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Allergy Defense

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: 119.00 €

FSC Allergy Defense

- Poses anti-allergy influence, aids prevention of appearance of allergy reaction antigen-antibody, formation of immune complexes, deducing allergy complexes out of the organism;

- Helps prevention of allergy reaction development in the organism;

- Increases immune cells sensitivity to various allergens, and by doing so strengthens the immunity;

- Poses anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungi antiparasite action in case of allergy diseases of various etiology (bronchi asthma, allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis, helminthic allergy and so on);

- Helps to relieve the state in case of allergic manifestations of non-infection character (nervous, food, medicinal, sunny and other types of allergy);

- In the acute period aids to relieve external manifestation of allergy reactions (skin irritation, eruptions, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis);

- Helps removal of respiratory difficulty, lowering of puffiness of mucous coatings;

- Could be used in complex therapy of allergic manifestations in case of various violations of hormonal background, for metabolism correction;

- Serves as effective prophylaxis remedy for prevention of metabolism violations in case of prolonged intake of medicines;

- Helps to support normal micro-flora of mucous coatings and skin integuments;

- Serves as effective remedy for prophylaxis and prevention of allergic diseases, appearing due to psycho-somatic issues, prolong nervous stresses.

FSC Allergy Defense is indispensable for all people who are suffering with allergic diseases, non-depending on the allergen origin and seasonal diseases (blossoming, sun, cold and so on). For immunity support in period of seasonal diseases. For people living in ecologically unfavorable regions and working at hazardous industries, in case of long-time intake of various medicines, including hormonal medicines.

FSC Allergy Defense combines well with FSCs 1, 2, 5, Healthy Lungs, Extra ENT, Spring of Health, Spring of Health 2, Indi, EVOlit Sorb, EVOlit bio. Poses more accented health restoration effect in case of conjoint use. In case of frequent allergy reactions it is recommended to take an anti-parasite course of the Sanita line. It is recommended to stand to the principles of healthy nutrition, restore the performance of gastro-intestinal tract micro-flora, reduce high emotional load.

Recommendations on the FSC Allergy Defense use: effective for external irrigations and foments, for structuring of sponging remedies, ointments, creams.

Polarization of water from a thermal spring from Shargaljuut chain of springs in Bajankhogor Aimak in Mongolia is recorded at the FSC Allergy Defense . Water structuring time is not less than 20 minutes.

Collection FSCs are released in restricted time periods during special "Actions". they started this practice in spring of 2017,  Every 2 month they announce three week action, in which one may order current Collection FSCs, You may read more about colection FSCs in this article.
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