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FSC “Source of Life” and skin diseases. Luzginova S. V. 29.01.2017

Today we are going to discuss a unique functional state corrector – the “Source of Life” and what it gives for our good and health.

First, it has a set of cosmoenergy channels with the common name “Source of Life”, the name of this set gave a name to this corrector. This corrector is both like the lilac and green FSCs – two in one. It levels energy of the human being, increases protective powers, supports anti-oxidant protection of the organism. That is the FSC by itself is very powerful – it unites energies of Space and energies of Earth – Yin and Yan, that is why quick restoration of the human health takes place. And through the thin level, antioxidant protection of the organism is supported. You just give a good thought to what I said to you now!

What is antioxidant protection? At the physical level we may receive this antioxidant protection through working with Resveratrol, because it fights harmful radicals. Why we are aging? Free radicals is one of the main reason of our organism ageing and of all our illnesses. It is bombing of cells, that takes place. Imagine that free radicals are bombing our cells. Free radicals are as if bombs for organism cells, when a cell bears a brunt, it becomes damaged, it is already old and ill. The more of these old and ill cells are in the organism, the older one looks, even non dependant of age. So if one would take the same Resveratrol for the protection from the free radicals and wash it down with water, structured at the “Source of Life” FSC, it will work both for rejuvenation and health restoration. One may use FSCs 1, 2 and “Source of Life”.

It also helps quick healing of various skin wounds and damages – it is burns, cuts, trophy ulcers, bed sores – look how many bed patients are around! With bed sores! That is why it is very important to use this FSC. And how many people with burns! And, generally speaking, it is the only FSC we have, which works with skin health restoration. “Beauty Factor” works with cosmetology aspect. So one may use the “Source of Life” together with the “Beauty Factor” for improvement of skin quality, its functioning, health restoration and rejuvenation. Suppose, scars may appear after the burn, then it is sensible to work with the “Source of Life”, one may do compresses with water, structured at this corrector.

Aids skin rejuvenation at psoriasis, neurodermitis, exema.

Very effectively influences the physical body, restoring general health.

There were many testimonies regarding this corrector, when people started to use EVOchlorophyll, and some people had skin rushes – to some such people number 2 helped better, to some the “Source of Life”. One woman said that at first her skin was rough in the right kidney area, and later spots appeared. She said she used number 2 extensively, took showers, and so on, but no effect. Then she slept with the “Source of Life” for two nights, placing it directly under the problem place and everything disappeared, you see?! And many people are having skin issues nowadays because skin is the largest emunctory. In case excretion organs are slugged, and organism is unable to evacuate all slugs through them, then the skin turns into work. All these symptomatic could be removed, one shall drink more water, structured at number 2, in parallel. If some skin rushes appeared one shall drink water from both correctors. Almost all people are having skin ruches, so one should not be afraid, one may stop EVOchlorophyll intake for a couple of days, and only drink water from these correctors. After two days one may resume EVOchlorophyll intake, starting with slightly reduced doses.

…. It is possible that organism was slugged with parasites. It all shows at the skin condition. Many people are having spots and acne, why? Parasites could be the reason. That is why one may use the “Source of Life” in complex with anti-parasite correctors and other anti-parasite products. That is with FSCs number 1 and 2, plus “Sanita” complex. Because parasites are exactly the reason of many skin diseases, acne. So it is important here to work in complex.

Generally, this functional state corrector works not only with skin, it works with the entire organism, very powerful FSC. It relives physical tiredness, restores organism, gives power after endured diseases. At any disease, you may have, in case you feel the lack of powers, include this corrector into work.

Here, at the FCS “Source of Life” we have polarization of water, which runs at the Far East in the Vestochka place, 20 kilometers away from the Frog Mountain. It is a very powerful place of power, as far as in 90-s they called this rocky stream “The Source of Life” due to its clean and tasty water. By the way, it runs in 10 meters from the Sunny Clearing, where time portals are showing out. Imagine what is time portal ?! What a wonderful FSC we have!

Today we are going to talk about skin diseases.

What other correctors can we use in complex with the “Source of Life” in case of skin diseases? We already mentioned 1 and 2 as anti-parasite programs. It happens so, that some manifestations at the skin could result from improper work of endocrine system organs. For example, the thyroid gland or pancreas or atrabiliary capsules, that is why numbers 3 (for women), 6, 7 are very important for pancreas health restoration. For men it is number 4. It could be so, that liver does not cope with its functions, and the main liver functions are metabolic processes, that’s why skin abnormalities could be stipulated by metabolic processes violations. What other FSCs could be of use? One may use number 15 for regeneration, through activation of the stem cells production. We are erasing information about any skin diseases with the help of number 16. In case of hereditary ailment, suppose parents had psoriasis or neurodermitis, and children have the same, then FSC 17 is obligatory. It is obligatory to work with FSC number 18 because it synchronizes all chakras and meridians. And our skin is a mirror of our intestines and lungs. Intestines and lungs are interconnected systems at the energy level. That is Intestines diseases will influence bronchi-pulmonary system and also they will show out as skin ruches. And later I will show you pictures, because there are specific informational zones at the skin, and judging by the rush place one may diagnose what organ is signaling about over slugging.

Then, it happens so that parasites surplus may indicate that initially it was astral parasites, which penetrated into one’s bio-field. That is why, when you are working with numbers one and two, it is desirable to work with number 20 as well. Because, initially astral parasites colonize our biofield, then at the physical level they materialize in the form of physical parasites. And everyone has physical parasites. Consequently everyone has astral parasites. That is why FSC number 20 is basic for all of us. And surplus of physical parasites exactly at the skin results in some pathology states. In case of psoriasis it is astral entity “Ches” (×åñ). In case of eczema, neurodermitis it is astral entity “lishaynic” (Ëèøàéíèê). Astral entity is an energy body of the physical parasite, for example, the mite. One kind of Ches is called psoriasis in medicine.

That is why FSC no 20 is very important. When going into socium, in order to prevent them hoodooing your young and good looking skin, carry “Man’s Amulet” or “Woman’s Amulet” at the third chakra.

It could be that one condemned or criticized someone who has some skin diseases, and suddenly these diseases started to show out at the first person. Here number 22 is needed, and one shall also remove energy ties to this person with number 23. Even in case one emotionally dialoged internally with condemn and criticism, energy ties are forming, that is why use numbers 22 and 23.

It happens so that one had skin diseases as early as in a childish age, and in mature age they are showing out in the chronic form. Here the “Healthy Generation” is needed. Suppose one had an illness in childhood and did not cure it completely, it may show out periodically in the chronic form, in such a case “Healthy Generation” is obligatory.

One may also use our “lakes” – for the case they are “Healing 1”, “Healing 2”, “Danilovo Lake”.

What are the reasons of the skin diseases development? By working with our unique products we do not fight with consequences, we are removing primary reasons, which are leading to the development of this or that specific diseases. Today we are going to discuss thin level reasons of the skin diseases development. During the entire lifespan, human skin is subjected to various outer influences, including infections. They are: protozoa, fungus, viruses, bacterium and so on, which aids appearance of abnormal changes. That is many people have mycotic affection of skin, in this case one shall exclude sweet from the ration, do not eat sweet. It is dependence, narcotic nutritive dependence.

From the auditorium: Honey too?

Honey is allowed in case it is natural, without sugar.

Skin is also tightly connected almost with all internal organs, that is why their diseases could be also a reason of various pathology changes. That is, it is not only overslugged large intestine, it is also diseases of gastro-intestinal tract, liver, pancreas, spleen, large intestine itself. That is dysfunction of the gastro-intestinal tract may result in skin manifestations.

Skin diseases may have external reasons – it is influence of chemical substances like acids, alkalis, paints ,salts. Hair stylists and cosmetologists often have skin diseases, because they are working a lot with chemicals. You may recommend this corrector to people, whose profession is connected with chemicals. Even in everyday life we are constantly contacting with chemical elements, whether you are doing dishwashing or clean your bath – household detergents are everywhere. It is in sprays, if you used a hairspray in the morning, you spoiled air in your premises for 24 hours, no matter how well you would air it, the chemical agents would float in the atmosphere. The same air fresheners, everything may become an allergen, act as a triggering mechanism for allergic manifestations at the skin. I am not mentioning detergents – pure chemistry, and every night we are sleeping on these bedclothes, washed with chemical detergents.

Next are animal parasites – lice, fleas, gnats, bugs and so on, it is the outer reason of the skin diseases.

The sources of radiant energy – X-rays, Sun rays, ultraviolet rays.

Pathogenic fungus – when they are taking roots in the skin, scub and other diseases develop.

Thermal influences, burns of various severity level.

Pathogenic microbes which are taking root from the outer environment – lepra, Siberian plaque, tuberculosis and so on.

And mechanical exposures – edema, callosity, and so on.

In addition, skin diseases may have internal reasons. We can pose influence at the external reasons ourselves, and the internal reasons are more serious. They are: diseases of internal organs, diseases of stomach and liver, helminthic diseases, nutrition violations, avitaminosis, endocrinology issues – diabetes, seborrhea, acne and so on. It could be allergic reactions at some products, at strawberry, and so on.

What are the symptoms of the skin diseases?

It is skin itching. Second is skin reddening, skin rushes of all kinds, burning sensations, and of course insomnia.

Often our skin becomes a target of parasites, what kinds of parasitic skin diseases exist? These parasites may belong to various groups: protozoa, helminthes, mites. By the way, mites provoke scabies, demodicosis. Scabies is provoked by the human mange mite, the main manifestation is strong itching – here one shall obligatory use FSCs 1, 2, 20.

Most commonplace are mycotic skin ailments, they are caused by parasitic fungus of various origin, they may attack nails, skin or epidermis corneous layer, mucous membranes. Most frequently met are microsporosis, scab, trichophytosis and pustular skin diseases.

Demodicosis, also called sideritis, caused by a parasite – mite, which lives in sebaceous glands ducts, hair follicles, in eyelids glands, that is a very treacherous disease, so it is simply not possible to make do without FSC no. 20.

Such skin diseases as pimples, acne, papilloma, fungus between fingers, even cracks at heels – are also parasites. Many people, especially women in summer time are suffering with cracks - when they are walking in sandals, it is noticeable, probably it is very painful. It is fungus. It could be silicon deficiency in the organism, parasites are consuming silicon with pleasure, living nothing to the host, that's why those who have cracks at heels should obligatory use vitamins in order to fill up the lack of silicon and other trace-elements in the organism.

What have in common the parasite diseases and psoriatic rush? At first glance it seems nothing. But there is a supposition that opistarchosis is one of the reasons of psoriasis development. First of all, intestinal worms ensure stable organism intoxication with the products of their vital activities. Second, parasite increases organism sensitivity to provoking factors. These two factors in total are able to give start to psoriasis. In Syberia abundance of opistarchosis, caused by feline fluke reaches 70 %. In Thailand, where Russian tourists like to go, it reaches 90 %. It is possible to catch this diseases even when you are walking over sand barefoot.

From the auditorium: (illegibly)

Here numbers 16 and 17 are obligatory.

From the auditorium: Only with these FSCs?

It is numbers one and two, plus FSC 20, EVOchlorophyll as a medicine and obligatory the «Sanita» line in order to work at the physical level.

From the auditorium: What is «Sanita» line?

It is three stage anti-parasite complex. I recommend everyone to have two courses a year! For prophylaxis, even if nothing troubles at the current moment.

I am not going to tell you about various skin diseases in details, let us consider psoriasis risk factors. At 40 % of people it develops until 20. It may appear even at newly born babies. Climate – some researches showed that disease relapses are developing more often in a cold climate. Inheritance is 35 % of sickness rate. And gender – men are more subjected to psoriasis than women.

Where it is possible to place the «Source of Life» in case of psoriasis? At what places? It is the navel zone, attach the «Source of Life» and hold it exactly there. It is knees – on the front side – directly at knees. It is lordotic curve of the lumbar spine department – at the back. At the bends of elbows, hold it between palms of the hands and put under the feet. And of course on the top of the head. Or one may simply stroke himself with this FSC. It is possible to work in complex – first the «Source of Life», then the «Beauty Factor». And obligatory number 1 before dinner time and number 2 after. Plus active work with number 5 with liver. Psoriasis is chronic skin disease, approximately 4 % of population are suffering with it. Higher sickness rate is registered in cities, probably due to increasing of the negative influence. It may influence skin, legs, joints.

What are psoriasis symptoms? They are nails form and structure changes – it is the first symptom. Painful cracks at the skin, apostasis at the skin, blisters at feet and palms of the hands, and excessive peeling-off of the skin cells.

From the auditorium: At the forehead…

It could be everywhere. Spots rushing may appear at any part of the body, more often at knees and elbows, it may appear even at the face and as you are saying at the forehead. Spots are red, bulging, covered with silver like or white flakes. Naturally these spots are causing itching. Diseases manifestations could be at nails, that is nails exfoliate, general state worsens, chills, increased temperature, tumorous joints, pains at motions – it is neglected form of psoriasis. Often psoriasis is followed by depressions.

Reasons of skin diseases development

At children psoriasis may start due to anti-mosquito remedies, when in order to avoid bites you pulverize or evaporate something. Mechanical skin damages: insect bites, burns, tattooing, injections, other traumas. Inflammatory skin diseases: mycoses, pityriasis rosea, allergy dermatitis. Internal factors are: infection diseases including AIDS, children may have skin rushes after upper air passages infections. Medicines. By the way, somebody recently published at social site an interesting appearance of one American doctor, which is called: “All medicines are created in order to destroy humanity” (translation is probably not precise) A good headline?! Influence of stressful situations shows out at decreased immunity in time or after diseases. So when we are working with correctors, we are always supporting our immune status. Women may have decreased immunity after delivery.

And so, in general we have the following picture: inheritance plus lowered immunity gives psoriasis. That is, either internal or external factors. And another major reason of psoriasis and eczema is silicon deficit in the organism. Any parasite that lives in human body, first of all gorges all silicon. Silicon is their beloved delicacy. That is why taking “Sanita” twice a year is obligatory. In addition EVOclorophyll has anti-viral, anti-bacterium properties. In average we receive with foods 3-5 milligrams of silicon, and one needs 30 milligrams. That’s why one shall use silicon containing supplements.

From the auditorium: With meals?

Not with meals, today we are not going to talk about nutrition, if we start another 2 hours would not be enough, we will run out of time.

The next reason is immune system functions violation. Immune system is responsible for psoriasis development, because there are a great number of T-lymphocytes, they are a kind of leukocytes. Psoriasis subsides at the use of remedies, which influence the immune system. Skin tissues inflammation takes place due to T-lymphocytes aggregation, which attack skin in the hotbeds of disease. By far it is not clear why and how T-lymphocytes became activated at autoimmune diseases, but I explained you the reason several times – one shall exclude animal proteins. Gradually exclude animal proteins. Many people, even inveterate meat eaters, are starting gradually….. not refusing completely yet, not instantly. By the way, all cysts – is our wrong nutrition. Polyps, cysts. Humanity shall realize: everything fried….I do not say that one shall practice 100 % raw eating, when living in cities 20 % of boiled foods are admitable, it is desirable with the exception of meat, and 80 % of raw foods. One would not survive in the city strictly at raw eating, because there is no fresh garden products.

Psoriasis development could be stipulated by nutritional reasons, at the first turn it is fatty metabolism, psoriasis patients have increased amount of lipids and cholesterol. That is why patients should gradually refuse meat products, to reduce the amount of meat in the ration. Do it gradually, you shall understand that if you ate meat all life and refuse it abruptly, you will have stress.

Vitamin D aids skin cells rate multiplication reduction, it hinders the diseases development, it takes place when we are walking at the sunlight.

What eastern traditional medicine says about psoriasis? First thing one shall do is to clean organism, stop propagation of invasions, which are the reason of the skin rushes, that is fungus and so on. It could be done with FSCs no. 1 and 2, “Sanita” line, EVOchlorophyll. Next, lymph system is unable to cope with slugs deducing, so lymph-drainage system pumping are obligatory. Not less than 2 liters of structured water, that is 30 milliliters per each kilogram of body weight. Restoration of the acid-alkaline balance, it could be done through EVO-chlorophyll intake. Because all foods we are eating acidulate organism: meat acidulates, dairy products acidulate, sugar acidulates, stresses acidulate too. This is the reason that creates a kindly soil for development of fungus and other diseases. If you are eating milk proteins….I do not know who invented this: “ a glass of kefir at night”?! Read Yuriy Andreevitch Frolov. Shemshuk also writes about it. They are people who awoke in spirit, who proved what is happening at the physical level, what processes are taking place inside human organism at consumption of animal proteins. For me it was enough to read Y. A. Frolov, to realize everything and imagine what happens at the physical level. We are hypnotized. In kefir there are yeasts, plus animal proteins, plus ethanol. In case you will give kefir for your children for a night, you will grow up a future alcoholic. All autoimmune diseases, all allergic diseases are our wrong foods. Protein foods. Because over-excitation of our immune system takes place when we are eating animal proteins.

From the auditorium: Milk too?

Gradually, little by little, in case you are eating dairy products until 3 p. m. – when the sun is at the skies, it is possible, the fire of digestion will cope with it, otherwise it would not be assimilated.

What else should be said. Psychosomatics and psoriasis manifestation specifics are absolutely different at various areas of the body. And so, let’s talk about psoriasis reasons.

Any skin disease has in its basis the spiritual reason, such as irritation, the distinctive feature in this group of diseases, is latency of this irritation. That is irritation exists but it has no manifestation at the physical level. Everything inside oneself. That is, one does not give way to own emotions, and they start to show out at the skin. If changes at the skin are visible it is indication of what is taking place inside one’s soul. Suppressed dissatisfaction, multiplied manyfold day by day, may show out as psoriasis. That is irritation at life circumstances, at the way of life one has to lead in result of these circumstances, could be a spiritual reason of psoriasis. This kind of irritation may chase individual day after day, every minute of his existence and prevent receiving joys of life, especially in the moments of psoriasis acute periods. This irritation at life originates from one’s ideas about a kind of life one would like to live, at what conditions, in what social position. At that one’s ideas about ideal life do not meet with one’s reality, and at that cause very strong internal contradictions. Under no circumstances one has no desire to make peace with reality, condemns it, condemns surrounding people, becomes irritated at the Creator, that He as if gave him not exactly what he needs. That is one is looking for someone guilty outside. People, suffering psoriasis, are looking for someone guilty outside. Persistent irritation makes one withdrawn, resentful, dubious, offence accumulates inside and sooner or later goes out in the form of psoriasis. That is why it is important to stop take offences, in case someone still secretly does. Sooner or later these private offences may go out via psoriasis.

What is the specifics of psoriasis manifestations? There is definite psychosomatic specifics depending on psoriasis location – at the head, at hands, at legs, and so on. In case psoriasis is at the area of one’s head, which is covered with hair, the reason is one is irritated and dissatisfied with the fact that one has no authority, one would like to have, among the surrounding people. That is they do not respect him enough, do not perceive him as highly intellectual, gifted, genuine specialist, one reckons that society underestimates his internal virtues and abilities. It is offense towards the society that it underestimated the person.

Psoriasis at hands – specifics is irritation at surrounding people because they do not act the way one wants. When one tries to give some advices, and they do not listen, when one’s will is not fulfilled by other people, that is when one wants other people to act the way he likes.

Psoriasis at legs – it is irritation with the fact that one’s actions and deeds not always have the result one expected. That is one expected from another person some definite result in response at one’s action, and the person behaved absolutely differently, and one starts to feel irritation in connection with this. That is actually one tries to dictate God his own conditions, and when one does not receive the desired, he experiences powerful irritation and complains that everything is against him. That is why, no matter what happens, good or bad, like it or not, always say: “I am grateful, I am grateful, I am grateful”. “I am grateful for the lesson”. Transformation of negative, which might appear, will take place through the gratitude energy.

Psoriasis at the spine – is irritation at circumstances at which one takes care of solving other people’s problems, at that often at one’s own initiative, considering oneself being obliged to solve problems of other people. One takes on obligations, and naturally experiences irritation when have trouble helping someone. Imagine that no one is asking you, and you are helping someone to solve his problems. Incorrectness of this word outlook is in the fact, that oddly to say surrounding people do not ask an individual about such a help, but he himself takes responsibility by his own initiative, and later he himself is suffering. Yes it is pooling of other people’s karma, FSCs number 17 and 22 are obligatory here.

I will switch to answering questions:

Question: In case of autoimmune diseases….

Answer: I am telling once again that all autoimmune diseases, all allergic reactions, psoriasis, any skin issues, are at the first place our animal proteinic nutrition. That is why, when you started working with functional state correctors, gradually, not in a moment, start to correct gradually your ration, removing animal proteins. Gradually: first refuse beef, then pork, then poultry, that is little by little….

From the auditorium: Is fish allowed?

It is also animal protein. It is allowed at the initial period, later it would not be allowed. Sometimes we all will be vegetarians, we all will come to this.

From the auditorium: What about eating in accordance with the blood types, doctors are telling about it….

Do not listen to anyone! You see, long ago they hypnotized human consciousness for taking animal proteins. We believe that we cannot do without them. You see, when they introduced Christianity, inquisition tortured people who refused to eat meat and boiled food. With red-hot iron. This way they disaccustom humans of the correct nutrition. There are videos in the internet. Wrong nutrition was inculcated to us long ago.

From the auditorium: Shall one refuse of animal proteins completely?

When one awakes in spirit, then such a human would not eat anything alive.

Question: Granddaughter of the woman I know had diathesis which was resistant to medical treatment. I did not give her my plates, but we structured water for her in 5-liter pots, gave her water to drink and make bathes. Approximately after three weeks it disappeared without a trace.

Answer: You see, work with correctors helps. Numbers 1, 2, “Healthy Generation”

Question: Previously I did not have any spots, recently spots similar to freckles started to appear. I am using FSC number 2 and taking EVOchlorophyll for two months. What could be the reason and how to eliminate these spots?

Answer: I believe so that these are so called age spots, first some brown freckles appear, then they grow up and form brown spots. It is nutrition violations, it is your liver that started to clean out. Use FSCs 1, 2, 5 in parallel with EVOchlorophyll.

Question: Spine is itching in the morning time.

Answer: Check your pancreas, it could be increased sugar.

Question: Skin peels at hands at 7 years old child.

Answer: It is deficit of vitamins, micro and macro elements. Try to give your child more vegetables and fruits. Organism is in need of something. Try FCSs “source of Life” and “Beauty Factor”.

Question: I read somewhere: “God sent us food, and demon sent the cook”

Answer: Absolutely correct!

Lymph-drainage pumping. You take FCS no. 2 and place in sequence at every lymph node, from bottom to top along with the natural lymph flow movement. First you place it at the rise of the foot, then at the lower gastrocnemius muscle, then under the knee, then at the groin, then at the diaphragm lymph node, that is at the third chakra, then under the arms. Then at submaxillary lymph nodes, neck lymph nodes. You can also hold FSC at elbow bents at least one minute for each. You shall hold an FSC at every lymph node for 1-3 minutes. When performing this pumping you drink with small sips water structured at FSC no. 2. Lymph-drainage pumping should be done after main pumping of chakras. If you bring a place, at which you are holding an FSC, into motion, the procedure will be much more effective. You put it at some muscle – strain and ease off, strain and ease off. Placed an FSC under the knee and work with your leg – back and forward. We activate a place where the lymph node is situated through motion. When you put FSCs at the groin lymph nodes, you stand up and work with your leg back and forward. When you place an FSC at the diaphragm lymph node, you make deep inhalations. You inflate your belly at inhale, you pull in the belly at exhale. At least three, six, nine inhales-exhales, that is your diaphragm will be stimulated, in parallel diaphragm will stimulate the gallbladder – it is prophylaxis of stones formations in gallbladder.

We also have very small, millet size, lymph nodes in the eyes. Why vision deteriorates with age? Due to slugging with mucus. Products that lead to mucus production are: milk, bananas, potatoes – there is a lot of mucus in the organism. I showed you points for vision improvement, why they are painful? Because of mucus aggregation. When working with eyes you take FSC number 2 in hands, and very gently find this point, it is where V1 urinary bladder point, it is inside under the eye-socket bone and press it very gently, one should not use force here. Hold number 2 at eyes not more than 2-3 minutes.

Question: Is «Apple of Youth» related to golden or lilac series?

Answer: Of course, to golden, activate it like a golden FSC.

FSC «Source of Life» is related to the lilac series, work with it like with classical cosmoenergy channel corrector.

Question: Is it effective to dry mucus in the organism with ginger? I am anxious to treat myself of fried potatoes with onions at least once a week.

Answer: You know, I substituted fried potatoes with fried turnip. Tastes much better, no mucus, try it, it is possible to fry it at the melted butter. Exactly melted butter, not butter. Turnip fried at melted butter is very tasty, they are selling a lot of yellow turnip now, but generally it is better to eat raw than fried.

Yesterday I soaked green buckwheat for couching, but it did not couch. I tried it the way it is, it is very tasty raw, no need to boil it or something else.

From the auditorium: With kefir…

Not at all! Lots of kefir! In order to get cancer! Exclude from ration yeast bread and kefir! Look for non-yeasted scalded bread on malt, not at leaven. There is still some yeast content in leaven. Kefir! Some scientist started to write articles against kefir, they removed him very quickly. They simply add lots of ethanol and yeast into kefir. Better take ryazenka (boiled fermented milk) or clabber (sour milk).

Question: In one methodic book it is recommended to clean lymph system at the falling moon.

Answer: It is desirable to do lymph system cleaning at the falling moon. Organism will clean quicker. Any cleaning process is more active at the falling moon.

And so, hidden irritation is a spiritual reason of psoriasis development. That is psoriasis prophylaxis is relieving from irritation instead its accumulation. It is its awareness and removal, that is transformation. If you feel that you are irritating inside, immediately take FSC «Love» - powerful transformation takes place through FSC «Love». No need to analyze anything, idealize, just take FSC «Love» hold it at the third chakra and drink water, structured on it.

Actually, our skin at the physical body is a very thin film, which could be easily traumatized, injured, so it is important to protect own skin. At the physical level one shall be careful. The protective role our skin plays at the physical level is similar to the protective role of our aura at the thin level. That is why when the skin is traumatized, or some diseases are manifested at our skin, such as for example eczema, one shall look the reason in a fact that this individual is unable to adapt to the surrounding environment. One is unable to adapt to the surrounding environment, unable to adapt to a place where one is living, Any skin disease is absence of ability to adapt.

The soul, receives a body when coming to Earth for reincarnation. When a child is born the soul gets a body and lives in it, and it is very important how the soul perceives this world, accepts it, accepts this body. It happens that the soul could be dissatisfied with Her work, She does not like the body, the way it grew. Then such a person adapts in this world, in which one is living, with difficulties. One will be always dissatisfied with himself, will be always dissatisfied with something in the surrounding world. You see when one becomes bothered being dissatisfied with himself, he starts to be dissatisfied with surrounding people, and often various diseases are seen at such people. Exactly skin diseases.

When one is dissatisfied with what he is doing, and unable to adapt to the deeds, one wants to do, which are bringing him pleasure, joy, satisfaction, one may have problems at the palms of the hands. Remember the question about a boy whose skin peels, it means the child is dissatisfied with what he is doing. Maybe they enrolled him into some circle, and he does not like it. When some skin diseases are manifested at palms of the hands, at hands below elbows, it is connected with one's deeds. It is dissatisfaction with something one is doing. Doing with his own hands. One shall be able to adapt to the deeds he is doing, perceive them with kindness, and manifest his personality in these deeds with kindness. To do everything with love. That is why it is very important to do what one loves to, the way you liked what you are doing, then there would not be any psoriasis at hands. Very simple words, for some people they are hoary tales, but it is very important to realize, what you are doing should be done with love.

When one exhibits discontent, discontent with himself or the surrounding world, or discontent with another person, for example parents may be discontented with children, the latter will obligatory have skin problems. Violations of skin in the chest area and at the pelvis area – it is if parents are dissatisfied with children. For example. Mother says: «Our neighbors have so good child, and you are botcher». Discontent, exhibited brightly and physically put into words, imposes a mark at a child, and he may have the same psoriasis. A child with whom they are dissatisfied.

In case children are discontent with their parents, they may have skin violations at the spine. Children. If a child is dissatisfied either with father or mother, they may have rushes at the spine. It may seem that it is only discontent! Often children are discontent either with father or mother, but their skin is normal. But it is only at first glance, really they have skin problems especially when discontent is deep. Discontent could be insufficient, but it could accumulate, and accumulated discontent creates skin violation niduses. That is why everyone of us should track his state of internal perception, internal perception of the world of other people and oneself. And notice these moments of discontent, when you are discontent with something, and you shall transform this discontent through your internal perception. That is one shall find a reason why are you dissatisfied with something or someone. For example you are dissatisfied with your child – that he does not behave well, does not perform home exercises, does not wash hands or always late – one becomes angry, nervous, to live through this discontent, and you say it sharply to a child, then no wonder one will have skin problems. Problems could be both at one who is dissatisfied and with whom they are dissatisfied. Here one shall review own internal position towards the situation, one shall watch himself as if from aside.

Viruses diseases of the skin integument are very common spread nowadays on Earth. Programs that exist in the viruses being activated exactly at skin integuments. And so people's skin integuments start to suffer from viruses attacks or start to show out inflammatory states, and even malignant issues may appear. So at what one shall pay attention now? Summer time is coming with vacation season and numerous movements over territories. Try to find a feeling of satisfaction, content and love in all these. Do not exhibit discontent, displeasure, rage, aggression at the slightest pretext. When these negative emotions start to show out and reach astral world, some skin diseases start to show out. It could be as if triggering mechanism for development of this or that disease.

To our sorrow the remedies and medicines, proposed by doctors have low effectiveness. Generally Hydrogen atom has changed and medicines are not working at all. So we shall count on informational medicine, which is represented by functional state correctors, you would not find anything of the kind anywhere in the world

Write down another psychosomatic reason of rushes at the head. In case one's skin integument is violated, it cold be in the form of some rushes in the area of the hairs, it says that one has rejection and discontent in relation to Higher Powers, dissatisfaction with Creator, with Absolute, with the higher System, which is above individual. One is dissatisfied with something, which is above him. Parents could be above a child, that results in rushes at the head. Boss could be superior in relation to parents, and one may reject him and be in discontent, and so please - here are rushes at the head. Discontent with government – it is higher.

Face. If one has skin rushes at the face, at the forehead…. Forehead means simply any information, it does not matter if it comes from community of people or from some other source. Forehead indicates that individual rejects, does not accept, dissatisfied with information, that comes to him from society of people or from other source.

Cheeks. If rushes are at the cheeks, cheeks are from the eyes and down till chin. Chin with upper and lower jaws. If one has rushes at the left cheek – it is discontent with information that comes from a woman, and one shows up discontent towards this woman. And the right side is information that comes from man. One does not perceive the man, dislike, dissatisfied with information that comes from this man – one will have rushes at the right cheek.

Chin is our non-acceptance of oneself, of one's own state, manifestations in some affairs. That is in case you disliked what steps you took in some process. It is something you do not want to do. When you do not want to do something, and it should be done, then rushes could be manifested at the chin. Minimal example is you do not want to wash dishes, but you have to go and do the dishwashing.

Nose. Rushes or pimples at the nose. There is a saying: «do not stick your nose in businesses of other people», here this saying is very pertinent, because nose and nose problems are violation of the sovereignty of the personality. When you intrude into the inmost, what has the human being, exactly into one's soul, into the experience of one's soul and you exhibit discontent with what there is in other individual's soul. It is not your prerogative to decide what is good in a human being and what is bad, we simply have no right to make any evaluations in relation to this or that person.

Neck. Neck is one's ability to interact with other people, interact with the world, and interact in any sphere of own appearance (manifestation). If one exhibits discontent in interaction, one will have problems at the neck – on the front side, on the back, on sides – depending on what sphere of interactions causes discontent. In case it is internal feeling of discontent, not exhibited emotionally, then some small skin damages will take place, and they pass away quickly. In case the discontent is deep and serious and long-lasting, then skin problems could be chronical.

Come to the mirror more often and look at your skin.

Birth marks could be red, brown, black. Freckles may appear at the face in the spring time, when we are changing seasonal clothing, and one may start noticing: «Oh, I do not like it here and there» - it is discontent with oneself, no wonder it shows up at the exterior.

Pigmentation spots at human body could be of three varieties, there are three kinds of these pigment spots, they could be connected with a variant of discontent we just discussed or with the viral influence. Work with the «Sanita» line, EVOchlorophyll, FCSs number 1, 2, 20.

Pigmentation spots are connected with the situation when one does not realize the tasks of own soul. The soul comes into this world with some program. Through these pigmentation spots, it is as if knocking, trying to attract one's attention, and one does not hear. One shall perform the tasks of own soul, and when one does not realize these tasks, one has no tight connection with own soul, no awareness, then spots appear. Plus discontent with tasks which one shall perform. It shows up like pigmentation spots, freckles, birthmarks.

Extremities. Legs. Skin damages could also take place at legs, in the form of scratches, eczema, and so on, it is connected with the protective layer of the aura with one's activities, with the road of life, with the way one goes over the way of life. It is about the question - whether one is satisfied with the way he is living or not, whether one likes the life road he is going on or not. If not, then some skin diseases at the legs will develop. That is in case one shows discontent with the own road in life, damages of skin integument at lower extremities start to show out. Any manifestations and pathologies. Yes, it could be fungus on the big toe.

In case there is a fungus at the big toe one shall look for viruses and bacterium in the liver. Either viruses or bacterium or dysfunction itself.

This picture shows of human skin structure, it is very complicated. FSC «Beauty Factor» works with the top epidermis layer. That is, it is very good to combine the use of the «Beauty Factor» and the «Source of Life» FSCs. The «Source of Life» poses rejuvenate action and the «Beauty Factor» removes all cosmetology defects of skin.

Let's colligate. Skin functions are: protective, thermal regulation, excretive, metabolic, sensory, respiratory, skin serves as the blood depot. Imagine how many functions the skin has! One may work with FSC the «Source of Life» with all situations which may appear in the sphere of its health. We already mentioned that skin is a mirror of the intestines state and the entire gastro-intestinal tract.

Mudra for improving the skin state, which I recommend to do when using FSC the «Source of Life». It is called Varun Mudra (Âàðóí Ìóäðà). It helps at skin diseases, acne, scabies, boils, pimples. When one connects the thumb with the little finger. At both hands. Yes, You take the «Source of Life», open channels on it, drink some water, structured on it, then put FCS in front of you and sit for 5 minutes, doing Varun Mudra. It is good to do it every day. You may do this mudra when you are in transport, but only in ground transport, not in underground. In any ground transport.

Mudra of the Earth. It stimulates the root chakra, This position of fingers is used at various diseases, also it helps to support the state of health of nails, skin, hair and bone system. It is when we connect the forth finger and the thumb. Generally, when you are sitting at any FSC, connect fingers this way at least for a minute, and you will activate Yin energy, the energy of Earth inside you.

No, there is no need to activate the «Beauty Factor», here epidermis growth factor is recorded, polarization of this substance.

Question: What means herpes? How to remove?

Answer: It is viral, and it could be due to entities. FSCs 1, 2, 20 and «Sanita», and one may also work with the «Source of Life».

Question: How to remove scars after acne at children?

Answer: This is the «Beauty Factor» FSC.

Question: What could be the reason of the hair loss at the head?

Answer: It could be detachment from the ancestral roots. Hairs is the connection with the kin, with ancestors. A girl should use 1, 2, «Health Generation», mother should work too.

You see, when one exhibits irritation on the occasion and without, and we see that everything is well with him…. It is we are seeing this individual at the extent of some time interval, we do not know what will happen with him tomorrow, and we may think that everything is well with him.

Greasy and lubricous skin at the forehead is blocked meridian of the lungs.

Here are informational zones at the human body. So called tender zones. In case one has skin rushes in these zones, it means that one may have problems with specific organs. That is the body is signaling through specific areas at the body, about problems in organs. For example, suppose the skin problem is at the left side of the chest, it means problems with the heart. That is why one shall work not only with the «Source of Life» and remove symptomatic, one shall add number 9 and the «Active Longevity» and work with all these FSCs. Similarly with other zones. Find this information in the web. It will be helpful to know the reason of some manifestations, not just overall over slagging but also a dysfunction of some organ. The body gives hints via these zones.

In case of skin diseases one shall also work with biologically active points. You see these points: the point of the kidneys meridian is at the hands, pericardium meridian point, point of the stomach meridian at the legs. Liver points one and two. These are the basic points for working with general skin diseases of unknown etiology.

Now you can write down points to be activated in case of psoriasis. The point at the bladder meridian number 17 – it is at the spine, points at the bladder meridian number 20 and 54. They are situated along the spinal column. The point at the pancreas meridian number 10 – at the inner side of the malleolus, point at the pancreas meridian number 9. This point is a tester of pancreas performance. In case it is painful, it is 4 fingers from the bone at the inner side of the leg, here it is PR6 – it is a very important point. And the point at the meridian of the thin intestines number 10. Activate FSC number 18, and then stimulate these points with FSC number 2. Pressing at the inhale, at the exhale removing pressure. They will be very painful. Lots of negative psychic energy is accumulated at these points in case of psoriasis. Look, bladder meridian – is fears, stomach meridian is anger, pancreas meridian is dissatisfaction of all kinds. And discontent is pancreas and thin intestines meridians.

And here is a very powerful holographic image, you may copy it, put inside the «Source of Life» FSC. Or you can put it inside the «Beauty Factor» FSC. This image gives a powerful impulse to our subconsciousness, as if saying: «Pay attention at the skin, restore skin health immediately!»

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