleaning of biofield, energy centers, meridians and thin bodies from energy-information intrusions;

- Helps creation of powerful energy defense, fills with light energies of Space;

- Poses antiphlogistic, antibacterial effect;

- Helps in restoration of health of gastro-intestinal tract, cardiovascular and urinoexcretory systems;

- Targeted at increase of durability, giving physical powers for overcoming tiredness;

- designated for more quick restoration after various curative procedures and surgery;

- Helps to improve various parameters (for example for cows – to improve milk yield, for horses to increase running speed;

- Helps reduction of aggression, leveling up of psychic state;

FSC “Zoovita” is indicated:

- For daily use by various animals – home pets, hens, large and small cattle, birds and so on;

- For preparation to surgery and restoration after diseases and trauma;

- For adaptation after flights, transfers (moving) and also for preparation to them:

- In order to prepare animals to participation to sport events and exhibitions;

- For harmonization of relations between animals.

FSC “Zoovita” using recommendations:

- Give animals structured water for drinking;

- Use structured water for hygiene, washing;

- Put into places of stay and sleep, for large animals – to insert into collars.

- In order to solve specific problems it is effective to combine FSC “Zoovita” with FSCs of other series.

Mayan Cosmic Teurgy channel Missik «Ìèññèê» is recorded at FSC “Zoovita”. Water structuring time 10 minutes.

FSC «Gode of Gobi» and “Chudotvorets” are awaliable for ordering from January 15 to January 31-st

Code of Gobi

Helps restoration of natural dynamics of physiology processes of interaction of all organs and systems in the organism, by doing so starts internal mechanisms for health restoration, health improvement and rehabilitation;

Helps powerful correction and prophylaxis of various diseases, especially of urogenital, cardiovascular, nervous, organs of vision and hearing;

Helps complex influence for removal of cardio-vascular attacks, heart pains, violations of cardio-rhythm. Increased arterial pressure, depressive states, aggression seizures;

Helps activation of energy centers – especially of 2, 4, 7 and 8-th (above the head), accumulation of creative vital energy, harmonious distribution of energy in the whole organism in accordance with laws of nature;

Helps being in a state of physical and emotional cheerfulness, good spirits, in tone, readiness to “feats”;

Establishes connection with energies of the Universe, brings into a state of love, fullness, openness and trust to the world, gives ability to develop the skill of getting great pleasure from life and share it with the surrounding people;

Helps manifestation of internal knowledge about own life. Gives vectors of development: “I am personality” in all possible aspects. Detection, formulation and building of own true goals, manifestation and development of talents, ability to see integral picture of the world in accordance with your level of awareness;

Targeted at reveal and removal of any variants of energy-information intrusions, and also of introduction of artificially created programs in case of their influence through organism liquid mediums;

Targeted at restoration of bioenergy field and rise of vibrational level of user, creation of effective personal energy-informational protection.

FSC “Code of Gobi” is indicated:

In case of “Ground-hog Day” feeling due to stresses and social rhythms and pressing;

In case of depletion of nervous and physical powers, state of prolonged psychic discomfort or depression – in case of complex therapy of the state;

In period of seasonal diseases for immune system functioning support, in periods of remission and acute conditions;

For sportsmen and people leading active life;

For those who work in shifts and for adaptation in case of time zones changes:

For all who tends to cognize and rise own level of personality development, to “pump up” personal features and qualities.

FSC “Code of Gobi” implementation recommendations:

Con-joint use with FSC “Chudotvorets” increases the effectiveness of the influence at the organism with the purpose of keeping energy-informational protection, restoration of health and activation of vital energy;

Compatible with any previously released FSCs, especially it is recommended to use it together with FSCs “The Winner”, “Mighty Water”, “Tuning Fork”, “Indi”, “Harmony”, “Lhasa”, “Altarnaya mountain”, “Sacred Cave”;

One may drink structured water, do pumpings, carry at the body especially in socium in conflict or ill-wishing surrounding;

Use it for restoration and meditative practices, sport training.

Polarization of water spring in the central part of Gobi desert is recorded at the FSC “Code of Gobi”. Water structuring time is not less than 4 hours.

FSC “Chudotvorets” (The Wondermaker)

Helps restoration of the entire organism, works as a marker, revealing and indicating hidden or obvious faults and problems with health: physical, psychic. Then gently but effectively helps their correction;

Helps activation of energy centers – especially of 6, 7 and 8-th, harmonious distribution of energy in the whole organism, energy accumulation;

Helps opening of the spiritual heart, saturation of aura with light energies of love, strengthening of family, relations in collective structures, improvement of relations and mutual understanding in them;

Helps to stay calm aid quickly take important decisions in stressful situations, when necessary;

Helps opening of the spiritual vision, coming of insight, awareness, understanding and acceptance of own predestination and sense of life;

Helps to develop intuitive vision and knowledge, ability to stay in contact with Higher Intellect and own intuition;

Helps wishes coming true, helps to overcome difficult periods in life, more quickly and with better quality adapt to changing conditions in socium and environment;

Targeted at reveal and removal of any variants of energy-information intrusions, and also of introduction of artificially created programs in case of their influence through organism liquid mediums;

Targeted at restoration of bioenergy field and rise of vibrational level of user, creation of effective personal energy-informational protection.

FSC “Chudotvorets” is indicated:

For all who wants to develop intuition, to live in energies of love;

In case of depletion of nervous and physical powers, state of prolonged psychic discomfort or depression – in case of complex therapy of the state;

For improvement of social relations;

For travelers, including pilgrims, drivers of all kinds of transport: ground, air, water, underground, for servicemen, those who works in shifts’

FSC “Chudotvorets” implementation recommendations:

Con-joint use with FSC “Code of Gobi” or “Gold of Gobi” increases the effectiveness of the influence at the organism with the purpose of harmonization of physiology processes, for health restoration and rejuvenation, creation and support of energy-informational protection;

Compatible with any previously released FSCs, especially it is recommended to use it together with FSCs “Blagodat’”, “Golden Sand”, “Tuning Fork”, “Indi”, “Love”, “Harmony”, “Lhasa”, “Altarnaya mountain”, “Sacred Cave”, “Black Mountain”;

One may drink structured water, do pumpings, carry at the body especially in socium in conflict or ill-wishing surrounding;

Use it in meditative practices, single combat training.

Polarization of sacred water spring of Nikolay Chudotvorets (Nikolas The Wondermaker) in Srgiev Posad city is recorded at the FSC “Chudotvorets”. Water structuring time is not less than 4 hours.

FSC «Gold of Gobi» and "Blagodat'" were avaliable November 13-th till December 3-rd

FSC «Blagodat’»

Helps powerful health and spiritual, withdrawal of non sanctioned energy influences and informational programs;

Helps to relieve nervous tension, irritation, tiredness and more quick coming out of stress situations, depressions;

Helps user to stay in a state of harmony, love, calamity, pacification;

Helps harmonization of brain hemispheres work, development / opening of creative and spiritual potential, rise of user’s vibrational level, development of intuitive thinking and mental outlook;

Helps to remove conflict situations in socium, family, reach new level of communication based on position of acceptance, gratitude and love;

Helps to acquire internal source of power;

Helps to put/bring into realization cherished dreams and wishes.

FSC “Blagodat’” is indicated:

To all who is engaged in spiritual practices and physical culture;

To all who strives to live in modern reality in new energies and vibrations;

For harmonization of all spheres of life;

For getting out of depressive moods, stressful and conflict situations, acquiring of calamity.

Polarization of a sacred spring named in honor of reverend Sergiy Radonezskiy (Gremyachiy Spring Ãðåìÿ÷èé êëþ÷) situated in place Malinniki in Sergiev Posad district of Moscow District, spring in the name of Kazan Mother of God in a place Radonez in Sergiev Posad district of Moscow District, spring in the name of Savva Storojevskiy in Sergiev Posad (èñòî÷íèê Ñàââû Ñòîðîæåâñêîãî) city.

Time of water structuring at the FSC “Blagodat’” is not less than 2 hours.

FSC "Gold of Gobi"

- Aimed at withdrawal of non-sanctioned information intrusions and programs of high level of influence;

- Aids creation and building up of powerful defense of a personal bio-energy field;

- Aids awakening and activation of the center of consciousness for controlling of energy state of a person and the entire energy structure of human being;

- Aimed at preventing of appearance of psychosomatic diseases of any kind, and so consequently physical level diseases;

- Aids protection from energy-informational damages both targeted at oneself (autoagression) and from other people, in case of appearance of conflict situations;

- Aids staying in a state of emotional and energy balance between material and spiritual components, harmonizes perception of all spheres of life through positive directives;

- Aimed at forming of the internal core of the personality, acquiring ability to have own point of view and speak it out openly, ability to defend own views and interests from opinions imposed by others, sinking stereotypes and manipulations (based on the senses of guilt, duty) and other destructive influences;

- Aids harmonious development and work of both brain hemispheres, that ensures full-scale work of analytic and creative thinking, co-tuned development of various kinds of intellect: intellectual, emotional, spiritual;

- Transfers into a state of internal comfort, brings a feeling of unity of internal and external worlds and deep interconnection between them, aids transformation of perception of negative life situation into useful life experience;

- Targeted at strengthening of organism defense powers, rise and support of immunity in case of chronic and prolonged diseases, in periods of seasonal flu;

- Effective in case of vegetovascular dystonia, state of weakness, sleepiness, filling of tiredness and loss of powers, in case of high emotional and mental loads;

- Aids powerful correction and prophylaxis of various diseases of bronchi-pulmonary, cardio-vascular, nervous systems;

FSC «Gold of Gobi» is indicated:

- In presence of non-defined (not diagnosed) prolonged chronic diseases, for restoration and rehabilitation after surgery;

- In periods of seasonal diseases for strengthening of the immunity;

- In presence of powerful psychic stresses and difficult life situations;

- When practicing breathing and meditative exercises, yogi, single combat sports.

Recomendations on the «Gold of Gobi» FSC use:

Conjoint use with the FSC «Light of Koltsov» allows user to get maximum unfoldment of their potential to influence organism with purposes of health restoration, harmonization, conscious being, powerful energy defense, and significant rise of the vibrational level of the user;

Combines well with any previously released FSCs, especially with «Indi», «Love», «Harmony», «Love formula Yin», «Love formula Yin», «Tuning Fork», «Lhasa», «Altarnaya Mountain», «Golden Sand», «Sacred Cave», «Reboot Cleaning» and «Reboot Filling».

It is highly recommended to use FSC «Gold of Gobi» in difficult situations, when golden FSCs no 20 and 23 are not able to pose complete help.

One shall drink structured water, do pumpings, carry on the body when out in socium, especially in conflict and ill-wishing environment.

Polarization of four water springs from Gobi desert is recorded at the FSC «Gold of Gobi» (Mongolia). Water structuring time is not less than 7 hours.

FSC «Light of Koltsov» was avaliable October 2-nd till November 12-th

Helps to support physiology functioning of all main organism systems, general restoration of functional state of the entire organism, accenting defending powers and immunity rise;

Is an effective remedy and means of prophylaxis, correction, prevention of diseases appearance, including the stage of their appearance and forming;

Aids coordination and normal functioning of all internal organs and systems;

Aids activation of processes of production and assimilation of minerals, trace elements;

Poses powerful influence at harmonization and cleaning of conscience, preservation and support of psychology stability, sureness, feeling of internal power, benevolence, amicability, calamity, safeness and confidence to the outer world.

Aids formation of psychological lability (flexibility and speed) for adequate reaction at outer conditions changes both in socium and environment, living in the state «here and now»;

Aids psychology rebirth and uncovering of own I, forming unique individual original personality and its uncovering in personal and social lives;

Aids filling withcreative energy, lightness, joyfulness, ability to receive balanced joy of life, uncovering the creative potential of human being, increase of perceived spirituality;

Aids elimination and driving out of bad habits (alcoholism and so on) at the psychology level, and cleaning the body from their consequences;

Aids accumulation of internal energy, keeping energy balance and stabilization of energy envelope of human being, development of bogy intuition and ability to listen to own body;

Is a powerful means of defense from energy-information influences, powerful informational confrontation (in conflict situations, quarrels, argues), also good for keeping own positions and defending own views in constructive discussions;

Aids rejuvenation of the organism, harmonious spiritual and physical development, keeping balance between physical and energy body.

FSC «Light of Koltsov» is needed to everybody! Both who is healthy or have diseases of various degrees of heaviness; to public persons or to those who have to appear in public often, to businessmen at negotiations, to creative people, pupils and students. Both to young and adults for uncovering and development of abilities in various spheres of lives, preservation of psychic health, perception of spirituality, support and increase of living potential. As a remedy to get rid of bad habits.

Intake of water, structured at FSC «Light of Koltsov» poses soft cleaning action at the body, that is water becomes a natural sorbent. In order to acheive pronounced rejuvenation effect it is recommended to structure cosmetology remedies (liniments, wheys, tonics) in addition to the intake of structured water.

Polarization of water from a natural spring (water capsule) which is at the 500 meters depth which is situated in the village Simbuhovo in Penza district is recorded at FSC «Light of Koltsov».

Time of water structuring is not less than 8 hours.

FSC Neurovita was avaliable from September 14-th to September 19-th 2018.

- Aids prophylaxis and correction of rheumatic diseases of various origin (arthralgia, arthritis, including rheumatoid, osteoarthritis, spondylarthritis (Behterev disease), spondylarthrosis, bursitis, myositis, neuralgia and so on);

- Aids prophylaxis and correction of neurological diseases of various genesis, including psychogenic origin (neurosis, anxiety, depression, hypochondriasis, dystonia, paralysis, paresis and so on);

- Aids prophylaxis and correction of diseases of inflammatory character and connected with violation of meninx, including after endured craniocerebral injuries or neuroinfections (arachnoiditis, neurosyphilis, brucellosis, botulism, tuberculosis and so on);

- Aids decreasing and leveling of influence of unfavorable factors, affecting child’s brain in various periods of its formation – starting from the first day and during the entire period of intrauterine fetus development;

- Aids prophylaxis of various brain neurons pathologies development, also aids their activation in case of presence of violations incompatible with normal functioning (in case of ICP, childhood disintegrative disorder, sclerotic presentations);

- Is a means of prophylaxis of various metabolism violations, lowering of the immune system anti-oxidant defense, cells anoxaemia, high speed of lipids oxidization processes, rachitis, anemia;

- Aids removal of concomitant symptoms, lowering or violations of motor function, speech and mental disorders, normalization of state of willpower-emotional sphere (harmonization of psycho-emotional state, performance of brain hemispheres);

 - Aids normalization of micro-circulation processes in brain, central and peripheral nervous system;

- Aids quicker rehabilitation processes after various kinds of trauma, bone-breaks, sprains, diseases, connected with restoration of innervations through nervous tissues.

FSC Neurovita is irreplaceable in complex rehabilitation programs of organism functions that suffered after various traumas, including sports traumas, in case of ICP, in planning and follow-up of pregnancy in case of genetic predisposition. In case of disease presence one shall practice incessant and complex approach with the use of this FSC: pumping, structured water intake, physical exercises, physiotherapy, external use of structured greases, massage oils, medicines, structured at the FCS.

It is effective to use FSC Neurovita in complex with FSCs no 1, 2, 7, “Pearl of Serbia”, “Zdrava”, “Jiva”, “Apple of Youth”, “Altarnaya Mountain”, “Amaranth”, “Indi”, “Phoenix”, lines Resveratrol and EVOchlorophyll.

Polarization of water from the spring at the “Gornya Trepcha” («Ãîðíÿ Òðåï÷à») resort (“Atomska Banya” ((«Àòîìñêà Áàíÿ»)) in Serbia is recorded at this FSC.

Water structuring time at FSC “Neurovita” is not less than 2 hours.

FSCs "Hepavita" was avliable from September 5-th up to September 10-th 2018

FSC «Hepavita»

Aids correction and prophylaxis of liver diseases of various character: virus, inflammatory,infection, chemical;

Aids regeneration of hepatocytes (liver cells) at various liver diseases (hepatitis, cirrhosis, cholecystitis, cholangitis, and so on);

Aids disbandment of intoxication in case of toxins either coming into organism from outside or their synthesis in own organs (when taking medicines, drink alcohol);

Aids detoxication of the organism, destruction of metabolism toxic products and hurmfull substances that are absorbing in the intestine;

Aids restoration and regulation of metabolism, including amino-acid, lipid, carbonhydrate, nitride metabolism in the body; Formation of albuminous complexes in the liver with lipids (lipoproteins), with carbonhydrates (glycoproteins) and carrier-complexes, which are vitally important for the organism (for example transferring, the carrier of iron);

Aids restoration of physiological diurnal rhythm of secretory processes in hepatocytes: bile release in daytime, glycogen synthesis at night;

Aids removal of dyspeptic manifestations I case of liver and gallbladder work violations (alternation of upset stomach with constipation), nausea, vomiting, taste deteriorations, appetite violations, in case of bitter taste in oral cavity in the morning time or after food intake;

Aids assimilation, storage and synthesis of vitamins in the organism, especially groups A,D, E and B, various trace elements, needed for hematopoiesis process (iron, copper, cobalt and so on);

Aids liver cells restoration, which form substances necessary for blood coagulation (prothrombin, fibrinogen), and also a row of substances, hindering this process and by doing so it restores hematopoieses processes in organism;

Aids restoration and renewal of skin, nails, hair, removal of yellowish color of skin integuments and mucous coatings;

Provides human organism immune system protection and support of the immune status at the physiology level.

FSC “Hepavita” is needed for those, who are suffering from liver diseases of various origin, to pregnant women in case of cholestasis presence, connected with the bile congestion in the liver. In case of increased loads when taking chemical medicines, in case of correction abstinent syndrome correction therapy (in case of alcohol, narcotic intoxications).

FSC “Hepavita” effectively interacts with FSCs 1, 2, 5, “Amaranth”, “Natural Antibiotic”, “Apring of Lamas”, “Jiva”, “Olgyr”, “Shambala Spring”

Polarization of water from a spring in Mongolia is recorded at this FCS.

Water structuring time is not less than 1 hour.

FSCs "Varvara's Spring" and «Emerald of Serbia» are avliable from Augest 29-th up to September 17-th 2018

Varvara's Spring FSC aids prophylaxis and correction of inflammatory, bacterial and fungi diseases

- Poses general antiphlogistic and antibacterial action, aids prophylaxis and correction of various inflammatory diseases of reproductive system organs both at men and women;
- Poses accented antiphlogistic action at mucous coating of oral cavity and gums (gingivitis, stomatitis, paradontosis) and in case of skin inflammatory diseases (including furunculus, carbuncle)
- Aids immunity strengthening and support, more quick health recovery in case of U.R.I. or A.R.V.I, especially when used when first symptoms appear;
- Aids assimilation of trace element magnesium, which insures physiology flow of various vitally important processes in the organism (including processes in nervous, cardio-vascular, bone and digestive systems);
- Aids restoration of phosphoric and carbon-hydrate exchange processes;
- Aids restoration of fermentative reactions (in gastrointestinal tract, liver, gallbladder);
- Aide regulation of the regeneration processes and renewal of organ and tissues cells, assimilation of vitamins and trace elements;
- Aids correction and prophylaxis of various diseases of upper respiratory passages, dilution and removal of expectoration out of lungs;
- Aids health restoration in cases of brain structures dysfunctions (hypothalamus, pituitary body, epiphysis), restoration of endocrine system organs performance;
- Aids removal of dry eye syndrome, vessels spasm removal, caused by long work at computer, poses positive influence at the vitreous body, effective in case of cataract;
- Eases organism state in case of vegetative-vascular dystonia, restores blood vessels elasticity, aids blood thinning and prevents plaques formation;
- Aids correction and prophylaxis of fungus diseases of nails, skin integuments, including seborrhea, aids quicker restoration of nail plates, has accented antifungal action.

It is recommended to use water structured at the Varvara's Spring FSC for homemade foodstock (salted and fermented vegetables), cans are staying well all winter, vegetables remain crunchy. FSC could be effectively used both for pets (cats, dogs, parrots) and in animal raising, especially at first going out at grazing ground in spring, in case of cows giving birth, increasing milking capacity.

In case of fungi prolonged con-joint use of FSC Varvara's Spring, 1, 2, and Sanita antyparasite line is recommended. Con-joint use of Varvara's Spring and Healthy teeth FSCs is effective in case of diseases of mucous coating of oral cavity and gums

Polarization of water from Varvara's Spring is recorded at this FSC. This famous spring is situated close to Pereslavl Zalesskiy city in Yaroslavl district. Together with Aleksandrova mountain, Blue and Plesheevo lakes the Varvara's Spring is a part of untied ancient cult complex, dedicated to ancient Slavonic God Yarilo (one of the names of the Sun – in summer period). Varvara's Spring is reckoned to be a sacred place, that's why one shall start working with FSC with clean thoughts and wishes.

Water structuring time is not less than 2 hours.

FSC «Emerald of Serbia» aids prophylaxis and correction of periphery circulation of extremities and gastro-intestinal tract.

= AIds restoration of circulation in capillary, venous and artery vessels of upper and lower extremities in cases of venous hyperemia, ischemia, trombosis, embolia (vessels occlusion);
- Aids correction and prophylaxis of periphery vessels diseases, restoration of circulation and blood transportation in hands and legs (but the ones that supply blood to the head and the heart);
= Poses anti-inflammatory action in blood vessels of extremities, and aids restoration of periphery blood circulation in them;
- Aids prophylaxis of appearance of violation of circulation in the large circle of blood system, prevention and correction of congestions in entire venous system, prophylaxis of hemorrhoidis appearance and removal of inflammation in hemorrhoidal nodes (internal and external hemorrhoidis);
- Aids prophylaxis of appearance of varicose veins;
- Aids removal of pain syndrome, which appears in case of movement in hips, knees, buttocks, shins and feet, and calms down in the state of rest, Aids restoration of sensitivity in lower ports of extremities (palms of the hands and feet);
- Aids restoration of normal lymph circulation, removal of the edemas;
- Poses prophylaxis thrombotic effect (prophylaxis of thrombi formation);
- Aids restoration of nervous pulses conductivity along the nervous tissues of periphery nervous system, prophylaxis of upper and lower extremities neuritis;
- Aids prophylaxis of stagnation in small pelvis both at men and women, that results in restoration of the blood flow in reproductive system organs. -  -Consequently it is prophylaxis of impotence at men and aids restoration of libido at women;
Poses antiinflammatory and antispasmotic action in case of gastro-intestinal tract diseases (gastritis, stomach and duodenum ulcerous diseases, colitis, enteritis);
- Aids restoration of gastro-intestinal tract mucous coatings, healing of erosions, ulcers, support of normal micro-flora;

FSC «Emerald of Serbia» is irreplaceable for those people who suffer diseases connected with violations of circulation in extremities, including diabetes, and also for smokers. For those who are flying a lot, lead sedentary life,

It is recommended to drink one and half liters of water, structured at the «Emerald of Serbia» FSC every day, One shall divide water intake at several portions, drink water half an hour before meals and an hour after the meals. External lotions are also effective, as well as wiping body with structured water, taking baths with water, structured at the «Emerald of Serbia» FSC. Use it for structuring ointments, greases and apply them at skin.
In order to support and preserve normal microflora in gastro-intestinal tract it is recommended to add EVOlit – bio intake.

Polarization of water spring from «Atomska Banya» (Àòîìñêà Áàíÿ) resort is recorded at the «Emerald of Serbia» FSC.

Water structuring time is not less than 2 hours.

FSC "Velikoretskiy" was avaliable Augest 1 - 6-th 2018.

Aids general restoration of functional state of the entire organism, strengthening of its defense powers, rising of the immunity;

Aids restoration and support of water-salts and mineral elements exchange (enhances assimilation of vitamins and trace elements);

Poses beneficial influence at the cardio-vascular system performance (aids improvement of heart muscle nutrition, strengthening of muscle layer, prophylaxis of infarction and inflammatory diseases of the heart, heart rhythm violations);

Aids harmonization of the nervous system, poses light sedative action, levels emotional outbursts;

Aids normalization of lymph and blood flow, organism detoxication, increases oxygenation (oxygen content in blood);

Ads improvement of pulmonary system organs in cases of various diseases of upper respiratory passages, bronchi and lungs;

Aids strengthening of the bone and muscle systems, loco-motor apparatus;

Aids increasing of muscles volume in case of cardio-loads when doing sports and fitness;

Aids normalization of vision due to the restoration of eyes-moving and internal muscles of the eyes, improvement of arteries, capillary performance, could be used for prophylaxis of the retina detachment.

Con-joint use of FSCs «Velikoretskiy» and «Balance» poses effective influence at pancreas in case of second type diabetes.

Polarization of water from a sacred spring named in honor of Nikolay the Miracle-worker in the village Velikoretskoe near Kirov city is recorded at this FSC.

Time of water structuring at FSC «Velikoretskiy» is not less than 55 minutes.

FSC "Phoenix" was avaliable July 26 - 30-th 2018.

Has powerful anti-bacterium and anti-inflammatory effect, prevents infection of outer wound surfaces (wounds, scratches, post surgery incisions, bedsores, trophic ulcers, burns, including sun-burns);

Aids quick skin and mucous coatings regeneration in case of various damages caused by traumas, surgery, medical procedures that damage skin, including cosmetology procedures – pilling, injections, tattoo, piercing);

Due to powerful anti-bacterium and anti-inflammatory effect it helps quick healing of internal wound surfaces, including gastro-intestinal, tract, duodenum (including wounds of erosion and ulcerous character, in case of circulation violations);

Aids restoration of blood micro-circulation in tissues of various organs, especially in damaged ones;

Prevents formation of cheloid scars in places of skin integuments and mucous coatings damages;

At the physiology level aids restoration and support of the organism immune status;

Effective in cases of non-sanctioned intrusions into one's bio-field, aids quick removal of consequences of intrusions of energy-informational character – both of external and internal origin, including psychology traumas and blocks;

Quickly «switches on» and activates all energy centers, especially 5-th, 6-th and 7-th, aids prolonged support of their harmonious work;

Powerfully works at the thin level, harmonizes vibrational torrents of outer field and human being, aids opening, manifestation and acknowledgment of one's own true I;

Helps to see and recognize true state of the affairs in all spheres of one's life, disclose primary reasons and find ways of solving issues in a better way;

Brings individual into a state of internal harmony, unity with the surrounding world;

Aids manifestation and opening of one's talents and abilities;

Aids general rejuvenation of the organism, restoration of the physiology processes up to optimum level.

Polarization of high-mountain spring «Shuvuuni urt» (Bird's nest) in northern Aimak on Mongolia is recorded at this FSC.

Water structuring time at FSC «Phoenix» is 2 hours!

In case of outer skin damages, along with structured water drinking it is recommended to do water wrappings, lotions, application with the use of water, structured at the FSC «Phoenix». Also to structure ointments, greases, sponging liquids, anti-septic remedies. In case of calluses, plantar callosity it is recommended to use FSC in the pedicure process, and also for the manicure with clutches trimmed.

Good helper for those who is unable to realize and disclose the reasons of prolonged period of failures.

FSCs «Jiva» and «Zdrava» are available starting from June 5 2018, until June 18-th 2018

FSC «Jiva»

Aids powerful antiparasite cleaning of the organism (from helminths of various kids, protozoa and other kinds of pathogens;

Aids congestions removal and normalization of lymph fluid circulation (which leads to proper functioning of the cells – inflow of nutrients and toxins deducing) and also removal of inflammation process in the inflammation area;

Aids restoration of organism defense powers and all phases of immune reactions, providing physiological functioning of the immune system;

Aids restoration of blood circulation in all vitally important systems: cardiovascular, respiratory, gastro-intestinal, urinary, reproductive, endocrine;

Aids restoration and normalization of all types of metabolic processes in the organism;

Aids rehabilitation and prophylaxis of the endocrine system violations (pancreas, adrenal glands, thyroid glands, sexual glands).

FSC «Jiva» interacts effectively with FSCs 1, 2, 3, 4, 16, 20, Natural Antibiotic, Live water, Amaranth, Healing, Healing 2, Danilovo Lake, Olgyr.

Polarization of water spring situated close to one of nomad’s camps in Mongolia is recorded at FSC «Jiva».

Water structuring time is not less than 45 minutes.

Koltsov mentioned briefly this spring many times in his appearances when he told about voyages in Mongolian steppe to the Spring of Lamas. The spring recorded at FSC “Jiva” he described as a a spring close to a nomad’s camp. That is he asked local people “why are you staying in this place?” “because f a spring that is near by” “ So what is good about it” “we simply liked this water” they replied. But it appeared this water has wide health effects, thou the spring even has no name, Koltsv referred to it simply as “A spring close to the nomad’s camp”.

FSC «Zdrava»

Aids the return of picturesque memory, restoration of brain cognitive functions, unfolding of creative potential;

Poses harmonizing action at brain hemispheres performance, their activation and synchronization;

Aids development of sensitive abilities, intuition;

Aids harmonization of emotional state, removal of psycho-emotional tension and neurotic states at stresses, increased mental and physical loads;

At physiology level aids correction of headaches of various localization (as consequence of cold, ENT organs diseases, migraines, brain vessels atherosclerosis, noise in the ears, encephalopathy and so on);

Aids removal of spasms in brain vessels and restoration of circulation in the brain, normalization of intracranial pressure;

Aids prophylaxis of central nervous system degenerative diseases (reduction of the intellect, memory disorder, behavior changes and so on);

Poses antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action;

Aids restoration of the vestibular apparatus performance, cupping of dizziness attacks, including attacks followed with nausea, vomiting, noise in the ears (for example in case of increased arterial pressure).

FSC «Zdrava» is must have to everyone! In case you are a creative person, and your job is connected with development and realization of creative ideas, in case you think in structural way and later methodically put your project into realization, in case you are engaged in self-development, learn or work a lot… In case you simply want to be healthy, active, young in any age, then FSC “Zdrava” is for you!

FSC “Zdrava interacts well with FSCs 1, 9, 10, 12, 13, 15, Longevity, Indi, Tuning Fork, Lhasa, Mighty Water, Golden Sand, Amaranth, Source of Life, Altarnaya Mountain.

Mayan cosmic teurgy Channel Kapu “ÊÀÏÓ” and polarization of water from a thermal spring from Shargaljuut chain of springs in Bajankhogor Aimak in Mongolia are recorded at the FSC «Zdrava». Water structuring time is not less than 25 minutes.

Mayan cosmic teurgy Channel Kapu is designated to cure problems, connected with the head.

Water structuring time is not less than 55 minutes.

FSCs «Healthy Lungs» and «Allergy Defense» were available for ordering June 1-st – June 4-th 2018.

FSC «Healthy Lungs»

- Poses anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungi antiparasite action in case of various diseases of bronchi-pulmonary system (acute and neglected bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, pleuritis and so on);

- Prevents appearance and development of pathology processes in lungs as consequence of professional diseases which may develop at those people who are engaged in heavy, chemical, food and mining industries;

- Aids cleaning of bronchi-pulmonary organs from mucilage, sputum, deducing of toxins;

Aids improvement of lungs blood supply;

- Aids more quick restoration after endured acute diseases or acute attacks of chronic diseases of bronchi-pulmonary system organs;

- Poses regenerating action, aids restoration of mucous coatings of bronchi-pulmonary system organs;

- Aids lowering risk of complications development after surgery, after artificial ventilation of the lungs;

- Aids rising and strengthening of the immunity;

- Serves as effective remedy of correction and prophylaxis of diseases, connected with violation of the main function of the lungs (respiratory difficulty, enrichment of blood with oxygen, inhaling of carbon dioxide and toxic substances…).

FSC «Healthy Lungs» is indicated to people affected to bronchi-pulmonary system diseases, for the support of the immunity in the periods of seasonal epidemics; sportsmen and people who lead active life. FSC is indispensable for passive and active smokers, for people living in ecologically unfavorable regions and working at hazardous industries, for people with lowered immunity, chronic diseases of heart and lungs, people of respected age.

FSC «Healthy Lungs» combines well with FSCs 1, 2, «Extra ENT», «Allergy Defense», «Amaranth». Poses more accented health restoration action in case of conjoint use.

Recommendations for the «Healthy Lungs» FSC use: Along with pumpings and structured water intake, one may inhale structured vapor (5-10 minutes sessions), minimum course is 10 sessions.

Polarization of a water spring from a group situated at Altai mountain foot at the Mongolian side is recorded at this FSC. In addition: polarization from places of power Small Dragon and Big Tortoise, situated in the Park of Dragons, Primorski Krai. Water structuring time at this FSC is not less than 20 minutes.

FSC «Allergy Defense»

- Poses anti-allergy influence, aids prevention of appearance of allergy reaction «antigen-antibody», formation of immune complexes, deducing allergy complexes out of the organism;

- Aids prevention of allergy reaction development in the organism;

- Increases immune cells sensitivity to various allergens, and by doing so strengthens the immunity;

- Poses anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungi antiparasite action in case of allergy diseases of various etiology (bronchi asthma, allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis, helminthic allergy and so on);

- Aids to relieve the state in case of allergic manifestations of non-infection character (nervous, food, medicinal, sunny and other types of allergy);

- In the acute period aids to relieve external manifestation of allergy reactions (skin irritation, eruptions, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis);

- Aids removal of respiratory difficulty, lowering of puffiness of mucous coatings;

- Could be used in complex therapy of allergic manifestations in case of various violations of hormonal background, for metabolism correction;

- Serves as effective prophylaxis remedy for prevention of metabolism violations in case of prolonged intake of medicines;

- Helps to support normal micro-flora of mucous coatings and skin integuments;

- Serves as effective remedy for prophylaxis and prevention of allergic diseases, appearing due to psycho-somatic issues, prolong nervous stresses.

FSC «Allergy Defense» is indispensable for all people who are suffering with allergic diseases, non-depending on the allergen origin and seasonal diseases (blossoming, sun, cold and so on). For immunity support in period of seasonal diseases. For people living in ecologically unfavorable regions and working at hazardous industries, in case of long-time intake of various medicines, including hormonal medicines.

FSC «Allergy Defense» combines well with FSCs 1, 2, 5, «Healthy Lungs», «Extra ENT», «Spring of Health», «Spring of Health 2», «Indi», EVOlit Sorb, EVOlit bio. Poses more accented health restoration effect in case of conjoint use. In case of frequent allergy reactions it is recommended to take an anti-parasite course of the «Sanita» line. It is recommended to stand to the principles of healthy nutrition, restore the performance of gastro-intestinal tract micro-flora, reduce high emotional load.

Recommendations on the FSC «Allergy Defense» use: effective for external irrigations and foments, for structuring of sponging remedies, ointments, creams.

Polarization of water from a thermal spring from Shargaljuut chain of springs in Bajankhogor Aimak in Mongolia is recorded at the FSC « Allergy Defense ». Water structuring time is not less than 20 minutes.

FSC “The Winner” was available for ordering from April 28-th to May 14-th

Aids maximum development of interaction of intellect, spiritual origin and emotional sphere of personality;

Aids quick removal of tiredness after various physical loads;

Aids complex restoration of physical powers and harmonization of the emotional sphere;

Helps to save physical activity in case of lasting high loads in various spheres of human life;

Aids normalization of cardiovascular system performance, by doing so helps individual to stand more intensive loads;

Poses prophylaxis action for prevention diseases of cardio-vascular, pulmonary, nervous, endocrine systems

Aids brain performance stimulation, active and harmonious performance of all brain departments is a keystone of health and longevity;

Helps to preserve integrity of own I in various emotionally stressful situations (competitions, exams, overloads, negative emotions)

Aids sensitivity increase, development of intuition, co-tuning with the surrounding world and people;

Aids restoration of the organism energy balance and protection from non-sanctioned energy-informational intrusions.

Polarization of water from a thermal spring from Shargaljuut chain of springs in Bajankhogor Aimak in Mongolia is recorded at the FSC « The Winner ». Water structuring time is not less than 25 minutes.

FSC «The Winner» activates 1, 3, 4, 7 energy centers.

FSC «The Winner» is «must have» for professional sportsmen, people practicing active sports, and to all, who's activity is connected high physical and emotional loads

From now on all collection FSCs will be released in new cases.

FSCs «The Healthy Teeth» and «The Spring of Health 2» were available for ordering March 9-th to May 14-th.

«The Healthy Teeth»

Mayan Cosmic Teurgy channel Capsup (Êàïñóï) and polarization of water from one of thermal springs from Shargaljuut chain of springs in Bajankhogor Aimak in Mongolia are recorded at this FSC.

Poses antiphlogistic, antibacterial effects in case of various diseases of teeth, gums and oral cavity;

Poses wound healing effect, aids restoration of the oral cavity mucous coating, restoration of gums after manipulations, including surgery;

Aids lowering the risk of aggravation after manipulations in the oral cavity (treatment of teeth and gums, implantation, removal);

Aids strengthening the of bone tissue and opposes its destruction;

Aids lowering the risk of implants rejection, development of hyperplasia (overgrowth) of the mucous coating;

Poses prophylaxis effect, preventing the growth of cysts of various origin;

Aids removal of infection, that provokes formation of cysts in the gums, prevents repeated occurrences;

Aids restoration and supporting of normal microflora in the oral cavity.

FSC «The Healthy Teeth» is especially indicated for using prior to surgery (teeth removal. Implantation, and so on), and after medical treatment for quicker restoration, in case of tendency to cysts forming.

FSC «The Healthy Teeth» works brilliantly in combination with the EVOchlorophyll – Elixir. Elixir, when structured at this FSC, poses more powerful health improving effect.

Time of water structuring should be not less than 20 minutes.

«The Spring of Health 2»

Polarization of water from one of thermal springs from Shargaljuut chain of springs in Bajankhogor Aimak in Mongolia is recorded at this FSC.

Poses health improving action at all departments of the intestine, accented at large and thin intestine;

Aids prophylaxis of the peptic ulcer diseases and damages of the mucous coatings of the intestine;

Aids relief of attacks and relief of the patient's state in case of irritated bowels syndrome;

Aids intestine mucous coating healing processes;

Aids enhancement of the blotting capacity, assimilation of nutrients, synthesis of digestive enzymes;

Aids restoring peristalsis and motor function of the intestine, improving of evacuation function for regular emptying;

Aids restoration and support of normal micro-flora in the intestine;

Aids immunity support, improving resistance to viruses and infections;

Poses regulative effect in case of stool violations (constipation, frequent defecation);

Aids quicker restoration after endured diseases of the intestines of various etiology, surgery.

FSC «The Spring of Health 2» is especially indicated in case of irregular or misbalanced diet, misuse of fast-food, spicy, smoked, fermented, fatty foods, meat and flour foods, foods with chemical preserving agents, carbonated drinks, in case of diet changes. Also to people with sedentary lifestyle, sedentary job, in case of problems with stool (constipation or frequent defecation), in case of susceptibility to diseases, connected with low immunity.

FSC «The Spring of Health 2» is indicated prior to surgery treatments and after them for quicker restoration.

FSC «The Spring of Health 2» works pretty well in combination with the EVOchlorophyll line in case of viral, infection, inflammatory, fungal). In case of digestion violations, after poisoning. In order to restore intestine micro-flora it is good to use the FSC in complex with the EVOlit line (EVOlit sorb and EVOlit bio). In order to improve the motor function and blotting capacity it is good to use it in complex with the Fungo-Vita product.

Time of water structuring should be not less than 20 minutes.

FSCs «Extra ENT» and «Tuning Fork» were avaliable starting from December 19-th 2017 until January 29-th 2018

FSC «Extra ENT»

Helps prophylaxis and correction of ENT organs (ear, nose, mouth cavity, throat, larynx, lungs) and lower breathing passages diseases of various origin: viral, bacterium (ARVI, flu, otitis, snuffle, antritis, adenoids, angina, bronchitis, tracheitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis and so on) in acute in chronical form;

Aids correction of the deafness state, developed due to infection diseases, caused by various agents (viral, staphylococcus, streptococcus, fungi and so on);

Aids removal of symptoms that accompany diseases of ENT organs and lower breathing passages (mucoza edema, irritation in the throat, cough and so on);

Aids more quick restoration after endured diseases;

Helps to remove stuffiness in nose in case of allergic manifestations (rhinitis, sinusitis, rhinosinusopathy and so on);

Is effective remedy for prophylaxis of various complications, which are causing various serious diseases of various systems of organs;

Is irreplaceable remedy that helps to support immunity in a period of seasonal diseases and epidemics;

It is recommended to structure drinking water at FSC «Extra ENT» along with liquid medicines (nasal drops, solutions for inhalations, syrups, decoctions and so on).

Polarization of water from a thermal spring from Shargaljuut chain of springs in Bajankhogor Aimak in Mongolia is recorded at the FSC «Extra ENT». Water from the spring has temperature of 58 Centigrade, PH level 8.7, water is saturated with silicon. Water structuring time is not less than 20 minutes.

FSC «Tuning Fork»

Amplifies, supplements and anchors the influence of any FSCs through co-tuning;

Removes misbalance, blocks and clamps that prevent harmonious energy flow at energy centers;

Aids getting more quick positive results of other FSCs influence at the organism;

In case of conjoint use with various other FSC aids maximum opening of their maximum potential;

Aids empowering and support if the immunity;

Starts processes of organism co-tuning to receiving high vibrations of other FSCs;

Helps to tune organism at the work with FSCs.

It is recommended to use water, structured at FSC «Tuning Fork» daily, in a quantity that is not less than 108 drops. It is also recommended to take baths and showers, structure mouth cavity rinse remedies.

Polarization of water from a thermal spring from Shargaljuut chain of springs in Bajankhogor Aimak in Mongolia is recorded at the FSC «Tuning Fork». The name of the spring (if translated from Mongolian) is «108 Drops». Water structuring time is not less than 20 minutes.

They recommend to finish treatment with this water to all people who are coming to the Shargaljuut chain of springs in order to cure some diseases. People are taking this «108 Drops» spring water with them and take it daily, exactly 108 drops.

Here is stenography of a meeting with Gerel - Mongolian partner and Koltsov, in which they are talking about this chain of springs.

«Nephrite»  and «Bereginya» were avaliable starting from November 14-th , till December 4-th, 2017

FSC «Nephrite»

(Urinary system restoration)

Mayan Cosmic Teurgy channel Baka (Áàêà) is recorded on it.

- Aids prophylaxis and correction of the urinary system inflammatory diseases of various origin – virus, bacterial (pyelonephritis, cystitis, glomerulonephritis, urethritis, prostatitis).

Aids prevention and regression of stones formation processes in kidneys and other urinary system organs;

- Aids prophylaxis and correction of neoplasms of various etiology in urinary system organs (benign prostatic hyperplasia. cysts in kidneys, urinary bladder polyposis and so on);

- Aids prevention and correction of asymptomatic bacteriuria of pregnant women and people who are using urinary catheter;

- Helps to support physiology level of hormones – adrenal glands and sexual hormones at both men and women;

- Aids disbandment of edemas and reduction of the increased arterial pressure, caused by the diseases of urinary system;

- Aids detoxication and support of homeostasis – permanence of organism internal medium chemical composition (water-salt metabolism, acid-base equilibrium) which plays important role for human health – insures the flow of physiological processes in the normal boundaries;

- Aids removal of symptoms, that follow urinary system diseases – pains in the back of the spine and in the bottom of the belly, dysuria and so on.

Aids restoration of kidneys filtering ability.

FSC “Nephrite” is indicated to:

- People who suffer from kidneys and urinary system diseases of various etiology, and also for people in respected age in connection with lowered functions of the urinary system;

- People who suffer chronic kidney diseases which are followed by the development of nephratonia. They shall make accent at water wrappings and taking baths and showers, because water intake could be restricted;

- Those patients who are preparing to invasive procedures at the urinary tract (surgery, diagnostic procedures, insertion of cannula and so on). For more quick rehabilitation after such procedures;

- In case of cardio-vascular pathology with the development of heart failures, and other pathologies that lead to the development of edemas at legs;

- People with permanent urinary cannula.

Regular use includes carrying FSC “Nephrite” on the body at the projection of kidneys, intake of structured water, baths, shower, pumpings.

FSC «Bereginya» (Áåðåãèíÿ)

(Restoration and rejuvenation of women's reproductive system)

Polarization of water from a thermal spring from Shargaljuut chain of springs in Bajankhogor Aimak in Mongolia is recorded at this FSC.

They called this FSC Bereginya in honor of an ancient Slavonic Goddess – patroness of women, who guards women from mischief, evil eye, angry husband and sterility. Women often embroidered her image with hands up, as if ummoning the sun, spring and good. This Goddess personified blessed forces of fertility both of women and Earth.

- Aids prophylaxis and correction of the inflammatory processes in small pelvis organs, prevents developing of various complications (uterine tubes obstruction, miscarriage, abdominal pregnancy, sterility, adhesions and so on) and their development into chronic form;

- Prevents development of pathology changes in small pelvis organs, aids correction of already present pathologically changed cells. Aids health restoration and also prophylaxis of development of the following pathologies: cervical erosion, cystic ovary syndrome, polyposis of the womb and vagina, womb inflammation – internal surface, mucous coating, muscular tissues (endometritis, hyperplasia, endometriosis, myoma and so on), inflammatory processes in ovaries (oophoritis, adnexitis, salpingitis), ovaries dysfunction;

- Aids quicker restoration of small pelvis organs physiological functions after endured diseases of various etiology;

- Aids restoration and support of hormonal balance and physiological functioning of the reproductive system, expansion of women's fertile period;

- Helps to ease manifestations of the premenstrual syndrome, live through «critical» days, aids to decrease pain syndrome during this period;

- Grants «second youth», improves life quality, increases the active longevity period;

- Helps to ease entering and living through «women's third age» (climacteric).

FSC «Bereginya» is indicated to:

- All women, starting from the pubertal age (sexual maturation);

- Women in reproductive age for harmonious functioning of the reproductive system;

- Women of «the third age» for comfortable passing through climacteriñ and postclimacteric period;

- Women suffering with reproductive system diseases of various etiology, and also for quick restoration after endured surgery;

- Women who want to experience the joy of motherhood in case of reproductive system problems.

"Mighty Water"and "Mamma" were awaliable from September 12-th 2017  until October 9-th 2017

FSC «Mighty Water»

Polarization of water from on of a chain of thermal springs Shargaljuut in Bajankhogor Aimak in Mongolia.

- Aids withdrawal of the chronic tiredness syndrome;

- Aids to relive organism state in case of vegetative-vascular dystonia;

- Aids quick restoration of physical powers;

- Aids quick rehabilitation processes after endured diseases and trauma;

- Helps to increase organism capacity to physical loads, including long-lasting loads;

- Aids quick adaptation after flights and long trips, more quick acclimatization;

- Helps to preserve physical activity at increased loads during learning (sportsmen, schoolchildren, students);

- Aids restoration and preservation of the organism energy balance.

FSC «Mighty Water» is especially indicated for professional sportsmen and people who work in nightshifts and rotating schemes, people who have to travel a lot, military servicemen. It is recommended to combine its use with FSC «Indi» for restoration of physical body balance and psycho-emotional state.

FSC «Mamma»

Polarization of water from on of a chain of thermal springs Shargaljuut in Bajankhogor Aimak in Mongolia. A place, from which water starts to run, has a form of woman's breast. Water of this spring is saturated with silicon.

· Aids prophylaxis and correction of lacteal glands inflammatory diseases (acute and chronic mastitis);

· Aids prophylaxis and decrease of the risk of appearance pathology changes of various etiology in mammary glands tissues;

· Opposes development of mammary glands diseases that already exist and aids regression of pathologically changed cells;

· Aids prophylaxis and correction of fibrocystic changes of mammary glands tissues, including changes of hormonal origin;

· Aids removal of plugged ducts (glactostasis) – milk congestion in mammary gland excretory ducts of breastfeeding woman;

Co-joint use of FSC «Mamma» with FSC number 3 and FSC «Olgyr» aids more quick progress in problems which are connected with mammary glands health.

Along with consumption of structured water, it is recommended to do external wrappings and foments with water, structured at FSC «Mamma».

Spring of Health FSC – release for the 9-th anniversary of the Center Region Company - Augest 2017

Helps restoration of digestive system organs: entire gastro-intestinal tract, liver, gallbladder, pancreas;

Poses anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, wounds healing effect in case of erosive and ulcerous manifestations in gastro-intestinal tract;

Aids regulation and restoration of gastro-intestinal tract secretory function, improves digestion processes, removes abdominal swelling;

Aids regulation and restoration of gastro-intestinal tract evacuation function;

Aid relive from spasms and removal irritated bowels syndrome;

Aids normalization of the lipid metabolism, cholesterol level;

Aids regulation of adrenal glands functions and production of hormones (steroid, reproductive system, adrenalin, noradrenalin);

Poses regulative action at water and salts balance in the organism, aids removal of edema;

Aids harmonization of the periphery nervous system performance, restoration of blood and lymph circulation;

In case of external use (lotions, dressings), water, structured at this FSC, poses analgetic action in case of various traumas, sprains, damaged skin (small wounds, burns, insects bites and so on);

Aids restoration of all skin layer at various conditions, that cause skin damage;

Aids restoration of the sense of touch (tactile information, the sense of warmth and cold, sensitivity to pain, perceiving of objects in space with one's hands and so on).

Polarization of water from curative hydrosulfide spring in Kamchatka region is recorded at this FSC. Many years local people are using water from this spring in curative properties, home animals and watering plants.

5 FSCs were released in the second action which lasted from June 13-th until July 31-st.

FSC «Indi»

FSC «Indi» - polarization of water from a sacred lake in India, which is hidden from people's eyes is recorded on it. If you read attentively Koltsov's conferences – may be you remember that he mentioned that some man from France was in India and delivered the sample of water to France where Sergey Valentinovitch was at a congress.

FSC «Indi»

Aids restoration of the hormonal balance and physiology processes in the endocrine system;

Aids detection and correction of fears of various origin, perceived and subconscious, including fears connected with the negative experience from the past;

Harmonizes internal state of the individual – aids removal of anxiety, depression, oppression;

Aids to define life priorities and goals, aids removal of obstacles on the road to achieve true goals;

Aids activation and harmonization of all energy centers work;

Aids blocking and removal of non-sanctioned intrusions of various origin into one's bio-field;

Aids restoration of energy, appearance of the feeling of fullness and freedom in the internal space, the «flight» of the soul, calamity and harmony;

Activates spiritual origin, aids development of intuition, consciousness widening through manifestation of love and awareness, increase of the vibrations level;

Aids suppression of the thirst for smoking.

FSC works individually with everyone in accordance with the level of personal spiritual development. Positive attitude towards life helps quicker «co-tuning» with this FCS.

It is recommended to start working with this FSC from structured water intake 100 – 400 milliliters a day during one month. Then one shall carry it on the body for 20-30 minutes a day. It is recommended to monitor blood pressure for people with high arterial pressure, in case pressure rise one shall decrease the intake of water, structured at the FSC Indi, and in addition to use FSC «Longevity»

Co-joint use of FSCs «Indi» and «Yudek» is recommended for normalization of the hormonal status.

For development of intuition and activation of the spiritual origin, it is recommended to combine the use of FSC «Indi» with «Lhasa», «Altarnaya Mountain», «Danilovo lake», «lurking Lake».

Co-joint use of FSCs «Indi» and number 18 «Synchronization» is recommended for harmonization of the energy centers work.

Prior to any release Sergey Valentinovitch makes «samples» of new FSCs and gives them to people. So there are some first testimonies on the FSC «Indi» use.
May 16-th Kravchenko Alexander structured water of hot springs in Krasnodarskiy district in a natural pools at the water exit place, where water fountains out of earth. While being in water one had a feeling of soaring, flying. Calamity, pacification, quiet joy and goodness.

Those people who did not see colors during meditation, at last started to see them. Predominance of bright red color, from scarlet to ruby.

I had the entire spectrum, first in sequence, later all-together - as if layers in a pie.

Holding each other in hands, people reeled in water first counterclockwise then clockwise, Kravchenko was in the center. Judging by the expressions on their faces, some were in the state of bliss, and some surely were working with themselves without perceiving this.

In the evening I borrowed FSC «Indi» from Alexander, we put on it a triangle, assembled from three FSCs «Olgyr». At those who stood on this construction, induced negative programs were disbanded – shackles at legs, fetters at hands, then a feeling of freedom, lightness, deep sleep. In a dream I was traveling somewhere in the ancient Slavonic world.

If one holds it in hands – calamity comes quickly, chaos of thoughts disappears, simply the state of bliss. I think that one enters into the state of harmony, spiritual and bodily, especially spiritual.

It results in need of a very low quantity of food, absence of carving to sweet, cheerfulness, vitality, good rest during the time of sleep.

Testimony from France

When you proposed me to take a new plate at the conference, I found a place to be alone for 5 minutes with it in my hands, and my first impression was that as if one torrent of energy goes up through me through the crown chakra, and another torrent goes down under me. My aura unfolded, became more voluminal, I was entirely in a state of a present moment, and a feeling of a pleasant bliss took me over.

At a conference in Moscow there were many various energies around, and when returned to France I tried to work with a plate when there was no one close in order to estimate better its energy influence.

I drunk water, structured at this plate, carried it at the body in the day time and slept with it.

Several «strange» things happened with me.

One evening, when I meditated, I was actually flooded with light, which came into my thin body along multiple tiniest energy channels, and this light told me directly that I was subjected to big and significant cleaning.

Starting from that day I perceived an urgent need to clean out my body, feed in a different way, be more attentive in choosing of products and do not allow some indulgences. I experienced emotional cleaning of the deep laying zones, and I got clear information about my previous lives.

At the external level I received information through an important meeting. Inside myself I was filled with knowledge about the world, which allow me to see deception and traps of ill wishes. As if suddenly I saw and amazingly clearly understood the essence of life, with new power and in full volume I realized the traits of my surrounding, at that really calmly.

Another evening I worked distantly for healing of one man, who suffered with the lumbar pains, and the plate was on me. I felt a presence of some sacred person, as if a yogi. From Him I received powerful and simple information how to heal my patient.

I am feeling great with this plate, full of powers and energy, in a perfect mood.

And here is another feeling that I had, it is difficult to describe. I was as if surrounded with some vibration, or to be more exact it was as if some blessing came down on me through this vibration, which was a result of countless repetition of mantras, which I did previously. It is very difficult to explain, I will try by using such an image: it was as if I was bathing in vibrations, created by a multitude of prayers, which were said by one or several people, whom I do not know.

Due to the new plate I poses sacred sorceries, which were said sometimes by sacred people, about whom I do not know anything, but this blessing took roots in me, and I am using it for giving help to anyone, including distant help with the use of the power of the thoughts.

More to it, I experienced another new sensation, but I do not know if it is connected solely with the new plate: from now on I am feeling close relation with my family roots, with all my relatives, They are living inside me, and I am calm because of this. It increases my powers.

Many my women-clients who do not know each other say that I am looking younger. But I think that it is a result of my use of several plates.

I thank you for this possibility to experience new sensations with this new plate of Yours.

I am home thick for Russia. With all my best wishes for you personally and all your folks, Ann – Maty Zorzi

Merzlyakova Elena about FSC «Indi»

I would call FSC «Indi» - «Primordial Purity», first of all it calms down and gives the feeling of fullness, free space. Anxiety gives way to clarity. At the thin level the return of energy, which was withdrawn during the whole lifetime starting from the very moment of birth, due to this or that reason – through energy ties, and so on.

Filling may be followed by the rise of arterial pressure with corresponding symptoms. That is why one shall start working with this FSC carefully! Starting from drinking water during the first month in 100-400 ml daily doses, starting from the second month one may start contact use, starting from 20-30 minutes a day, it is not important at what part of the body one shall place it. In case of the blood pressure rise one shall reduce the amount of water and time of contact with the FSC «Indi». Use «Active longeivity» for the blood pressure normalization

I think that this FSC is good for people with long lasting stresses, depressions, neurosis, vegetative-vascular distonia and for people who ever witnessed UFO and other paranormal phenomena. FCS works distantly with hair and notes.

FSC «Yudek»

Mayan cosmic Teurgy Channel «Yudek» (Þäåê) is recorded on it.

Aids correction, restoration of physiology functioning of the endocrine system, especially the thyroid gland;

Aids correction of the hormonal balance violations and support of the physiology level of hormones;

Aids disbandment of the diffuse thyroid gland nodes;

Aids Iodine assimilation processes;

Aids slowing down and correction of the pathology processes in the nervous system, that lead to violation of its functioning and result in blocking of the normal hormones production and support of their level;

Aids correction of the inflammatory processes. Poses antiviral, antifungus action.

Co-joint use of FSCs «Indi» and «Yudek» is recommended for normalization and support of the hormonal background.

FSC «Balance» 

- Mayan Cosmic Teurgy channel «Hao» (Õàî) is recorded on it.

Aids restoration and correction of the pancreas performance;

Aids prophylaxis and correction insulin production violations;

Poses prophylaxis and correction influence at processes, connected with insulin uptake;

Aids restoration and regulation of metabolism;

Aids blood formula restoration;

Poses stimulating action at the production of antibodies, aids prophylaxis of viral diseases;

Aids immunity restoration and strengthening.

FSC «Norm of Life 1»

- Mayan Cosmic Teurgy channel «Takor» (Òàêîð) in blood pressure decrease mode is recorded on it.

Aids reduction of the arterial blood pressure in case of hypertension of various origin;

Aids reduction of the blood vessels walls elasticity and increases of the internal diameter of blood vessels, that influence the decrease of the arterial blood pressure;

Aids cholesterol level correction, aids removal of the atherosclerotic plaques at the blood vessels walls;

Aids normalization of the cells membranes penetrability, which has great significance for cell homeostasis support;

Aids restoration of the ion exchange, indexes of sodium and potassium content in the organism, that leads to regulation of the water content in the cell, reduction of the edemas.

Aids restoration of the physiological functioning of the kidneys and urine deducing ducts;

Aids restoration of the hormonal background, poses influence at the blood vessels tone and power of the heart rhythms;

Aids regulation of the adrenaline rushes, increases of resistance to stresses and reduction of the psychic tension.

FSC «Norm of Life 2»

- Mayan Cosmic Teurgy channel «Takor» (Òàêîð) in blood pressure rise mode is recorded on it.

Aids increase of the arterial blood pressure in case of hypotension;

Aids normalization of the hormonal background, poses influence at the blood vessels tone support and heart rhythms strength;

Aids regulation of the adrenaline rushes, reduction of nervous and psychic tension;

Aids removal of the chronic tiredness syndrome, state of depression, poses prophylaxis antistress action;

Aids restoration of the energy balance, removal of the emotional lability;

Aids normalization and regulation of the production and assimilation of needed vitamins and nutrients in the organism, that leads to the rise of vital resources;

Poses stimulating action at the production of antibodies, aids prophylaxis of viral diseases and immunity support;

«Olgyr»  was avaliable for ordering April 14-th- 30-th, 2017

Aids correction, restoration of the cellular immunity, normalization of the immune system performance in general;

Poses prophylaxis and corrective influence at formation of defense, that defend organism from outer factors, that provoke rebirth, mutation of healthy cells into pathology changed cells;

Takes active participation in restoration and normalization of cell apoptosis;

Aids prophylaxis, correction, slowing down of pathology unlimited growth of organism cells;

Aids creation of medium, that is unfavorable for growth and development of pathology changed cells;

Aids correction and regress of all negative processes in pathology changed cells «nodes»;

Aids immunity state correction in case inflammatory, viral, bacterium diseases;

Aids correction and restoration of the hormonal status;

Aids to improve life quality significantly and prolongate active lifespan after endured medical treatment, targeted at elimination of pathology changed cells and immunity correction;

Aids correction and disbandment of negative programs and non-sanctioned intrusions into one's bio-field;

Aids creation of powerful energy defense.

Cosmoenergy channel «Olgyr» is recorded at this FSC.

«Spring of Lamas» was avaliable for ordering April 14-th- 30-th, 2017

Poses complex influence at the organism – both at the thin and physical levels;

Initiates global health-restoration programs at the level of consciousness;

Initiates processes of psychic harmonization at the level of sub-consciousness;

Normalizes the state of nervous system, bringing into balance processes of irritation and inhibition;

Disbands the state of internal aggression and tension;

Aids to acquire the stable state of internal harmony and perception of the world «here and now»;

Starts processes of cleaning and powerful regeneration of liver in case of damages of various origin – intoxication, fatness and so on;

Normalizes performance of various systems of organs: cardio-vascular, blood-forming, hormonal;

Restores metabolism, physiologically corrects weight;

Effectively works with animals in all aspects of physiology restoration and restoration of the psychic balance.

Polarization of water from a spring in Mongolia, called «Spring of Lamas» is recorded at this FSC. Water structuring time – not less than 17 minutes. It is recommended to put this FSC at the third energy center – at the liver area.

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