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Wise Man Secret

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: 139.00 €

Elite was availableonly  in the action period April 7 - 20th 2020

Targeted at slowing down of ageing processes, rise of organisms resistance

Helps production and correct distribution of needed quantity of energy for co-tuned performance of all informational and control organism structures, that are in cells, organs and organism systems;

Helps to start process of DNA structures restoration, viability of cells, tissues, organs, accent synthesis inside the organism of complexes of biology-significant substances, that are stimulating key vital functions: energetic, reproductive and adaptational;

Helps increase of organism nonspecific resistance (immunity) to influence of various harmful factors of internal and external genesis (of physical, chemical and biological origin), strengthening of organism protective powers in any time period;

Helps manifestation of anti-bacterium, and anti-inflammatory effects in complex therapy of skin diseases of various origin (including chronic and autoimmune);

Helps regeneration and cleaning of skin integuments in case of damages (cuts, abrasions, burns) and in case of diseases (psoriasis, neurodermitis and so on);

Helps external rejuvenation of skin, collagen and elastane production, slowing of physiology processes of skin ageing, prolonging of period of skin youth;

Helps in complex therapy of vide spectrum of neurologic diseases (neurosis, neuralgia, migraine, vegetative- vascular dystonia and so on);

Targeted at increase of cells bio-energy level, active restoration of tissue structures and organism functions at all levels;

Helps to improve womans reproductive system health, restoration and improvement of organism abilities, restoration and support of hormonal balance;

Effective for prophylaxis and correction of various inflammatory, infection and bacterial diseases, to be used in complex therapy after gynecology surgery and for rehabilitation;

Helps elements of live tissues to restore and form correctly, activates programs of informational exchange in the organism, accents its energetic and protective powers.

FSC Wise Man Secret will lead you to renewal, to superiority over stresses, illnesses and ageing. It is possible to combine Wise Man Secret with any other FSCs Phoenix. Apple of Youth. Beauty Factor, no 1 Antiparasite, no 2 Detox, no 7 Nourishment , lifting quick regeneration, no 15 Light of Life, Lurking Lake, Velikoretskiy, Neurovita, Code of Gobi , Segiev Zhemchuzhina (pearl of Saint Sergiy), Companion

Polarization of water from the spring Yak-Su (Medical Water) form the mountain range in national park Pukhansan, South Korea is recorded at the FSC Wise Man Secret.

Time of water structuring is 2 hours.

Collection FSCs are released in restricted time periods during special "Actions". they started this practice in spring of 2017,  Every 2 month they announce three week action, in which one may order current Collection FSCs, You may read more about colection FSCs in this article.
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