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Oncology. Questions and answers

Question: Man is 72, prostate cancer, had chemo-, xray- therapies, what FCSs are needed?

Koltsov S. V.: Surely he needs “Nephrite” and one shall restore with the help of FSCs right after chemo-, xray- therapies, because all these procedures are killing immunity. FSCs at least will help to support it longer. It depends, in case point of no return is already passed, maximum FSCs will do is help one to pass without pains.

Question: Do you have experience with melanoma patients? Particularly in case of the “Olgyr” use?

Koltsov S. V.: No, sorry to say this. Generally speaking I prefer not to deal with some themes. I spent half a year with this clairvoyant woman, with whom we recorded cosmetology series, we dialed with neglected oncology cases. And so people are passing not because they are not able to destroy the tumor, but because they are not able to cope with intoxication in critical situation. That’s why one should not do this at home! Anyway you would not cope at home, when tumor destruction starts, organism is suffering with enormous intoxication and poisoning, immediate measures could be needed.

Nevertheless there is one Kulibin (Kulibin is a well known self educated Russian inventor and craftsman, he lived in 17 century, his inventions were so impressive that later they started to call after him all self educated inventors) in Yakutsk city who saved several tenth of patients with oncology. Strange things are happening when these patients are meeting with doctors who sent them into last journey, because they were 100 % sure this person is not alive. Nevertheless alive and doing well. Some doctors even fainted. You see, nowadays there are only legislated methods, connected with organism poisoning – chemotherapy, this is road to nowhere!

Question: 12 years old child have lymphoma, what FSCs are needed in order to avoid metastases?

Koltsov S. V.: First of all EVOchlorophyll is needed. Then of course “Olgyr”.

Question: What FSCs to use in case of cancer in the third stage, connected with feminine organs?

Koltsov S. V.: “Olgyr”, “Bereginya”. “Amaranth” too.

Question: Is it necessary to remove the uterus in case of cancer at the first stage, will “Olgyr” help?

Koltsov S. V.: Never harry to cut out anything at the first stage.

Question: What FSCs would you recommend after x-ray course?

Koltsov S. V.: Start with FSC 2 – bring organism energy into balance. Then take “Olgyr” and everything else you want.

Question: Is it possible to use FSCs in case of adenocarcinoma? In case neither chemotherapy nor x-ray therapy are of no help.

Koltsov S. V.: Yes possible, but no warranty that they would heal. What could be said for sure is that pain syndromes would be much less.

Question: In case bio-field was broken with the use of magic and oncology developed, what other FSCs could be used?

Luzginova S. V. (27.08.2017): “Danilovo Lake” at the first place, then 1, 2, 7, “Active Longevity”, “Healing 2”, and obligatory EVOchlorophyll, one shall take it for three years constantly (non stop). Then in accordance with how one is feeling himself, until they would call off the diagnosis.

Question: In case official medicine refused from oncology patient, then there is only one option – start caring about oneself. By all probability it is the last call.

Koltsov S. V.: Not exactly so, in case you would read books by Siberian healers, one of these books is in the internet, then you would realize that it is prohibited for them to mix with the God’s providence in case oncology in the fourth stage is diagnosed. In case one starts to use FSCs in such a situation, this will be for good anyway, simply one will pass without pains, there would not be need to use narcotic painkillers.

Question: Is it possible to help with FSCs in case of oncology in the fourth stage?

Luzginova S. V. (19.02.2017): We do not heal cancer with FCSs! We are about prophylaxis, we are working with correctors for prophylaxis. Obligatory add EVOchlorophyll in addition to fSCs.

Question: What other correctors, apart from the “Olgyr”, could be used for restoration after the illness – “Amarantyh”, “Danilovo Lake”, what else?

Radkova L. I., (November 13-th 2017) Number 7 is also very good. Also good to use numbers 11, 15 from the lilac series, maybe also numbers 14, 16. First you are opening channels at yourself, then open channels at disbandment of pathology formation (name its place, where it is), for burning out of the pathology formation. One may check with pendulum about the “Danilovo Lake” you may use Danilovo together with “The Lurking Lake”, surely FSCs 7, “Amaranth”, “Healing 2” are working with pathologically changed cells. Check (with pendulum the need to use) numbers 20, 23 from the golden series.

From the auditorium: Is there anti-tumor FSC ?

Koltsov S. V. (23.09.2016): Generally speaking, there is such a Mayan channel (Olgyr), but I would not release it as FSC for mass use. It is no good to tease official medical structures. All their methods of legislated killing of people – chemotherapy and so on, decrease immunity. All FSCs stimulate immunity. So they are as if a red flag for some medical circles. When it comes to tumor process, it is curative theme, sorry. And one shall understand that there are many kinds of oncology, I understand that half of them are of parasite origin, and the second half of informational origin, and I have little understanding how to come to primary reasons. Vorms Ivan Ivanovitch intuitively starts with physiology, thou he uses FSCs, but not all his patients survive. At that he takes patients with deadly killed immunity, after chemistry and X-ray therapy, and they are starting exactly with way of life changes. It is exactly so with oncology, in case one is not ready to change his way of life radically, then there is no use even to start.

Conference leader: I am reminding you that we are going to have another medical conference in April, there are books on conferences, and every report is a clinical test of FSC implementation done by some doctor, one shall study these materials.

Koltsov S. V.: In conference reports they really tell the methods of FSC use at curing specific diseases, there is really no use to ask me about this. For example it would not occurred to me, that working with alcoholics should be started not with “The Healthy Way of Life” (number 11), but with number 2. It appeared that FSC no. 2 balances energies in the organism, and after initial treatment with number 2 it is easier to work with their psychic problems.

Ouestion: What FSCs to use at initial stages of cancer?

Koltsov S. V. (07.12.2016): Look in the materials of medical conferences, there is a number of reports, including oncologists, who started to use FSCs in complex therapy. The most simple ones. Because in many situations, tumorous processes are starting due to parasite burdening. Numbers one and two will help in such situations, in other situations it depends. Because one and two would not cope with some lymphoblastic leukemia. There are many kinds of oncology. Often they say: “Why you do not do an FSC against tumors?” They all are against tumors, but the rest, excuse me, is a curative question, one shall work individually with each situation, it is already far from prophylaxis.

Ouestion: How to use FSCs at advanced stages of cancer?

Koltsov S. V. (07.12.2016): Generally speaking, any, because time showed that not a single FSC stimulates tumor processes. Yes, they may do not help, because there is a moment when one comes over “no return” point. But what FSCs are doing if one starts to use them in any state: first of all, they relieve pain without any narcotics.

Koltsov S. V. (13.11.2015): Will there be FSCs for oncology? No, they would not. Who is going to control the processes at oncology patients? You want to have law problems? I do not.

Ouestion: Were there patients who recovered from oncology?

Koltsov S. V. (13.11.2015): Yes, there are many such reports from regions, but they are not systemized.

Ouestion: Is there a separate channel against oncology?

Koltsov S. V.: Yes, there is such a channel, but one shall understand clearly that it is a curative question, and I would not do it at home. The question is connected with intoxication, because it is possible to destroy a tumor, but how are you going to cope with intoxication on an outpatient basis, it may grow up like a hurricane? I simply do not have a moral right to answer questions about oncology, because every case is individual and it is simply senseless to give general recommendations.

Ouestion: Which golden plates are preferable in case of oncology?

Koltsov S. V. (18.03.2015): I do not know because there are many kinds of oncology. I am meaningly avoiding curative themes, exactly oncology, because there are too many kinds of it and responsibility is colossal. I want you to understand me correctly, all FSCs were done as means of prophylaxis, when you already “caught” oncology – march to doctors, otherwise variants are possible. Thou FSCs are correcting laws at which many kinds of oncology develop, there is no any warranty they would correct by 100 %. Half or even more oncology cases have information component.

Ouestion: If the oncology is hidden, may it start progressing at the use of FSCs ?

Koltsov S. V.: We did not saw any such case, when FSCs would stimulate tumor development. Yes, they may not help, because it is a very complicated question – where it appeared from, one shall investigate into these matters. But it is clear that they do not stimulate.

Ouestion: A woman is 60, bronchial asthma during 30 years, complicated with oncology, she received four chemo-therapy courses. She uses FSCs 1, 2, 5, will “Antitobacco” (number 19) help?

Hotchenkova N. V.: Frankly, it is the first time when I hear that oncology is a complication of some other disease. It is not a complication, it is independent disease. Such smoldering bronchial asthma might provoked oncology or they could be absolutely independent, one shall investigate. About FSCs you listed, in case there was a contact with smokers, and it decently was, then “Antitobacco” will help to clean lungs and regenerate lung tissues, but it has no anti-tumor programs. Generally speaking, FSCs you have are a kind of weak both for asthma and oncology, these are basic correctors. More serious plates are needed here. First of all she shall have some immune modulator – either a “Healthy Generation” or “Healing”, taking into consideration the oncology, “Healing 2” is more preferable, or “Danilovo Lake” or “Amaranth”. As long as she started to receive chemo-therapy, it is obligatory to use number 15, it cleans out remains of chemistry, use it between the courses for structured water intake. Plus pumping with co-tuned correctors: 11, 15, 16, “Healing 2”. These pumping shall work powerfully with oncology and may be also minimize bronchial asthma symptoms. But as a matter of fact, both these diseases are karmic, thou something from the golden series might be needed, but cannot say now what number exactly.

Ouestion: A man is 59, cancer with metastases was diagnosed. There was a birthmark on the knee, it is growing now, doctors refused to operate, how it is possible to help?

Hotchenkova N. V.: You know, it is possible to try, what comes of it - it is difficult to tell. It is skin melanoma – one of most malignant kinds of tumors. The question is, where are the metastases? How large are they? In what degree functions of internal organs are destroyed? In an amicable way it would be nice to work with some serious plates from the very beginning, of course with the use of basic set of 1 and 2. That is one shall add 11, 15, 16, “Healing 2”, co-tune them and do energy system pumping, spinal column pumping, What else? Place co-tuned pairs at the tumor projection, metastases projections, drink water, structured at these correctors. And of course one shall try and change own “tunings”, that is if one has a desire to live, it is very good , it may help. What to add from the golden series? May be number 17 for the beginning, that is some blocks in subconsciousness would be disbanded, and it would be easier to work consciously.

Ouestion: I have to go to the hospital periodically, into hematology department, what golden FSC to take with me?

Koltsov S. V.: Depending on the disease. Because if it is oncology, then the most powerful programs are at the lilac series. In case there is a program working there and 11, 15, 16, “Healing 2” are not coping, then one shall look what golden to use, I cannot say offhand what exactly.

Ouestion: Ovaries cancer, there was a surgery, now they are doing chemo-therapy and two more courses are ahead, what to start with?

Hotchenkova N. V.: Basic 1 and 2 – it is clear. When it comes to chemo-therapy, then the best corrector for organism cleaning from excessive chemicals is number 15. Generally, one shall drink water structured at it. When one undergoes chemo-therapy, one shall work with correctors through water. Pumpings, showers, baths only between the chemo-therapy courses, otherwise the dosage would be lowered, and it will be simply useless. But between courses – both water inside and pumping, at that do pumping with all correctors. You may co-tune them in pairs and use co-tuned pairs. We talked about co-tuning many times. How can one protect himself from the influence of chemo-therapy? You may set programs at cosmoenergy correctors number 14, 15, 16. You place one of these correctors at the center of the chest and say “I am grateful for protection of my internal organs (name organs, for example: Liver, kidneys, brain) from chemical drugs”. One shall set the defence for specific organs. In order to cope with tumor programs, which provoke the tumors growth, use the same numbers 15 and 16, both may work for tumors disbandment, especially number 15. Both will work for burning out programs that cause tumors growth. It is also a prophylaxis. Resveratrol poses good anti-tumor effect.

Ouestion: Man is 56, colon cancer in the fourth stage with metastases into liver, what to advise?

Hotchenkova N. V.: Numbers 1, 2 and I would take powerful correctors – here it is about survival. So I would recommend 11, 15, 16, “Healing 2”, at least two from the listed four one shall have. Resveratrol is very good here.

Ouestion: May “Live Water” and “Natural Antibiotic” help in case of colon cancer?

Hotchenkova N. V.: “Natural Antibiotic” is needed, one shall drink water, structured on it every two hours, not often. With what to restart correct bio-rhythms? It is possible with “The Live Water” or with FSC 15. In case there is no possibility to have both “waters” for the current year, then “Natural Antibiotic” is better.

Ouestion: Colon cancer, surgery is scheduled, I have all blue FSCs, what could be done? What other FCSs could be used?

Hotchenkova N. V.: The lilacs are needed here. Of course with the use of all basic blue FSCs, plus number 7 for oncology and after-surgery rehabilitation.

Question: Multiple myeloma, I had four chemotherapy courses.

Hotchenkova N. V., from internet conference, august 13-th, 2013: The disease is serious, it is reckoned as an oncology disease, when pathological myelogenic proteins appear in blood. You know, as a background you should use our basic FSCs – numbers 1 and 2. You should disband the program as well, use FSC no 11 (“The Healthy way of Life”). Along with that it is a total break in the immune system performance, then you shell use one of the following FSCs at your choice: “Healthy Generation”, “Amaranth” and any of “The Healing” plates (no. 1 or 2), may be you already have some from this list. “Healing 2” works extremely powerfully both with parasitic programs and oncology problems of various spectrum, including diseases connected with immune system malfunctions, there is a lot of confirmed results when people used water from the “Zam – zam” lake.

Question: Cancer in the oral cavity, how to work?

Hotchenkova N. V: It is what I mentioned at the beginning, the throat chakra – oncology. Here, first of all you should disband a program, with any of FSCs: 11 (“The healthy way of Life”), 15 (“The Light of Life”), 16 (“The Clear Space”), use the one you have. Burn down the program which provoked the tumor growth, so the first part of the affirmation is the disbandment of the negative program; “I’m grateful the program, that induced the tumor growth have being disbanded”, and “I’m grateful the tumor node have being disbanded”. And you shell do all these, using FSCs 1 and 2 as a background, you may also add no.7 – it has powerful onco-protective program. Water inside, pumpings, water procedures.

Question: What plates work in case of oncology?

Koltsov S. V., lecture at St. Petersburg city, may 23-d, 2013: Both amino-acid and lipid stereoisomerism violations lead to the oncology. Both is badly, there were reports at the medical conference. That is when fats or carbon hydrates get left stereoisomerism – start to turn left, no matter what is the reason, it leads to tumor growth process. And when amino-acids start to turn right, it also leads to the tumor growth process. All FSCs restore the rules of the game, then it is medical question. You should not do anything without good diagnostics, you may inadvertently stimulate the process. But always, among all FSCs, a specific set, that will suppress the process, could be found. May be not only suppress, but restore the surrounding tissues as well. Generally speaking, there is no the same oncology cases. Take to people with the same diagnosis, everything goes differently.

Question: Please, tell what pumpings could we do in case of oncology?

Merzlyakova E. I. Lecture at St. Petersburg, April 13-th, 2013: Bozko Vladimir Gennadievitch gives very good pumpings, I hear many good replies.

Question: A woman is 60 years old, stomach oncology, metastases, they refused to operate her, what help could be posed?

Hotchenkova N. V.: Here you should work both at tumor disbandment, and burning down the program, which provoked the tumor growth. I would start with FSCs 1, 2 and 5, it is cleaning and harmonization, but here the process is to neglected. FSC 11 is needed to burn down the negative programs and tumor and metastases disbandment. FSC no. 9 will be also useful. And you should work with the immune system, any malignant tumor is an immune-deficit condition, work with “The Healthy Generation”.

Question: What is the reason of oncology by your opinion?

Hotchenkova N. V.: Nowadays tumors may manifest themselves differently, we spoke about it. The tumors can be real, as a result of the mutation processes in the organism, or as a result of viral or some other infection, that is it is a cell fission process break. The cell starts to divide quicker, and becomes younger, as a result embryonic albumens appear, we know them as tumor markers. Viruses, radioactive isotopes, various heavy metals, free radicals could be mutagenic agents. But there are so called phantom tumors – virtual tumors, when clinic shows classical oncology, but the one has only to change his relation to the World, I mean World from the capital letter, the Universe, the tumor starts to regress rapidly. It happens very effectively when one uses Functional state Correctors. When the tumor is either real or virtual, but one does not changes his Worldview, the plates may relive pains, they may slow down the tumor growth process, that is to increase the remission time, but they are not able to cope with the pathology completely. More to it, virtual or phantom tumors, are often given to a man as a signs, that he is doing something in his life in a wrong way. So change your relation to Life, to the Planet, to the surrounding People, to the surrounding Space, it will solve the question for your good in no time. There is plenty of such cases nowadays.

Koltsov S. V.: Also there are questions related with oncology. I simply do not have moral rights to answer them, because every oncology case is individual, and it is senseless to give recommendations here.

Question: Are there FSCs for oncologists?

Koltsov S. V.: We have some samples, but oncologists do not want to work with them, chemo-therapy suits them.

Question: A man is 64, liver cancer without metastases, they refuse to treat him at a local clinic, how to help?

Hotchenkova N. V.: 1, 2, 7. Place numbers 1 and 7 at the tumor projection at the first half of the day, number 2 – after 4 p.m. Drink water structured at the same plates that you carry on the body. You may also place number 5 at liver in order to support its energetic. Work gradually, starting from small portions of water, and placing FSC plates for 5 minutes, increase both exposition time and water intake with time. You may also work with FSCs 9, 11, 15, 16 to disband the tumor and burn down the programs which provoked the tumor growth. In any oncology cases, “The healthy Generation” plate is needed in order to restore the immune system performance. Why did they refuse to heal him at the hospital? The tumor could be situated near the liver gates, in the non-operable area, where the vessel and nerves are situated, so he has to use the chance and work with FSC plates. If he will drink water in little portions and often, then structured water will be deduced quickly out of the organism.

Question: My mother has a tumor in the upper part of the skull, carcinoma, how to use FSCs, now we have only no. 1.

Hotchenkova N. V.: It would not do, 1 and 2 as a minimum, take the FSCs from the lilac series as well, in order to disband the tumor and burn down the negative program, which initiated this carcinoma.

Question: Abdominal cavity oncology, developing into the stomach, how to use the blue FSCs distantly?

Koltsov S. V.: You would not do anything distantly. For seven or even eight years I have a series of 4 specific oncology FSCs, because the process goes through different phases. When you disband the tumor, you have to deduce the leftovers. I can do this, but it is a medical theme. You can bangle without doctor’s supervision. In case when someone takes responsibility at himself, I know many precedents when tumors go out. There is such a skilled man in Yakutsk city – Leveshenko Aleksander Aleksandrovich, who has 7 saved lives at his account only during the last year. Including several people in considerable age with the last oncology stage, whom they discharged home to die. That is after chemo- and radio- therapy. With the help of “Madjeric Biotest” diagnostic equipment, BADs and FSCs, this year he reached 20 saved lives after such wild diagnoses. As a rule in half of the cases the reason is informational, at the other half – parasitic. Last year he described to me a case when a woman came to him with the urinary bladder tumor, it happened that it was of parasite nature, he started to work with her, and the tumor leftovers started to go out via ureter. Twice he had to call to the emergency help, in order to inject pain reliving medicines, the woman survived. That is you should be ready to any wild manifestations when working with such people. I hardly can imagine what can you do in home conditions without diagnostics. We prohibit our distributors to say “we will cure cancer”, you will do nothing without doctors.

Question: A woman is 55, breast was removed, from what to start the restoration process and health support?

Hotchenkova N. V.: As I can understand, it is oncology. A deep cleaning is needed, you should start with plates number 1, 2, 5. Then you should watch the situation. You will also need “The Healthy Generation” and “The Woman’s Amulet”. Anti-tumor programs are recorded at FSCs no 1, 2, 3, from the lilac series it is FSC no. 9 (“The Healthy Heart”) that has anti-tumor program, and FSC no. 15 (“The Light of Life”). All of them could be used in order to disband the tumor. FSC 11 disbands negative programs. After preliminary slugs deducing, you may use FSC no. 7, it initiates cells apoptosis. And you should turn your consciousness to positive, that is exclude any negative.

Question: A man is 68, suffered urinary bladder cancer, after surgery has stagnant phenomenon in lungs, heart, as well as constipation. What FSCs are needed ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: You see, stagnant phenomenon is a very deep sluggishness of the organism. Cardio-vascular and lymph systems work poorly. So, first of all, it is cleaning. More to it, after the oncology surgery – it is severe sluggishness of the organism. Start from 1, 2 and 5. Obligatory work with “The Amulet”, place a photograph on it, or you may place hair. You may also set a program of the oncology program disbandment and the defense at “The Amulet”. What else can work here? Earlier we could have recommend to add only no. 7. Nowadays we have FSCs 9, 11, 15 which can work with tumors disbandment, you can use them.

Question: One bud is extracted, metastases in the spinal column, I have FSCs 1, 2, 3 and 5 at my disposal, what recommendations?

Merzlyakova E. I.: Place 1, 2, 5, at the spinal column, it would be good to add number 7 in case of metastases. Change them in consequence 1-2-7-2. (Along with standard FSC use).

Question: Biopsy –carcinoma, polyps, they suggest an operation ….

Merzlyakova E. I.: It is you who should take decision about operation. On behalf the FSCs you need: 1, 2, 5 and 7. Number 5 – to keep liver in good order, number 7 – to work with cells which started to mutate, 1 and 2 to work with the micro flora.

Question: Cancer of the left breast, they prescribed the chemo-therapy, there was a surgery operation , how to use FSCs and what numbers to take ?

Merzlyakova E. I. (FSC and consciouseness 2) : 1, 2, 7. Number 5 is also needed. You should put them – change in consequence at the breast area, at the chest, obligatory at the bottom of the belly. Gynecology, it is the second chakra, place FSCs for half an hour-40 minutes in such consequence: 1-2-7-2-1-2-7-2, let the information to circulate. If they prescribed chemo-therapy, then you should obligatory pay attention at the liver. It is good to place FSC at the medicine dropper tube. Try to find in the web information about the connection between the diseases and deeds or deep emotions that eat the human. Searching for the information, what means the left breast disease, will help yourself.

Question: Tumor at the liver area, chemo-therapy already does not help, the tumor grows.

Merzlyakova E. I.: Here you need 1, 2, 5, also no. 7, and may be “The Healthy Generation”. Carry at the projection of an organ, drink water.

Question: Do you know cases when cancer with metastases was healed with FSCs ?

Koltsov S. V., from the lecture at the city of Rostov, 2010: Yes, all 8 cases in Yakutsk are of the kind. All in the fourth stage, the relatives were told that it is not more than 2 or 3 weeks. District doctor comes to close a sick-list, absolutely sure that the woman is buried. When they tell her: “she is sitting over there, you may come and talk to her” – the doctor fell sick herself. One of eight cases there is just with the informational lesion, and Aleksander Aleksandrovich is watching this case closely. We noticed it this summer, when I asked him: “when did you checked yourself for the last time?” “I’m OK” Well, we do diagnostics, and here it is! He says: “I know the man with the same picture”. I say “Erase it quickly until it started to show up on the physical level”. He erased the information, we had a phone talk recently, and he confirms: “Really it is an informational component at this patient, I hold it, but can’t erase completely”. Now I’m searching informational themes which could erase it.

And it is clearly seen that there are situations in which there is no need to cure a patient. That is a man “answers” for some kin problems, or something of the kind. And in case one will try to interfere into such process, he will pull the information burden at himself. Why it concerns only close relatives, let them help.

Question: Prostate cancer at a man 80 years old, is it possible to use FSCs after radiotherapy ?

Koltsov S. V.: It is necessary, in order to keep the remaining parts in place. Because a lot of tissue was burned, and it is necessary to try and keep the remains. Heavy adhesion processes begin, the scars start to form, normal tissue is substituted by the connection tissue. Because they conducted radiotherapy, and professional medicine does not bother with subsequent rehabilitation. You may use any FSCs really.

Nadesda Hopta, Magnitogorsk city, 2010: I want to tell you about one result, it was in the Simpheropol city. A woman is 42 years old had an oncology in the last stage, she has alopecia, as usually they sent her home “to wait”. First thing she did, she said: “no, I will live”, and exactly at this moment an information about correctors came to here. Being a very punctual woman, very competent, she studied all information about FSCs and begun to use them accurately. That is she started to drink the necessary amount of water, take baths two times a day, do pumpings. By now 6 months passed. Two months ago, that is 4 months after the moment they sent her to die, she repeated medical tests – and contra-cells were not found. The impression is that there was no any oncology at all. I talked to a head of the Simpheropol structure not long ago, and she told me: “You know? We have another similar case here”. That is one woman showed that it is possible, and of course people started to do the same. The main thing is to use the FSCs correctly. The things we always repeat: consume recommended volumes of water, yes, it is difficult at the beginning, but gradually it becomes a way of life, like cleaning our teeth. Every one adjusts during the course of the day, may be one day a bit more, the other a bit less, but generally speaking you should consume the required amount of water. It is difficult. I, myself never drunk water, did not liked it. Nowadays if I’m at home, I drink half liter of water first thing in the morning. Gradually, in small portions I can drink up to one liter and a half in small portions, and later I continue during the course of the day. Take bath twice a day, baths are very good, because our skin is a largest organ. Up to one liter and a half could be absorbed through skin. Simply place an FSC at the water tap. If it is morning time – use 1 or 3, if it is evening – use number 2, and take bath at least for 15 minutes. If the one is thick or a bed-patient, sponge him down with structured water, and you will see the results. Pumpings are obligatory. In Khabarovsk city a doctor experimented with pumpings, with large quantity of FCSs. One comes to the center, lays down at the coach, where FSCs are put under all energy centers, under hands and feet, and a patient lays down for 20-30 minutes. The sensation is like a man is born anew.

Question: What lilac FSCs to buy in cases of oncology? Is it possible to start with lilac FSCs skipping the blue ones?

Zaporojets M. A.: I’m only competent to talk about the lilac FSCs, so I can speak only about them. If you encounter with complex cases as oncology, work under medical supervision. We do not cure, we recondition, support the remission process and do prophylaxis. It is in most heavy cases. But in every case you may say: “let’s try, there should be relief and improvement. If you doubt – then your doubts interfere with the curative process. Take a notepad, write down your questions, try to analyze them, try to answer them yourself, based on the information materials you already have, then ask remaining questions at the internet conferences.

Question: What FSCs could be used in surgery in case of urinary bladder oncology?

Zaporojets M. A.: It is FSC number 15 “The Light of Life”, in any case you will need “The Clear Space” (number 16) – these two correctors are the main.

The presenter: In such cases we recommend to use chlorophyll capsules (we have especial chlorophyll formula at the Center Region company).

Question: A woman is 60 years old, uterus cancer was diagnosed, they recommended surgery, is it possible to avoid surgery, using FSC, how to work with them?

Zaporojets M. A.: The disease is heavy, she may use FSCs in turn or activate them simultaneously, drink water, structured at them. If the operation is inevitable, you should undergo, but have FSCs nearby, in order to be ready to restore quickly. If you still have some time, if you are ready and brave enough, you may take responsibility at yourself, if you have intention, make affirmations, repeat medical tests a week later and if you will see the an improvement, then it makes sense to continue.

Question: A woman undergo surgery, the uterus was extracted, chemo-therapy is prescribed, what FSCs to use, and how ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: It is 1, 2, 5, and it is very good to add contact use of number 7 for quick regeneration. More to it, water structured at number 7 will ensure good prophylaxis. Based on the fact, the chemo-therapy was prescribed, it was on oncology. We work with FSCs only in between the chem0-therapy courses. Generally speaking, FSC no. 15 improves the chemo-therapy consequences, deduces unnecessary components.

Question: Lungs oncology, what FSCs to use ?

Hotchenkova N. V.: It is 1, 2, 7, and “The Healthy Generation” as a base set. And also you may use cosmoenergy plates no. 14 and 11. May be you will need no. 15 as well.

Question: What FSCs to use in case of lungs chemo-therapy?

Bozko V. G.: 1, 2, 7.

Below are my own replies at questions asked via e-mail, they could be of help to others too.

Question: My wife has been diagnosed with breast cancer and she is following the advice of a holistic doctor that recommended the use of FSC's. We bought Mamma, Olgyr, No 1, No 2, No 3, No 16, Light of Koltsov and Danilovo Lake.

I have read some of the articles on the website. There is one with a conference with Mr. Axelrod A.E that says the proper use of the FSC should be: drink structured water 30ml/kg, No 1 wear at the problem zone until 16:00, No 2 at the problem zone from 16:00 and No 3 during the night. Also, he warns about not wearing the FSC close to the heart. My wife's problem is that the tumor is at the left breast, so she cannot wear it at the heart (she tried wearing Mamma at the left breast zone and she started feeling some twinges and the tumor started to inflamate). In this case what can she do? Can she just wear at the heart chakra?

In another internet conference about oncology, Mr. Koltsov said that he recommend using of Olgyr and Mamma for breast cancer. But we don't know how to use them? Both at the same time? Can she structure water for both at the same time?

Answer: Marius, you are quoting old lecture by Akselrod, please see this about basic procedures of the FSC use: http://en.kfs-korrektor.ru/faq.html, also please read “FSC manual” – see the left menu at this site. You and especially your wife shall do all this basic procedures, including pumpings.

Nowadays they are saying that it is allowed to put FCS at the heart, and of course it is normal to use FSCs at the heart chakra. Also normal to use contactly at the left breast. I think this Is not enough for your wife, see below.

I propose that she do the following (in addition to basic procedures):

First week or may be more work with numbers 2 and 16 more accented than with other FCSs, there is high probability that some acute phase started and so you have to make accent at detox. In case inflammation continues / appears again, return to extensive use of FSC 2. Put some cream / ointment at FSC 2 for an hour, after that apply at affected area, but even better at both breasts, we are always working with both paired organs. In addition she may put FSC 2 contactly at affected zone, better shift it from time to time, because when at the body it works locally. And at the same time drink some water, structured at no 2. Simplest cream for children is ok for our purposes. Number 16 she may use contactly too, and say affirmations about cleaning and toxins deducing (please see chapters in 7.3, 7.4 in “FSC Manual”).

When acute phase is over she shall do similar not only with no2 but with other FSCs as well, you have good set. So have several volumes of water, standing at each at its own FCS: 2, Olgyr, Mamma, Danilovo Lake, Light of Koltsov. Have several tubes of cream structured at the same FSCs. And use them in turn. I propose to start with switching 2-Olgyr-2-Olgyr-…… then if feeling normal add more: 2-Olgyr-2-Mamma-2-Olgyr-2-Mamma-, then add others 2-Olgyr-2-Mamma- 16 – Danilovo lake – 2 – Light of Koltsov – 2…. , the criteria is how she is feeling herself. The use includes: applying of cream at both breasts, contact use (change FSC position periodically, 15 minutes interval), drinking of water, structured at the same FSC – obligatory at the beginning, better do at least small sips all the time. Action of structured cram lasts several hours, let’s say every 3-5 hours she changes, cream, FSC and water to drink. All this in addition to background use in accordance with general recommendations.

Especially at the beginning use showers with FSC 2, 16 on the hose, do pumping of lymph system.

Please give a deep thought to the following aspect: According to Vedic knowledge breast cancer psychology reason is playing of role of a mother in relation to a person, to whom she should not do so. Left breast indicates that it is a woman. Could be already grown daughter or mother. It is normal to give some help, I mean internal attitude. Remember to have your own life, own interests.

Be sure to see your doctor often, let him check intoxication level, this is most critical parameter, one shall put attention to.

Question: I also want to ask you the following:

1. if cream with herbal extracts is ok to structure?

Yes, OK to structure any cream, including cosmetic, curative, all but homeopathic remedies;

2. Can she structure essential oils or olive oil or coconut oil to put on the skin?

Yes, oils are becoming structured too,  recomended strucutring time of  oils and creams is 24 hours;

3. My wife has to take some homeopathic drops in a glass of water 3 times a day. Can she use structured water at FSCs to put the homepathic drops in to drink or is it better to use unstructured water?

No, not good, FSCs may rewrite own information on top of homeopathic, you may lose original info that was at the drops. So separate FSCs and homeopathy. Use unstructured water;

4. If she will feel the same sting when she will use FSC no2 at tumor breast area can she use the FSC at heart chakra and still have the same effect? Of course she will use the cream in combination with the FSC.

She should not, no 2 generally works softly. Yes, Ok to use at the heart chakra. Really I do not know, hard to tell, I think better to treat affected area. If hard to stand FSC being put contactly then yes through creams, oils, water (showers, baths, water wrappings by Kneip)

Question: Kidneys cancer, how to use “Olgyr” and “Nephrite”?

Answer: One shall do all Basic procedures: water drinking, pumpings, showers and baths, please see here: http://en.kfs-korrektor.ru/faq.html as much and as extensive as possible. Have several volumes of water, structured at various FSCs and, each volume is standing at it’s own FSC when this FSC is free from use at the body or other way. One shall focus at drinking water at FSCs 2, “Olgyr”, :Nephrite” – these are most important.

In addition to this, one shall carry 2, “Olgyr”, “Nephrite” at the kidneys areas, at both kidneys, we are always working with both paired organs. Make some belt or use anything you have at hands to tie FSCs. Change FSCs at kidneys in turn: 2 at one kidney “Olgyr” at another; “Olgyr” at one kidney “Nephrite” at another; “Nephrite” at one kidney 2 at another, and so on….

When have to go out and it is not convenient to use the belt with FSCs, one may use structured cream, cream action lasts several hours. Take any cream, the simplest childish cream and put it at FSC “Olgyr” for 24 hours, it takes longer to structure cream or oil than water. You may have several tubes with cream structured at various FSCs.

Give a deep thought to the following, depending on what kidney is affected. According to Vedic knowledge right kidney is reservoir of sexual energy, in case right kidney is affected it could be due to misuse of sexual energy. Left kidney is a place where ancestral program is stored, it is one’s ancestral roots. In case left kidney is affected it could be due to closed connection with ancestral or due to ancestral programs, then see about FSCs “Reboot Cleaning” and “Reboot. Filling” and do practices.

Listen to your sensations. In case of acute condition switch for a week at use only of FSC number 2. Also start with number 2, see chapters 5.5, 5.6 in the “FCS Manual”

And in conclusion a recipe from one of my FSC users: You should use celandine, it’s a Heavenly plant, despite the fact that official medicine could call it poison, It is poison for them, because they will be out of business if people will start using celandine. Take 5 tablespoons of cut dried celandine, and pour with 1 liter of boiling water. Let it stand for a while. Drink it in 5 portions during the day time. The portions you will take in the morning time structure at FSC no. 1, after 4 p. m. – at FSC no. 2. After a month the cancer will be gone. In Russia they cell dried celandine at drugstores, the man who told me this recipe grows it at the his backyard. He cured himself from leukemia after Chernobyl disaster several years ago, says he gave this recipe to thousands of people, and in all cases he watched, there was very good positive effect.

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